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Inviting and honoring anger

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I noticed this early when I became a massage therapist.  I do chair massage at Wholefoods and get a lot of angry clients, usually who have migrains or neck spasms.  If a client is coming at me and being pushy and edgy, it's because they are in a lot of pain.  I ask them questions to understand exactly where and what depth the source of the issue is, and let them know through my hands and with my words that my intention is to relieve them of the source of the pain as directly as possible.  There energy field moves from chaos to softness and gratitude relatively quickly.


I used to get really startled when this would happen, but then I learned to be prepared to direct my efforts according to there continual feedback.  Now I have no problem receiving anger and feel confident and courageous even when I don't know exactly how to solve a problem right away.


Anger is coming up from a painful, verbally incompetent place, but it is trying to communicate something very important.  This is what I trust.

I am learning to direct this confidence inwardly towards my own anger.  Yes, self, this is very painful thank you for telling me where.  Thank you subconscious mind for re-living traumas every night (when I part of me would rather be sleeping) so that I can direct my efforts toward cultivating deeper understanding during the day.

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I am inseperable from my truth. 

The bird in the picture represents the singing of one's authentic song, one's purpose.  The tree and the spiral staircase respresent the passage way of memories throughout the mind.

Image credit: Mike Annesley


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