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  1. That's a pretty good video idea.
  2. I have a way to cope with anxiety that is not much healthy. I am picking the skin on my lips and eating the insides of my cheeks, I think I'm doing this for at least 15 years but I recently started paying extra attention to it. I'm doing those "body-focused repetitive behaviors" while I'm worriedly thinking about something (money issues, past trauma etc.) I also do that while I'm extra focused on reading or studying. I stop picking my lips/eating my cheeks when I realize I'm doing it/about to do it, but I also don't want to make myself unconsciously choose another way to cope with this obsessive behavior. I want to take control over my behaviors/emotions. For the record I'm currently not practicing meditation or mindfully taking journals, think of me as an absolute beginner about these issues. So any kind of meaningful advice is highly appreciated.
  3. @Natasha thank you for your answer, this is good info to keep in mind.
  4. @Natasha Is H2O2 really safe to use in your mouth? What is your mouthwash recipe?
  5. @Virtually unfortunately I don't know. We're not very close.
  6. I had a friend who stopped using flouride, he had an enormous amount of cavities within only six months. But I don't know what he was using instead of commercial toothpastes. I have a few cavities and gum receding in my mouth, as well as sensitive teeth. I've been doing research about taking care of the mouth in an holistic, conscious way. Here is the oil pulling technique I'm planning to try:
  7. I don't think he has found one yet, he says he's very selective. Try your chances maybe?
  8. I really hope he can find someone that he can grow & learn together, and also be passionate for each other.
  9. I really liked your 2nd and 3rd sculptures. It looks like you made a good start on your new career and you can achieve much more if you keep up your pace. Since you said that you want to make psychedelic artworks, maybe you should try to get in contact with Ben Ridgway or other 3D sculptors that you find interesting. I've found that having conversations with other artists about business is very eye opening. I wish you all the best, good luck!
  10. @Superfluo I think he should do this. I'm sure he takes tons of notes before shooting his videos, and I know he has a love for making things more practical. Why not create chapters for his videos (like a book or article) so people can have a better benefit from it?
  11. Revenge usually doesn't turn out as you planned it in your mind, leaves you with more destruction and emotional burden. Even though it depends on the people and the situation, I think it's better to think twice before actually doing something. Also @DefinitelyNotARobot has some really good points, you should check that out.
  12. @ted73104 Makes sense, now I understand why his Twitter header is "Keep the faith"