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  1. @Michael569 Like what do I tell the clinic? What kind of liver and kidney tests?
  2. Leo's talks about getting some tests done like checking vitamin levels. Can someone list all these tests to be done? My specific concerns are - Severe headaches every single morning after I wake up, poor digestion (lot of burping), slightly darkened spots on skin, overweight, poor immunity, intermittent urination, tinnitus, hairfall, nose block, nausea. PS - Please mention the specific test names if possible.
  3. 25 July Woke up - 12 pm. But slept again till 3:30 pm. Did nothing productive today. Spent whole day youtubing, texting, listening to songs. I doubt if I'll ever make any progress. Feels like I'm gonna stay like this forever. There's no hope. Avoiding the forum - No
  4. For a real radical change in life, you need to change the way you think about it and everything else. The above steps help. But they are not gonna bring any fundamental changes. So radically new way of thinking and looking at life it is. Contemplate on what this new way of thinking could be. And seed it in using subconscious training.
  5. 24 July Woke up - 2 pm Did nothing productive today. Spent whole day youtubing, watching movies, texting.
  6. I will be 25 this 18th November. I have lived a shit life so far. Starting this 18th november, I want to live a totally different life. Life with more life in it. None of this boring monotonous unhappiness. A life I'd be happy with. A life I'd be satisfied with. I need to make some radical changes for that to happen. So far I could come up with: 1) Absolutely no social media or texting. Call if you really want to talk to someone that bad. 2) Hatha Yoga, Meditation (1 hr) daily without miss - Basic (if nothing else - atleast this) 3) Workout daily 4) Kriya Yoga, Shamanic Breathing 5) Subconscious mind Training (includes Self-Hypnosis too) / Applying Law of Attraction 6) Concentration Practice 7) Social Interaction 8) Getting sunlight/ Being out in nature - Do this with one of the exercises above
  7. Read a book on Leonardo Da Vinci. Realised how it is possible for a human to learn so many different things. Yes, your domain of mastery can be one thing. But you can also learn and be pretty good at other things too. The knowledge of all things is possible. - Leonardo Da Vinci Here are some things I want to learn apart from the domain of mastery of my Life Purpose: Piano Singing Dancing Some kind of Martial Arts Film-making Stand-up Develop some psychic ability
  8. Place for only the very important insights. Things you should live by.
  9. 23 July Woke up - 2 pm Holosync meditation - Yes (15 mins) Study - Yes Walking - Yes Social interaction - On phone (bhaiya) Hatha Yoga - Yes Being aware of OCD - No Being aware of fears - No Breathing well - No Being relaxed throughout the day - No
  10. Here I'll be mentioning things I do during the day. This is a tracker of habits I want to inculcate. My aim is to spend my days in a way I find satisfactory. Sometimes I tend to ignore my successes and improvements. This will be a good reminder for that. Will help me see for real whether there is some real progress or not. I could have done this in my personal journal but I wouldn't be as regular with that. The possibility of people reading this kinda gives this exercise a kind of accountability. Strict rule: Don't get distracted by the forum. Don't forget this rule. You might get so sucked in (without being aware of it) reading the posts here and replying to them that you get lost in it the way you do in social media. Stop writing the journal if that happens. Stop writing if you don't follow this rule. Keep a daily track of whether you read or clicked on anything else in the forum. Even one post counts as yes.
  11. The problem has gotten even worse now. The heavy-headed feeling is so intense now, it feels like a headache. And it happens every morning.
  12. I am either on my phone or reading a book. The room is not as open and less fresh air comes in the room.
  13. 167 cm height. Chubby. Sorghum (Jowar), White Rice (a bowl a day)
  14. Can I do away with carbs completely if I replace them with healthy fats? Or are carbs essential? Can I give up grains? My aim is to lose weight. I have lost 33 pounds till now. And that was just from a very simple diet I followed. Eating only twice in a 8 hour window. I am now stuck on a plateau. I am at 176 pounds right now. I need to lose 30 pounds more according to my BMI. What changes should I make in my diet? I was planning on giving up grains completely. But since I am a vegan, I am not sure if I should do that.
  15. Yeah. There is a difference. I don't feel as free at home.