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  1. I have found great wisdom and love in feminist women who support each other and in the end fight for rights and equality support minorities and fight for the basic rights of many human beings they are people who have love in their hearts, I find that many men believe that to be a feminist is to hate men and it is not so and they are intimidated because a woman can make her own decisions and be independent to defend her rights, and if it were not for the history, that these women have achieved for other people many would still be suffering intensely, if it is true that there are cases of extremism but this should not be interpreted as the total, of a thought, women have been ignored for many years and constantly abused and are in all their right to defend themselves and assert their value. And if you want to love a woman you must love her completely, not only the parts that are convenient for you and that what many people don't get, to love a woman is to love all of them, whether they are feminists or not. I can give you a million of examples of amazing women that are just so beautiful and admirable! feminist and not feminist and all those haters of women or feminist do your studies understand them and leave your hate behind is useless and it won't get you anywhere GOD HAS NO GENDER
  2. friends can be the biggest gifts ever, you don't need many to discover a true beauty with this amazing humans, friends are the family you choose and they choose you and they will be there for you, and will even understand you, when you what to be alone, they are the best to be around, to feel free to be yourself and I can't be anymore grateful to have them in my life, for me is the most honest and boundless relationship, I am really sorry for those ones who haven't experienced this wonderful beautiful treasure. Finding a good friends is so crucial to stand on hearth and to be honest if you would like to be alone, you wouldn't even chat on a forum with other people, that are there like friends
  3. silkscreen monoprint " studies of softness"
  4. @Dutch guy how? can you send me some information about it
  5. @Preety_India thank you for sharing I loved the way you described it,I could tell, that guy turns you on, I also like the song. Is true that women are more selective on who they get turn on and is more easy for them to explore their sexuality when they are and feel in a safe environment. I know some sexual workers do that do work also because they like it, which in a way is positive and less violent since on their condition where able to make that decision, unlike other and take power on that, and yes ofc the porn industry is mainly male dominated and has absolutely nothing for women to watch, there are some cool sex positive porns made by women that are respectful, giving care to their actors and in general been more healthy, and giving us as women an option to watch. I wonder if is also a problem of demand, I personally find it hard to find someone in real life that I could really like, I get more horny about the fantasies I make in my head then in reality, which makes me feel a bit superficial ... but well the more i grow up i find other things more important then others. am starting to think if is positive to be less horny then you can focus on other things hahah, I guess the bigger problem for me was to put men and women and compare them, we experience our sexuality so different, we don't get turn on by watching a dick, we get turn on by i don't know buying cucumbers on the supermarket hahah I think my intention is that women can allow themselves to be sexual in a more positive way and that it is their decision to explore it, I personally find it hard to identify me with my biology not because am against it but because i don't like to be define by it. I have a lot of trans women friends and sometimes I feel gender and biology is really an illusion and plays no role when it comes to the inner self.
  6. @Preety_India I wonder how you experience your horniness as a fem if i may ask, you can write me a private message of course, i also would like to know how others experienced
  7. Instead of making an argument of girls are less horny then man bla bla bias dual should be asking how to make a girl horny or how their horniness works ? thats more interesting, what's the point on a competition, is ridiculous creating this weird negative place. My thoughts are men horniness can be more basic and obvious and girls horniness can be more subtle and erotic so is different and to compare it, if is more or less is nonsense does amount define quality ... nop How can we all understand each other better with out any constrictions and weight up on our bodies and sexual desires? maybe we could find out a middle grown, where we find each other and enjoy our sexuality in a healthier and communicate way. to a create a space where there's no impose things, that make it harder to have a conversation, but be more open to other each other perspectives and not be dogmatic or restricted by it. I can share my thought and maybe give you an insight...and I know many people here are fans of leo I admire him and respect what he does, but I wont always agree, I like to separe the art from the artist sometimes I feel is healthier. am happy to see that there are men that are willing to understand a female perspective and make good use out of that
  8. @Dutch guy yes i know this exists and I am in the search of a group where i will be safe to experience it that was a lovely message by the way
  9. @Display Name totally ...yes thank you ...i think we are just equally horny just in different ways @Girzo thats asome
  10. To all the ones who supported me on embracing my horny side I just came twice and I think I can keep on going ... Anyways maybe you are all right and am just an exception of a woman that embraces her sexuality and is very horny and proud of it and probably am a total pervert also, but hey if i wouldn't accept that in me, it wouldn't be self love... What I think is surprising is that everybody focus their attention in the biological and binaries making generalising statements of a normative sexuality, which excludes other type of identities like the Lgbtq ... ok identities don't exit everything is nothingness, how can we apply the lessons of non duality here in sexuality in humans?... lets focus in one step at a time ok. I personally think is negative to put men and women in labels and generalise their sexuality since it can make, great damage to their psychology lets take the statement " girls are less horny then man" ok first that believe fact what ever, if you what to believe in that take it as a fact and make it a statues quote men and women, loose just by accepting that as a truth, so is useless. I decided am not going to take it for me, because i don't what to feel restrain by what society and the rest says. I think is beautiful when women can say am horny, suck me, fuck me hard do it soft or don't do anything, also extremely valid. we are not trained to communicate, what are our needs wants and limits already, and it makes it even hard, if the rest of the world is telling you that you have to be a certain way because of your gender, biology etc. What I propose and think is healthier and even more inclusive is to say some women are more horny then others and some men are also more horny then others and to compare them makes no sense, because already the way ones gets horny is very different then the other one and for me they are equally horny and get hot. Women can express their arousal in other ways and I find that maybe there, is a difference and is not even less or more, I get horny by fruits I find them so sensual delicious, they could be a turn on in their given moment, while maybe for a man is watching tits maybe some days i will be more horny then others also valid . And to be honest how can women be less horny when their own bodies are erotic already. One of my favourite videos from Actualized is this one I attach ....that was such a relive finally as a women, I also don't have to reproduce or fall in to this reproductive biological body I can also be free and decide what and how I will find the path of wisdom and impact the world in a way that is more truthful to me. but ok I accept that is very hard for people to let go of their gender etc. But at the same time my biggest concern is that what is really missing here is proper healthy, education in a more sex positive point of view. A personal story I met a girl that in her 20 never touch her vulva, she didn't even know her body her sexual organs, because no one told her, she was to shy to ask and had all the shame and restrains to even explore it, and of course as the holy horny mama that I am, i told her she has to touch herself know her body don't feel shame for feeling pleasure in any way ...I personally didn't know my own sexual anatomy since a few years ago, how terrible! ok to close this, sexuality is very broad has many colours and shades and comes with a lot of social conditioning, shame and pain for many and if we don't take it to a place of beauty and positive embracement, yes more women will believe that they are not so horny and guess what guys your lots. the only thing I can say , communicate ask but never asume. I just express from my own experience not with the intent of been wrong or right ,but more to have another perspective about this subject ...
  11. Interesting I would love to had that experience with a man ...who knows maybe one day @Roy @Dutch guy yes I will look it up thank you ... also am like the only female here trying to defend her horny side give some credit here hahaha AND I WAS HORNY ALL DAY!!!! AM STILL.... SO I WILL DO ALL OF US A FAVOR AND MAKE THE HONORS .... to horny to stay in this conversation lol ...
  12. women are as horny as men there is no dualities even in that ... maybe girls find it more difficult to express it, and feel un confortable with it, since toxic masculinity and society made women objects of desire but not allowing women to own that desire, just today I was super horny, like almost that I can't stand it, all day aroused even now lol, I am personally approaching my own sexuality also as a path of healing and consciousness and by the way if you ever are curious to know more about women sexuality and etc ask a good female friend since they will give you a honest and wise answer, am also happy to answer any questions for a more healthy understanding of women and sexuality.
  13. Hey Buba am glad to know that psychoanalysis is helping and I think that meditation it will be a perfect complement to your development they complement each other so keep on going I can understand having a non normative sexuality can be hard, and from my perspective is better to release those repress feelings and embrace your sexuality how ever it is or looks like, be in peace with it, learn and give it a chance to make you free, I had also mix feelings when I feel attracted to women, but I have found that there's beautiful people out there that will love you and accept you just the way you are, bring that love to yourself don't judge those feelings or keep them repress be at peace with them and go on on the journey that your are already taking, I wish you lots of love and healing. B.
  14. The Man who faced the Void and became inmaterial ... love you master.
  15. Hello, community! I need some advise So I decided that given the situation, I will make the best out of it and focus on the inside, I am looking for some advice before I go full-on it. I plan to do fasting for 3 days (today is day one) while meditating and keeping a mindful mind, I will cut out technology on the 1 of April. I have some mushrooms and changa, am still thinking which one will be the doorway to take, so my question is if I should eat something before consuming mushrooms or changa since it might be too much for my body? or if is better to continue the fasting and also If you have links to dosage when it comes to changa and mushrooms. thank you so much! B.
  16. @Mada_ no not all women prefer penis i think is overrated most women don't even come to an orgasm via penetration.
  17. congratulations!!!! am glad you had that experience and that you can be more in touch with your feminine side!
  18. Be kind to yourself what's done is done, we can change the past, we can only accept it, am sure this is really hard for you, I try to put myself in you shoes and I also think about all the women who's clitoris was removed or had organ mutilation and live in terrible conditions with his own sexuality and his own environment they don't even have the possibility to ask for help, is really hard core, also the negligence of medical procedures are not acceptable. And if you where pursuing something that didn't happened is also alright, I spend 8 years in a relationship and thought I was having this person for the rest of my live, but life happens and we had to separate, I also felt I lost 8 years of my life but at the same time, I was so grateful that I learned so much and probably if i stay there I wouldn't grow up either, lotus flowers can only grow in the dept of the mud and darkness and then reach the light and blossom. I answer to your comment since you said I need help and unless you also are ready and open to recibe it , there's hope but it also has to come from you ...let it go forget about your dick, stop obsessing about it is pointless, life is so much more then an organ in our body. You know now, that is important to follow your inner voice and thats what's important, rediscover your own sexuality, I can give you a thousand tips on how to enjoy sex with out your dicK but you have to try it right, so you can go in this new journey, try stuff learn and relearn, know yourself and see how it goes. Baby steps, chill no one is putting a gun in your head to have an erection or become God right, so calm, relax first breathe
  19. Hey Deso From a woman perspective on sex I will tell you that the dick function is overrated, most of women don't even come via penetration and sex is so much more then that, so don't feel like you lost your sex life, I can tell you one thing, if you know how suck it , know how to touch a person and get your self creative it will all work out, with whoever you what to be, it can even become more full filing, I haven't try tantra yet but from what I know is a more energetic experience , I will also do some research about it, and at the end of the day people don't love you because of your sex organ, they love the person, the soul, the experience and the time and maybe is an opportunity to go to those places and feel complete, there's so much there. Comunication and honesty is key so always talk to your partner, talk about what is happening to you and find ways, a person that loves you and respects you it will understand and bought find a way to enjoy it, is more important the inside then the outside, I was dating a guy and we didn't have penetrative sex for 2 months we just flirt and foreplay and have lot of mental sex, oral sex and it was so much fun, that when we had penetrative sex I was really not that great at all and in a way that ruin all. I hope this can give you a better perspective on sex and if you have questions fell free to ask.
  20. louise bourgeois