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  1. Meditation Retreats List
    Meditation Retreats List
    Let's start a list of places and organizations and ways to do meditation retreats, so that the aspiring sage can scroll through his or her options. I'll go has wonderful vipassana meditation retreats all around the world, I intend to go to one this next summer now that I'm 18. That's one downside, they reject you if you're younger (at least in Wisconsin). These are donation based, and so always affordable. This is your standard 10 day vipassana retreat.
    -Sat yoga institute. This place, run by Shunyamurti, has retreats and is open to volunteers. I applied to volunteer.
    -Camping. Yes. National parks. Siberia. Whatever you like.
    -Renting a place. Many options.
    This thread is also designed to help answer my dilemma seen here 

  2. Femdom (and other similar fetishes)
    Femdom (and other similar fetishes)
    Good point. But again I don't think we should demonize it that much. In its good form it should just be spice for sex. A game. A way to push limits and explore ourselves safely. We just don't know how to dose it in our lives so it becomes something else that ends up affecting our self-esteem and energy to actually do things outside.
    I wish I could find that balance because somewhere deep inside something tells me that going all extreme on this and shutting down some types of pleasures because the do present some sort of harm if you don't use them "wisely". Just purely shutting down something might be a sign of weakness in a way. (at least, something that doesn't hurt you or someone else...besides the play/game that bdsm can be, that is).
    And as you said the fact that it always comes back to haunt you, sometimes stronger (had this with other addictions), shows that burying it might not be the way.
    Yea...I'm still conflicted. I just know that right now in my case it is a waste of time and energy, but I'm still fascinated by it and I don't want to totally give it up.

  3. We should utilize DREAMS more.
    We should utilize DREAMS more.
    Can dreams push the boundaries of self-development and states of consciousness? They certainly can.
    You don't need to be an astronaut to discover space. Throughout my years, I have been to countless places, and that's talking dreams only. I wish more people would utilize dreaming to its fullest.
    Take psychedelics or consciousness altering substances, for example. Now that's metaphorical, but also literal.  My dreams work like a catalytic cache memory for an experience. I take weed one time, but the experience gets stored and amplified later during a dream. That's where the beautiful part of lucid dreaming comes in, you can trigger it on will. You wouldn't believe how far it can take you.
    Here are some journal questions to inspire you, and that I will be working on:
    What is the connection between shamanic breathing and dreaming? Why are the dreams three times wilder after a session of breathing? What's the best technique for achieving consistent results? What's the best dream herb? How can dreaming be used for productivity, problem solving, and self-actualization? How come a psychedelic experience of the same magnificence, sometimes even greater, can be triggered inside a dream months after a psychedelic experience? The answer to the last one, that one I have been grasping slowly. It's because psychedelics don't exist. It's consciousness playing tricks on itself. You now have a direct reference. It's as if the body produced the substance on its own. 
    The best part is, dreaming is in direct equation with my life purpose, i.e. exploring. How would you utilize dreaming in today's environment, and inspire people to re-think it as something greater than a brain experience? I'll share my thoughts.
    Speaking about it loud. Inspiring people to do dream-work as an alternative to their tight schedule. Uncovering the potential to use dreams for yoga, productivity, creativity, standing up to your fears.  Encouraging people to see for themselves. Building up worlds just to destroy them, expanding the sense of possibilities, and later explaining the meta stuff behind it. How can illusion not be real, or vice versa?    Finding the most powerful dream herb, or creating a new one to make the process as easy and the least time-consuming as possible. Internet is the obvious medium. 
    And oh, I hope you all dream of an oasis full of mushrooms one day. Mushrooms the size of your hand. That's where the real fun begins. 

  4. Favourite Works of Art
    Favourite Works of Art
    The Human Condition, 1933 by Rene Magritte

    La Clairvoyance, 1936 by Rene Magritte
    Magritte is definitely my favourite artist. I recommend you check him out.

    The Lighthouse (2019) / Hypnosis by Sascha Schneider

  5. Favourite Works of Art
    Favourite Works of Art
    Jonas Burgert paintings
    and my profile picture. which is 'running bride' by Odd Nerdrum. i would love to know how he got the colours to look the was they look. 
    and Francis Bacon 
    i wanted to read something by Andre Breton and googled him first, found this video, half watched it, seems like it would be interesting to spiritually minded people also