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  1. Did the alien mouse help with the choice?
  2. She does not have to tempt with anything because she is an angel.
  3. @Matthew85 Is there an opportunity to find out about your OBE experiences?
  4. Damn... be soo right. I should lower my ego level rather than increase it. So socialization does not positively influence spiritual practice
  5. But I guess he is, since he hasn't catched your flattery, much less because he doesn't understand your preaches or the other way around.
  6. @Razard86 thx but I was asking @Inliytened1 . He answered in another thread.
  7. But what exactly does it mean that "you can" do it, how can anyone even know how to do this? Can you be more precise?
  8. These last shortcuts are a guessing game
  9. This means that you need materialism, not spirituality.
  10. Real, not real. @Thought Art your tone and most revelations are not pretty but it is right with that, it's our business with that gun as well. @Leo Gura he got lost here somewhere.
  11. Continue your practice because there is more than just beliefs and it's really worth it, please believe it.?
  12. He can, but the questionis is if he wants to All you don't get me wrong but I don't want that.?
  13. You have to get used to the fact that there are people who just need a show and most of all don't wash next in line to be kicked out of this forum. Thx.
  14. Understanding that you are your own guru to yourself is a part of enlightenment.
  15. @Fluran Integration by conteplation or be here more precise with questions?
  16. @Raptorsin7 Are you using psychedelics in such a beautifully liberal country?
  17. @Raptorsin7 I suppose you needed some "guru" or someone who could help you then? Is it still like that?