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  1. @Husseinisdoingfine "Why is there such a resurgence of the far right?" Because of excessive capitalist-consumer economy and the lies and misunderstandings arising from it. In short: globalization makes a correction.
  2. This happens because of catharsis. You're losing part of your devilry to achive higher states of consciousness. ~In short.
  3. "I can be present in other realities without this body, I can witness other civilizations without this body and identity." This seems to be a valuable clue.
  4. So it will be even more difficult for them to understand that they are God. Therefore, intermediate states are needed.
  5. Ofc, concentration is f.. crucial. It is almost all what's needed in this work but you dont appreciate its importance yet.
  6. Due to the fact that God is deceiving himself to experience himself, I propose to him April Fools' Day.
  7. Greatest appreciation for the awakened master @Inliytened1
  8. One thing comes to mind here. This century will be full of 'prophets'. Let it be so.
  9. And this pretzel will also be eaten one day... at least it should.
  10. No, no... "Responsible adults says no to non-orientable shapes".
  11. Maybe because of slightlyness, fortunately.
  12. Is it not puzzling that the majority here are in a green field?
  13. @LfcCharlie4 It also ,will be' imagined. I suspect it already started somewhere .
  14. It is simple. Duality is a paradox, that is, one denies the other and it must be so that anything can be experienced. There must be contrast in order for any experience to be possible. And it exists through various relative ideas. That's why everyone is arguing here.
  15. @Dand I've not seen you chanel before. Really nice. Resp. What in your video is this 4th suplement exactly?
  16. @Dand You should " try " some Infinite Love bud if you haven't yet.
  17. @Inliytened1 merely aspect of Love and Imaginary so far. But you are so f... awoke master, sir.
  18. I thought this thread is about of no ego
  19. I don' t know, maybe they haven't Leo.
  20. @Arzack you should prepare yourself by doing a lot of meditation. You will see then how much trash were in you.
  21. @fridjonk Awesome. Hard work. Blissness, that's it.
  22. Thanks to the latest discoveries in the field of chemistry, what was once a soul is now supposedly God.