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  1. myopia
    How to cure Myopia or prevent progression?
    Take a look at this videos, which can give you an understanding of hidden or lesser known mechanics of myopia:
    But that's just the beginning, a partial piece of the puzzle. There is more. Check out this video:
    Here the guy talks about a great insight (no pun intended) to the myopia problem. Really, I was amazed by the discovery.
    Put all perspective together and you realize that myopia is very complex and nuanced, and with the right approach can be at least partially reversed.
    For more info from the forum, check out these posts:
    (you can also directly search on the forum for "miopia", "myopia", "eyesight", "vision", "eye", etc.)
    Other resources:
    https://www.seeing.org/techniques/ and this video:

  2. The Path, Living & The Dream Board
    The Path, Living & The Dream Board
    I received a lot of messages about the story I shared regarding collapsing the duality of self actualization & spirituality, and using the dream board, so I thought I’d make a post and add the responses here as a resource for anyone interested. Give it a try, & have fun with it! That’s the point & the ‘juice’ that makes it work - create your dream life!
    Edit: If you’re looking at this thread you’ll probably find some insights in my videos, so I thought I’d start adding them here.

  3. 2017 in review, or why I no longer need actualized.org
    2017 in review, or why I no longer need actualized.org
    Realize that PMO is the highest correlative sign of depression besides maybe literally attempting suicide. That is, more than almost anything else, the more you PMO the more depressed you are. So, as you do anything to stop PMO, you end up doing something to prevent depression. 
    Seriously, you need to understand this because its important: STOP PMO AND YOU STOP MOST OF DEPRESSION.
    PMO might not cause depression, or it might not be depression, but it's one of the biggest check engine lights you might have. 
    So, set stopping PMO as a high priority and don't let anything get in the way of that.
    Moreover, you can't follow actualized.org if you don't take responsibility for your life. Period.
    But letting PMO stop you shows a major sign of irresponsibility. You're letting your dick take over your life. It's pathetic. I mean, how do you expect to change your life and change the world if you can't even take responsibility for your own dick?
    So, make a commitment. Envision the life that’s possible and then envision what happens when you don’t take action. Then, when urges pop up, just find new shit to do with yourself. 
    Also check out Improvement Pill's work on the topic on YouTube. He has a whole thing called the Tamed course that's fantastic.
    Also Check out the book the 4 tendencies. 

  4. What is the #1 Habit that did the most high yield results for you in your life?
    What is the #1 Habit that did the most high yield results for you in your life?
    @Shroomdoctor Yeah I swap between these 3 (to keep it interesting)
    Leo's is my favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcNGtZPPSS8&t=1972s
    Teal Swan helped me open and connect with my heart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Pl2L2fxVdk
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4bKficC1ag&t (here's her theory on the heart chakra. the video is quite dense in material) 
    Perception trainers has a great one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJqv4ATA4r8&t=27s
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFFqww0xsI4 (here's her course explaining her mechanics for self love) 
    I also do 6 pillars self-esteem exercise every morning as well 

  5. Existence is a TV Screen: My Enlightenment Experience
    Existence is a TV Screen: My Enlightenment Experience
    So this experience happened 5 days ago, yet I'm still blown away by the simplicity and power of it. I've been debating whether I should write a full post on it, but I figured that my account could help others on this forum. And are we not on this journey together? I didn't want to wait too long, or I might lose some of the finer details. This story is just as much for me as it is for you. I really hope you'll be able to understand (or at least intuit) the gravity of what's being said here. If you haven't had an enlightenment experience yet, please forget everything you think you know about it. This is it; it probably doesn't get more simple or direct than what I'm about to share here.
    First off, I'd like you to watch this wonderful video from Rupert Spira. I watched it a few hours before my enlightenment experience, and little did I know, it proved to be crucial for me to have that awakening.
    In the video, Rupert uses the analogy that we are characters in a movie-- a movie I'd like to title The Search for Enlightenment. Even though we're not aware of it, we play characters in this adventure movie of life, and we're always told by other characters that the thing we're searching for is just over that hill, or just in the next town over. We're constantly seeking for this thing, thinking it's a destination or an event, and that once we experience it, then everything else will be fine.
    Well, Rupert eloquently explains that the characters in the movie have been duped! That's you! That was me! Enlightenment is not an achievement. It is not a place. It is not an event. So then... what do we as the characters in the movie do? Is there any hope? Well, yes! But that requires you to make a paradigm shift to understand what enlightenment really is. Drop all of your assumptions, fears, and doubts. Your job--as the character in the movie--is to play and enjoy your part in the movie, but to also become aware of the screen that you're being played on. Enlightenment is being aware of the screen. This is a huge meta-perspective shift! Imagine how difficult it would be to convince a character in a movie (assuming they're real people and not actors), that they're not real! That to truly enjoy their life and role in society, that they have to become aware of the screen. Of course they'd say, "What screen?! This is all real, can't you see??" Then they'd laugh you away, and if you were insistent, they'd call you a lunatic! We're talking about The Truman Show levels of recontextualization.
    After watching the video, I thought, "Huh, maybe it really is that simple. In fact, it makes perfect sense that it would be that simple. Of course enlightenment can't be found in the movie! Duh!" I've been researching enlightenment and watching Leo's videos for a few months now, so conceptually this made sense, and it seemed to fit in with what I already knew. So I thought about it a couple times throughout the day, but nothing came of it. It didn't really click since I was trying to conceptualize this whole movie scenario in my head. However, watching that video planted the seed for my awakening experience during my meditation session later that night.
    It's late at night, around 9pm. I have this ritual where I do my concentration and meditation practice right at the end of the day. I doubt that's the most effective, but regardless, it seems to always work out that way and I like it. I also like to do these in my living room in complete darkness. So after my 3 minutes of concentration with a metronome, I get up on the couch, back straight, eyes closed, to do my 15-ish minute meditation. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. However, after about 3-4 minutes (that quick??) into my meditation, I find myself in an interesting headspace... I somehow got as close to no-mind as I've ever achieved, probably 90% of my thoughts just vanished, and I found myself peacefully drifting in a sea of awareness. I could pick up on a stray thought every 3 seconds maybe, but I was completely detached, and as such I simply watched it float on by. It was quite surreal. Just that experience alone would have been awesome enough, but it was what happened next that rocked my world...
    As I'm drifting in the sea, the best metaphor I can use is that the sea slowly turned into a serene lake, with not even my few remaining thoughts able to make a splash or ripple. Then I had an intuition that I should open my eyes... I ALMOST NEVER open my eyes during meditation! But here's what's interesting about the rest of this experience: I didn't really "think" any of this stuff. Usually I talk to myself in my head using English, but not a word was thought. I just felt that I needed to open my eyes, so I did. Now picture the scene. I'm meditating on my couch, legs crossed, in almost complete darkness. Only some faint moonlight from an adjacent room filtering in. I didn't plan any of this out, but guess what my eyes were met with when I opened them? You guessed it, the faint outline of my 50in TV monitor a few feet in front of me! Holy. Shit. Within the span of a couple seconds, I recognized the tv, my eyes shot wide open, adrenaline rushed through me, and tons of intuitions (not thoughts) came into me about the Rupert Spira video I had just watched a few hours ago. There was no reasoning, no thinking, nothing. Just understanding. I made this cosmic recontextualization of my life as playing out on a multi-dimensional and multi-sensory screen, just like the 2d, exclusively visible one in front of me! I slowly looked around the room, and was conscious that it was all screen. I not only recognized my role in the movie, but my True self as being this constant, present awareness of all this sensory dream stuff being interfaced through the screen. My physical body even turned into a screen. And it was all one. I became one with the room. I basked in this completely alien and indescribable sensation, just looking around and realizing that everything I had ever known was nothing but screen. After about 1 minute, my first tangible thought arose. I grin so genuinely and widely that my face feels like it's stretching, and I say to myself, "This is it. It doesn't get any better than this." You might think this would be scary, but for me in that position, I was READY for truth. I had this intuition that it was staring itself in my face my whole life. But I got it; it finally clicked in a sober state, and now I get to carry that with me forever.
    Since then, not too much has changed. I'm overall a little happier, a little lighter, able to keep things in check. I'm still taking the steps that I already put in place for improving my life. Everything is funny to me, but that was the case for months before then. You have to understand that I've had some INTENSE awakenings on psychedelics over the past two years. I'd imagine that for a normal person with no such experience, an out-of-the-blue sober enlightenment like I just recounted would completely change their life, and it would really throw them off their rocker. But for me, it was like a final puzzle piece snapping into place. I was like, "Oh! This is it!" 
    Unlike many people on this forum, I'm not going to masquerade as some enlightened being. I am not enlightened, and I don't believe there's a line to be drawn in the sand to make such a claim. It is not a title. It is simply the awareness of one's own true nature. After enlightenment, it is clear that my capacity to love is still low, but I know my potential to be infinite. I am ABLE to love everything, but my capacity to show and act that out is still underdeveloped. Likewise, I am ABLE to be happy in every situation, but my capacity to be that conscious presence is still underdeveloped. It's like enlightenment was the last piece in clearing any roadblocks ahead, but the fact of the matter is that I still haven't driven that far. Enlightenment is not a teleportation device. But I'm very thankful that I earned this understanding early on in my journey, so that I'm free to charge ahead.

  6. Bunch of Notes I Wanted to Share
    Bunch of Notes I Wanted to Share
    65 Core Principles of Living the Good Life notes
    65 Core Principles of Living the Good Life.pdf

  7. Bunch of Notes I Wanted to Share
    Bunch of Notes I Wanted to Share
    Hey guys, 
    I had a crazy experience triggered by Leo's video "Jacques Derrida, Deconstruction, Post-Modernism, and Nonduality", so I was just watching it again and taking notes in preparation for tomorrow's, ah, amplified self-inquiry. 
    Anyway it dawned on me that if I find notes on Leo's videos valuable, others might too, and I have several notes from the past few years on my Google Drive, so I'd like to share them with anyone that might find them useful.
    I've attached 9 of them down below.
    A note: some of these notes are pretty long and detailed like the 'Derrida, Deconstruction & Nonduality' and 'Spiral Dynamics' notes, others are pretty bare-bones like '10 Important Things' & 'What Women Want in a Man'. I made these for me, so I don't know if anyone will find them useful, or if people would prefer bare-bones notes vs. more detailed ones. (Personally I feel that as Leo's content has gotten so much more advanced, I find more detailed notes increasingly necessary)
    I will be taking a lot more notes. I feel like I've been doing self-development work for the past few years rather aimlessly, just having faith that it was worthwhile, and relatively content with the significant, yet still shallow, improvements in my life. My experience last month totally mind fucked me, so I'll be taking a lot more notes for myself, and if you guys like them, of course I'd love to share and add more. 
    Derrida, Deconstruction, & Nonduality.pdf
    Spiral Dynamics Basics.pdf
    Shamanic Breathing Technique.pdf
    Leo's Nootrpoics.pdf
    What Women Want in a Man.pdf
    Mindfulness Meditation.pdf
    How to Become Enlightened - Step by Step.pdf
    Avoiding Dysfunction Relationships_ Red Flags.pdf
    10 Important Things You Don't Know You Want.pdf

  8. I am enlightened. Sincere seekers: ask me anything
    I am enlightened. Sincere seekers: ask me anything
    Ramana Maharshi's approach, most certainly. Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi is a wonderful thing. But to understand that, I'd recommend reading as background other advaita texts like the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Vasistha. 
    I'd also recommend looking into your psychology. That's where 90% or more of the work usually is -- figuring out psychological obstacles. I highly recommend getting psychodynamic psychotherapy -- or even psychoanalysis if you're willing to spare the time. If you want a good analyst, PM me and I will help you find one. A good analyst is a great guru to have.
    Finding an expressive medium like writing or drawing and being able to express your emotions accurately and originally can be a critically useful instrument as well in understanding yourself and quieting the mind. Reading good literature and being acquainted with culture generally helps a lot with this.
    Finally, the game is actually first and foremost figuring out your own desire. Therapy, expressive art, and everything else has to be oriented around that. And it is your own desire that will lead you to the Truth.
    Edit: I'll also add in The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma. Beautiful.

  9. How Would You Compare and Contrast Stage Orange Vs. Stage Yellow
    How Would You Compare and Contrast Stage Orange Vs. Stage Yellow
    I think one of the markers of Stage Yellow is Stage Yellow isn't hamstrung by need as much as Stage Orange is.  Yellow has experienced a kind of security in their life that allowed them to develop a mind that isn't always neurotically hunting to satisfy survival needs.  Orange on the other hand is all about being neurotically tied to hunting for survival needs.  And Yellow like Red also is less inclined to be fake like Orange is, because Yellow never really had to give too much of a shit about what people think about them.  When you're at Yellow, you're out of the system basically and you've created your own system.  Yellow is living their own system, so their loyalty is only to their own system.  When Yellow fails, it's because there's a flaw in their own system that only they can remedy, and Yellow knows this. 
    Yellow is not looking for any kind of help from anybody else.  Yellow understands that life is a single man race -- it's you doing your thing, and the only standards are your own.  Yellow realizes that success outside of your own system is pointless.  In other words, Yellow realizes that success just is harmonizing with your own system.  For example, Yellow doesn't do things that go against their own system to please other people because Yellow realizes that only causes a backlash mechanism to occur.  Yellow's mantra might be -- be true to yourself first and create your own life; and then maybe you can go help others too.  Stage Orange's mantra is help others first (by being a good worker bee), and then maybe you can help yourself.  Yellow has much more of a big picture Life Purpose than Orange does.  Yellow wants to contribute something noble back to society at large.  Orange doesn't typically have too much of a big picture Life Purpose.
    Stage Yellow realizes the power of scheduling and strategy.  Yellow is super-organized and super-subtle in how they live their life and how they speak and write.  Yellow doesn't talk in broad strokes, but in shades of grey, always sensitive to the particular case or the paradox uprooting the hard and fast rule.  Yellow doesn't really think in terms of hard and fast rules.  Yellow fully realizes that your rules aren't my rules, and only my rules truly matter.  Yellow doesn't have too much of a persona and isn't fake either.  Yellow says what they mean and mean what they say.  Orange operates on a need to need basis with people and tends to conceal their authentic voice behind a mask or persona.  Yellow, similar to Orange yet different, is definitely more conservative than Green is, and Yellow fully believes in and lives under the banner of personal responsibility.  Yellow realizes that people get what they had the capacity to do for themselves in life.  Yellow sees all the traps that most people don't see about what holds them back.  And Yellow applies this apparatus to themselves first and foremost and sees all their own faults and can probably enumerate them for you in several different ways if asked.

  10. Any good biography recommendations of (modern) sages?
    Any good biography recommendations of (modern) sages?
    Nonviolence is still a movement of violence.
    To escape the fact of violence, and to create the idea of nonviolence, remains that which the opposite has been extracted from. 
    Nonviolence is a creation of abstraction, a movement of thought. Thought is the root of fear, and fear is the root of violence. 
    With all do respect, I do not know much about Gandhi, but i do understand violence. 

  11. The Seven Principles of Leonardo Da Vinci
    The Seven Principles of Leonardo Da Vinci
    Do you know the 7 principles of Leonardo Da Vinci? No? Well, that is why I'll just go ahead an neatly list them here:
    Curiosita – You need an insatiable curiosity for  life.
    Great minds have one characteristic in common: they continuously ask questions throughout their lives.
    Dimostrazione–  A commitment to test knowledge through experience.
    Wisdom comes from experience and the principle of Dimostrazione helps you get the most out of your experience
    Sensazione– The continual refinement of the senses, especially sight, as the means to clarify experience.
    According to Da Vinci, we can best practice Dimostrazione through our senses, particularly sight.
    Sfumato- A willingness to embrace ambiguity, paradox, and uncertainty.
    An essential characteristic of Da Vinci’s genius is his ability to handle a sense of mystery.
    Arte/Scienza– The development of the balance between science and art, logic and imagination (“whole-brain thinking”).
    The development of the balance between science and art, logic and imagination”. This is thinking with the “whole brain”.
    Corporalita- The cultivation of ambidexterity, fitness, and poise.
    Corporalità is “the cultivation of grace, ambidexterity, fitness, and poise”. Leonardo had amazing physical ability that complemented his genius in science and arts.
    Connessione – A recognition and appreciation for the connectedness of all things and phenomena; “systems thinking.”
    In other words, is systems thinking. One main source of Leonardo’s creativity is his ability to form new patterns through connections and combinations of different elements.
    Wow. If he were alive I'm sure he would troll around on this forum Leo is such a Leonardo copycat, engineering background and all that lol. It's a bit revealing of his mind that there is no direct mention of consciousness, although it is touched upon indirectly on almost all of the principles. Somethings are better left unsaid, maybe? Next book I will buy will definitely be hes biography.

  12. Have you guys heard about Ikigai?
    Have you guys heard about Ikigai?
    I find this concept pretty interesting.
    Is Leo's course based on Ikigai?

  13. Can sports be linked to spirituality?
    Can sports be linked to spirituality?
    Many spiritual teachers talk about the bodily aspects of enlightenment.
    As far as I understand it there are a couple of different aspects to it:
    strong determination: Having a strong determination to make your body do "hard things", that can't be achieved by your self but only by your body, after you surrendered the self. An example would be the Mount Hiei Monks. They run 30 to 80km for 100 consecutive days. expressing spontaneity: Tuning into the just-happeningness of motion to find, that a self is not nesscesairy for movement of the body to happen. Shinzen talks about this: Martial arts: many martial arts like aikido and kendo are grounded on a non-dual metaphysics. Also Peter Ralston's Cheng Hsin (eastern) yoga: using the body for spiritual purification I hope this is good fuel for your research.

  14. Why are most serious yogis and gurus male?
    Why are most serious yogis and gurus male?
    The Yang/Ying duality (Masculinity/femininity) clearly explains why is this the case though.

    We are talking about Masculinity and femininity, not about being a man or a women.
    We could argue there is a huge cultural influence, and it certainly is the case (for women that are balanced/masculine especially), but fundamentally some people are more masculine than feminine, hence why they have the leading position in the world.
    As of now men seems to be more masculine as a whole, so this is the reason, not that women are repressed.
    They wouldn't take the leading position in most cases anyway, there would have no drive to do it for them.

  15. If Your Into Politics And Leo's Channel Then You Will Probably Like The IDW
    If Your Into Politics And Leo's Channel Then You Will Probably Like The IDW
    What is IDW, it's an acronym for the intellectual dark web.
    Meet the Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web
    What is The Intellectual Dark Web? The Rubin Report