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  1. Why are everyone so islamic? Haha I had this with @khalifa sometime ago. On Free Will & Divine Determining This is from "The Words" by Said Nursi. It is quite a famous book. The first part of his Quranic commentary series. There are fourteen or twelve books in total if i'm not mistaken. Risale-i Nūr Collection.
  2. @Jakey This is what happen when a mosquito try to think of the "mind" of God. Assumption is so low. Do not assume.
  3. Corruption happens when you put a price on a priceless thing. For example : spirituality. Goodluck corrupting your own people with corrupted spirituality. Spirits can't be traded. Everything else but Truth/God. The good thing shall be kept pure. The consequences of not keeping it pure is , corrupted "Truth" magnified. To your society. No one else's society. Corrupting your own people. That's why Truth is important. It's not just a play. If you get it wrong, done. Truth is priceless. Once you put a price on it, it will be corrupted more and more. Till it become so low~ You can trade everything else but Truth.
  4. @kira why? Because of the intention I mentioned. I am not sure if it will work if the intentions is different. For example, the muslims do all those(the things that I mentioned) for the sake of God alone, health, wisdom, clear seeing or whatever that comes after it are the byproduct of this intention to serve the Creator of all creations, Eating halal food , purifying yourself physically & internally. The mind body & soul. For the sake of God. I literally am not sure if it will work if your intention is different. Because for us it is Allah who determines everything. Whatever that come to us, is from Allah. For example, if your intention is to open your third eye, you may get only that. If your intention is for the ego, you'll get only that. (May or may not get it btw). Because everything is determined by Allah's Will. And not ours. For example, those who fast for the sake of health, will only get health. "Intention is key" One is as a form of submission to the Creator of all creations. Another is for Ego. The second, is limited to what the Ego had realized. Which can never be compared to the Creator of all creations. Idk, maybe it will work. But limited to your finite intentions. Which depends on Allah's Will , it may or may not happens according to your finite intentions (Allah here refer to the Creator of everything. I think it's better to not define it in any way, don't think about it. But He have many beautiful Names). It's like, how would you know if health is all there is to "goodness", how'd you know what the best thing are? How'd you know if enlightenment is the highest good? That there's nothing better than that? Because our pov will always be limited to what we know. How'd you know if there's nothing better? What is your intention to open your third eye? Why do you fast? We fast as a submission to our Creator. It is a form of worship. To get God's blessings.Which has it's own wisdom. Why would non-believer fast, to be healthy. To be psychic? Haha idk. But the highest good is to get God's blessings. For if you get all those, but not Allah's blessings, all those would be meaningless. Everything. Not worth it. But you guys are still debating whether God exist or not exist. Or what God is~ I know it is a big wuestion.
  5. @pluto there is a turning back. Disrupt your diet. Not really. Since you start with intention, you can close it with intention too. Or better yet, just leave it to God's Will. You don't choose to have it opened or not have it. If you see something, that means God wants you to see something. Opened is a blessing. Closed is a blessing too. You don't wanna see everything. Or do you?
  6. I've had this similar thoughts earlier today. ... 4AM I love Him(Allah). You don't. Love I hate something. You don't. Hate You are a liar. No. Liar. Stupid liar You are my Beloved. No. Beloved You are God. No. God I am God. No. God. Just God. Not you. Allah الله اكبر سبحان الله الحمد لله (This is what muslim says when they realized God's blessings, greatness or mercy) When you try to be God, you become a transgressor. It can't be otherwise. When a human try to be God 👆Summarizes all devilry.💁 .... The whole point of enlightenment work is to go to the root of everything. It will end up to Allah(God) . The final step is surrender to that. Completely. The end of enlightenment will make you say "God is the Greatest". This is true even in Buddism. One, is extreme denials of God's attributes. (I don't do this, I accept God's Creations as God's Creations. God as God. You as you). The other, extreme likening of God to what is other than He. (This is what people here do) *Actually I wrote this to @khalifa earlier today* About the 4AM : You can't apply the Absolute in the relative. Not a single human being can ever be called God. Not other creations too. God is beyond all those. This is from The Words by Said Nursi. (It is actually a Quranic commentary) This is what enlightenment is to me. You may wanna find your truth in India. Travelling is always fun. Wherever. It will guarantee you for some expansions. Edit: but if you don't have God, who are you surrendering yourself to? Creations. It's tricky, because there are many creations which you can and cannot see. You might mistaken a creation for God, when it is just another creation. That's why it is important to submit youself to the God of all creations. The God Who controls all. I said this because i've seen many others who think the evil spirits are "gods" when they are just another creations. And the worst is to "worship" "yourself". Which is synonym to denying your Creator.
  7. I know. I'm just saying how it is. Because I am not sure if it will work if you're not a muslim. Because intention is key. Those who are born with it, will want to get it closed. Btw, dogma is your assumption, the product of your limited knowledge/lens. Might as well says that you don't know about it instead.
  8. How to do it? Eat halal food for 40days. Keep your seeing, hearing & intentions pure for 40days. For the sake of Allah alone.
  9. If you wanna see reality as they are. Don't do it if you'll be bothered by seeing reality as is. There is a blessing in keeping your seeing normal / on the surface level. You'll see people with the head of monkey, pigs etc. You'll also see the lights of others. You will need to have a strong ground to be able to pull it off. Some people wanna close their visions. It's bothering to some.
  10. Actually I see the limitation of where you're comin from. Of your perspective. (I don't think it's an assumption on my part either. ) To said it simply: Between every hearts (re:creations) there is Allah. It doesn't make the creations Allah. Though behind every creations, there is Allah. A Creator Who created them. Who Controls everything. Between you(finite) and your actions , there is Allah. The only freedom that was given to you is your intention. Everything may or may not act according to your intentions. I hope this can be easily fathomed.
  11. That's a different kind of use. The problem is with claiming you are God. I mean it literally, God can control every single beings & all it's creations simultaneously. You can't do that to me now. Neither did any creations. Btw I just read this That's lame... I wanna know the details. What kind of chair it is, how many, every chair feels different. Used differently. Every rooms are different. Unless you know everything about each 'thing' in minute details simultaneously with everything else (the bigger picture), only then, it's God. The implication is huge. I can see where this is going. There will be many Pharaohs~ When they don't control a single thing. In Actuality. (In the relative, every thing under your own control will be held responsible on you) ... But look! You are presenting another beliefs to me! Haha Why can't I say that Allah is the creator of all creations? Of everything. You & me & everything in between. This is like the biggest perspective ever. Beyond nations and the universe. For me it's the matter of realizing what i've known. Which I have realized a lot. (Though relatively little, compared to God's creations) Keep it comin, it won't be contradictory with my Truth. Only magnified. Allah is not you. It only appears so to those without knowledge. In other words, to non believer. It is a revealed knowledge. You wouldn't know it except through the prophets. All the previous prophets. Find the roots. Everything has its roots including "spirituality" .
  12. Am I you then? Can you make me sleep now? Is drugs the same as my tea? Tea doesn't make me high. Is it the same? Can I lift your hand now? Who's lying?
  13. @Shadowraix ok What do you get out of it?
  14. @zeroISinfinity you can't deny your physical self when it's there. Who cares about it in your dream when you're not in your body? I'm fine with Allah showing me the way Him, through everything else. But not in the way you'd think. Probably not you in particular. you "you" ... The Ox doesn't hunt me. He guides me. At my own pace. Btw did you know that this Ox have many crews?