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  1. how to be confident around women?
    how to be confident around women?
    @theking00 You need a vision of what you want out of your dream woman. This goes from looks all the way to personality and then journey begins. (This vision will change as you get more experience with women btw) Ive been with many many different types of women over the past years, Ive experienced the mega-highs and the mega-lows and helped friends with their issues with women so when I tell you this advice is perfect for someone like you I fucking mean it lets begin.
    1. You actually have to believe you're a valuable person and that you can actually benefit peoples lives not only women. This mainly comes through self improvement, get your body in great shape, do shadow work, tackle your limiting beliefs, get your finances in a decent spot, ect. You need to understand the limitations of your current mentality and how it WON'T help you with women only make you more scared of them. You'll also feel much better.
    2. You actually leave your house, (shocker right?) Go to the park, beach anything, just surround yourself with people and pay attention to how you feel inside label any emotions (anxiety , happiness, ect) This part is self explanatory women won't come barging you're door down to see you and you'll quickly understand how bad your social intentions are.
    3. You MUST talk to everybody not just women. A common trap people fall into when trying to get better with women or social skills is that they don't diversify, talk to homeless people, old people, people at your bus stop aim to have at least 5 conversations with random people (minimum) a day, doesn't have to anything serious just use that muscle. If your social anxiety is really bad just start off by saying hi to people as you walk by them then move up.
    4. Approach Approach Approach, there's no avoiding this..seriously This is when you blast away approach anxiety and really being "uncomfortable around women." When you develop a decent amount of self confidence that's when you approach, its advised to put this off until you develop a good sense of self because you will get rejected many times and you must be able to have thick skin. (over a while rejection actually becomes a good thing buts that's for later)  In the beginning stage, don't expect anything serious, view approaching women as practice ONLY to blast away approach anxiety not anything more. Focus on posture, tonality, eye contact ect. You can watch some videos on how to do this on yt or check out the PUA side on this forum but beware this is a highly INTUITIVE process. You must go out and approach and go through all the emotions good or bad to get this stuff drilled in you this stuff can never be fully explained. Tip, don't do this in your area go to the next town over or so so you don't run into any awkwardness, learned that the hard way.
    5. Understand building attraction and relationships are different. You need one to do the other. You need to focus on learning how to build attraction first. As much as you want to believe its your physical apperence that's holding you back, its not. You don't have to be a model to get women on a consistent level (Jesus who would've thought) . You may have friends that pick up girls easily, who never had to do this stuff and think, "why the hell would I do all this shit I just want a girlfriend" well tough shit, you just gotta do the work, that's life for ya. You can find out how to do this stuff again on yt or research it.
    This is really all the building blocks you need, develop confidence in your self through self improvement and getting to a point where you can approach a girl without shitting your pants. You'll learn the rest as you reflect on your experiences. This takes time, trust me but the results last with you forever, this stuff really becomes second nature to the point you can be pumping gas and see a cute girl and then 1hr later she's in your bed (this actually happened to me a few months back)
    Important advice ~
     ~As a man you MUST get this part of your life situated if your young that's a good thing invest that time now in understanding women and yourself. Its really hard to practice spirituality or even focus on being a creative person if you're always thinking bout some bootay. 
    ~Realize you are who you attract, if you go about tricking women and not registering their feelings and failing to understand they're human beings you will be miserable and so will she. If your a piece of shit person well guess who you're going to attract...
    ~Understand attracting women is highly intuitive you MUST EMBODY these high value traits, walk the talk actually become high value. This stuff is not meant to be explained it's supposed to be felt within you (if that makes sense) but since you're a beginner you can still be mechanical with openers and stuff like like that, (just be aware of their limitations).
    ~If there's one thing I want you to get out of this its this... DONT EXPECT TO GET HIGH QUALITY PEOPLE AROUND YOU IF YOU ARE SHIT PERSON. Really some people actually have the audacity to play the victim card and expect girls to come knocking at their door, man up and change yourself! (You'd be surprised how many people actually think this way, no joke)
    ~NEVER FOLLOW PUA AS AN IDEOLOGY, seriously I know how tempting it is, (especially on this forum because everyone is so anaytical here lol) its very useful to a beginner but you must embody the principals which essentiality= Be a high value man.
    ~ Lastly no matter what anybody says being attracted to one female and going deep with her, (sexually emotionally just vibing with each other ect,) is one of the best things in the world..(cliche I know but after a while you really do outgrow wanting to bang hella chicks a year).
    So strap in and make sure you get this part of you life situated Good luck