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  1. If you actually would of read the post properly I also said the same question is aimed at forum users as well. Whats the point in being negative and sarcastic? Bet your not like this in person so why do it behind a computer screen.
  2. Valid points, I meant more in terms for the earth and other living beings, humans would still have alot of work to do. l'm not saying to actually do this I was just using it as a point that being a monk isn't selfish which was a reply to a post saying it was, don't take the example literally.
  3. I'm getting into this now, finding my rhythm. Have you noticed I the expansion of my development? I have the potential to change everything and enlighten you all. Self love is a must, I am just choosing to think this way out of an infinite choice of ways to think.
  4. Disagree it's selfish, being a monk is probably the most unselfish thing you can do. You completely eradicate your carbon footprint, think what would happen to the world if everyone became monks. We would have peace on earth pretty much for all sentient beings. Being selfish really means not acting from a place of self. I agree doing both and sharing insights is also amazing.
  5. Now that is a cool idea he should totally do that. I know what you mean everything you do is spiritual but Leo is after permeant awakening, not point in using that as a get out card from doing the work. You have to modify things to give a better chance of achieving enlightenment, and that is the law of the land. He could say take crack and meth playing video games all day but that would be less likely to produce an awakening then if he did a two year long meditation retreat. I think his use of pycs are the main reason why he dose not do this prob. There is a clear difference in the standard of experience of say sadguru to a crack addict.
  6. @bejapuskas Of course I was just using there as an example as they have lots of open places that facilitate 24/7 meditation. @Nak Khid Yeah I see that problem with his business, he could pay someone trustworthy to maintain it. I don't think he would not trust certain teachers, this could be where he is going slightly wrong. Trying to do it all on his own. and yeah valid point about the psychs, I think if he just went away for a year or two purely to focus on his practice could really do him some good.
  7. Just from reading some of your posts recently and your dedication to spiritual work I wonder why don't you just go off to a monastery and meditate all day until you reach full liberation? There are places like the one in Burma where you can go and just meditate all day and they feed you two meals a day, so they are places that facilitate full time meditation. Or do you see benefit of living in modern society and say doing the things so called normal people do like have kids, wife, purposeful job ect ? This question is not just for Leo but everyone. Just interested to hear your thoughts on it. I don't see why we all just don't go off and become full time monks.
  8. Tibetan buddhists say if your very aware/equnimus during death you will have a better experience passing through the bardos and choosing your next life. Of course all of this is pure speculation. But read the book Tibetan book of living and dying
  9. Congratulations man Im really happy for you, you are always posted on here with amazing accounts from TMI and keeping us all motivated. How much effort did you have to put into this to get where you are, how many hours a day do you practice say at the beginning to now? Also did you go on any retreats?
  10. This is really interesting point, dose anyone think that could could start to become slightly introved before enlightenment whilst doing lots of meditation and self inquiry in isolation ?
  11. Defo, tho i think its unfair to compare him to leo sadguru is the real deal leo is still on the path, all his awakenings hace been tbrough drugs and hasnt stuck yet in his day to day life. I would love to see what sadguru would think of leos work
  12. He dose not adress politics or technology but thats not his job, his job is to raise the conciouness of the people who work in thos feilds. No human being can master everything.
  13. @Tanz I think your very much underestimating him, most people will never even get close to his development in there life time if they dedicated there whole lives to personal and spiritual development hence why he is able to achieve so much in such a blissful way. But yeah still shouldn't idolize him but go meet him and spend a week with him and he will be able to do thinks that would leave you speechless
  14. This ^ i'm 90% sure Jim dose not think when you die thats it and he is not nihilistic, well I dont seem him that way
  15. @Aaron p What he said, but yeah you dont have to suffer. Be happy man