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  1. I have been transitioning from a big nested folder of text edits to obsidian in the past week or so and I like it so far. The main improvements I can see as of now are the ability to create internal links, the audio player and the drawing/sketch plugin.
  2. Well you are right I wouldnt consider myself awake. I read this thread and none of it makes any sens to me. I think i exhausted trying to get the answers from others. Every answers about God I read is obviously not what I am seeking.
  3. I love brewing some chaga to flavour Cubensis tea. Or on its own. The taste of chaga is amazing.
  4. I get everything I would want out of a psychedelic with mushrooms but I definitely want to confirme the 5-meo hype some day.
  5. If you want to get to professional level of expertise you should seek out lessons with a teacher in person. There is no limit to how much you can learn it's only a question of how far you want to take it. Theory is very useful dont be afraid of it and your ear is more important than the specific motions of your instrument. Your hands only purpose should be to execute what's in your ear.
  6. It's the exact opposite for me. I can’t wait to be old and wise. So to speak ahah I wouldnt skip over the experience of being young.
  7. 3g is my sweet spot but keep in mind PE are generally more potent. That's what people tend to report anyway. Ive never had PE. Other people say all the strains are marketing ploy which is plausible to be honest. All of that to say: start low cause you never know what kind of potency a genetic specimen is going to have. Better crush them all and mix them together to average out the potency. Unless you know for a fact that they all have the same dna.
  8. I put that one on my reading list for sure.
  9. THC is a significant downgrade to my congnition. Makes me think outside the box a little but it's very hard to remember, apply or stick to a chain of reasoning. It's a lot of fun but makes me dumb as a rock.
  10. Is it about happiness? I cant remember if I read that on the forum a few days ago.
  11. Not sure what you are asking here. He can criticize all he wants, that doesn't make him just or right.
  12. The point is a break up is a single event that might push someone over the edge, but most people have them and get over it just fine. There's a whole slew of factors that go into someone ending their life. It's easy to blame and say it's the breakup or it's this dude on YouTube that's the cause.
  13. It is over simplistic you are right. I am not proposing we actually ban anything. My point was exactly that: It's to complex of an issue to pin point the source on a breakup and/or a video on YouTube.