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  1. It's not just about watching the cravings when they arrive. Next time you binge eat on some junk food observe the aftermatch. If you have big goals for yourself that requires focus and discipline(AKA life purpose) you will realise that eating junk just isn't going to cut it. Now I don't know you personally but I think getting your priorities straight and your vision in check is a good way to cut through a lot of bullshit. Also remember that when you improve your diet you improve your whole life at the same time(increased energy levels therefore better performance and fulfilment in all aspects of life: Relationships, work, spirituality).
  2. Watch how your mind is trying too cling to some object.(affirmation) This observing is meditation.
  3. "you" cannot make those things stop. Neither should you focus on stopping them in my opinion it's counter productive. Keep observing and focus on what you want to be rather than what you don't want to be.
  4. I noticed that the more narrow my focus is the better I am performing and the more enjoyment I get from my work. For exemple I can work on a song 8h a day no problem when I only have that project going on at a certain time but as soon as I have another thing in mind like school work I find myself trying to do both and I am stressed out while the results drop significantly. I guess I could use other people's experience to oriente myself I thought about not doing much LP work during my semesters but it seems like a very unwise move. My intuition tells me that school is not necessarily the most important thing for me right now 🤔
  5. @MM1988 that's interesting for sure I guess I was very naive about what this path entailed. Wanting only the good stuff without actually facing anything. During my trip I got to a place where I was all alone. I the ego was all alone, my family didn't exist anymore, my friends didn't exist anymore, I remembered them but I was sure that they didn't exist anymore. I the ego was all alone for eternity. Eternity seemed like hell to me. The only logical way out at the moment was to die. I the ego wanting to kill I the ego. I just kept crying and telling myself "why don't I just die?" for eternity. I didn't. I was there all along.
  6. I had the most horrifying mushroom trip of my life and now I am questioning whether everything you ever said and the whole phsychedelic thing as any value at all. Maybe I am asking you this in a attempt to confort myself. It is possible. The spiritual path seems like a hoax for me right now.
  7. From one point of view yes because the thing that motivates you to sit down and meditate is always ego driven. Seeking end of suffering or peace. From another point of view no because meditation is simply being. There's no action involved. I guess it depends where you are on path?
  8. I think it goes through inspiration. You don't want to force anybody to raise their consciousness. You want to inspire them by being the most conscious and loving that you can be and share this love for life. An exemple that comes to mind is Jacob Collier. He is not teaching any consciousness stuff at all. He is a musician but he and his art just sparks joy and life for me. I don't think a life purpose needs to be expressed so obviously as in I raise consciousness. The raising of consciousness is organic and happens at all levels of consciousness.
  9. You could go out anyway. Don't drink just try to understand why you hate this environnement so much. Observe your social reactions and ask yourself why you act in the way you act. How could you be more authentique? There's enormous growth to be had by walking straight toward what you fear. Being more conscious doesn't just happen when you're on the cushion. It is your whole life. Also try to see the beauty in these behaviours. Everybody is at a different place on their journey and it's beautiful.❤️ The only reason you don't see beauty is because you judge.
  10. Ask yourself: What do I really want? No nonsens, no bullshit, no excuses. Put aside your beliefs about any question of possibility and create a vision A vision of the results you want to create is the source of all motivation. It needs to be cristal fucking clear so spend a lot of time visioning When the vision is strong enough in your mind, all your actions will naturally align themselves to it. It all starts with : What do I really want?
  11. @Vagos Well you got to figure that out by yourself😅 First ask yourself a question like : Why do I fear this existence ending? It may take a long long time to answer so brace yourself! But if you really want to grow it's a very powerful route.
  12. By that I mean having the four phases within each phases. I have observed that in my own life. I consider myself to be in the second phase where I know what I want and I am excited to work at it a lot to build momentum and get the ball rolling. It's been about 6 months since I entered the phase I think but what happened in that time period is that first I discovered where I wanted to go and then I started to engage in my Mastery as I saw that building my skills was just the most logical step forward.(1st and 2nd phase) I did enjoy practicing all my semester and I built a strong practice routine that enabled me to work consistently and not ask myself to many questions about it.(3rd phase) Eventually I got to a point where I couldn't keep up physically. I developed tendinitis in both arms an so now I am at the end phase of this cycle.(4th phase) I still consider that all of that is within the second phase because my vision and my motivation hasn't changed. I still feel the momentum building towards it but I need time to heal and a new way of approaching things. I recognize that it's still just concepts but I think it's useful to view this whole model of chapters in the way because it makes for more realistic exceptions. It connects with the idea that progress is not linear but a constant correction of trajectory.
  13. @Vagos If you are a healthy human being and you don't have medical issues, DMT is very unlikely to kill you "physically". You might feel like your are dying but remember that the trip is going to end and you are basically going to return to baseline. You fear your own fear of dying. When dying occurs your are not there anymore. As to your fear of putting an end to this chapter of your life remember that an end is just a new beginning. After you smoke it and you return to your baseline level of consciousness you will likely realize that smoking DMT wasn't really your life purpose. Often the mind focuses on processes rather than what you really want. DMT is a tool not a life purpose.
  14. I'm 19 years old and I probably read 30 books in the last 2 years.(Excluding the obligatory books that I read in high school) I think it had a pretty significant impact on my life overall.
  15. My advice would be to read Mastery by George Leonard and to start to apply the Mastery process in you own life. It's incredibility fulfilling to learn something for real. You can also have in mind that learning is fun. The more you learn, the more you can make new connections and the more you are able to create what you really want in life. Also real learning doesn't come from someone telling you something and then you taking that as the truth. Real learning happens when you can focus your awareness on a thing with a genuine desire to understand.(Not to say that the information coming from other people isn't valuable. It is.)