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  1. Internal bleeding? I don't get it. How did you know you were hemorraging? Did you get like bruises all over?
  2. How's your digestion going? Fibers in veggies make poop come out easier, better and cleaner.
  3. @Danioover9000 He got crucified. Leo only got angsty dudes making sensational videos about him for clicks.
  4. Hey that's not so bad! Remember what happened to Jesus?
  5. More time on the cushion and less time on the Internet! Wait what am I doing here? I use this place to distract myself even if I don't post a lot. It's still better than most other platformes I appreciate you working to increase the quality of discussion here even more.
  6. I feel amazing eating fruits but it's un sustainable. I struggle to keep my weight with grains, nuts, veggies, fish, occasional meat and fruits. I'll pop out of existence with only fruits. There's just not enough calories for a reasonable volume.
  7. I have been addicted to weed in the past I know what it feels like. To me there's zero psychedelic property to weed. Not even close.
  8. I have no idea. It's fun to read out loud tho. Mouth makes noise and goes brrrr.
  9. I wish I had 2hrs to cook every morning
  10. Strains don't matter as much as genetics they are all psilocybe cubensis(there's other psilocybes out there but 99% of what is on the market will be cubensis). A batch of B+ can be twice as potent as another batch of B+. When spores mate they create unique genetics doesnt matter what the strain is. A lot of people report that Penis Envy and its mutations will generally be stronger which tends to be the case but Golden Teachers with outstanding genetics can be stronger than Penis Envy with average genetics. There's no way to tell which ones will be strong and which ones will not until you try them. Statistically speaking you are more likely to have potent shrooms with Penis Envy tho.
  11. @Moksha Which is why the idea that meditation leads to enlightment and the idea that psychedelics lead to enlightment are equally unprovable. That was the point of the argument. Thinking that psychedelics can’t do it and that meditation can is missing the point. Cause It's all hear say either way.
  12. Try dancing in a tiny space filled with porcelain vases 😄
  13. @Moksha But that's not evidence. How could there be evidence for enlightment? You can’t prove that stuff. The whole point of inquiry is that we don't know. Otherwise we wouldnt be inquiring. That goes for psychs and meditation. Unless you did it you don't know and if you did it how could you prove any of it?
  14. So gaslighting is one party lying and the other party believing it?