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  1. So simple I could go on crying
  2. You ain't gonna learn stuff by running around excepting people to prove stuff to you dude Humble and genuine curiosity will get you there Stuff
  3. I fell for it too that's alright! And like that learning happened. (Speaking about the "holy only one so perfect diet" trap)
  4. I like standing up, balanced and straight, breath through the nose with the belly 10x(using my spine to maximise airflow). Then I exhale everything for as long as I can and inhale for as long as I can. *Don't do this in unsafe environnement like a car while you are driving it can be very powerful
  5. I think they like😋
  6. There's no biggest thing in PD it's all bs anyway😅 kind of the good way
  7. @SQAAD Could you explain what's the difference?
  8. I didn't get to smoke tobacco all that much but I tried ecigs and I destroyed the thing within a week of usage. It's poison no matter how you slice it.
  9. I don't know how but it certainly does
  10. So so beautiful
  11. I got infp-a and I am shocked at how accurate this is ahah I wasn't always that way tho. I was much more analytical before. I guess that's why I was drown here some years ago.
  12. For me there's no such thing as making myself feel such and such. There's a lot of doing the best I can with what I already feel tho. I don't know that's a though question. I like it