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  1. Attention span is a skill that grows with use. I am sure some people have it harder than others but I would bet that most "diagnosed" ADD are life style induced.
  2. Well isnt that hungers purpose?
  3. Veggies, legumes, nuts and seeds, high quality oils and meats, eggs, and the most important which isnt talked about nearly enough: high quality purified water.
  4. I like to wear a hat and white shirt instead of using sunscreen.
  5. Is there a reason to do it other than to lose weight? Because I don't see how eating healthy foods can make someone gain weight in the first place it seems impossible to me. Therefore, isnt counting calorie pointless as long as you eat nutritions, real foods? Maybe I just have a fast metabolism and it's actually possible for other people to gain weight by eating veggies, legumes, nuts and seeds, grass fed meats and eggs and this kinda stuff.
  6. It tastes so good tho. And its not blatantly unhealthy like a big Mac lets say where you feel poisoned right away. Once a month or less is find imo 😋 Addiction is kinda stifling I agree.
  7. You've got a lot of choices in Canada. Various strains of mushrooms, LSD analogues and DMT analogues are easily accessible online. The factor that you got to watch for more than the substance is the dosage. Any of the above are great first timers at appropiate dosages.
  8. Well the fact that food becomes hot is because radiation is affecting it wether there is a lid or not. Now is this bad? I dont know I dont use a microwave.
  9. A better question would be: What is consciousness? You talk as if its a given that consciousness is infinite but are you actually conscious of it?
  10. @peanutspathtotruth if you buy those white eggs from walmart with the thin ass shell then yeah. Quality does matter.
  11. Theres something which is lost when the work is only about information. Listen to what he doesnt say.
  12. To me psychedelics without meditation is not worth it. Meditation is always worth it. To really get to full depth of the psychedelic you need to be able to observe without judgement.
  13. Because It's hard.