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  1. Maybe he needs to move out
  2. I do nothing. Then I suffer. Then I do nothing some more. Then I am fine. I notice myself wanting to distract with entertainement, food and other things but I don't because I know from experience that by doing nothing I will eventually see my thoughts for what they are and laugh it off. (I fall prey to distraction plenty even if I know that it doesnt work tho) Feel the way you feel with all your might buddy
  3. Last visit thingy indicates November 28th but it seems he posted something October 11th
  4. Do you have an overarching goal for your life? Like something that will require you to actually have vitality in order to achieve? I like how Paul Chek puts it. He says something like "Having a dream is the first step towards change because if you don't have a dream you don't have anything worth changing for" (I am paraphrasing I don't remember exactly)
  5. Weed fucks up sleep. Then poor sleep fucks up everything else.
  6. @TK2021 good luck then I cant help you
  7. I have a PUR filter and I like it. There's a bunch of models and sizes with basically the same activated carbon filter. I don't have a clue about the science but water tastes way better and I feel great.
  8. Are there any Tool fans here? ?
  9. I want to take 1h every day to put 100% of my focus into this. What are some practices, books, courses or anything that has to do with emotional mastery type ressources?
  10. Open mind = open ears
  11. Don't you have a dream? Why are you self improving? Theres no reason to change anything about yourself if you don't want to do so. Write what you want down maybe. Just so that you are sure about it. Self-improvement is action. If you did 10years of mental masturbation instead of actions then that's where the problem is. Its like reading about tennis for 10years and then being surprised that you can’t play tennis.
  12. Take 5min breaks every now and then to do squats and stretch.
  13. What is your career plan? The moment where you need to leave your parents will come sooner than you think. You might want to figure these things out already and start building skills. You are going to be at such an advantage by starting so young.
  14. I grinded meditation for over 2 years before I had to take a couple months off. Now I am a lot less stubborn, I enjoy it a lot more and I can see the ENORMOUS difference it makes on the rest of my day(where as I couldnt see it before cause I was forcing myself to do it) so naturaly I want to do it. Leo said that recently: Enjoy it! Don't beat yourself up over missing a day. If you really feel like meditating It's gonna be so much more potent. But it is still true that practice makes perfect and consistency is key. Do the practice for the practice itself not to get somewhere. Theres no easy answer here
  15. Why does pooping feel so good? Edit: I can’t help you because I don't know sorry. But like, it was a good question. Why does anything feel good at all?