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  1. https://www.rythmia.com Just found out about this place has anybody here tried that?
  2. No. Might be helpful. Might not be. Definitely not crucial.
  3. You are confusing diet with a belief system diet is not a belief system. For exemple I eat only plants yet I don't consider myself a vegan. I just eat what is best suitable for my body and it turns out that it is plants. I don't know about other people's experience but from what I see it seems safe to assume that the human body was designed to eat plants.(mostly)(there's much more nuance to it) One of the reason why you might want to stop eating animals is that you recognize that it won't cut it for the work that we are doing here. If you want maximum energy and focus then you will tend to correct your diet accordingly. Not because it's bad per say.
  4. For many myself included it was the way in to spirituality/meditation and PD so I disagree. Yes someone might be well developed without phsychedelics but it does not mean anything. It is way more nuanced than that.
  5. Leo as a video where he contrast religion and science if I recall correctly. Something like: Science vs Religion. I think it would be a great way to expose him to the fact that science is also just a perspective.
  6. I don't know any but why would you want that anyway? Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you need to pack on loads of proteins to build muscle or whatever. Too much protein can actually be harmful.
  7. How to reconcile romantic relationships with nonduality?
  8. I would say: try to be focusing on yourself, on what YOU believe. Doesn't matter who put that into your mind. Try to take responsibility for every thing that happens in your life. You are responsible for Everything right now.
  9. Don't do anything let it take you where it wants to take you and watch. You can ask questions it is quite powerful. I wouldn't want to watch any TV or even listen to music for the first time. Just sit there and do nothing, questions will naturally ask themselves.
  10. Yeah that's a horrible idea IMO 😅 sorry
  11. @Mikael89 What do you expect from these kind of debates?
  12. Depends on a lot of factors. From what you eat to your saliva's acidity. I did spend many many days without brushing and didn't notice any issues. Not even bad breath as I did not eat any dairy or sugars. I brush them every so often now because I enjoy it.(Oddly enough but it's great time to be mindful)
  13. You are lost in your own mind. See those processes as just happening. You are thinking: Ok should I do that or should I do that, etc. Recognize that you are doing that. Set truth as your priority and pay close attention. It doesn't matter what the mind comes up with.