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  1. Chances are your gut microbiome is compromised. You might want to cut bread/sugars gradually and try intermittent fasting. Slowly build up you fibre intake. Fruits and veggies digest better than legumes and nuts but you should aim to include them as well eventually. There's a bunch of stool test kits that you can buy online to determine what kind of bacteria are living in there and treat it accordingly. Maybe consider eating eggs to up your calorie intake during the adaptation periods that you'll need to introduce legumes and nuts.
  2. Pretty useless concept in my opinion. Just adds to the division.
  3. How about you don't take Leo's word so litteraly. There's litteraly thousands of perspective that you have to take into account and check with your direct experience.
  4. Very interesting question. I think it's a bit misleading to think of it in terms of a place that you'll eventually get to because the depth of mastery is unfathomable. Once you reach what you thought was the end your perspective expends to take in more and you find yourself right back where you started. That's why the greatest Masters didn't view themselves as that but as eternel student. Mastery is more of a mindset and a process not a goal. No matter the skill level if you are able to get into flow for extended periods of time and let your intuition guide you through the learning that's what I would call being on the mastery process. My point of view. Also creativity and mastery are leaning on each other. Being creative in whatever field you are mastering is going to boost your progress a lot.
  5. Good for you
  6. Try to find something that is not consciousness.
  7. The emotional content is not the same. A belief comes with attachement and a sort of arrogance for it to be right. Faith on the other hand is a desire for what is true regardless of the outcome. Faith leads to investigation, Belief leads to dogma.
  8. @undeather You can very well get to a point where you are as confortable alone as you are with other people without enlightenment. Just acknowledging that ego of yours and taking ownership of it goes a long way.
  9. That's entertaining 😊
  10. Loneliness isn't a real thing you only think that. Being with people and being alone is no different.
  11. You keep the question as long as you don't have an answer or until the question becomes irrelevant due to deeper realizations. @Lento Yeah You could also switch things around I don't know.
  12. What is the point of this thread?
  13. I bought a book from the Isha foundation with a bunch of recipes and there's Chili and other "negative pranic food" in them. There's a coherence probleme here. I don't know what to do with that but in my experience the problem I would see with those food is linked to digestion not the nervous system.