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  1. Devoting my life to mastery & learning is the best decision I've made so far in this life. You're right it truly never ends. The journey is the destination. That's another true cliché to add to the list! I am 10 years ahead of you in the skill you are learning right now & I still feel like a kid wetting my feet on the beach looking at this grotesquely gigantic ocean. I want to be able to fully submerge myself in it but I'll never be able to touch the seabed where the depth is real😁
  2. You'd probably benefit from stopping consuming the news. The news takes the 0.01% of fucked up humans & makes you believe that's the whole world. Yeah those things happen, but you are so biased it's almost caricatural. If you don't want kids that's totally valid. I don't want them either. But common now, that's just silly. Reality is that terrible stuff AND a thousand million trillion gazillion other things you could be focusing on instead of that horse shit. You believe in pessimism. You don't actually care about the truth. You only say that. You believe the glass is half empty.
  3. You're not gonna like this cause it's not what you asked but the best way to shift your circadian rhythm is to wake up at the time you would if you were already on the rhythm you want & suffer through the day. You'll sleep at night no probs. All of the night time advice you'll find online to prepare yourself for bed is all well & good but it's basically useless if you've been awake for only 7-8hrs. You need to build exhaustion to fall asleep. Ain't no way you had time to build exhaustion in 7hrs unless you are chronically sleep deprived or you've spent 6 of those 7hrs climbing a f*cking moutain at top speed. But, if I was to go along with your context I would say work out high intensity for at least 2hrs that day & don't eat 3hrs prior to bedtime.
  4. Notion also has an AI assistant baked in. I'm not sure how it compares to chat GPT cause I don't use it much but it's there in case! The other day I used it to count the words in a page lol I suppose it could do cooler stuff than this.
  5. You seem to be clear about the fact that you want to take a break. There is nothing more you need to know. Do it. Addicts don't like to hear that cause they think the object of their addiction is doing it to them & thus seek an outside solution but the fact is that they are doing it to themselves. You can just stop right now if that's what you want. Addicts don't stop their behavior cause they don't want to. You have 100% responsibility for your behavior in any given moment. Do you actually want to stop? You can either take it or not. What do you actually want? Figure that out & then do it. (Unless it's physiological in nature where your body could shut down & die from going cold turkey. That is not the case with psychedelics & a million other subtle addictions.) Some addicts are so far gone in victimhood that it's actually counter productive to tell them like it is. I am not saying that's you. Just throwing my 2 cents. Take it or leave it.
  6. I associate cannabis with pleasure but I am no longer dumb enough to do it 3x a day at breakfast, lunch & dîner. Been there, done that. I am not saying you should eat 10lbs of beans a day either by the way. Eat loads of stuff. Carnivore is non-sens. Veganism is also non-sens. And yes I do think unseasoned chickpeas taste amazing. You just like strawmaning. No one in their right mind would recommend you eat 2000 calories of chickpeas alone. That sounds disgusting. 2000 calories of raw steak alone sounds disgusting as well. Like can we not go to either extremes? Also wtf is wrong with spices? Do you hate life? Why is your bench mark: "If you can't eat 10 pounds of the raw thing than you shouldn't eat it?" That makes zero sens to me.
  7. "I don't need to work. I just need to resume studying." "I dont need a book all I need is work and to move around." Both of those things came out of you in this thread. Your mind truly is a maze among mazes.
  8. If you go to starbucks / tim hortons / [insert other terrible shitty coffee shop] yeah. I might be out of my depth here but if you go to a third wave coffee shop where it's twice the price they often understand that water makes a huge difference on cup quality(they probably don't give a shit about the toxicity of tap water but it tastes much better to have good water). It's about finding a shop that actually cares about their product. A lot of them don't. I'll agree with that. And you're gonna pay more for it obviously.
  9. Then do it that's a great goal.
  10. @SabthI didn't say any job. You obviously can't be a cardiologist right now. What I said is you can get A job easily even without any education. Stop thinking about it, get off your ass & go ask people if they hire. That's the last time I speak in this thread. You have had more than enough information & advice from a lot of different folks with different perspectives here. What you need isn't more advice. What you need is getting off your ass & applying the advice you've been given. In all honesty you probably need a therapist. You need a job & a therapist. Figure out how to get those. Sorry for the harshness. I wish you well🙏
  11. I'll do my best to stay healthy as long as possible, but I intend to die before that happens to me. Maybe I'll change my mind down the line who knows.
  12. Ask yourself what it is about you that an employer would benefit from. I can't tell you what value you have to offer. Only you can figure that out. I can tell you from experience that most people that hire for entry level jobs don't give a shit about your schooling. Can you show up on time? Can you have a positive attitude? Can you admit when you make mistakes & can you learn from them? That's enough.
  13. That's ok. Just start anywhere. You'll figure it out. Don't stall the clock. Print 100 resumes & give them all over town.
  14. Here's a musical exemple of how every distinction is made of the same stuff: Rhythm & pitch are the exact same thing at different speeds. Pitch starts at around 20 discreet events per second & ends at around 20 000 discreet events per second for humans. Rhythm is below 20 discreet events per second down to around 40 discreet events per minute(even less if you have a good ear). Take a steady pulse of 60 bpm, which you perceive as rhythm & speed it up to 440 Bps & the rhythm you had just became the note A. Mind boggling. edit: discreet ain't the right word at all. I meant distinct. Not sure how relevant to your question that is but I felt like sharing.
  15. You can change your life by wanting it. The reason you don't change is you don't actually want it. I know it hurts to hear that but it's true. If you really wanted it you would find a way. Not by asking here but by asking your own self. What do I want to do with my life? I have 112hrs of awake time per week roughly. How do I want to spend those hours? If you want something that isn't doable right now you can then ask: What do I need to do in order to make that thing possible for me eventually? Let's say you want to run a marathon. You think it's inspiring & you want to do it but you are 30lbs over weight and it's literally impossible for you at the moment. You would then ask "What needs to happen for me to be able to run a marathon?" and you would arrive at something like: "I need to loose 30lbs". Okey then how do you do that? Maybe take a walk everyday for a month or 2 then start weight lifting, eating healthy, yadiyadiydada. Being gradual and stuff. That is a very obvious exemple, but it's like this for everything you could do in life. You could find fulfillment in anything really. If you had a mind that enjoys brushing your teeth everyday & you found pleasure in it, you would be fulfilled every time you brush your teeth. It doesn't need to be grandiose although it could be. Do you see where I am going with this? You pick something that would fulfill you & you do it. That's it. If you are unable, do something that'll inch you closer to it, if ever so slightly. There's already enormous fulfillment in that. How do you know what would fulfill you? Well you ask yourself again. You already have all the answers. The next step is right now if you decide to take it.