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  1. What do you want out of life? Is this behaviour conducive to it? If not then why do you do it? What are you running away from? A little hint: inquire into what is most threatening to you. Fear is not your enemy it is your guide.
  2. Don't be so hard on yourself. Maybe you need to reconnect to nature. Try going for a long walk alone in nature and let all your thoughts roam freely . They are allowed to be there but you don't need to believe them! Good luck with your journey!
  3. @Jordan94 Plan an experiment on yourself. Set like 2 or 3 months periods where you try one approche then switch and see what works best for you. Of course it means you got to stick to one particular diet for a long time.(Or not if that diet really doesn't work for you) Direct experience is cumulative. The more you try stuff out and stay mindful the more you will gravitate towards what suites you. In my experience it is not that important. I used to follow the typical approach to working out: Protein shake, meat, eggs, etc. And you know it kinda worked. I put on a lot of muscle in that period. It's been about a year since I last hit the gym. Now I eat mostly Plant Based/Raw and organic and all exercise I do is walking and bodyweight(push-up, etc.) I am a lot leaner and my muscles kept up. Your body/mind is a highly dynamic and fluid system. There's no need to count macros and stuff. It's great to get you started but once you get to know your body you will notice that, intuitively, it knows what to eat. You might even be surprised as to how much you need to eat. Based on the "western calorie counting approach" I should be melting by now because I eat so little. Yet I have a lot of energy, bright skin and a decent shape without even hitting the gym. The trick is to be mindful all day, every day!
  4. What do you think god is? Who told you what he was? Why? Do you actually know what god is?
  5. You need to integrate these insight into you physiology. Ask yourself: How can I align myself to better reflect truth? It takes time for all of that to sink in, don't worry about that
  6. Principles that you can implement in your life on a minute to minute basis are what's going to grow you. There's no quick solution because ultimately you are already whole there can't be a method 😉 Some of those principles are(Contemplate those) :Truth, honesty, authenticity. What is most true about your experience? Do you actually want to know? How can you align yourself to what is most true in all situations?
  7. Eat a big slice of cake on an empty stomach. Monitor how you feel. Eat a rainbow salad with nuts and beans on an empty stomach. Monitor how you feel. Everything you need to know is in your direct experience
  8. Oatmeal is amazing. Here's my recipe: -3 table spoons of oatmeal -1 table spoon of flax seeds -1 table spoon of chia seeds -1 table spoon of cocoa - A little bit of cinnamon -1 table spoon of 100% peanuts peanut butter -3 to 5 table spoons of frozen blueberries -A chopped half-banana I used to eat that in the morning right when I woke up but I changed things up a bit lately and it works wonder for me. Instead of eating that in the morning I pushed this meal at the end of my day. So I eat same number of calories as before but now I fast from around 10pm to 2pm the next day. I didn't think it would change much but it did I encourage you to try that. Just make sure you eat enough nutrients in that 8h period between 2pm and 10pm!
  9. An important thing is to be mindful. Better to do 10 conscious rep than 20 unconscious ones! By that I mean put your awareness on the muscle that you are working on and go very slowly. Feel the muscle fibers contracting and releasing with your awareness. I personally prefer to do body weight exercises but I guess it's just taste Just make sure your diet is on point!
  10. All weeds are not equal. Sure if you take a very strong sativa or something like that you might trip out but with the right indica it should do the trick! Also I wouldn't advise smoking it. Vaping is good option since eating it takes a long time and you might take too much.
  11. @Nahm Singing is awesome thank you 🙏😊
  12. Joy makes me soooo productive🥰
  13. Meditation is your entire life. I understand that it is not really useful for you to ear that right now but the more you do it the more it is going to sink in. Keep the consistency! Consciousness is already conscious i doesn't need a method!