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  1. @Carl-Richard Thanks , pleasure to be here.
  2. @Ramanujan I think that the best study technique for someone depends on the individual and the type of content be studied. But after doing a lot of research on the study methods , if I had to choose just 1 then that would be - Active recall and spaced repetition. There is a book called - Make it stick, you might wanna look into it. In the book the psychologists do a lots of experiments on various study techniques and showcase their findings. So using flashcards like Anki can be a good way. But personally I use a lot more study methods suited to my own needs and specially catering to the needs of Medicine. eg - I often use a randomizer. I randomize thousands of diseases and symptoms and see if I will be able to deal with such a case. I keep a file for all medical terminologies. I try to differentiate a lot between diseases and terminologies as many diseases are very similar in their presentation so properly differentiating between diseases, and what makes each disease unique, is vital. For anatomy, it's all about visualizing diagrams and images and only THEN memorizing the theory. Same goes for any Skin related conditions. Use Freeplane for Mindmaping and get a big picture thinking . Onenote is also good. There are many study methods and softwares that I have employed in various situations and it would take hours to get down to every detail. All in all, my method is to to learn based on the content you are studying and what suits you. Discard what is not working for you.
  3. @OBEler @Thought Art Thank you guys. Although I may not be as active as before, this site will forever be associated with my days in Medical school. After college I often found myself relaxing here. The mods may change, the users may be dfferent, but I don't think I will ever stop revisiting here time and again, as this site represents a phase in my life. Its kinda like revisiting school once in a while.
  4. I find it pretty nostalgic returning to this site. As a medical student I liked reading and discussing in this forum, but later I decided not to be here, as I found arguing with others pretty unproductive and distracting. But still this site reminds me of those days in my past , and there is this feeling of 'good old days'. I see that the Mods have changed and I don't recognize many users here. But glad to know that the site is running as before. It's like I am returning to my old days again.
  5. You people don't know shit. Keep going with your false, shitty spirituality, at the end of the day it's for one's own happiness.
  6. Without Morality you are a joke Good luck with your journey! Toxicity is to be avoided. Both the inner psychological hell and the karmic hell is awaiting.
  7. I am too busy practicing spirituality that I don't drop by here often. It's obvious that you have not developed spiritually, that's for sure. *Back to meditation
  8. I tend to think that people think suicide is wrong because of their beliefs, prejudices, and insecurities attached to this act. There is no difference between suicide and no-suicide because they are all distinctions and all distinctions are constructions. But if you ask me, if suicide is a form of enlightenment, then I would say no. Because after suicide, your mental aggregates coalesce and transfer to another body. Enlightenment is the elimination of all mental aggregates. There is nothing left. The pendulum has stopped. There is no back and forth motion.
  9. Just to make things clear, I have been following actualized.org since 2014, and the entire martin lobdell , 5-Meo thing , non duality thing since I don't know how long. It all works. 5-meo works, Vipassana also works, Anapanasti works, Hath yoga works, Kriya yoga works, Sheel works, Holistic breathing works, Dalai Lama works. It's all good.
  10. At the end, this is all I will say, for any spiritual practitioner, the way to go is- Meditation + Morality. ( Previously, like many people here I thought it was just meditation) The Dalai Lama meditates 5 hours a day, he dies 7 times (Tukdam) . Then he doesn't go out spreading negativity, but positivity. Then he comes back and again mediates for 5 hours, the cycle repeats. ( He doesn't say this is a dualistic notion so he should spread both love and hate. No, he is one sided here. It is only love and compassion.) And this is what works. The contrary , no matter what people say, doesn't ( Have tried all my life) Good luck harboring bad thoughts to inflate your ego while you meditate 10 hours a day. Not gonna work. You won't have any opening of the heart. It's just suffering all the way. Being humble, having a generous heart and good intent, and meditating is what works. Is what will give you the peace of mind to reach non-dual states (Tukdam) Hate cannot be cut by hate, but only love. Peace. And good luck for your spiritual journey. Barry Kerzin talks about Dalai lama dying 7 times a day and also talks about Tukdam.
  11. I know that . And it connects Moral conduct with meditation. If you are really meditating, then you cannot act out of pure unconscious reaction because your mind is watching. While if you are not in meditation, you can loose your peace of mind and become violent etc which is what happens to people. So it's connected and one helps the other. I am just emphasizing both the facets of this equation. While in Osho's books only one side is more emphasized. Like right now I am watching my own mind, I see a range of emotions as opposed to if I acted without any mindfulness. And at the same time my moral discipline can protect me from having a lifestyle where such negative thoughts is encourage in my mind. which gives the ground for higher spiritual states of no duality.
  12. I agree. "So when you turn inward who is going to be there to sin? One can be a devil there entire life and still wake up - but to do that they need to stop being a devil long enough to awaken to Truth." Yup, that's what I was also saying.
  13. Of course, it's all about transcendence. Sheel is not the goal. Pragya is.