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  1. “Fear of death is fear of surrender to Infinity. Learn to surrender, to exist at Infinity while alive, and fear of death dissolves. Fear of death is fear of the Unknown. Realize the Wonder, the Eternal Unknowability of the Totality of Existence, and fear of death is transcended. If happiness or freedom depends on the Answer to the Question, then there can be no happiness or freedom. The Question cannot be satisfactorily or finally Answered. For one who abides at Infinity, happy and free, at ease with his Ultimate Ignorance, the Question and the Answer are equally unnecessary. What began will come to an end. What is Wonderful is not threatened. The Process of the Totality of Existence is Transcendental and Eternal. Only a fraction of the Whole can pass away in any moment, since only a fraction of the Whole appears in any moment. Therefore, the Heart Itself is always already Full of Wonder and Love. "I" is the body-mind, the fraction of the Whole that is now appearing and will soon disappear. "I" must be surrendered to the Heart, to the Whole, which is Infinity, Wonder, and Love.” -Adi Da Samraj There is no Enlightenment, no evolutionary entrance into the truly Spiritual Condition of human existence, without ego-death, or transcendence of the mind. There must be the literal death of the separate and separative consciousness. In this moment, you are holding on to your sense of separate consciousness as if it were something tangible and material. You possess yourself through a great contraction of body and psyche. By virtue of this gesture, you have become rigid, mediocre, deluded, relatively loveless, self-possessed, and isolated. To be without an inner consciousness is, for you, unthinkable. To be incapable of feeling yourself as a separate consciousness is, for you, a terrifying prospect. Nevertheless, that is precisely the realization with which you must become completely comfortable. ('Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House!, p. 171).
  2. Ask, "Who am I?". If thoughts arise ask, "To whom do these thoughts arise?". The answer will be "Me". Then ask again, "Who am I?" and continue the process. This is what Ramana Maharshi taught. The more you self-enquire, the quicker you will experience the Self. You already are the Self, and always have been, and will be.
  3. Thank you for sharing this. There’s is much wisdom in these ancient texts, and they are quite clear in their message: Know the Self!
  4. I have been doing lots of healing lately of my fears and doubts. And through this I’ve observed many amazing things about my mind, and behaviors. Changing my diet was most effective not when I restricted myself, and used effort. When I anchored myself in the heart I started to became super conscious of how junk food effect my whole energy system, especially the mind, and naturally didn’t want it anymore. It reminds me of the saying that it’s effortless to be ourselves. In my journey the whole time I was looking for ways to optimize my life, going from one practice to another. Now one of those practices is Iyengar Yoga. Yet I can’t help thinking about yoga all day when I force myself to do it. This is one of the insights I came across. That all thoughts need to be let go of ultimately. When we allow the one thought to have our attention or be more important than others such as “I need to do yoga” the ego will keep giving us this thought and draw us in. And because of this, it is much easier to let go of all thoughts. Otherwise we will still be in ego most of the day, which is my experience precisely. It’s effortless to be ourselves. I don’t need a thought to tell me what to do, I leave that entirely to the heart as best that I can, because I know that in there is where real happiness isn’t found, and worry is nowhere to be seen. A fun contemplation I had once was, “How can I be doubtful and fearful about the future or what action to take next and feel happy and peaceful at the same time?”. Interesting right! The ego projects so much doubt onto something that is always happy, our true selves, for no reason other than fearing change. The actual experience removes all fears and doubts because we can’t be afraid and happy at the same time Also in my life i am doing a candida cleanse and giving my face a herbal treatment by dr Christopher to remove acne scars. And that’s all. The rest I place upon Gods shoulders, as it was meant to be. The ego is not meant to guide us. As Ramana Maharshi said once, when we get on a train we don’t carry our luggage on our heads the whole trip, we put our luggage down and let the train carry it for us. The luggage is all of our fears about the future (thoughts), but the train already knows where it’s going, we just need to sit back, and watch the beautiful scenery out the window. We don’t know, but the train knows the future. Another quote from the Maharshi is that we need only give up thoughts, we can keep everything else. In practice, Jesus is this challenging! But the challenge after a while becomes rewarding, and stopping the stories feels like putting down another 20 kilo bag of luggage on the train that we were carrying. At every turn life challenges me through people mostly to stay centered, and helps me release fears. It will bring up a fear in me through my Mum for example such as, “What are you doing with your life? University is coming soon. You need to do something to not be homeless”. Ahh that’s one of my favorites. It feels so good to hear something like that and just let that 1000 kilo fear pass through my awareness and be placed accordingly on the train. And I love this about life, how it makes me afraid, and how it’s tests me. It’s hard to stay in the heart already with my mind, but also with people it makes it next level, but also, it means lots of subconscious healing. This is where I am. It is a process. The final step of it is happening right now which is letting go of all thoughts. There is no more for “me” to do, the rest is in the hands of the the Universe. There are so many questions inside of me wanting to be answered like, “Can I be awakened and be a mathematician if I can’t have thoughts?” and so on. This is another trap. The mind is like a tree, the questions are the leaves on it. When you answer a question it will grow another leave and so another question arises. The only sure way to answer all questions is to get the tree at the roots. When questions remain unanswered doubt and anxiety arise. This is a test and a healing taking place. When I stay centered, happiness will come, and then the fear goes, leaving peace. And the cycle continues when I lose focus on the heart, then fear comes, bringing with it other fears in the form of thoughts. Then I let go of these thoughts and surrender, feeling peace again. Sometimes the thoughts just come in breaking the peace at the times when I’m least prepared, and then i return to peace again. As this process of healing takes place the times of peace increase, and the strength of the mind to let go of even the most important thought ever imaginable is increased. Where will this take me? Even that question brings up fears, and then I return to peace. The only reality is peace. May I be able to reside in it. And even if I can’t reside in it, I will return to peace. Even in the most doubtful state I have learnt that we can return to peace with the power of intention. I will return now to peace again. So long dormant stars of this world.
  5. @Mikael89 In other words, the Self is all there is. There is no heart, body, mind or world. Just the Self. All else is maya, an illusion, a projection on the screen of pure consciousness. Ass implies physical and comes with the belief that, “I am the body”. The Heart is formless, spiritual, and contains the whole universe. Who cares about names? I find that looking at a tree is much more enjoyable than talking about the trees history or the origin of its Latin name. One is direct experience, the other is mental masterbation, which clouds of perception of reality. Making it hard to see what is real and unreal. The Self is all there is.
  6. You die every night. Only the pure light of your soul remains in deep sleep. No mind, no body. Whats the difference of doing this consciously?
  7. @Leo Gura Was Ramana Maharshi a developed human being from your understanding Leo? Even though he didn’t know about the stages of development, he is stage turquoise. And he lived his life in meditation, surrendered to the will of God in a state of complete bliss, from the age of 16. There is no improvement to be done there on top of utter perfection. There isn’t even such a thing as development when it is all subjective. There is no more developed or less developed. There is just the Self. I haven’t seen the Self so I’m really talking out of my breadth. In meditation there is bliss for a few minutes, and there I see that this is all I ever wanted. So I say no more until I am more mature and developed in this way. I could be wrong about all of this. It’s nice to share perspectives with you. @Rilles We can’t stop action because that’s the nature of the universe, it creates through us, with us, and all around in infinite directions and depths.
  8. Yes. But what matter are the stages? It’s like anything in life. If i never heard about ice cream I wouldn’t know it existed. To do what we love we must connect with the Self. To feel Happiness continuously we must connect with the Self. Otherwise we are like a leaf blowing in the wind, choosing to do things society and our families think we should do, while repressing our god-given guidance which leads us to the most exciting things, and helps the most people. While development has value. I maintain that it is far more important to know ourselves for these reasons, and focus our awareness where it brings us the most amount of happiness, especially when most desires to be a “better” person come from just wanting to not feel alone anymore in this universe, and to feel loved, and accepted. For every flaw, to be respected; and suffering to be heard by a kind soul. I enjoy the challenge of awakening. And have more appreciation for the challenge of developing ourselves because of that. I will watch your spiral dynamics videos sometime to understand you better, and that distinction between awakening and development. It’s quite interesting. I don’t have a wholesome perspective here, just the experience that development thrives when i accept myself as perfect 😄
  9. @Leo Gura I understand you, and share that same perspective. My core message was, that the best way to develop ourselves is in full consciousness of our own minds, bodies and the surroundings. The best place to do that from is from our centers because we are conscious of everything that passes through our awareness such as thoughts, and emotions instead of getting lost in these stories and emotions through false identification. We can learn and develop a better understanding of how the world works through or direct experience when we are more conscious in this present moment. And fears will not hold us back from, for example, public speaking when we live from our hearts. Experiences like public speaking really grow us and might never have been possible if we allowed ourselves to be a slave to our minds, and the thoughts that fly around in there! This means the best way to develop ourselves is to awaken to who we are, or at least is a more effective route than being identified with your body, and a wild mind.