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  1. @Salcedoop I’m super glad I could help you Yes, all change starts from within. All the best.
  2. @lmfao I say this too, because of a similar situation of being spiritual while living with a family who thinks materially, and is very hurt on the inside (like we all are). I accept them, and this comes naturally when you accept yourself; and and this too happens when you live from your Heart centre. I see every moment as an equal opportunity to grow through dropping resistance to the now through Love. Before that, seeing that we all shared pain no matter what mask we use to hide from it whether it be the Islamic religion, or spirituality; allowed some form of deeper connection, there is a subtle shift in every interaction when you acknowledge this shared experience of suffering. A dimension of stillness, and presence is added.
  3. You found out the secret. Love will purify every single fear in your mind until there is nothing left but peace, and bliss. Love comes from the Heart, no need to look at your fears, when you can feel the love you have for life, for existing in your Heart. Things will start magically disappearing. Then you will realise fear was only arising as a message from the universe telling you the perfect moment to Love, breathe.
  4. @Leo Gura That's what I'd do. It will help you also surrender your resistance to that religion, and your parents ideology; and develop acceptance of who they are even if it has hurt you. And you will find that your willingness to compromise and respect who they are will make them more respectful and accepting to you because you are connecting on a deeper level, and they will see the same kindness in you that they have the potential of giving. We are all hurt in our childhoods one way or another, even children growing up in the most ideal situations need to face the pain of loss. It's a great time to face some of this with compromise, which is really a win-win. Maybe I'm being idealistic, but bringing more love is always win-win.
  5. When I was working with the Higher Self consciousness I was not told to retreat to a monastery, I was told to surrender in every day life by maintaining focus on my breathe (in Heart area) upon waking, and even as I was falling asleep. The Higher Self says that going to a meditation retreat is just changing the furniture around in your reality. You are still in a world of forms, now you are looking at different forms. If you cannot focus on your breathe due to very abusive situations then move somewhere else, but in all over cases surrendering even when faced with forms such as your parents that you are attached to can lead to very fast progress (at least for me ). I also heard something from Jesus that may help. He said if you feel tension when considering something, and if you feel you have to convince yourself to do it, don't do it. Do instead what brings peace, happiness, oneness and love; that makes your body relax, and which you are magnetically pulled towards. Personally, I just let those thoughts of what to do go, because I know that anything I do will not help me become aware of myself as Unconditional Love, so I just trust my Heart to guide me instead of thoughts. But at the start of my journey the above was helpful. Notice too how most enlightened masters talk about the importance of resting in awareness or breathe or Heart. That is much more essential. If one does not understand this, one can meditate for 7400 years and be deeper in ego.
  6. Your thoughts cause your suffering, not the video game.
  7. Be the change you wish to see in her. And if she is aggressive towards anyone leave her. It’s her soul trying to tell you, “I can’t even love myself right now, let alone you, so please give me some space and come again later”. People don’t like it when other people want them to change, and do things. It hurts when you feel depressed and then someone comes up to you and says, “By the way, you are living your life wrong”. Recognize healing takes time and space, when she sees you being a ray of sunshine in her life this will help and inspire her the most. And giving a genuine compliment regularly to her (start really small or she’ll notice) instead of “advice” is very healing, and benifits both of you so much. Everything in this life is a blessing in disguise. Even she is here to help you by you being more kind in your response to suffering eventually leading both of you to a reality of deep peace.
  8. Same. It provided me a very deep teaching about love, light and friendship at a very young age. I also bonded with people when playing multiplayer games, it was so fun. A video game could teach you a thing or two, if you feel guided. After all it’s not the video game that is the cause of human suffering, but our thoughts.
  9. Yes all words are limited. They add to your the mental image of yourself. Words can’t give you an experience of Truth in themselves, but they are essential in giving you the practical guidance to do so. Namaste.
  10. There is free will. That is your divine right given to you by God. You can take any action, create any thoughts. When you surrender it seems like there is no free will because you have used your free will to always choose Love.
  11. This will explain more about surrender in everyday life. And you don’t need to do anything spiritual (externally) to do so!
  12. There is so many perspectives, and they are all right in certain situations under certain circumstances, dependant upon your body (how well you digest your food tells you this), blood type, ancestral lineage, major and minor allergies, the amount of light you bring through your Heart (your vibration, and this can be transmuted into real nutrients; it is exactly the same as how consciousness created the material world), the environment you live in, your belief system (for example, I don't like tomatoes due to a past experience you had), your past lifetimes also carry over allergies and karma (which influences your beliefs), if the food was cooked or served with love, your health goals, how much you exercise (and what type of exercise), if you are taking anti bionics or other drugs, your current level of fitness, BMI, the level of toxicity in your body (plastics, heavy metals, candida), and if you have any diseases such as diabetes. Feel free to add to this list. This is all gathered from many teachers (around 20 I have studied credentials and applied information from etc.), research these things to you hearts content dear hearts Maybe we can all agree on one thing. that this is too much for the linear human brain to take into consideration, as many of these factors change week by week, day by day; we are too unique. I always start first with whats in season (from the kind local farmers). Next important for me I how well you digest your food, then blood type. I tried some of the foods that were not recommended on blood type B, and It made me a bit tired. This may work for you too. And of course if you don't have moderate health conditions such as @AMS (I hope he is okay me sharing, but he said veggies were hard for him to digest in a previous post; this isn't common. I just want to say thank you AMS for sharing this with us all, it's helps us form a well rounded perspective, blessings), go for something balanced, not extreme. For most humans on the planet these diets are harmful. Many of the videos posted here too out of good will are from teachers who I don't feel love from like SVrige, and Dr Gupta; and I feel it's important to jot this intuitive thingy mijigy that somehow become apart of my life not long ago, here; for I would never trust my health with someone who without vast experience (older most of the time, I do work with a nutritionist who is 36 however, whose Mum worked in the field for most of her life), and who I feel love from. Do you know what I mean? The main goal is to be directed from your inner knowing from your "soul" or the intelligence that flows in through your heart, but until then pick that which is balanced, digests well. You could have McDonalds and still realise yourself as pure awareness, focusing on pure awareness is of the utmost importance if you want to realise this completely, or that seed of love in your heart growing everyday. This last paragraph is inspired by authentic masters, and my "taste" of the stillness. Balance, and it's okay to binge towards better health Why do I say that? It is an extension of the above. Our level of consciousness determines greatly what actions you are willing to take. This is the reason for me saying how realising that we are pure awareness is more important than diet, and I would add, any action you take. For when you raise your vibration your diet will change naturally, if you pose no resistance. We have been swimming upstream against the river of life not because we chose to eat chocolate but because we judged chocolate as bad. The more we try to control our lives with our thoughts of right and wrong, the more we get lost into the illusion of a right and wrong. Consider that then perhaps your need to improve yourself and become more spiritual is the very thing preventing love from being your natural state in your awareness. The very need to use something external to find more happiness , health, or to a be man of good morals while using your brains intelligence is the stumbling block. It's a catch 22 because the "more" you "thought" you needed (a better diet) just confirms that you aren't perfect whole and complete right here and right now, as you have always wanted to experience but never were given by any external change. Namaste.
  13. I love helping people, and saying just the right words that they need to hear to transcend their current paradigm. But I am a very loving and generous person after all, I’ve always wanted other people happiness, even over my own. But as I am becoming more of a high consciousness spiritual coccreator of my reality I begin to see the mixed vibrations I am anchoring in what I choose to do daily. On here for example I often come because I think that without me people will suffer, when I have wisdom to change that whatever it may be. But it still compromises my own integrity, and so I want to start going on a purge in my life leave only inspiring, and exciting, and peaceful consciousness evolving activities in my life. I do the inner work in every second of the day, but I haven’t used my free will to reflect that in the outer anywhere near as much So it’s more of a list of things to give up than do but here is a few: Give up any source of information that causes tension, stress, worry, fear etc. such as the news, television, most of YouTube, Facebook, podcasts, radio. Reading more books describing loving visions for this world, or some rather thought provoking philosophical works. Im starting iyengar yoga at a yoga center near me to keep my body energetically and physically healthy. I’m also aiming to get a car so I can drive there without parents, and so I can go to the beach or in nature more often, or skiing. Im committing to stop eating those little chocolate teddy bears, chocolate in general, and maintaining a healthy balanced diet like I have been. Also in terms of health I think I will get one of those kindle ink readers to be able to read more books, but still stay natural with the eyes at night. Most importantly I have been staying in constant awareness of my chest rising and falling, which has brought unbelievable peace, oneness and connection that I never had before. This guides me to do new things, and I want to keep that very pure by leaving much of my life open to change, but while still finding a balance and doing these healthier and more peaceful activities. One of the things I had a while ago, and maybe you had, was other people’s voices and opinions in my head. From all the spiritual videos I watched I kept hearing thoughts telling me what I should do, or to worry about things that are out of my control like the suffering in the world. As soon as I turned off these voices my life is much improved, much more gentler, and contemplative. Of course I am ever grateful I spent months glued to my phone screen, it’s time to have a break. In fact I can honestly say that if the internet didn’t turn on again, I would know how to live an extraordinary life, I would know how to find Unconditonal Love, that’s a why I’m grateful for those months, even if they were not that peaceful. This is all about making my life reflect who I am. The heart will eventually guide me in every single moment as I begin to enter into these thoughtless states during the day. But until g trying that direct guidance, I can only do my best to have some activities and goals to work towards and do that help me feel joy. My life is quite empty if you look at it from outside, and I would say yes. But I would also say how grateful I am that reality took away all of my old friends, all of my sports, old habits, addictions so I had the space to completely change my life, and make things a complete reflection of who I am as Love. It’s a blessing that I am not trapped in some job, or feeling I need a low conscious group of friends for company; it’s nice that I’ve already said goodbye to all of that, leaving this space😊 Im sure you guys have experienced this too, where friends just disappear, or you are randomly told to leave your job. It’s life giving you a helping hand 🤚 So that’s an insight into my life. It is a challenge to reintegrate socially with people when I have “no life” but I also know that you need the experience of “no life” to have a “life”. And I know the new life I am creating now will just be amazing. Living from the Heart take courage for you start slipping on your sentences, you start wanting to not do old things, and you begin to not be able to communicate that well. It takes time to transition from human mind to God mind, practice, and faith in yourself. Pretty much all of the time when I’m next to someone I don’t have any thoughts in my mind. So what do I say to them? This is what I mean, it takes adjustment to speak without thoughts. So in conclusion there are many things I am not doing anymore in my life, that which causes tension, and doing more of that which brings peace. Here is one of those places that brings tension, but which I feel obliged to be; so I wanted to write this to say I may be on here not that much. It fills my head with other people’s challneges, and I’m too sensitive right now to be taking that on, at least not 40 posts a day. Much updates to come in regards to this in the next few months of how changing the outer in harmony with the inner; to do things for the love or curiosity of it is making me feel. It’s a deep transformation I’m in, and it’s something few have ever dared to do, so extra self-love and support is needed because I’m healing and purging as if there is no tomorrow! Again I’m sure you guys can very much relate. I hope everyone can feel connected to life, find the love in their hearts, and change their outer lives too so it is more peaceful until you are guided solely by your heart and not your logical facilities. May we all take this one step at a time, knowing we have years to live to achieve our goals. And for you to not worry about the things you can’t control such as the world hunger, it’s okay to look away and look after yourself you know. That is what helps more than worrying about it. Im going now, I could write all day. Namaste everyone.
  14. Fruitarianism is not the optimal diet from any angle you look at it from. Fruit does provide lots of minerals and vitamins that the organs use to facilitate chemical reactions, which is essential for their optimal health. And most of the world is lacking in these nutrients. Yet our entire human body is made up of protein as the building blocks of all our tissue, and body; and fat, which is used between the tissue, and as a means for transportation and communication. When we look at an apple for example, it has 19.3 grams of carbohydrates, 0.5 grams of protein and 0.3 grams of fat. This is unsustainable in the long term. Your body will start to extract the protein and fat it needs from your bones, and thus your bones will become brittle. You will see this also in your teeth, mine started to go yellow after 5 months as a fruitarian and it is due to this same phenomena. I can share lots of resources with you from scientist, to famous doctors who were fruitarian or raw vegan or even just vegan and are now recommending animal products, to nutritionists who have studied extensively all the different diets for their lives, to studies conducted around the world showing that there is no record of a pure vegetarian culture (let alone a fruitarian one), to hundreds of books and I can even show you wisdom from the ascended masters in this regard that everyone should strive for balance in their lives, and find through direct experience what digests the best for them and talk more about my 5 months direct experience, and how I started to become frail while still believing that the high vibration of fruit and urine would sustain my physical body, and furthermore too about how our blood type is very important in finding what works best for our bodies because some foods cause a harmful reaction with our specific blood antigen. But this evidence from the cronometer is the best you can get, it's the clearest. We can't live by carbs alone, especially due to the low vibration of consciousness present in the collective, and in us (even "spiritual people" still have a relatively low vibration when they follow teachings and ideologies not grounded in Unconditional Love as most of them do, teachings such as fruitarianism). If we too look at the most enlightened man in history, Jesus Christ, we see that he ate Fish and Lamb every now and then; and the Buddha was also known to have eaten the meat he was given. How on Earth can we do the same when these two men did not? Yes there are breatharians out there in the world right now, but they will tell you that it is not the breatharianism that is important or even relevant in the spiritual journey in regards to subconscious healing, or raising your vibration, it is the Unconditional Love. Food works primarily with your physical body, it cannot effect your spiritual body. Even with the best diet fruitarian, with urine, with sun gazing; with long hair; all these things promising enlightenment, I felt the most suffering and separation in my life. The exact opposite of what was promised. And this propelled me, lite a fire in me, to awaken like none other, and find genuine teachers. I don't want you guys to repeat the same mistakes as me, always choose balance in your lives. Stop thinking that something physical like fasting, a diet, urine will lead to the spiritual, to where you feel loved by the universe. We must directly work with who we truly are, and let go of the idea that we are a physical human body, that we are our emotions or thought-stories, we are Love. Namaste.