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  3. @pluto Thank you for the download. I can feel this increase in vibration, and it is amazing to experience. May we all be the light that fills the world with peace and love. To be examples of true happiness that is right here and right now, as all that is. There is not one place you can look that is not divine love, for it could not exist if it were not perfection. Just like clothes made out of cotton (and is cotton), all form is made out of love (and is love). It is the only possibility. Everything is perfect.
  4. @Shaun See how you go with this, this is much better than I can explain it. This is her you go deeper.
  5. Such a deep quote to look back at our life with. It's so true for me.
  6. @Michael569 I would ask your friends some questions. Do you remember those moments in your life where you felt deeply connected to a friend (person or animal), when both of your hearts opened? Or the moment when a creative idea flowed through you and you jumped out your seat with joy? Do you remember the happiness you feel after a good sleep? Have you seen the eyes of a newborn child? I invite you to look back in your life and find the times when you were living as your radiant soul. A peaceful love is felt and it flows into the situation you were in, a presence is felt around you too. You feel whole. This is why we meditate. To feel the soft warmth of our heart in all of those experiences, but instead of just once every few years, we want to feel love (which we have proven does exist from our past) as ourself in each moment. There can be another reason too for some people. You realize that without Love you are helpless. You realize that in the moments you stood up for yourself, God was flowing through you, that the compliment you gave to a friend was God being you, and all good things you experienced was when Love was there. You realize by reflecting on your past, that you can’t connect to people when your heart is closed, because you believed yourself to be seperate, other than existence, and since all is God, how can you connect deeply with anything? You find yourself yearning for love when you realize that everything you cherished about life, everything, was when Gods grace shined through you. You see how all suffering arose when you chose to trust a mere thought over the Father and Creator you are. God is always with you, that is the key to realize. And you are always God. You cannot be otherwise, how can it be so? You are always love. But when you think you are a mere thought, it seems like God is not with you. This is the illusion. There is nothing besides God you can point to in all of existence. Try it. How can it be seperate from the source of all life? There is only one source, and so all is an expression of this even if it appears to be other than. We meditate as well when we realize that we can’t convince the mind that we are love. Meditation is the art of transcending who we think we are such as that we were born as this physical body, by being aware of the qualities of Love (in your Heart) and consciousness (around your body), and knowing this is you. This knowingness or faith or yearning comes after realizing that the mind has never lead you to any experience of happiness (and never will) because even in those moments of happiness, your mind was transcended, and you embodied your soul. All happiness comes from the soul, the mind can only create more stress because it’s running on the deep deep program of separation. All you create goes through that filter of separation until you live as your soul which you are as you read this, but the filter makes it seem not so. As the soul you are creatively empowered, and feel absolutely whole and complete. All of your desires change, because all of your desires are fulfilled. All you ever wanted was love, all you ever wanted was yourself the whole time.
  7. This is a brilliant speech. Especially for the younger people here, the quote below is really worth thinking about. This is because we tend to be most vulnerable to the opinions of others, and thus, tune out our own heart-driven guidance for this life. My intention is to show you how a person has successfully lived a life trusting their heart (to a certain degree), to give you the possibility of doing it yourself even though most of the world lives at the mercy and discretion of their own thoughts of judgements as a reflection of the judgement they received as children. Look at the example of Calligraphy here, it's really interesting to contemplate and see that what Steve did out of curiosity and interest was so useful almost a decade later. Imagine what you could create if you lived from your heart. Steve Jobs tapped into his heart, imagine then what you could do "Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life.Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other peoples thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."
  8. I would also say, focus on what you want the most in your life. All else will align with that. If you resist what you don’t want, it will be furthered empowered, so just redirect the energy entirely to what you want which is a feeling of Unconditonal Love in every moment. The mind is constantly seeking for this outside. So rest it in your heart. This is a universal principle, what you focus on, you empower in your life. Use this to achieve anything you want.
  9. “Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.” Ralph Waldo Emerson There is also so many great quotes here:
  10. @Shaun You are love. All is love. Trust this. Live this. Be this. You say you can’t find love, but if everything is love, where is there to go? What is there to seek? You already are perfect, so how can you be otherwise? That wouldn’t be possible because that would imply there is separation, there is you, and then God. How do you find God when you are surrounded by God, birthed by God, and are God looking around at God believing it to be other than God even though his cannot be? This universal Truth means that you can totally relax. You already are the bliss that you seek. The world arises as bliss, within bliss, as a manifestation of bliss, remaining as bliss. What a wonderful realization to have. Yes, it is that direct, stop believing the illusion that you are this person living in a world when you can believe the Truth that Love is the only thing that exists, and has ever existed. The mind will doubt the Truth at first, “how can this be?”, yet know that regardless of whether your mind believes it or not, this is the Truth of your existence. You are this, no matter what happens. Make sure you embrace this oneness as you live your daily life, and that especially, your spiritual practice carries this Truth. During my meditations I have experinced in myself that without this trust that I am love (or any other word that represents God to you) in this moment, even if I say “I am Love” I am still saying, “I’m not worthy of love” on a deeper level. Thus we start at the deepest level of our reality (the foundations of which the ego is built upon) which is what we hold as our deepest truth, and if you hold the Truth that you have already arrived, that everywhere you look is love, then you will feel it, and you will awaken. The deepest Truth we hold in our beings will become our reality, and it is that Truth which determines if we are living from love and wholeness or the ego. Every moment then becomes an opportunity for you to practice feeling that everything is perfect. You have always been doing this subconsciously but instead your deepest Truth has been something along the lines of, “I Am other than love, I am alone in this universe”. This is an illusion. The universe is one with you always. Indeed this is how powerful our minds are, to place fog and mirrors over our true infinite nature. You will have to face all of the illusions you’ve had about yourself and the world along the way. All of the emotions and patterns of thoughts. And it will be hard at times, but with perservarance you will succeed. Namaste!
  11. @Aakash Without boasting, we wouldn’t know what humbleness is. So there is a lot to thank boasting for, it is a gift, like all of life. Out of all odds, you are alive right now as a human, with an ego. Only humans judge their egos, but does a bird judge? Or a tree? Or whomever created you and the universe? You are unconditionally loved just the way you are, if you weren’t, you wouldn’t exist. So learn to see all things as they are, blessings in disguise. The ego is a gift because it teaches us how to accept and eventually love those parts of ourselves (and thus, those parts of the world) that we didn’t before. We learn to hold space for our ego to express itself, knowing that all the ego wants is to be accepted, understood and embraced just as it is. The ego just wants to be loved. Love always is. Love is always flowing through you, out into this world. The mind has captivated us, that’s why we don’t feel it, and the more we judge our thoughts or emotions, the more we stay in the mind. If we can’t feel the love in our hearts or the space of consciousness we are, then watch your breathe as it moves your chest in and out, that expands your lungs, and know that the perfect peace the breathe has represented, is who you are. The mind needs to be transcended to truly be unattached to those patterns of thoughts such as boasting in you (which is an expression of love in disguise) , to truly love and accept those patterns, and this is the way to do it, to feel your breathe until you become the peace that you’ve always been, and all has always been.
  12. She is astounding! This would not just bring more equality on all levels, this would be the beginning of a spiritually unified world rooted in love and oneness. Especially her comments at the end of how we are one surprised me for someone who could be introduced to a global audience. Also, 49% of America not voting? This need to change. Thanks for sharing.