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  1. I have started to see the limited nature of my mind to understand and process information. It was actually only last year that I was writing reports on how vaccines are good for us, and getting excellent grades, when now I realise vaccines are toxic, and neurodegenerative to some degree. It is this incomplete knowledge and limited understanding that I could still have for so many things without realising it; but to realise it for every area of my life would require something with infinite intelligence to guide me. For example, my views on diet have changed radically. I know food is like a storage unit for sunlight; which is why raw foods are important. It's shocking how much you can believe in anything you want that just isn't true. I keep relying on my mind to understand all of reality; and all of the infinite, indescribably beautiful facets of it. Thankfully we all have a greater mind that works based on instantly knowing complex, nuanced subjects that might have required years of study. I was overloading myself with scientific articles on sun gazing, and urine therapy; and how this relates to love, and the god particle; trying to weave and integrate systems upon systems upon systems. And then there is the heart, that says, I will give you all of the knowledge you need when you need it if you just trust in my guidance. For truly even if I could understand all of these systems, I would then need to apply them in real life, and personalise them, to test if what I understand can be replicated in direct experience. And of course, only your heart knows what works and doesn't work. The only understanding we need is to trust in our hearts, in the feeling of love and oneness. Otherwise I feel lost, saying to myself, "Is this scientific article really necessary?". How is this connecting me more to my heart?
  2. @pluto is talking from sometimes a third dimensional perspective which is based upon physical reality which includes how our body needs proteins, healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins to thrive. He also talks from a fifth dimensional perspective, which is based upon energy. Most people have chosen using their freewill to live from their egos or in the third dimension, and the beliefs the ego has means it has created a reality/dream where it needs food. But this is an illusion. Why would an all-knowing, all-powerful, unconditionally loving God need anything outside of himself to fulfils him? We are that God spirituality teaches us. The love from the higher self is keeping "you" alive right now. When we open our spine/shushumna channel we allow more of this pure energy to come into our being like it was always meant to be, but beliefs in separation close this channel. Because we have these beliefs therefore, we still need food; but this food we are talking about is pure energy. When you eat an apple, you are taking the pure energy out of it, between the chemical bonds. You can get this energy also from the sun, and other sources I've described in abundance. But if you believe you need that apple to live, not even the sun can feed you. This is why me and Pluto give this knowledge, because knowledge can change peoples beliefs. Here is a beautiful quote from Hira Ratan Manek, a well studied sun gazer who has lived on no food and no water for years: "How does the body get the nutrients that are essential for it to function? -What we eat is all secondary or third form of sun energy since all the vegetables and fruits are dependent on sunlight. Therefore, the body can get the essential nutrients from the original form of sunlight." p.g. 21 A great book on how we can use the suns energy to balance our mind, body and emotions; and as a natural byproduct from it's energy, we can eat less. You can always depend on the sun, it's one of the few forms that does not change very often. It is said to be the closest physical manifestation of the unconditional love our higher self gives us in every single moment. We do live in a physical universe, with physical laws, and a physical body, so there is a transition period for the body to adapt; hence a calorically restricted diet is recommended full of fruit and vegetables; and superfoods grown in direct sunlight.
  3. @Feel Good There is too much information out there. I can't read it all in a life time. There are some really interesting articles I'll try and find but for now here is the website about the sun, and how we can convert solar energy to physical sustenance: For more about Urine: For more about how our beliefs not in line with love have contributed to the need to eat physical food (or something outside of ourselves) when we are already whole and complete, as we are one with God: Once the body is detoxified of all positively charged inorganic molecules (toxins) through fasting, then the body needs much less food to survive because it can use the nutrients much more efficiently if you look at it from a physical level. What our body does with food, is take the finest parts, the subtle energy to the mind; and then the medium density for our physical tissue; and the heaviest density is released through the colon (which weighs exactly the same as the weight of the food eaten). So what is our bodies actually eating? Pure energy. Our body can then transmute this pure energy into all of the physical nutrients it needs. How does sunlight form vitamin D for example? Though the transmutation of pure energy. And once we establish a connection with the infinite source of energy from our higher self, we are free from the need to even go out in the sun, or drink urine (the highest prana food), or get prana from anywhere else but from the higher self Everything you have been taught was based upon the physical body, but reality is so much more. Physicality is about 0.00000001% of ALL THAT IS, and we are one with ALL THAT IS. Namaste.
  4. This is on average is what I have been eating for the past 3 months I'm eating less nowadays, about 4 mandarins and an orange from my tree daily! (I prefer watery fruit, and vegetables; they are just packed full of prana). I probably shouldn't feel as healthy as I am, all of my blood tests show no nutrient deficiency at all. All you need is love, sunshine, urine (it recycles much of the nutrients), fresh air, maybe some light yoga, and blessing the food I do eat (eating it very slowing, over-masticating). Namaste.
  5. We past the tipping point 6 years ago; now there is more love in the world than separation. Reality seems chaotic because love is revealing all of this separation (or lack of love) for the world to see. Relax. The future can only be brighter from here, and you’ll see it for yourself. Weve all been given an incomplete teaching of enlightenment. Enlightenment is unconditional love, and unconditional love comes from the spiritual heart (near the physical heart) located in our causal body. This energy of love then travels up to our throat our mental body, which we call our subconscious mind. Then in our face, this is the conscious mind for most people. The love energy then travels to the crown and goes down our shushumna channel where it concentrates in our chakras The goal of spirituality is to bring our conscious mind down to our hearts by focusing on our love energy, and the best place to focus on this energy is in our hearts. This is why so few people are enlightened, they don’t know this teaching, and even if they did hear it, they would think it was too simple. Just focus on the heart more than your thoughts, it’s that simple.
  6. The only thing predetermined is you freewill, and most outcomes in your life. If you are God, and God is free, and is the creator; you too have his freewill and the same creativity; with less power. You are responsible for every word, action, and choice you make; but are not responsible for any outcomes When you constantly use your free will to choose love, it can seem like there is no freewill. Time is an amazing phenomena. It is an illusion ultimately which is why we all perceive it so differently. I’ve heard masters live their lives in a state where time dosen’t exist for them, yet they still walk around and eat via the bodies intelligence! Most importantly see for yourself whether this is predetermined or not✌️
  7. All that is required is love. Why do you guys keep complicating what is so simple? Complete surrender of the mind is necessary, including the part that desires knowledge, desires helping people. Otherwise you are living from a mind that is based upon separation; and that will create suffering in various ways. Namaste.
  8. Everything, and I mean everything is a distraction except for love. Except for remaining heart centered instead of mind centered. It’s liberating, and makes everything so straight forward knowing this.
  9. The egos natural state is worry. The byproducts of worry is anticipation (of something in the future) and regret Without worry you would know yourself as the light of Gods love, so whenever you worry, focus instead upon your hearts love or the breathe; to retrain you mind. Don’t worry, be happy!
  10. All desires are illusions. This is because the come from the mind, and the mind is based upon beleifs in separation. You can’t know what you’re passionate about unless you’re in the heart; your passions are beyond thought, and are found there. Thus if we are not in our hearts even for one moment we are living a seperate, fear based life; because we are based in the mind. We need to completely surrender the mind, and stay within the heart and this is the only way on all true paths. It is so simple, that it is hard. We identify with the mind strongly and so don’t want to let go of it, it’s like our child. For the child to grow up it needs the hearts love. This is why I stay in my heart because I know anything other than that is an illusion, and will create suffering. Desires to help people even stem from the mind, any desires always comes from the mind. The “desires” in the heart are more knowingnesses, and so don’t need to be found. As long as you are in the heart, you will act upon them. The breadth and depth of this statement that everything is an illusion, and all desires are just distractions is immense. That everything other than remaining in the heart will reinforce the imaginary identity of your ego. Doing anything without focus on your heart is asking for problems. You can’t have a problem when there is no “I” to place it upon. The bravest and most courageous people are doing this right now in the thousands all across the world. We are the leaders of the love revolution. We don’t ask anyone to join us unless they want to, because our love alone is enough to make Earth heaven again, we are already over the tipping point, Love has already won back in 2012. But I’m not waiting for it to happen collectively, I want to be God now, in this moment, because that is simply who I am. One moment of heart focused awareness at a time. The same awareness that will purify the entire world, and my entire mind. That will open my shushumna channel, and allow the higher self to flow all of its love into my soul. The only true desire is the desire to know yourself as God, which is honored by remaining in the heart. With love.
  11. Doing things you love, that you enjoy are so important. I know I am always responsible for my actions, but when I do something that puts my awareness in my mind, its almost like I have no free will. And it is true, because a low vibration makes you vulnerable to subconscious programs, and influence from the world. The solution is so simple. Do what you love or enjoy or what you could enjoy! It helps a lot in staying centred in the heart. As I wrote above the more you are in the heart the more you do things you enjoy, you can't help it. And the more you do things you love, the more you connect with the love in the heart. They are synergistically natural consequences of one another. I'm taking my advice here too. I'm fully responsible for my where I focus my creative energy. I will not blame thoughts, or emotions, or beliefs for interfering with my freewill, I free myself from that. Moment by moment, I will be more of myself. I feel a little all over the place with my energy, so I'll be taking a break from the internet; and doing more meditation. Even after all this time I still write so that I can feel accepted. And then in meditation I feel accepted by everything. I've grown so fast, and my precious body needs lots of time to heal, and really integrate this new understanding I have now. I will be here for myself always. Taking care of my mind, body, and spirit is the same as taking care of all of life.
  12. Enlightenment is an idea. A lovely idea. However, the very idea of enlightenment is held within the mind. We are going on a journey beyond the mind, to the depths of our heart. There unconditional love and pure awareness is experienced. Such a surrender of all your ideas to go beyond the mind is what true courage is made out of because it requires unconditional trust in yourself
  13. It feels amazing to eat a infinitely healthy diet from my mandarin and orange trees outside, and to spend time dancing in the sunlight; all while surrendering everything to my heart. Because my heart is the light of my awareness, and everything else is created by that light. I want to know myself as this light completely. This light is always shining through all our eyes. The most fulfilling thing I've ever experienced is the hearts love. It washes me with a wave of relief that all is well in the universe, that I am not my thoughts, or emotions, or beliefs; but this love. And because I'm this love, I am complete. You can't more love to love, it's already infinite. It's potential to heal a human believing that they are an imaginary identity called an ego is the most supreme. It is given freely to the pure of heart. I don't have a goal or destination to get to because I know that spirit guides us moment by moment. I live everyday like this. The mind creates thoughts from nowhere that say how I need to think, and have plans, to live, and meet the expectations of society. I say, what of the rich billionaires who couldn't live without a constant injection of morphine through addictive, and indulgent habits that distract them from the deep wounds in their heart? What of all the people at University who don't know what to do? Who don't even know what they are passionate about, and who come out with even more fear and confusion? What about everyone I see everyday who tell me what to do, yet are suffering immensely because they are lost in their thoughts and lost in their plans as if there life depended upon it? Spending time in the heart, to know thyself first, now doesn't seem as insane; especially when people are defining themselves based upon the temporary experience of a thought, because if they didn't they would have to face the empty void. And I have great compassion for that. The void is the ultimate place of surrender, it's what we will all return to. We face it every night in deep sleep, in a delta wave brain state. So what's so scary of facing it consciously if we do it every day for like 8 hours unconsciously? This is all an attempt to try and convince an ego surviving on a lack of love, to surrender to love. Love destroys the ego. That's why it's so afraid of love, ad will do everything in it's power to pull your attention into it's stories. This leaves only one alternative for myself, which is to focus on love, and stay there. The mind can't be fought with, and only divine love can truly heal every single part of it. This always leads me back to the phrase, "Love is the only answer". But I feel uncomfortable to trust that. I feel as if I need to hold the reasons why love is the only answer in my mind so know I'm making the "right" decision to focus on love. When you focus on love, you cannot hold any of these reasons in your mind; which means one has to trust love unconditionally. I will try my best. It is challenging because the mind has been my home for almost two decades. You can imagine how strong this is ingrained in the human psyche to focus on thoughts when it's all we've ever known. The new reality in the heart is the one I will choose tonight. It is who I truly am. It's like we've all gone on a treasure hunt looking for this magical chest; but we have no idea whats inside it, and we don't have a map. So we then lose interest in this chest, content to live our lives pretending as if something deep isn't missing. It's only our identity as unconditional love! It's beyond the limits of my imagination how this all happened, how we forgot to bring our real self on this journey with us; yet it has always been here, not in a chest outside of us, but in the chest of our heart, and as apart of everything in existence. It is so obvious, that it can never be found it seems when I look at society. That is my thoughts Namaste everyone. May we all live from our hearts and not our minds a little bit more each and every day.
  14. The higher self represents pure love, spiritual enlightenment, Truth, oneness, joy and bliss. I want that for all of you, to realise that you are one with this higher self in this moment. To appreciate the depth of this video while watching, please follow what is said as best as you can. This is the new paradigm of spirituality that the world is moving into, where we find ourselves within, instead of putting a guru, a teacher, or healing modalities between yourself and God. Namaste. Much love has been discovered inside me over the past few months, and this is the teachings that helped me. Thus I share with the intention for even one soul to benefit, and I realise that the impulse to share this too is no coincidence. Everything truly is love you might come to find one day, and that I am one with it.
  15. @pluto Im curious, was it was fruit, psychedelic mushrooms or a synergy of both that increased humans brain size?