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  1. 14 Day Urine Fast Hello everyone! Along with all of the scientific, and anecdotal evidence we have shared in this thread for people to read about Urine Therapy I've decided to embark on a 14 day urine fast so that we have a real life example that this practice is not only safe, but is arguably a great source of energy and longevity that has literally been right under our noses. So feel free to go on your own fast yourself if you're inspired on distilled water/urine/juice and start the process of detoxing decades worth of inorganic matter to become clean vessels for love, to enhance your connection to the higher dimensions, and all practices that require visualisation or focus. All details will be recorded every few days/daily. Namaste. This was my inspiration: Looks the first week will be fun! Not!
  2. 14 Day Urine Fast After reading almost a University course worth of material on Urine Therapy, I have found overwhelming evidence that urine is not only safe for our bodies to consume, but is the original and most effective cure to any disease with benefits of increased longevity. I am so excited to try a long fast from reading this article: And it makes me want to start today instead of on Sunday! I know the first 7 days will be a breeze, but after that my family will defiantly start worrying about my health; so much discipline, willpower and sharing of wisdom to them will be necessary. I'll weigh myself everyday, and record what happened that day either here or in my paper journal (I may also take pictures of the urine to show you how clear it is). Wish me luck everyone, and I wish for you so much health that you feel like your on top of the world every second of the day. Final update on the internet: I am one known to make quick and radicle changes in my life, which I consider a talent when discernment isn't a big factor. So the new rule I live by is, I must finish all of my practices before using the internet for the day (excluding the evening sun gazing session). I'll see how that goes, because I find that I can provide better insights, and I use the internet much more responsibly when I'm in a higher state of consciousness after practicing. Love.
  4. The best way to heal traumas is to practice feeling your emotions. All memories linked to that emotion including traumas will be healed. It's simple, and it works well if you have the discipline to feel.
  5. A fast with distilled water is like the perfect combination for a full body detoxification. I was actually going to do a fast too this Sunday, so we'll be doing it together then! Distilled water only attracts positively charged substances out of your body, which are all inorganic and toxic. The healthy minerals and nutrients will stay in your cells and blood as they are negatively charged. So go for it long term if you want, no problem there.
  6. @moon777light You're too kind. I feel like being on here is wonderful, and it has caused me to grow more. It's the purposeless search for "more information" on here, or on the internet that I shall stop. I've decided however, because I love sharing my journey and things that help me in day to day life that I will keep posting on here frequently (in the evenings, to make sure I finish all of my practices first), but I'll reduce my time a bit to re-establish the balance between sharing and practicing my art. So not a few weeks, but a few days; otherwise I'd be denying the excitement in me that is calling for me to be a light for others You're doing so well from what I've read Moonlight, it's really fun growing together!
  7. I love how you are going on this journey to face your shadow self, and clean your temple. I'd recommend switching distilled water as well to help clear out those fungi you're talking about. Best of luck
  8. I'm laughing so hard! How can this be possible? Idk
  9. @pluto Thank you for the further info. I read the book a few weeks ago, and found it very useful in seeing the individual case histories of patients who had been cured of all sorts of so called "incurable" diseases, truly mind opening I snort it twice a day in the morning and evening. I didn't know just how blocked they were. The first thing I noticed was that my sense of smell became greatly enhanced, and air flowed easier through my nostrils.
  10. More resources for anyone interested in this! Highly recommended for a scientific understanding of urine therapy, backed up by thousands of individual case studies including cancer patients with two days to live being cured by a urine fast. This information would cause the whole billion dollar pharmaceutical industry to become obsolete as urine is both anti-ageing, and anti-disease (in the whole sense to the word). The benefits are so amazing, and I want you all to know this from the bottom of my heart. I've been practicing for a month and a half now of looping, so feel free to ask me any questions surrounding that All of pimples, and the scars left have disappeared, and I'm eating less and less with more and more energy. Here it all is, if you read only one go for "the water of life": 💧BOOK "THE WATER OF LIFE", by John Armstrong 🙏BOOK "YOUR OWN PERFECT MEDICINE", by Martha M. Christy 🙌🏼BOOK: "MIRACLES OF URINE THERAPY", by Beatriz Barnett 🌟BOOK: "THE GOLDEN FOUNTAIN", by Coen Van Der Kroon 💎ABOUT STEM CELLS IN URINE: 🌞ABOUT THE AMNIOTIC FLUID: We have all drank our urine and practiced urine therapy in our mother's womb... bathing in it and breathing it, drinking it, 24/7 mmmmhhh delicious pee!! Cheers! 😜 ❣️ABOUT MENSTRUATION - THE HEALING POWERS OF MENSTRUAL BLOOD: BOOK: "MESSAGE FROM DOWN UNDER", by Marlo Morgan,Mutant%20message%20down%20under(1994).pdf Links curtesy of Mónica Schütt who's been practicing urine therapy for over 21 years (can't help but smile when I see her, she has so much energy inside that we can all have when our bodies are clean of toxic build-up):
  11. @Arkandeus This is some advanced stuff you are talking about. Indeed, there are infinite parallel realities and infinite timelines that are happening simultaneously in this infinite now moment. From a soul perspective before reincarnating on Earth, we chose a timeline where yes there are great polarities ideologically, politically, socioeconomically (in all areas of life; microcosmically and macrocosmically). And there is evidence of people who have been to parallel Earths where in 1950 full UFO disclosure occurred, and free energy was revealed to the public creating a much more advanced and integrated society. So we chose this timeline which has greater contrast as our fully integrated soul, because it preferred to experience itself physically in that way, for it's greatest personal evolution as a person. But as an ego we can't change our timeline, and we have to make the most of this reality we are experiencing right now. And spreading truth, shining a light through hidden organisational agendas is but one way in which we can raise the consciousness of this planet on a collective level, as seen by the effects of the parallel Earth described in the video above for having alien contact revealed. That created such a massive change!! And that is what me and Pluto, and may others are trying to do by talking about Chem trails, ET's, Urine, etc. as it is not only our highest excitement, but it most importantly, spreads essential awareness to people that they deserve to know. People are fish under water, and they don't know it. The least we can do is tell them that they are indeed a fish under water, and are influenced by manipulative forces that don't want humanity to evolve in consciousness. And our belief systems reflect the agenda of these manipulative forces. Just think about that. Everything you think you know could be falsehood. That is why we are here. Thank you for showing genuine interest in this!
  12. From what I am hearing, anything that is a little too far out of your belief systems is labelled as a "conspiracy theory". Anything that is uncomfortable and goes against your heavily conditioned ego is rejected in this way, so be very careful about your projections that I'm reading. @blazed "You always knew". How is that helpful for this discussion? And especially towards someone who has been on here for years just trying to help people, and bring more awareness to what the government is hiding from us. If the government told you about the benefits of urine, and everyone you knew was drinking it would you drink it then? Of course! But this information doesn't get released as it would shut down the whole pharmaceutical industry and make hospitals highly unnecessary for all but skeletal and mental treatement. All cancer would be cured, just think about that, and then there is people on here who might brush that aside as falsehood, as it is too radicle for the ego to willingly consider for most. This is much the same with chemtrails. My question here is: Has anyone done months of research in Chem trails? Has anyone gone outside and tried to see if they're there? To know that such programs are in fact real, is useful in getting these things changed. The more we brush them aside as "conspiracy theories" with our egos, the more we miss out on changing the world into the heaven it already is through collective endeavours, and as such, all forums should have space for this, for some healthy debates and sharing of this information.
  13. My Final Practices 4 hours of sun gazing 30 minutes of squatting meditation 45 minutes of the headstand 20 minutes of rebounding Feeling instead of thinking (24/7 zen meditation) Eating 1000-1500 calorie fruitarian meal each evening Looping all of my Urine (sinus flush morning/evening) Finding things to be grateful for/setting loving intentions before any activity/seeing abundance, love, connection, and happiness everywhere I look. Other stuff I enjoy doing Going for walks in nature Reading about non-duality, epistemology and metaphysics Journaling Listening to Matt Kahn, or any content that connects me with my heart (Anime, music, playing guitar) More updates in a few weeks or a few months <3
  14. Leaving For a Few Months In one post I talked about the internet being a big distraction for self-actualizers further along in the journey. I want to reaffirm that and pull a @Shin on you all and leave for a couple of months to get deeper into my practices. I'll post my insights here and on the forum for those I feel I can help, and updates every few weeks, maybe daily just in the journal as I write in their daily anyway, so why not keep sharing? I still come on here sometimes looking for "big insights" which is exactly the same as logging on to Facebook to see if someone's liked your post. It's a full vacation from anything that is separating me from my emotions on the internet, so basically everything. I may watch anime etc. as it opens my heart so much. Good luck everyone, I love you. And if you see me on here I won't be looking at insights, but sharing wisdom with others because that is what excites me (and I can't help it). "Leaving for a few months" means leaving the addiction of looking at insights mindlessly, it doesn't mean I won't be here posting. So I'll be less active. That makes it simpler to understand, only on here from my heart rather than my egotistic need for any kind of self-validation.
  15. @tsuki You're funny. You assume that I wear a mask of judgement. But as I've written previously, how can I judge when my mind is empty of thoughts? All I do is feel instead of think. I'm in a constant meditation. Thank you so much for sharing this though because our egos always see the faults in themselves the last, and indeed you probably would think that I do judge, for most people would be in this case. I'm just an empty observer, posting what is true for me. Inconsistency is used to describe the gap between the higher self and the ego, not in it's conventional sense. Infinite love <3