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  1. A student travels for months, across distant lands to meet the great sage Ramana Maharshi. He asks, “Ramana, how do I find Truth?”. Ramana says (giving a wink)
  2. Here is a review for a great book on dumbbell training for you. It also includes diet recommendations, and is very detailed. The reviewer is my health consultant his advice has lead to increased health and vitality in mind, body and emotions And the book: He also does calisthenics, so contact him for more questions.
  3. @Aquarius I agree. You are a wonderful and empowered woman You can tell your mind a new story. The Truth is, is that you are absolutely perfect; and so is everything that you experience right now. You are love. You are a shining star. You are a bright light in a world that is hard sometimes. Being soft, gentle and caring soul can often leave us vulnerable to the projections of other people. My friends used to say how kind I was, I always complimented people because I liked to, and I started to hide this as I allowed so many silly fears to be my truth. It was all silly, and there was nothing to fear. The best remedy was to tell myself, to my heart (where the inner child is) how great I was, how my kindness was a blessing, and that the happiness I was searching is me all along. Saying these words took courage, but after a while i started to believe them, and now when I say “I am perfect” I really feel it. Create this knowing that you are perfect and divine! You deserve to hear those words by everyone around you. You are affirming the truth, and thus it will replace all of those old memories and traumas. That is forgiveness, having the courage to let go of that which no longer serves with something more loving, and more in harmony with the truth of which you are as a immeasurably beautiful light shining into this human reality, as an all-powerful creator.
  4. When you reach the state of enlightenment you can still use your personal mind to guide you and create a life purpose using the knowledge you have gained during this lifetime. Or you can create from your universal mind, which has the equivalent of billions of years of knowledge, and use this to guide you in your actions. That is up to each person to choose. Depending upon that your definition of purpose will change. The purpose of life will be seen as being here and now. Being alive. You will be expressing and creating with divine love. The purpose isn’t an outcome, it isn’t a job, the purpose is a feeling of deep fulfillment and meaning which is natural qualities of your universal self. Everyone is free to create as the universal self or with their own personal knowledge. There is so much more to this whole topic that could be said, in the end, it all comes down to what source of knowledge do we want to plug into for guidance when we are creating our lives that is most important (for that is the first step in the creative process). I.e. Where are we getting our information from?
  5. When I make a meal I ask my body what it wants. It loves milk, and vegetables. When I am more active it will want eggs, and sometimes some fish or steak. If o was vegan I would have chia seeds instead of eggs, but from direct experience, eggs digest so much better and give me more energy. For another person chia seeds would be more in harmony with their unique body. I have seen many people online hurt their physical bodies (the tissue, the gut lining, weakening the immune system, too much fiber, eating foods they are allergic to) by adhering to moral philosophies or diet regimes with the best of intentions. And I have done this too, I was a fruitarian for a few months. The body always knows best, and for most people they need meat a few times a week to be at optimal health (to get all the micronutrients, and hormones and to stay in energetic balance). Physical activity, and emotional and mental activity; including our environment and the people we interact with change our food requirements daily. The best advice I have listened to is listening to my own body by putting my awareness in my digestive organs while I eat something and feeling how well that food digests, the energy levels, and if I feel “strong” and nourished. Equally best advice I was given is to choose foods that the body is asking for when I’m at the fridge. I have also found that the blood type diet and food combining to be highly accurate (in order of importance) for me which was recommended by my health consultant if anyone wants a general model for what your body digests the best. Everything is the white light expressing itself into reality. Animals and vegetables are forms the white light is expressing as. Everything is God. This helps me see all moral philosophies from a greater perspective, as lacking the understanding of this truth which makes us choose foods that aren’t benefiting us. This is the same with exercise. Everyone spiritual wants to do yoga, but why not do surfing or hiking or weight lifting? It’s the same story. It’s best to look at where our beliefs are coming from versus direct experience. Eat some meat and directly experience what happens. You don’t turn into an animal and you don’t explode I’ve found. I’ve never been as spiritual on this flexitarian diet actually or healthy or with compassion for animals. Eating meat and compassion for animals aren’t related. I love animals so much. And nature. I could talk about this forever!
  6. You can’t want what you already are. We are bliss shining into this world; the consciousness which holds the entire universe of form and Truth. Right here and right now we are all perfect, our thoughts and emotions and the world are not different from God. This is my way of seeing this. I would spend my last 2 days just the way I am, the entirety of all creation shining into infinite space. Like a star in the night sky, while also being the entire emptiness it is contained within. The light of a candle, and the darkness that holds it. We are always this. We created the veils ourselves, and can pull down the curtain in any moment we choose as the combination of pure awareness and the light of life in the heart. Namaste.
  7. Live from your heart. This will allow for the greatest change possible. The greatest adaptability, and creative action will develop naturally. Your heart will silence your mind, heal all of your deeply held emotions, cleanse the cells of your physical body, and act as the doorway to universal consciousness.
  8. Indeed. Once you have a solid understanding of the spiritual heart and yourself as consciousness, that you are the world and the world is perfect, drop everything and just practice. Express your love and light, be it. You will know when your understanding is solid. It will be obvious.
  9. I don’t post much on the forums these days. It was one of my self-limiting behaviors, to hide my deepest beliefs with information and to receive love from others that always was shining within my heart. Now I choose share the most powerful videos I have come across that get right to the heart of spiritual mastery for everyone’s growth and evolution. Quite often we live our lives based upon our emotional desires coming from deeper beliefs that we learnt as children about this world and ourselves. There is another way to live: a 3 step process that no one but those who truly want to be free will do, is that person you? While you watch this video observe the emotions and thoughts that arise automatically in response to what is said. All that is being communicated here is pure love, so anything that arises in you that is not love is your own mind resisting the present moment. This practice takes courage as I said and a willingness to see the fear you truly created, and are creating right now. It requires you to step into your power, into a vibration greater than the ego, knowing that every step and effort made and intended is moving you on some level towards home. I have had a wonderful time here sharing these teachings. I appreciate this website, the values it holds and strives for. I love you.
  10. It’s absolutely possible. There are people out there who are living without water and food. Here is lots of articles and examples: There are so many things we are capable of which science will begin to discover over these next centuries. The greatest masters I have known, Jesus, Ramana Maharshi, were not breatharians. This means breatharianism isn’t necessary or even favorable in realizing the blissful love that you are. This is because too much focus on the physical body will further increase your attachment to it. Know that you are far greater, we are spiritual, not physical. We aren’t this body. We aren’t the thoughts in our head. We are beyond all words and forms and shapes. After you leave this world you will not have a body anymore, and all you will say is, how kind was I? How much of my light did I shine? You will see all the times you judged yourself and the world from the deep belief and core wound of being unworthy of receiving love, and all the times you overcame that. Breatharianism can be used as anothere reason why I’m unworthy of love. You are love. You are perfect. This is the truth. Live from this perspective first, otherwise all of your actions will carry the energy of unworthiness rather than love. People don’t want a physical, emotional or mental experience, they want a spiritual experience of love. Why focus otherwise?
  11. We are perfect. Reality is inside of us. Everything is made of Love, dancing within the light of consciousness; radiating from our hearts.
  12. I first came here to be loved and accepted a few years ago like many newbies here today. I couldn’t share this love at the time that I can today which is why only a few people can truly express this on here I believe. It can only get better with time as more people see their radiance, and step into their hearts. Every day it gets easier because we are always evolving. Everyone lives their lives like they will never die. That’s because it’s true, the truth of love and consciousness can never be extinguished. It shines. Thsnks for the post. More love is welcome. Give what you want to receive for anyone wanting more of this. Newbies are blossoming flowers, or the light seeping out of a dark hole; this journey of the flower is the destination...
  13. Only the ego has doubts or concerns about its imaginary future. Who you are has complete clarity and trust in life, in the peace and love of your Self
  14. Kingdom Hearts 💕 Its all about the light within. In fact the first word I spoke as a baby was light and star. Hope everyone’s having a lovely Christmas.