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  1. By embodying your Higher Self. Then you are connected to an infinite flow of creative energy. Even if this weren't the case and you were given the same amount of energy daily, the benefits of reducing the activities of the subconscious mind through meditation, and being free from people taking your energy through interaction because you are dis-identified with form; you would therefore have much more energy to use consciously. You must take into account that a healthier body can hold more electrical energy in it's nervous system and cells, this is the same with the emotional body when chakras are cleared and raised by the white light of God, and when the subconscious karmic impressions in the mental body are purified. You can hold more spiritual energy to manifest what your heart desires. So there is a purpose then to physical detoxification, as well as embodying the white light, that is here and now in all of our direct experiences, as much as you can. Namaste.
  2. This is a fun exercise I do before deep meditation to calm the chatter. I came up with it because I wanted to soothe and open my troubled heart at the time. From my perspective your monkey mind, your personal past, and your experience of life as you read this is perfect. If you notice while you sit for meditation that everything inside of your awareness is okay to be there, that it is perfect in its expression, that your resistance to perfection is perfect and your desire to change anything about yourself is perfect then you empower perfection in your life. Perfection is another name for God. I learnt through experience that resisting the mind, or seeing it as an obstacle, only makes it a bigger part of your life. This resistance can be very subtle. For example, a thought arises about my weekly grocery shop while meditating. I will then notice how this is perfectly okay for this thought to be in my experience right now. Subtly another thought arises, “It is not okay, my mind should be silent.”. Again I notice how perfect this inner resistance is, i allow it to exist. Whatever is the opposite to that which you see as perfect, resistance in the form of a feeling often arises e.g. you may think to yourself, these ideas about God sound so wonderful, but also I recognize that the ego, the opposite of God is perfect, and that my feelings of unworthiness in response to the word “perfect” is perfect. I do this for a few minutes, it is very easy to do. Maybe this will help you
  3. In meditation, sit down and feel the space of pure consciousness around your body. Stay there for a few minutes. From this place, thoughts will arise inside of you. Notice that these thoughts are perfect just as they are. They are perfect because they are made of divine love. Notice how your experience right now is perfect, whatever that may be, including the thought that arises and says, "This is not perfect"; that thought is also within your pure light of perception and is perfect. Any and all resistance to this idea of perfection is perfect. You may feel anger, discomfort. Can you with your intention, notice how these are perfect and that any desire to change these emotions or anything in your experience is perfect. Can you accept that you are perfect, whole and complete? It is not a pipe dream, you are always are perfect in every moment. Again, if there is resistance to this, notice how it is perfect because It is within the field of love within which all form is born which Is why I can say with absolute clarity that everything is perfect. I have grown lots with this technique of noticing. When all resistance dissolved I noticed how perfect I felt.
  4. I read this the other day. It may help with your contemplation.
  5. Hello everyone, On batgap Lincoln Gergar will be live on Buddha at the gas pump for anyone who wants to watch any minute. Also I hope you are having a great day.
  6. With an open heart expanding into a infinite space. You can feel the infinite space right now if you first feel the space within your body, the space around your body, then the space of infinity that spans space and time. You can feel the Heart, at the centre of this infinite space, and a blissful love will grow with your trust in that which you are. This state can be summarised in two words: Just Be. Just be nothing. Just be conscious. Leave all of your luggage at the door.
  7. @Mikael89 You can do anything you want in your life. It’s your freedom. Anything you do you will learn and grow from. Do not limit your expression in this world, the things you want the most to create, the changes you wish for the world etc. with the concept of enlightenment. Enlightenment means freedom. And your freedom is to do that which you want, knowing that you are learning and growing the whole way. Monks are so two thousand years ago. The modern monk lives from his heart while dating women, working, while spending time with loved ones or the people without. He is just as peaceful in a crowd as under a tree. He sits somewhere quiet and asks his heart for guidance when he is lost. And knows that he can do things that may seem different than our idea of this loving spiritual future self, like having sex with lots of women, or working as a teacher for children, or running a business. The modern monk is free to live in any way, in any place. Love is universal, and is surrounding him. There is nowhere he can go without experiencing love. Love guides him. When love is not there, he goes within doing all manner of mantras, breathing and/or meditation until it is once again felt.
  8. Know that most people do not meditate properly with the correct technique, especially beginners. This is the most effective technique if you want to find Unconditonal Love, enlightenment, God because it places our awareness directly on that deepest part, it requires lots of concentration:
  9. Thank you Nicola Tesla for gracing this world with your creative mind. Pushing any boundaries of what is generally accepted as truth is very brave indeed, especially in his time. The first quote blew my mind.
  10. Thankfully meditation is our natural state, so we can live as Love and consciousness in every moment! There is no need to seperate meditation from daily life such as at work, reading, and talking to your friends. Your expression will naturally change to one that is genuine and authentic rather than one based upon fear of not being accepted by people, or a need to get love from outside yourself. So the journey is your life if you want it to be. Living as Love will become natural after a while. Of course Love is always here but because we can’t perceive it, sometimes we use other techniques to quiet the mind, or change the minds understanding. Everyone wants this deep inside, and when they are ready, whether in this lifetime or a few more, they will desire true happiness, and be free.
  11. What pursuit? Your consciousness is the experience of emptiness. Everything in the entire dimension of form is consciousness. And you are consciousness. Where is there to go? You are already perfect as consciousness. You are that I am that I am. Once you identify this consciousness using your awareness by feeling the field of emptiness around and within your body, all you do is keep your awareness upon this consciousness throygghout your day. Eventually you will realize that only consciousness actually exists. There is only consciousness. All form is consciousness. Many “enlightened” teachers don’t realize that Consciousness is only one half of existence! It is the yin aspect. Divine Love is the other half. So to be in this complete state embracing and honourig all of life, one must be the awareness focused upon the spiritual heart in the center of the chest. This embraces form and formless. Yin and yang. Love and consciousness. You can’t have one without the other, the two arise together. You are love and consciousness. And everything is this right now. All form is love and consciousness. It is all Light. Love and consciousness when merged together as one, I call it Light. It’s this light that everything is inside of, created out of, and is experiencing itself as. We don’t perceive this is our daily lives because we have allowed our minds to block this perception through beliefs of separation. We believe we are the thoughts, and emotions. But love and consciousness is always here, and however small, soft and subtle we can empower these qualities with our conscious awareness and know who we truly are.
  12. You are silence. Empty of form. Nothingness. Nothing is happening, so there is nothing to fear. It is very peaceful. You are love. You are the fullness of life. All of existence is inside of you. Love will make you cry tears of joy when you see that everything is you. That all is love and silence in a unified state. Silence has transcended space and time. Therefore you were not born. You are eternally silence and love. You can live from here. Live from anywhere you want, and you are still living in complete silence, because everything is silence. When you sleep every night you return to silence and love, no personality. Empty, void, full, complete. Contemplate this before bed
  13. I love this video. It is highly accurate what the monk said. I was taught this too, to allow the mind, and emotions to move and change while i exist as this field of pure awareness. In stillness and emptiness, allowing life to be just as it comes, and just as it goes. Simple is beautiful. Life is God.
  14. You have free will! That is the most special gift you have! No free will means you choose to live as Love (and let God move through you). This is a very advanced level of awakening, so start with what is here and now in your direct experience. As a conscious freewill being. You are the creator of your thoughts, emotions and actions. You are responsible for that. Even if a thought appears out of nowhere, you created it by empowering the subconscious ego structure that is on automatic. Whether you want to be a brilliant manifestor and creator in your life, or wish to allow your personal will to unite with Gods, connecting more with your Heart and conscious awareness will help you greatly. But you’ve got to want Divine Love and Stillness more than anything else in the world. More than any thought, or feeling. You allow everything to be as it is in perfection, accepting resistance or uncomfortable emotions as perfection, not following Gods will as perfection, meet everything with perfection that you resist, and live as Love, consciousness, and infinite intelligence. Its your freewill choice to live from your head or live from your heart 🙏
  15. When you feel love within yourself through spiritual practice you are also allowing infinite intelligence to be expressed through you. Infinite intelligence is an aspect of Love. Love is an aspect of your consciousness. All three arise together. This is the theory, to embody it, live as Love.