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  1. @Prabhaker I'm usually not feeling not much resistance or difficulty from 0-20minutes in a 30 minute cycle cross legged but would you suggest keeping comfortable rather than trying to sit positioned more ideally?
  2. @capethaz Just sitting cross legged with back straight (thats not me but u get the idea).
  3. Yeah i guess since im accustomed to sitting on a chair, switching to sitting cross-legged with a forced posture may be/is building tension hence feeling tired. Gonna stick with it though.. Discipline is important right? Cheers.
  4. Perhaps it is not to do with meditation but my health/other circumstances?
  5. Hi guys. Just some questions here. Is it normal to feel tired or even exhausted after meditating? I am relatively new to the practice (2 months) but why does it feel draining at times? And does this stop occuring once you have meditated for years/longer?