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Here's the list Leo mentioned in the Nootropic's Video.

* Modafinil * Lion's mane Mushroom * L-theanin * Huperzine-A * Alpha-GPC * pterostilbene * sulbutiamine * Vinpocetine * N-Acetyl Tyrosine * Phosphatidyl serine * bacopa monniera * N-A-C sustain * PQQ * COQ10 * Uridine * Ginko Biloba * Vitamin D3 * Fish Oil

Below, please post sources, trip reports, experiences, resources and links to helpful information about Nootropics. 

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Do drugs like Ritalin count as a nootropics? I think it does increase productivity quite a lot but the side effects can be very bad, especially in the long run. 

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Just a caution to everyone because I'm sure people are going to think nootropics are a miracle now after Leo's video:

Do not expect to get strong results beyond what could be placebo effects.
If you do feel like something is super powering you then great, you're one of the lucky few.

Majority of young healthy individuals will not be able to feel a difference and at which point you need to ask yourself if it's worth paying $100+ on pills if you can hardly tell beyond placebo if something is really, actually working, because you may be pissing down vitamins down the toilet.

Do not bother with nootropics if you're not doing these things already:

  •     Healthy Diet
  •     Drinking plenty of water
  •     Exercise.
  •     Good sleeping.
  •     Meditation.

If you're not doing those things don't plan on taking nootropics because you're basically putting the cart before the horse. You're lube a machine that isn't even stable in its foundation and it's not going to quick fix anything.

I got heavily into nootropics in 2011 after a certain movie, but I've found it all a waste of money in my personal experience.

I tried and gave up half the stuff Leo mentioned in the video.

I was buying Modafinil over the counter from a pharmacy and it didn’t do much for me, I even ordered Modalert and Waklert just to confirm whether the brand that everyone was talking about would be any different.

I kind of chuckled when Leo said Armodafinil is like a lower dose of 5-meo. I've never done 5-Meo but I can tell you Armodafinil did nothing for me, even at 2-3 pills of Waklert, at best a strong coffee with high blood pressure. Its strongest point was to keep you awake and I was drowsy and sleepy as usual, even with 6-8 hours of sleep in classes.

The reason why I discontinued using them after several months is because I really couldn't tell if I was getting anything from it or whether it was placebo, and when I discontinued using them I still couldn't tell so I said better to not put these substances in my body and keep the cash instead.

Verdict: I think if you benefit from these supplements you probably had some sort of underlining problem which is out of the ordinary. However if money is an issue, and you're young and healthy then best to avoid.


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@alankrillin Good points.

This is not a short cut to results. Nootropics need to be stacked with your original Personal Development plan, which you mentioned. This includes: Meditation, Clean diet, plenty of sleep and exercise. Also, concentration, mindfulness, and self inquiry/do nothing meditation. 

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Heres a good way to think of nootropics.

It's situational.

"A single study that used 200 mg of Suntheanine® observed a notable improvement in attentional task performance in subjects with high anxiety, whereas subjects with low anxiety didn't see a notable improvement."

So here you see if you're an anxious person it would help a lot with attention if not, you probably won't notice a difference.

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When I take my stack, it is certainly no mere placedo. It's VERY noticable. Modafinil is especially very noticable.

Armodafinil is nuts for me.

And sulbutiamine seems to be the second most noticable for me.

It can be hard to notice each supplement in isolation but easier when they are stacked and synergize.

You are God. You are Love. You are Infinity. You are Leo.

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@Leo Gura would you have any brand recommendation with all of them togehter? or at least 4 or 5? 

I found this one, almost complete but there is caffeine in it :( 

I was just listening to a podcast wiht Paul Stamets and he recommended Lion's maine, this episode came in perfect time, thank you very much!! 9_9

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Shakespeare


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2 hours ago, Joseph Maynor said:

This is my current stack of cognitive supplements: (I take these every day)

Huperzine A
Ginko Biloba
Alpha GPC

Don't forget to cycle off radhiola from time to time.

Either 7 day on - 7 day off or something of that nature. It can become very addictive.

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I tend to microdose LSD around 1/8 to 1/4 of a 100mcg tab twice a week max.

Microdosing definitely works differently from the full trip but unfortunately, it doesn't give me consistent effects (one day hyped, outgoing and motivated & the other day introspective, low and introverted)

Is it safe to try nootropics the same week ill be microdosing?

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Here’s what’s always stumped me as this was my experience when I was on ADHD medication for 17 years:

When I got off my Adderall, I lost all the “progress” I made when I was doing my meditation habit while on Adderall. I mean, after 17 years it was more of a bodily reliance to be at a baseline level of functionality. However, when I got off my medication and decided to get that shit out of my system, I not only lost all my progress in my meditation but I was in the negative.

Although I’m optimistic about all this stuff on nootropics, from my experience though this sounds very similar to the effect of things like PEDs where you make MASSIVE progress while on them but only so long as you’re on them and then when you get off it’s totally different story. 

If I were to use a sports analogy: to me, and please tell me if I’m wrong, like we’re getting better results from training  so long as we’re taking steroids. So we’re still putting in the hard hours every single day, that hasn’t changed, but those stunning results catalyzed by nootropics are only actualized so long as  we’re taking nootropics on some sort of basis. I could be a great runner and running 100 miles per week and training hard and smart and take say EPO (performance enhancing drug for those that are unfamiliar) which will help me run even faster had I not been taking EPO which takes me to the next level. However, I’m only running that fast so long as I’m taking EPO. So in reality, to contrast that with say meditation, I didn’t really develop say better concentration in a way that lasted.

Has this been your guys’ experience? 

I also don’t want to come off as though I’m making some sort of case for doing things “the old fashioned way”. So please don’t confuse this question with that.

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My experience with Modafinil is JUST as @Leo Gura described and the opposite of @alankrillin

I am writing this review in the spirit of Leo' suggestion to trust 'Anecdotal' reviews and it works differently for everyone. 

1) Virgin effect: The first time I took Modafinil, I realized the importance of starting a business and finding ways to align my 'life purpose' with it. A lot of Mentors and books could not convince me but the first dose of Modafinil connected some networks in my brain making the penny drop. I also remember vividly wondering if this is how an Elon Musk or super achievers might genetically gifted to be this way every day. I could clearly see all tasks at hand but consciously pick the most important task and work on it. 

2) Ongoing: I take half a pill on some days and I feel like great and get so much done.  It's not as intense as my first or second dose but still is great. 


a) I was slightly surprised Leo uses it. At my peak meditation of daily 40 minutes plus 5 minutes of "mudra" focus practice, I felt as focused. Those days (a year or so back) I used to be lost in excel sheets for 4 hours and I think if I meditate 45 mins everyday I may not need this. Except, mediation trained brain may still get drowsy in the afternoon but Modafinil prevents it. I also am unable to meditate due to family circumstances violating actualized's perhaps #1 rule. A meditation master like Leo might already have that focus but it perhaps helps with afternoon drowsiness. 

b) While modafinil is not addictive I am worried about dependency. For example, when you start a coffee habit it helps with productivity but eventually, you can't even read a newspaper without your daily caffeine. I wonder if I make it big and am in a boardroom I may be thinking of my lack of Modafinil and about being not as sharp. If the experience is different for everyone I might be different to the lucky ones who used it for 10 years and are OK.

I think Leo's recommendation of using it for "5 years or so" may be the trick to make it big and then not use it once you are in a steady point in life. 

TL; DR: Modafinil works just as great as described by Leo for me and I am using as I feel its totally worth the risk. 

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Is there a company which pre-packs Nootropics and essential supplement as discussed by Leo here in this video and send to me on a monthly basis?

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