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  1. 28, Male, I stumbled upon it about 5 years ago through Youtube. The stuff really resonated with me. Especially when the spiritual stuff came up because Leo has found a really great way to introduce these subjects to... let's say, stage orangish people. Biggest pain points would be mainly worrying about job, financial situation and life purpose. The job I have is OK but I know that it's not really the thing I wanna keep doing, even though I have no idea yet what that would be (LP/dreamjob). Also I really need it because I have a household to support and thoughts about fucking up and getting fired regularly haunt my mind. This results in an almost constant feeling of anxiety in the background which comes in waves and also fucks up my sleep and appetite. My greatest strengths in spirituality are I think being somewhat gifted into reaching altered states of consciousness. I meditate very inconsistently but when I do it almost always feels like a light psychedelic trip within about 15 minutes. I pretty much always get visual distortion and sometimes it feels like I'm spinning, falling or losing the feeling of being in a body. Also I've a few enlightenment experiences with fairly low/medium doses of psychedelics, mostly non dual/ego death but even god realization once (That really freaked me out). My concentration is not that great and lot's of monkey mind but self inquiry and deep existential questioning has always been a part of me since childhood. So I think that with the help of psychedelics it was easy to see what I've always subconsciously suspected. Worrying about uncertain job situation. Getting stuck in wage slaving for years without having time to find out what I want and self actualize. Sometimes thinking about wasted opportunity, although that is getting less. Really active and creative mind that just won't stop. It has a strong need to express itself but I does not know how and is insecure about it. So it half assess or never finish it. Meditation a few times a week usually half an hour. A thing I do which works really nice for me is walking at night in a quiet area just doing witnessing meditation. Doing psychedelics every once in a while mostly mushrooms. I'm currently trying to find out what my LP is I would say. I've used to do a lot more creative stuff back when I was younger but I got depressed for a few years and lost interest. Now I've got a household and have little spare time which is a problem combined with being a not so structured person. I don't even know what my greatest vision or goal is right now.. I can't make up my mind. I do however know that spiritual enlightenment is something that will definitely come up if the lower Maslow pyramid stages are met. I don't think I can just go on living the orange or green live for too long with all these enlightenment experiences. Those where the only times I felt completely free.
  2. Great idea Can you do me?
  3. They say this song will make you enlightend
  4. Not yet. "Unfortunately an inaccurate title: the study did not find DMT in the human brain, only the enzymes that are involved in its synthesis"
  5. @Joseph Maynor What does teal feel like?
  6. To the people who have done multiple psychedelic trips for spiritual proposes, Did your baseline of consciousness increase after doing many trip over the course of a certain period? I know you can reach incredible peaks, but how much of it 'sticks'? Also, would tripping regularly substitute for meditation or yoga if done properly and with right intend and setting? I'm curious what your experiences are
  7. How can you sense my history through a forum post?
  8. What are some ways to overcome these feelings when you have to do the stuff that need to be done?
  9. In this video some ways to recruit people into a cult are legitimate spiritual techniques and truths. Especially around 4:07 How would you know if a group is legit or just using these techniques for cult purposes?
  10. Aren't they just manifesting more porn in their lives?
  11. This just came in my feed and I thought it was very interesting because of leo's cult video's. Here's a guy that seems to have had genuine enlightenment experiences, but I would guess is orange/green on the spiral. I think he comes of as a mix of Ruper spira/Adyashanti mixed with a fratboy and a little Alex Jones there too. What do you guys think, Osho in the making?
  12. While we're at the cult subject, here is an interesting summary of what happend to Shoko Asahara and the cult of Aum Shinrikyo.
  13. So I was reading a article about how there are online communities of people that are trying to reach ego death with the help of psychedelics. It seems in those places that reaching ego death actually reinforces the ego. one of the quotes in the article is from a forum user is, "Does anyone else feel like there is a massive ego-death circle jerk on this [forum]?". Article is below. The funny thing is I've experienced complete ego death and the knowing of being god looking through these eyes. That was about a year ago and while I know it was truth back then, it now feels like a distant memory and also left me with a "knowing it all" attitude. While having ego death I know this is truth, when the ego came back it was a believe again. If enlightenment is permanent why doesn't it stick when doing psychedelics? Is ego death and enlightenment even the same thing or is it different?
  14. Do drugs like Ritalin count as a nootropics? I think it does increase productivity quite a lot but the side effects can be very bad, especially in the long run.