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  1. I am in Canberra but any meet up in Australia would be great!
  2. Life has no meaning or purpose. We give it a meaning or purpose so we can achieve high consciousness living. You pick a LP so that you can go on a Heroe's journey and avoid doing low consciousness things like watching TV. The world is fine without you, its beneficial for you to have a LP but there is no grand design forcing you to have one or preventing you from relaxing. If you achieve your LP, you will then realize its about the journey and what your achieve /dont achieve doesnt really matter.
  3. Hi @Rachityczny It took me 10 months BUT I was doing after time left from full-time work, family, and other things. It will be much sooner for you, may be 3 months if you keep that as your main focus. There is a lot of theory and it's important you understand the theory well , so may be it's not worth doing more than 1 or 2 videos per day. You will want to replay in your mind so you got it. I think that's 40 hours, 1 month. Then the exercises take much longer and you want to be generous. That's may be 40-80 hours, 1 , 1.5 months. The final content might take 20-40 hours up to a month. Some times you need more time to think things through. I did not account for any book recommendations as they are additional recommendations. I paused a lot to think and took detailed notes. So give it a generous 200 hours spreading over 3 months.
  4. @Leo Gura I completed the Life Purpose course and it's excellent! I read books on this before but your course is amazing. The proof-reading, order, clarity and other details are done very professionally I listened to every line, wrote down all your notes and done all exercises. Around 100 -200 pages! So hoping to be in the 5% student stat you mentioned early in the course and took 10 months. I am unable to however, tie the final things together or finalize ME sheet and appreciate your input. I am 35-year-old Software Engineer specializing in databases. I have family/ job /responsibilities. 1) I have chosen my Mastery as : "Building Business. Product Identification & Development. Assembling Excellent Teams. Selling". This is basing on your input to be practical but do not know what else I should base it from the course. 2) My one-line LP is this "Understand the Subconscious and and help people overcome deep implanted traumas". This is based on your exercises from the course. 3) My 3 Zone of genius are Critcal-thinking, Love of Learning, and Creativity. My 3 values are Excellence, clarity and Self-Discovery. It seems my LP is to develop a business based on Software or Technology to heal the subconscious. But this first needs a significant understanding of the brain, perhaps 10 years of study/research. It doesn't then sit well with my Mastery in Entrepreneurship. How could I make these fit ? Should I consider 2 "journeys" of mastering entrepreneurship first and then go for a PHD in Neuroscience? It seems pragmatic and convenient to choose Entrepreneurship as Mastery but how do I know if I got this correct? Do you want me to do as specific exercise again to get this right? My favorite Medium is Public speaking and that's hard to fit in here too.
  5. Leo speaks about wholeness understanding of people and also about compassion in his anger management, self-actualization, and several other videos. Its also a discussed in the spiral model that if we try to understand others and see their point of view, we become better. But at work, the guy who shows authority or dominance, who is not hesitant to yell at people or be sociopathic wins both the social and corporate hierarchy. Are self-actualization and being an alpha-male not compatible qualities with each other? It feels we could be on or the other but not both ?
  6. @K VIL I am a just started entrepreneur and just have the same question. Slow progress and lack of clarity are what I struggle with. I am unsure if this happens to everyone or signs of this particular business not doing well and I have will have to be closed and just lessons learned from it. My answer is not helpful but want to add to the thread I am keen to know others experience too.
  7. @Tightrope Walker and everyone trying to get started wth meditation : Stage 1 is possibly the hardest of them all which is setting up a practice and turning up every day. When I started 4 years back I used to get angry and depressed just after 3 minutes of meditation. This happens as we are not trained to observe a thought as it is but get attached to it which stirs a lot of emotions. Also as it is the first time in years we observe the subconscious it just spews a lot of thoughts at us . The best work around for this is the "Do nothing" technique preached by Gura. He speaks abut observing the gorilla and the very wicked thoughts you encounter in your first few attempts. Start here and slowly move to actual meditation and that should work.
  8. HI @Echoes Thanks, they are very helpful resources! Please accept my humble a one-point reputation Dear Actualizers... (wow, did I just coin this word Actualizers ?) Information provided by @Echoes and @Prabhaker are good but please keep the info coming so this can be one reference thread. We are looking for all resources to understand the1) subconscious and 2)dreams. If you know of any videos or online courses, it would be awesome if you could share.
  9. Any takers ? Any input to learn more about the subconscious and dreams would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I get a lot of insights during meditation and these are very helpful and much appreciated ! However, I don't think it's a good idea to break meditation to note them down. When meditating for 45 minutes it's hard to remember them for later contemplation as sometimes I have many of them. Making a mental note is also distracting and could cause further distraction. So it seems to me that we should label an insight as 'just another thought' and 'let go' of them. Is there a better technique to handle insights?
  11. Hi all, I am looking for in-depth and scientific information on the below 2 topics. If you have any resources (links, books, videos, courses) I would really appreciate it. 1) The Subconscious 2) Dreams Everything from details to advanced topics and how to use them for our personal growth. Thanks in advance !
  12. @Adam M Great input. I think from this I am convinced the kneeling posture is better and is worth trying, I am also not interested in the particualar prouduct (costs as an additonal $75 to ship to Australia). I will try to find a product locally which is similar / cheaper. Thanks
  13. Hi @Gabriel Antonio It's just not merely sitting on the floor in lotus or full lotus, but sitting this way during meditation could make the quality of focus better compared to a chair where you may be more relaxed and not as alert.
  14. Thanks @pluto Did you find this posture better for both your knees and your quality of meditation?
  15. Has anyone used this product? Do you think it improves meditation? My legs get tired and ache after 40 minutes and wondering if this works? The reviews are mixed so want to get the forums opinion?