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  1. Watch Leo's youtube video on Confusion. That will surely help you and he has examples like this.
  2. @SFRL I really like your post. How many kids do you have? Do you feel they are a hindrance at all to your professional and personal growth? As posted in another thread I have one and have mounting pressure to have another one and I feel like this is going to hurt my chances to grow in life. On the other hand we have no family and worried about our child being along when he grows up.
  3. I am trying to juggle all these and finding harder since we had our first baby a couple of years back. Now S.O is suggesting a second baby so our first one will have someone to play with and will have someone after we pass away as we don't have any other family. S.O feels this is important for our old age as well. This means I will to stop work on my budding business and get back to a proper job without knowing if it might be successful. I also will find very little time to actualize and do PD work. It seems, either way, I might regret in 15 years or so. I thought people in this community probably can relate to me and would have the most wisdom. Did you choose children over risk ventures/actualization or vice versa. I dont even know how to think through this and if there are any videos of Leo to help.
  4. Thankyou @Cepzeu I really hope to improve and also remember to post to you in 6 months or less. Cheers mate.
  5. @Marc Schinkel All the best. Go Soldier, Go!
  6. That's a great question and wish someone to clarify further. My 2 cents: Despite experience being the king, some level of 'belief' is needed to survive in the daily world. So, I accept the sun rises in the east, we are not in a simulation, there are 7 billion people, global warming is true, the earth is round etc but leave with a hint of skepticism for everything. Unless my chosen field of mastery is directly related to these areas, I accept them and move along for my time is finite to know everything. Accepting the world is mysterious and I cannot know everything is a realization I recently had and it surprisingly makes me happier and confident. I do not discuss with everyday people that everything is a belief (as opposed to a fact) either. @Cepzeu is this curiosity or is this affecting your personal development?
  7. @Cepzeu Thanks for your detailed reply. You are obviously in Aus too ! I did get my blood work done and I was cleared by the Docs. I even said I dont want to be just OK, but really good. What I should have (or should do now) is to get a copy of the test and see if they are barely ticking the boxes or really excellent. Here again, I wish there is a service who can help understand these results. I am doing my best with sleep, workout, and nutrition already. I am considering 5-HTP too but there are negative reviews and articles . Each anxiety supplement can be specifically used to increase a) Serotonin, b)Dopamine, c)GABA and d) ATP directly or act as precursors for their production. These are the components causing anxiety or depression. For example, 5-HTP increases serotonin, L-Phenylalanine for Dopamine and L-Threonate is for GABA. There are other supplements like Creatine, Lions Mane, Alpha GPC, Ashwaganda for focus or as a combination. The internet is very divided on all of these and the docs only suggest SSRI. I also want to sort memory, focus etc and be my best. I guess I will try and error, but considering this is the mental health I don't mind getting an experts guidance. But looks like there is no such thing
  8. If you saw Leo's 2 videos one for supplements and one for nootropics the list is endless. I take my hat off for him to research so many supplements and using them well. I would like to start somewhere to help with my anxiety and also help with my overall health and mind-performance. That list seems too long and will be hard to understand what works and what doesn't. I am hoping to find a consultant who can understand my needs and suggest a plan. It would be great to find someone locally (Australia) so they know the local brands but anywhere is fine I guess. I do not think the local doctors or dietitians are good because as in words of Leo "they just make sure you will live but can't make you a high performer". TL:DR : Are there trustworthy professionals who can help me create a custom nootropics/ supplement plan ? What are they called, how do I find them ?
  9. @SFRL I also think most people are Assertive than Turbulent. Therefore they can't relate to us. There is so far no story of anyone who was very turbulent who got systematically getting better. (Maybe all of them couldn't cope up and died. Just kidding
  10. @SFRL Exactly ! The other irony is that until you sort out the "T" its hard to have a meditation and workout habits cultivated. Even when I was on a 1 hour practice streak for a year, I found my Neuroticism was hard to cope with. I suspect Neuroticism is the biggest obstacle to self-actualization and general success in life. I tried sitting with the Emotions as suggested by Leo in one of his videos but that's not as easy for a high T. The next step left is to try medication but again as suggested by Leo its better to try natural / nootropics first. However, the combinations, side-effects, trial-and-error create such confusion, its hard to have a certain list. I am really hoping to find one real-life success story and how-to on this topic.
  11. We know that there is really no good or bad MBTI except each of the 16 types have different interests and passions. However, there is a 5th character which only one site (that I know) offers in its test and this is ASSERTIVE (A) VS. TURBULENT(T). This compares well with Neuroticism from Big-5. Anyone with high Turbulence traits basically are living a compromised life. You could tell to yourself you are OK but you can't imagine how amazing life is on the other side. If you are a ENTP or INTP the blow it is even lethal for the extreme thinking traits we have. Could lead to substance abuse, bad relations etc if one is very high on T. Question and TL:DR : Has any of you realised the effect Turbulence / Neurotism is having on you life ? Is there a cure for this? I am specifically interested in people with high scores who realised this and then objectively worked on it to get their score to less than 10. Please share your story.
  12. My problem is weirdly I have too MUCH notes written. Just imagine writing most days of the month for years. I now write my to-do on a physical book as the Evenote (Digital book) has too much info.
  13. All. Thanks for your love and amazing insights. This is turning into a good thread to manage anxiety. Its so sweet all of us here address people by their usernames and not as "OP" or something else, as they do on othe forums. We are such a tight community ! The main reason for me opening is thread is because I had a day of zero anxiety after a therapy. Today is day 3 and my anxiety is slightly back may be because I partied over the weekend. The therapy is called "Bowen" therapy something which a rationalist like me would never believe would work. I went to see a therapist on a colleagues recommendation without knowing what they do and it ended up being Bowen. My back has also greatly improved on which I spent thousands of dollars before in 2 sessions. I will try to report if any further progress here. Observing, Grounding and Coping with anxiety mentally is a welcome input. But I am very impressed to go to ZERO instantly like pressing a button and dont think any of you experienced such drastic change then. I have first hand experience of Zero anxiety so it IS possible. It is like zero gravity for your mind. Did anyone experience a Zero anxiety , looked around the world and thought wow -- this is how the world should be without any anxiety weight on your shoulders. What did you do to achieve this ?
  14. Folks, apart from this is there a way to have your Dopamine / GABA / Serotonin levels being full all the time ? May be like taking some herbs ?
  15. @universe Thanks for posting Leo's video here. I will surely check it out !