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  1. not trying to be defensive, don't really care how a forum thread turns out to be fair, just irritating by the spiritual egos who should know much better. Well who's the one judging the passive aggressive pokes? is it perhaps your own ego? mind-blowing, how about reconceptualizing it, put it into another mind frame, or another spiritual mumbo jumbo. From my perspective it wasn't passive aggressive at all, sorry you didn't get the same viberational love waves I was sending out, my bad must be these words, they are so limited, meaning and context is lost through out. I decline your invitation. Thanks.
  2. Im done. You're just a hypocrite at this point, you haven't respected my wishes and you're still trying to force feed something I didn't ask for. Might as well be a preacher at this point. You're being extremely arrogrant by placing yourself above, looking down, wanting to be the teacher. Like a salesman that just won't go away.
  3. You dont have anything to teach me, don't care about your small narrow observation. Thank you for respecting my decision, now don't quote me anymore thanks. In fact I was only here in this thread to say if leo is going to continually miss 3-4 videos like he did since the start of the new year he should give us a heads up about his new schedule. And it quickly derailed into strawman, fanboyism, and petty arguments. People can't even accept the fact that people make money from ads, the worlds most famous youtubers and twitch streamers make over $1+ million a year in revenue, thats not free, we (us audience, are the product when these platforms are "free", advertisers pay for us "views"). Again, im not saying this is bad, I think he deserves all the money he gets, but its not a charity, it's a business model. I'm sure leo would be devastated if he had 0 views tomorrow and 0 interests. So it works both ways, he benefits us and he gets back in return.
  4. You're clearly talking to me as a seperate self. Label it however you want, repackage it, post it. It's one ego judging another ego at the end of the day. In oneness there is no comment. The spiritual mumbo jumbo to climb on high horses is a a lot of bullshit. As alan watts said "Spiritual people walk around saying 'my game is better than your game'". If me and you enter pure consciousness we become the exact same thing, but as our vessels we have two entirely different perspectives.
  5. Not interested in you trying to make this about me or define me. Thanks. Keep on topic, subject is Leo's video is delayed, not me. If I bother you investigate your own feelings.
  6. Apparently eckhart puts most of his earnings towards his foundation. The purpose of the Eckhart Tolle Foundation is to bring Eckhart Tolle's teachings to communities and segments of the population that have hitherto had little or no access to them. Through book donations, free digital subscriptions, event scholarships, and free broadcasts, the foundation will begin by focusing on these three population segments. Sadhguru also has an ashram free to people, and gives free food, etc. So all the people who can afford it, are basically funding it for the people who can't afford it, which is great. This is how digital goods should be as well, I think people who can afford it should supprot companies and products, whilst those who can't afford it should be able to download digital products anyway. The problem is when people who can afford things also start torrenting etc. out of greed, and theres a lot of greed unfortunately.
  7. Holding a book list for ransom is orange I would say, your just going into opinions now. Imagine if your teacher at school said, I'd recommend some books on your science project, but you need to pay me first. His course is fine, but his booklist, which I think came out before his course, was a quick product to sell along side his new youtube channel / website.
  8. Everyone (in a normal society, e.g. not in isolation) has orange elements in them to which degree is another question, I suggest you read the book and rewatch the video again.
  9. Bit of a strawman, what's that got to do with my point, I never said those people are not business oriented. They also all have free videos on youtube.
  10. Well it seems the video was released and was just late rather than a skip, so I need to apologise to Leo, normally I wouldn't say anything but this was going to be like what? the 3rd or 4th skip since the new year. Don't pity me, pity yourself, Leo does in fact have a lot of stage orange elements to him and he's mentioned them. Do you think would exist if leo has no business plans about it? Leo is very business mind orientated, don't kid yourself. He is selling eyeballs views, this is a fact, if he wasn't his videos would be demonitized and ad free, but they are not, so no point arguing this point, I'm not saying this is a bad or good thing, I'm saying it has ad revenue, fact! Leo has mentioned he makes 6 figures a year, and he has savings for at least 10 years if he quits working. Leo has mentioned in his first *real* game design job he asked for a payrise really early and quit when he didnt get it. Leo has mentioned he made A LOT of money from online marketing, blackhat style backlinking and was against his morals and values. Leo is the only person I've ever seen online or offline selling NOT a book but a "books list" with 1-2 minute voice reviews. Usually everyone gives book recommendations out free, from teachers to websites, bloggers, and youtubers. I don't have a "orange perspective on it", it is a freaking orange business model. I'm not being anti leo here, just realistic, I like his videos, and yes they are entertainment for me, some people like cat videos some people like philosophy videos on youtube. And I'm not saying anything he's doing is wrong. But lets not kid ourselves, the benefits work both ways, many people would kill to have leo's audience for their channels. There's already been a lot of copy cat channels inspired from
  11. Selling eye balls to advertising is not free my friend but whatever. Neither is it similar to a PhD that can actually open job prospects. It's just entertainment. I know plenty of people who would do anything for an audience on YouTube / twitch, literally sell out their bodies.
  12. "i didnt read your post but i'm still going to quote and troll you". You're obviously here to fill the trolling part of infinity.
  13. You got an appropriate response to your remark. And you're still making rude remarks. Yes I clearly already stated the reason why people feel more interested is because they are Leo deprived, imagine if you were waiting for game of thrones last epsiode of the season and then they say it will be delayed 3 weeks, of course then people will be more eager for that epsiode. However if game of thrones season 1 was aired at random times and inconsistent, it would have been a dead series, until all episodes were released as a bundle. In his last video description leo actually did say "next week I will released the objection and FAQ video" which he didn't, he's becoming really inconsistent and if I may make an assumption here, lazy and uninspired. He's even given up on giving excuses here, first he was ill, then he was better (released video perfectly healthy) then he took a medication for the same illness and had a allergic reaction (why take medication when you look healthy enough?). When he did his 30 buddha day meditation retreat he admitted he gave up half way, but he still took the whole 30 days and made no videos or updates about it. He's also given up his travel to meet and greet people. If Leo wants to stop making videos or released one video a month because he wants to work on his enlightenemnet or even if he can't be bothered anymore, that's fine it's not like we're paying him for it, but he should just be upfront about it, Not say next week I will release a video and then don't, that's like a friend saying I'll meet you at X and then not turning up... we call them flaky. At the moment it really seems like he's suppose to release a video every week, but he's just not up for it.
  14. Not sure why you wanted to make a remark about me not knowing psychology but you should shut your mouth rather than give a bad statement. Everyone knows that one of the tips to grow an audience and interest to your youtube / twitch streaming career is consistency as number one. If your statement was true TV shows which are all about getting eye balls and max profits would randomly air episodes with no schedule, even football (soccer) has a high accurate schedule kept on time, even when different football teams need to fly to different countries, and football can be effected by weather. You're just talking about the psychology of someone who's used to getting leo's videos weekly, given time, if leo only released a dozen episodes randomly a year, his growth and channel statistics will be weak in comparison to when he was posting weekly.
  15. @Leo Gura Videos have been inconsistent these last few weeks/months. One of the good things about it was the consistency, you were really good at it and there was a video to look forward to every week on same day. Personally I'd suggest you cut back to 1 hour a video and release weekly than 2-3 hours randomly, this way you give people time to digest things slowly, and keep the consistency. Could you let us know what your schedule will be now? People will lose interest if the videos are released more randomly.