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  1. True, the topic is very loaded and it is challenging to take a definitive stance. But I'm participating in this debate primarily to improve my speaking skills and overcome stage fear. Besides The nature of the competition is more generic than professional, with a relatively low bar set for participants, Yet my aim would be to give my best.
  2. I think AI can be seen as a complimentary tool which can help students develop critical thinking & logic, i.e: using Chat gpt to write an assignment at home and with no AI system discuss & critique it in the class. This will raise the bar for students and inspire newer ways to think & reason.
  3. I am participating in a debate competition, the topic is "is AI boon or a Bane in education" i will be speaking in favour of the motion (i.e: boon) I am looking for new perspectives/resources/quotes to make my position stronger in the competition. any help would be appreciated, thank you
  4. Lol I didn't mean drugs when I said resources, besides i am hoping for more real & conscious approach.
  5. @Nilsi Generally, i can talk to anyone, but all those conversations feel very forced and shallow to me except the deep & meaningful ones(which as of now I can only have with my girlfriend because she is quite open minded and likes talking about these stuff) While I accept the importance of socializing and engaging with others, it's an area I feel I need to work on because of my introverted nature. i like being alone, it makes me feel at ease & content. If it wasn't for societal expectations I would have been completely fine being alone but that's not the case hence, now My goal is to discover my flow state in conversation, something I've experienced only during deep discussions. In other situations, I tend to resort to making strange jokes and occasionally stutter because I feel pressured. Now My postgraduate course in human resource management has further emphasized the importance of communication and social connections. Hence I am finding resources in order to improve myself in that manner.
  6. In social settings, I find it challenging to connect with others because I am naturally drawn towards existential topics, truth-seeking, and philosophical discussions. While I do enjoy some light banter, my preference leans heavily towards deep conversations but the majority of people around me prefer fun banter, which makes it difficult for me to establish genuine connections. I have recently begun my post-graduation course, where active participation and engagement with classmates are essential, in lectures I can very well adjust myself because I am always looking to learn new things but off the class it gets awkward & difficult for me to flow in a conversation, I feel like I'm forcing myself to interact in ways that don't come naturally to me. Under normal circumstances, I'm perfectly content without constant social interactions, but the academic requirements make it necessary for me to connect with others, and that's where the problem arises. I would greatly appreciate any advice or book recommendations that can help me navigate this situation better and find a balance between my philosophical nature and academic responsibilities.
  7. @Swarnimappreciate the feedback! I am going to experiment with various video editing softwares and keep these in mind. I am intentionally adopting the style of an average Hindi-speaking guy. Because i believe that it would allow me to connect with my audience in a relatable and unfiltered way, just as they would interact with their friends or family members.
  8. @Swarnim yeah sure this is my page, i was anyway looking for an honest feedback from someone that i don't know, so feel free to share your thoughts. I think i am having hard time in converting my thoughts into words, because sometimes I tend fumble a little & miss pronounce some words while speaking, sometimes i get off track from what i want to convey, sometimes i just go blank in the middle, sometimes i have different ways to convey the same message but I tend to get lost in all of them at the same time leaving me stranded.
  9. @Swarnim Honestly, I don't enjoy scripting a video, especially when it's only a 90-second reel. I prefer to convey my message in a more raw and authentic manner. When I script my video, I feel like my words are being filtered, and the end result loses its originality.
  10. I am a budding content creator, I use Instagram to post my reels in Hindi, with my niche being self-help and personal development. However, I'm struggling with the efficiency of my content creation process. It currently takes me around 30-40 minutes to record a single reel that is roughly 60 to 90 seconds long. I don't follow a specific method, and I don't prepare a script. Instead, I have general idea of a topic in my mind and just wing it but that's obviously not working. What other strategies can I use to make my content creation process more efficient?
  11. Conventionally speaking there are 9 types of intelligence,
  12. as a man i dont like doing this to her boyfriend, & honestly the way we talk i can see this situation between me & her going sexual in future. what would you say about that ?
  13. i am partially happy but i am worried about what next & also if i am doing something wrong
  14. @flowboy she just posted a photo with her boyfriend, she met him today. i am meeting her in 2 days. if it wasn't for corona we would be attending the same class together now. if i wait for things to get "real" i would lose so many things already. she is the only one that i met in the span of my 19 years of life that actually understands me. metaphysically too, the amount of synchronicities happened between us feels like a literal magic. i never felt this close to someone else in my life. @eaaaeaeae i already mentioned she loves me & i love her, i tried letting her go but i failed, she does not want me to go and i dont want it either.