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  1. @Someone here Also, a big part of quitting smoking is just about growing up. You really don’t want to be the guy that dies because of self-inflicted smoking. Sounds harsh, I’m sorry
  2. Simply never buy cigarettes ever again. Stop hanging around people that smoke. Think about yourself as a non-smoker. Also think about what its doing to your body. Have some compassion for your lungs. Thats what helped me anyway.
  3. Yeah, you can't half-ass the work. I've come to realise that this work is for like 2% of the population. The rest are simply not going to be able to do it, probably me included. You can understand what Leo is saying in his videos but if it isn't real for you in direct experience, then do not blindly go along with it, or worse - preach to other people about what Leo says. This will lose you plenty of friends and family. I went all spiritual for a while and I wasn't ready for it. It messes with your head and then you realise you have to go back and live like a chimp for a while, doing lots of chimp activities with other chimps.
  4. @Thestarguitarist14 We all have different personalities. And yeah, if you aren't too creepy and have a mountain of trauma, then approaching girls shouldn't be too much of a problem. Some men do it for different reasons, I would do it to make myself stronger and more resilient, but a lot of guys do it to sleep with 1000 girls. The latter would take up so much time and effort, I don't know how any man actually achieves it.
  5. @Max_V I'm in exactly the same situation, bro. Desperate to talk to the opposite sex but not really being able to because of the virus going around, with numbers of infections rising each day. Not to playtime victim though! I know if I really wanted to, I could go out and talk to girls, but it feels like a bad time to do it. That being said, I don't think the inner game stuff works without taking ACTION. It seems the more girls you talk to and realise it isn't actually that difficult, the inner game fixes itself. But you have to go out and do it, there isn't any way around it. For me right now, I'm focusing on getting my body into shape, keeping fit, and getting more sleep. In a way, this is taking action, and it is giving me more confidence, but I know in the back of my head that the rubber really meets the road when you are out in the field talking to girls.
  6. Hahahaha I love how many Sv3rige videos came up after I put mine on here. That guy is like the King of conspiracy theories, along with Alex Jones. Fascinating that there are people like them out there...
  7. This guy is a gigantic conspiracy nutcase. Be warned, you're in for a treat when you watch these... The comment sections of his videos are even worse. So many people blindly believing his shit.
  8. Self-Actualization work is life long. Am I right?
  9. Keep active after eating anything. Sitting down after food will cause you to be sleepy. Also, quit caffeine if you are consuming any, it just makes you crash.
  10. Lately I have been thinking that this is one of the things that is holding me back in life - my own grudges I have towards old friends and other people. I don’t like to admit I have these grudges but I know I have them and I feel that if I don’t address them then they will always be there to haunt me. I have been doing the 18:6 fast for the past week and in the mornings my mind has been going back to the past, and I’ve thought of all the times people have wronged me and pissed me off, and thus I’ve held grudges, without solving the problems there and then. I never said anything back, which I regret not doing. So now it’s haunting me every other day. Not sure if it is the fasting but I haven’t had these thoughts before fasting... I don’t particularly want to go back because the things I have grudges about were years ago, and the grudges themselves are really silly. If I told them to you, you’d probably laugh and say ‘fuck it and move on, everything’s fine and they won’t remember’ Its eating me up. And I feel I can’t move on until I solve it. I’m not a bad guy and I have grown up massively in the past couple of years. Does anyone know how to go about doing this in the best way possible? I know the best way might be the worst way haha.
  11. @GroovyGuru I always wonder this too. The guys that are really into pickup or teach it have LOADS of free time. For those who teach it, it is their job to do pickup. And yeah, it looks like a crazy rollercoaster of a life and I reckon these guys burnout a lot but never talk about it. The days where I have done daygame, I'm excited and talkative at the start and then at the end I'm exhausted and can't think straight. Daygame is like a fucking gym workout. I'm also in the same position as you describe, I'm trying to figure out how to work for myself whilst also wanting to do more pickup. But during the pandemic this probably isn't the best time for pickup and the best time to figure out career or LP. Although that doesn't mean don't bother with pickup. I'll be doing a lot more daygame at the weekends. Have you done much pickup before?
  12. This is why it isn't wise to spend thousands on a pickup course. The courses are great and give you plenty of tips, but there's loads of videos on YouTube about pickup now, all for free. My advice to anyone new to pickup: Just go out with an experienced wingman, learn from him and take action yourself. You can do this for free too. And like Leo has said, just move to/live near a big city with loads of hot girls.
  13. @electroBeam Nothing weird about that at all. If you look at this from the girls eyes you can see why she likes the fun guy. If I was a girl I would wanna be around the fun guy all the time. Why would she wanna hang around a boring guy that doesn't do anything...?
  14. @Leo Gura What about if you are already 50% a confident guy. Would it still take a few years to get good at this stuff?
  15. @electroBeam Naturalist? Do you mean 'just be yourself'? Ha!
  16. @Bazooka Jesus Amazing post, thank you. I'm happy that you found what you love doing! I won't be pissing away the rest of my twenties, although I have pissed away my early twenties. Glad I found actualised.org when I did... I don't know if I'll ever 'make something of myself'. But I'm not so anxious as I was when I made the original post on this thread. Some days I wanna make something of myself and other days I just wanna relax and do nothing... LIFE IS FUCKING CRAZY! I don't want it to end...
  17. I've seen/heard it being said by SO many people, including Leo, that its all over when you turn 30. You need to sort your life out my the time you are 30. And after you turn 30 life gets WAY harder. However true or not, it's commonly known that men actually PEAK at around age 35. By then he should know who he is and what he's doing in life. And even then I'm still not sure if most men know who they are and what they are doing... I'm 26, I'm still sort of unsure of what I want out of life or who I really am. Even though I'm fairly satisfied with how my life is at the moment. So the question really boils down to: HAVE I REALLY ONLY GOT 4 YEARS LEFT TO FIGURE THIS STUFF OUT, AND THEN ITS ALL OVER? NO MORE GROWING FOR ME? I appreciate that this is a simple post, but I'm sure there can be complex answers, and this is the only way I can put it right now... It's driving me crazy lately.
  18. @Sombra Awesome, thank you. Maybe I need some more life experiences? Good and bad ones? But I won't be making any REALLY silly choices... If Leo has helped me at all its knowing where the traps are. Some are worse than others. How old are you? What were you doing at my age?
  19. @PetarKa Great answer, thank you. As I was reading it I felt the pressure lift from my shoulders. I have to work with what I've got!
  20. Awesome. You have put it perfectly. I'm not in bad shape physically and mentally, although I have partied quite hard in the past, and I have no regrets of doing so, as the social aspect was incredible. I feel like there is more to be done, and I will do so. Purchasing the life purpose course and following that will hopefully ground me with a direction of where to go. However, I don't think everyone can have a life purpose and be free from the rat race. This takes a huge amount of work and you have to know how your life is going to go at a very young age. Something I wasn't gifted with... As I'm typing this, I'm thinking to myself - How the fuck can I really complain??? Some people have it a LOT worse than me...
  21. He could be. He could be bullshitting everyone about being spiritual and that really he's a businessman But hey! We'll never know... I just wanna know if there really is a shut-off date for life at age 30.
  22. @StarStruck I haven't slept too good for about 4 years now, due to my work hours. This is a huge problem that I need to fix. How old are you now?
  23. @Gili Trawangan Oh great... What does that mean?
  24. That should make me feel better, but it actually makes me worried. I understand. Can we all have a life purpose though? Who is living their life purpose? Leo and some top musicians? Come on... I know I'm still young, and I am grateful. It baffles me that some people have everything figured out by the age of 30. How old are you? Do you have everything figured out?
  25. @nistake Maybe the ayahuasca was exactly what he needed. On one of Leo's videos he said that a person at stage orange is ready for psychedelics. He could come out of this a better person.