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  1. This surprise attack from Hamas... seems like people are missing the bigger picture. What that bigger picture is I don't know. Maybe Iran orchastrated the whole thing since the Israelis seemed to be getting along kinda nicely with Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Maybe it was to lure the IDF to invade Gaza to which of course Hamas would be prepared for and have been preparing for years. Remember they have a huge network of tunnels. A kind of warfare which would be hard to wage for the IDF. Similar to how the US lost the Vietnam war. Sure, almost every battle was won by the US but in the end it was all lost to a bunch of jungle warriors with booby traps. (Oversimplified obviously) There's something bigger going on here and I don't mean that in a conspiratorial way. This surprise attack on Israel I feel was just moving a chess piece. What's next? China taking over Taiwan? Now would be the good time for that. Can the US really keep up with another proxy war? Ukraine? Israel? China? All at the same time? Four nations with nukes. Scary to think about. There's a shift happening in the world. The balance is out of place I feel. Very strange feeling. Or maybe that's just the way it feels when major wars start.
  2. I am tier 2. However there are many aspects I have to take into consideration when I make statements like that. For instance, how do we define the number two to start with. It's a symbol representing that which it is not. And so on...
  3. I think one of China's ambition is to reach its influence around the world as much as possible. That might include trying to have the Yuan be the world currency. I think the division in the future (west/east) will most likely be due to culture and/or which side can benefit more? Us and China will at some point be equal (although it's hard for China to compete combat experience since they haven't got any. Yes, the ghost cities are part of it. People would buy apartments and pay for it even if no construction had began. If a partnership or alliance of some sort would mean the US loses its status as the world's sole reserve currency then no. As long as the Taiwan issue is on the Chinese governments agenda then no. I don't see anything other than tensions rising. Where it ends I have no idea and can't see a solution. I have not seen that report but will look it up immediately.
  4. Thank you for your post. Let's just dissect this carefully, I think you might be reading too much between my lines. I didn't claim that China isn't a military threat. I even mentioned that I find it worrysome how China has built artificial islands in the south China sea housing militart bases on them. This is obviously a tactic to gain military control of the south china sea. In my world yes, that poses a threat. The US has built a huge number of military bases around the same area. China is pretty much blocked off because of the great presence of US Navy. How can this be interpreted ANY other way as a threat to China when you observe it from a Chinese perspective? OF COURSE it would. And OF COURSE the US finds China's expansion a threat, especially how illegal their manmade islands are. (Many neighboring country claim ownership of those parts of the sea) And I never claimed it would be USA's fault if China would attack. What I'm doing here is analyzing as objectively as I can. I want to learn this potential conflict as logical I can. I don't think China and USA will engage in a direct war with each other. But if China would attack first, I would blame China. If USA would do so, I would blame the US. If China invades Taiwan (which seema like a possibility) then my guess a proxy war would break out and honestly I don't know if I would support western help to Taiwan the same way I do with Ukraine. It's a very complicated issue but if Taiwan would gain official independence from China, that would obviously be the best outcome. Like come on, you're fine without them. From all I've learned about China, they have experienced immense growth like never witnessed In history, as a natural consequence they have to protect their interests and grow a powerful military matching their growth. Growing a powerful military that might overtake the US in the future does NOT inherently mean a threat. Constantly flying over Taiwans airspace and building manmade islands in the south china sea is however serious.
  5. Continued... (to avoid one giant super long post) Very few people really know the motive for the invasion of Ukraine. We can all juat speculate. Maybe Putin wants to expand Russia's territory, or maybe NATO's expansion does in fact threat Russia and push them in a corner (from their point of view at least). Or maybe Putin has just lost it. My two cents are that Putin is perfectally mentally clear and made such a decision based on credible and justifyable reasons for an invasion (from his point of view at least). I have a hunch that the disruption of Russia's sphere of influence had something to do with it. If one doesn't understand how sphere's of influence affects geopolitics you're best not to debate this topic. USAs sphere of influence is immense and reaches all corners of the earth. How would the US like it if a foreign nation attempts to disrupt that balance? Like China successfully getting South Korea and Japan and of Nato as an example. US would not like this disruption. Measures would be taken no doubt! And taking measures is not inherently wrong if actions like so might threaten your own countries security. If you meddle in somebody elses affair there will be a response. My bet is that since Russia has lost a great portion of its sphere of influence since many decades, trying to bring the order back before it's to late might have been the reason to flex the muscles to show the west that Russia are willing to do whatever necessary as not to disrupt the current balance even further. I'd love to hear other opinions on this. I find this war fascinating (I don't mean it in a bad way) but never in my life has a war taken place in a relatively close proximity and I'm very passionate about being part of something history books might write about. I love to contemplate all the complexities and making sense of it. Because there's more to this story than media portrays. Or how western countries portray it. Where the fuck was the response from European countries when the US invaded Iraq? Some critiques here and there were pretty much it. But since it's Russia, this historically murderous country who pretty much did the same thing with the Iraq invasion of 2003, we suddenly must comply with Zelenskyj and give him what he want. We are playing with fire and dealing with a country with the highest arsenal of nuclear weapons. Let's step back and assess this situation from a stage yellow perspective is what I hope world leaders would do. With that said, my final hopes for this war is that Ukraine, along with the West wins this war as it most likely will benefit humanity in the long run.
  6. Very few wars end with total victory. I read all the time how Russia wasn't this powerful military power they seemed to be when it's obvious they haven't accomplished much. Let's not forget how the Vietnam war and the war in Afghanistan ended. History's greatest and most competent military power can still face embarassing losses. Russia probably never expected this kind of response from the west and that's partially the reason for the non-advancement of Russia's objectives. Ukraine had an army to be reckoned with even before the west's help with a great number of reservists and they would be equally or maybe slightly less successful in pushing the Russian's back even without the west backing them. However, without the help of the west, Russia's immense manpower would eventually win this war, if not a complete victory than a partial one at least. Looking back at Russia's war history, they seldom win wars with technological advancements, advanced military plans or with militart expertise and competence. Russia's war wachine just throw bodies at the enemy until the other party is completely overwhelmed. If Ukraine keeps pushing them back, the response will most likely be to just throw more bodies at them. Ukraine will be outnumbered in the long run for sure. The question is, will Ukraine's constant supply of military aid with advance weapons system offset the great manpower of mostly non-motivated Russian soldiers? I think the answer is yes. But I worry what happens next. Defeat will not be tolerated. If Russia gets pushed back far enough they will probably either declare full scale war on Ukraine (maybe some false flag operation will take place) or tactical nukes will be put to use. What happens next is any ones guess. Hopefully Ukraine will win and Russia's autocracy will come to an end and the people can enjoy a more prosperous life.
  7. Only stage green newspapers, the best I can get access too. I've heard of some rather unknown newspaper in my country with stage yellow reporting tendencies. At least that's what they claim. To report as completely biased as possible and report without the mind corrupting the work. Basically to take the bullshit out and let the viewers decide for thenselves. Forgot the damn name of the paper.
  8. China will most likely co-exist with USA as super powers in a multi-polar world-order. My prediction is that the globalization will be polarized to such an extent that countries must carefully choose allies. I don't think China is up there as a super power yet. The rise of China the last four decades has been to quick and things can quickly falter and send them back years of progress. I don't know if the outcome of China's presumed housing bubble back in 2021/2022 has been fully actualized but that might be one of the things that can halt China's growth. I do find a lot of news report on China to be extremely biased. Sure, it's no secret that they want to expand their influence around the world but that doesn't mean it poses some kind of threat to, say the US and the west. And with threat I mean war. If you flip the coin one might say that the US are the ones responsible for escalating things with all their military bases close by pretty much guaranteeing to keep China's naval fleet in check. Now THAT'S confrontational. But on the flip side it's very worrying what methods the Chinese take to control the south china sea with all the artificial islands being constructed for military purposes. Trying to work out a meaningful partnership and alliance with China should be of great priority of both the US and Chinese government. Easier said than done, it's two completely different countries with fundamentally different cultures. How do you even approach that? The easiest way of course is to flex your muscles which can result in the worst catastrophe of the 21st century with two superpowers colliding. The Taiwan issue might be the instigator of this.
  9. To be fair, he makes a lot of good points! Nothing really ground-breaking though. He seems like a snake-oil con artist to me and claims "the matrix" is after him for helping young men bring back the masculinity in them. Why any government, elites or authorities of some sort would find that a threat is hilarious ?? but young helpless men who resonates with his teachings buys it all. It is a guilty pleasure of mine though to watch videos and clips of him. He's very entertaining, charismatic and articulate and that's the trap young men should watch out for.
  10. One thing of great importance is to just settle for normal to high doses. Friends of mine, who even did it for personal healing, took insane amounts. Like 500 mg. Totally unnecessary. Just stick with 150 - 180 mg, no bullshit redose, get your vitamins, a few glasses of water and perhaps even a very mild sleeping pill if you have a hard time sleeping. Your body needs the sleep. Personally I'm blessed with never being hungover, sleep-deprived or depressed after taking MDMA. I take it every now and then to process trauma but I've reached a point where I don't think it's needed any longer. You can only come so far with MDMA.
  11. At least when talking about new RC psychedelics then yeah, it' drying the fuck up. Nothing really interesting lately except for maybe 1V-LSD but it costs more then regular LSD so you're better off just getting some good ol LSD.
  12. Not properly making sure what I took. I once ordered some RC drug back in 2014 and the seller sent me a sample of something I assumed was the same drug just with a different potency. Hell no, it turned out it was a dissociative and the combination of losing grip of reality and feeling death creeping on you, and not knowing why it happens because I just took a small dose of the drug I ordered. That's scary many. Had I KNOWN it was a dissociative I wouldn't have freaked out the way I did. It didn't help it was my first time ingesting a dissociative and I had no clue about this class of substances and the experiences they offer. At least I learned how death feel like. Pure terror. Well at least in the beginning. A sense of peace and bliss will accompany that afterwards I'm sure.
  13. Sorry for being lazy, I'm sure this info is already in this thread, but how does plugging compare to snorting DPT? And also, what's the legal status of this drug where you're from?
  14. Maturity is a big thing. Of all the people I know personally who take, or have taken, psychedelics are using it for pure fun and entertainment. If that's what they want to do, fine, but these are the people giving psychedelics a bad rap. It should be handled with utmost respect, clarity of mind and mature people willing to do it purely for the inner journey. Not people freaking out at raves, calling 911 and end up in the hospital taking precious time from doctors who are better off treating other people than someone who's taken mushrooms and is completely fine once it wades of. Yes, I know people who called the ambulance just for freaking out. I was one of those bad apples back in the day who did it purely for fun so I completely understand how "regular" people want to try it. It's fascinating stuff man, of course you'd want to try it! Not everybody is into spirituality. However, it's a great way for those people to be introduced to the mysticism psychedelics offer, but my experience is that the curiosity fades away after a few trips for not so developed people and then they cross off psychedelics from their bucket list not really having gained anything of value.
  15. Having antipsychotic drugs might be a good idea if you're starting out. Don't forget that there's things to learn from bad trips as well. But I guess I don't see the harm in it if that's how one wants to approach the use of psychedelics. I did some alprazolam (xanax) before my trips when I started out. Then when I did psychedelics without them I realized how much they take away from the experience. Sure, you'll handle a bad trip much better but getting a powerful experience is what you lose.