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  1. No, illegal in Sweden as well, since 2019 I believe.
  2. Hahaha, this was funny as hell for some reason
  3. Here's a good, easy and practical tip. Implement a 30 minute jogging routine every day. Not in order to lose weight, but in order to make you feel better and give you the confidence and energy to move forward. Here's the thing that will truly make a difference while you jog: Affirmations, affirmations, affirmations. Jog while you say to yourself that you are loved, that you're fucking awesome and that you're a fighter and never gives up. What do you think will happen when you say stuff like this every day while jogging? Magic will happen, that's what. Here's the thing. Your mind will give you a dozen of bullshit stories of why you shouldn't go out and run. It's cold, I'm not an athlete, I hate exercise bla bla bla. Everyone can implement a 30 minute routine every day. Lower your speed if you can't run for that long. Eventually your confidence will go through the roof and you'll notice that you're motivated to implement other routines in life. But for now... master this thing and then we'll talk. By the way, if you want to lose weight, change your diet, that's all. Exercise won't do much of a difference. A feq months ago I reached my goal of losing 50 pounds and it took my five months by only eliminating sugar completely and eating like 30% less food.
  4. If you're not a patreon, the least you could do is not skipping the ads on his Youtube videos. The man pumps out hours of advanced material a month for free and you can't even watch a 30 second ad. Mute your TV if you find the ads toxic. I do this with every high quality YouTuber. Gosh, I hope Leo starts releasing his videos on his website instead, for a small subscription fee of, say 10$/month. I'm sure he'd get at least 1000 people on board.
  5. Title says it all. Or something like "how to use psychedelics for therapeutic reasons."
  6. What's the secret psychedelic you've been hinting at for months? It's time Leo. It's time to tell us You probably won't post videos your entire life, so what's next? Do you have something in mind? Thank you for your work and I wish you a million more.
  7. Thanks for sharing with us, I will try it when I have a computer available so I can download python. The website and my phone have to do for now. However, am I supposed to hear something? I type an intention on the website but there's no sound, nor much of anything else for that matter. Am I missing something here?
  8. I'm fairly certain he uses notes, not a word for word script.
  9. I did 4-ho-dpt once. Not nearly as mind-blowing as DPT. Actually far from it.
  10. My guess is 2C-T-7. I believe Alexander Shulgin gave it a plus four rating.
  11. Hello actualizers First off, I'm not super familiar with spiral dynamics and I haven't really spent much time studying the material but I find it fascinating. I will soon read the book spiral dynamics. I've been trying to analyze myself and see what stage I'm in but it's not that easy. I think Leo said in one of his videos that people tend to perceive themselves in a higher stage than they actually are. Blue tends to see themselves are green, orange as yellow and so forth. Instead of trying to place myself in a certain stage I decided it would be better if I analyzed the last ten years of my life and I think I can see a clear pattern in the inner workings of my mind. Age 17 - 21: (Blue?) Very religious. Prayed constantly. Believed in a literal six day creation, salvation in Christ, the whole shebang. I believed that the world was a place of wickedness and that cultural values were blown away. Abortion was bad, adultery was bad, and people should change their way of life or face judgement day. I was also very into conspiracy theories and people who couldn't see that we were being lied to by the powers that be, were willfully ignorant. Age 21 - 24: (Orange?) My faith in a Christian God diminished year by year. Somewhere deep inside I still believed in a God but couldn't be arsed to pursue such a lifestyle. So many things were going on all around me. I wasn't a little kid any longer and had to take responsibility. Bought a lot of self improvement books and worked hard to become a better version of myself. Why should people all around me live their lives to the fullest? Why can't I become someone with a nice bank account and women all around me. Started working as an insurance salesman with hopes of making big bucks. I made some money in real estate during this time and enjoyed seeing all that profit. Wanted to pursue my life long dream as a filmmaker and figured that YouTube would be a great place to start. Spent hours and hours filming and editing and I very much enjoyed this time of my life. Made some new friends, improved my skills with women and while I still pretty much felt like the same person, I had made great progress with my confidence. I wanted to leave a mark on this world, a force to be reckoned with. I wanted to party, have fun, and do all kinds of drugs. Age 24 - 26: (Green?) There had to be a better end goal to life. Why should I keep on doing what I'm doing? I don't have a girlfriend, I don't have intimacy and I don't feel loved. Oh well, nothing to do about it, I probably couldn't keep a relationship anyway. Still made some money off of real estate, things were going pretty good. But hey wait... what about mountain climbing? That oughta do something about the emptiness I feel from time to time. I went mountain climbing in Sweden, Norway, Montenegro and in the Alps. Damn this was tough. It's the most brutal and arduous thing you will ever do. But it felt good. It felt like I was conquering my worst enemy. Myself. A new passion was born. I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. I went parachuting. Damn, that was really fun! I went bungyjumping in Switzerland at the very same place where they filmed the opening scene for Goldeneye. Holy cow! The things you can do to feel joy in life. Adrenaline was the name of the game. This is what it's all about. I wanted to take better care of myself, but not in a superficial way. I became vegan, mostly for my own health and not because of innocent animals being killed. It seemed like veganism was the answer to all my prayers. I wanted to preach about all the benefits of veganism and the wonders it had done for me. I wanted to share all my awesome adventures in the mountains to people. To inspire them to live a more purposeful life. I made some great new friends during this time and improved my social relations. I was more open now. Sexual relations wasn't something that was sinful and wicked as I used to believe back in my late teenage years. People are allowed to do whatever pleased them, who am I to say otherwise? Psychedelics and drug experimentation became a part of me. Ketamine, weed, mdma, DPT, mushrooms, LSD, all sorts of research chemicals and unfortunately some cocaine, amphetamine, benzodiazepines, pain killers, you name it. I found the love of my life at the age of 25. My first girlfriend ever, and also the first woman I had sex with (very late bloomer) not counting the prostitutes (legally). Started to feel what it's like to care for someone. We moved in together and she's five months pregnant now. We're working hard to build a great future for ourselves and have big plans. We're very invested in becoming parents and plan to move to a nice house in a smaller town so our kids can be raised in a better and safer community. Eventually we want to start a business together and already have some ideas. Nothing too big, our goal is not to make a ton of money, we simply want to start a business which will actually give value and joy to people. A business which will allow us to pay our bills but still have enough over for future travels and savings. A business which will allow us more freedom and to escape wage slavery. During these few years spirituality became something I held dear. The world was not as simple as I used to believe. All religions probably have a common root, a truth which cannot be conveyed. My self improvement books had now been replaced by spiritual books. Age 27: (Yellow?) Not sure when this emerged, if it even has, I'm not sure. I see the world as an infinite evolutionary cosmic web. Our world and society cannot be explained in simple black and white thinking. One cannot say that veganism is the way to go, nor that abortion is right or wrong. There are so many aspects you have to take into account. And people don't do that. They find something which suits them and then they start preaching. A green person buying an electric car will preach how they are part of the solution and not the problem when it comes to pollution. But then they fail to see for example that one solution can lead to more problems as a result of that solution. For instance, the victory of World War 1 most likely inadvertently lead to the outbreak of World War 2. Even though I have my own preferences about certain matters, it doesn't necessary mean that it's synonomous with truth. I used to believe I was very open-minded, but now it feels like I was delusional whether it be God, conspiracy theories or veganism. I used to think I was so smart when researching about conspiracy theories or becoming a vegan. But there's two sides to every coin, something which is so apparent to me now. I have to take many things into consideration. It's not as simple any longer to open my mouth and spew out mindless opinions all the time. I need to know what I'm talking about. The name of the game is knowledge. I love to read and think about stuff. Lately I've been investing a lot of time in general relativity. What it is and how it works on a deep level. I tend to close my eyes and just imagine how gravity and spacetime works. I no longer feel the need to tell everyone about the things I know, like I used to when it came to the Bible, veganism or stuff like that. I love to just seek information and keep it to myself. I don't have a problem with other people any longer. Sure, I might sneer at a racist or a hipster preaching love, but I understand where they come from. I still enjoy feeling and sharing love with my girlfriend, and I certainly enjoy going on adventures in the mountains and from time to time do some psychedelics. I'm still interested in starting a business and improving my life and all that stuff. It's just different now. Not like it used to be. It feels more... wholesome. It's like the world is this huge complex heavenly body with infinite layers of complex mechanisms, so completely unfathomable to make sense of, and here we are... humans... arguing about republicans or democrats, anti-abortion or pro-abortion. So what do you guys think? Is yellow starting to emerge in me? It feels like I still have some green in me from time to time. Like I said, I haven't looked into spiral dynamics very deeply so I'm not sure. I will definitely read the book and watch Leo's videos about each stage. Thank you for your answers.
  12. Yes, it was deleted from Youtube. You can find it on Leo's website though.
  13. Here are some of the objections I've had: - Isn't all of this stuff rather impractical for society at large? What good of use could you possibly be when you meditate all day long? - Aren't psychedelic insights just based upon who we are as a person and what we're interested in? If a spiritual person gains spiritual insights, and a recreational user simply gets a fun, hallucinatory trip, isn't that proof that a psychedelic trip happens BECAUSE of us, and not TO US? - Why should I waste years of my life meditating, when I don't even know if I'll ever be enlightened? After all, some people might meditate for 40 years without being enlightened. Is it worth it? (This is a huge objection in my opinion) - If I take a picture of the moon, I'll get a picture of the moon. Isn't that proof that stuff exists independent of a concious observer?