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  1. Hey guys, finally, after lots of work which was actually just flawless fun, I am done filming and recording my first EP coming out soon. Now, I wanted to know if anyone here has experience in really teasing people for this project. Like promotion etc.. We have a total of 125 followers on instagram, my private acc round about 215, and my better half (the other musician) around 1000. We played some live shows and people love us although we havent been together for so long. It feels just like we attract the goodness and I live my dream, already played some shows which I've always dreamt of as a kid. Now I need some advice for teasing etc. We will actually produce some teasers for the 3 music videos we filmed. But now, I guess it is time to do some promotion on youtube ads or instagram? What about a management? Cheers
  2. Im short and I talked to the hottest girl in town. Became my gf. Just be cool. Not denying that girls prefer taller men tho.
  3. Always wondered if it's not weird to talk to a girl at a gym. I once walked to a girl there but just said Hi and made a compliment.
  4. Time is a thought. You can only go deeper in Love. But you never move from A to B in "time".
  5. Consciousness and mind is also just imagination. "This awakening" too. "Whose dream"?
  6. You should have asked him about Maharshi's quote: "there are no others" or Nisargadatta: "First know your own mind and you will find that the question of other minds does not arise at all, for there are no other people. You are the common factor, the only link between the minds, Being is consciousness; ‘I am’ applies to all." "This [helping people] is mere imagination. In truth you do not help others, because there are no others. (313) In reality there are no others, and by helping yourself you help everybody else. (383)"
  7. Nothing makes you happy. It's really the yes saying to the moment which creates the illusion of happiness. Happiness is already there when thought isn't believed. Verified via direct experience. Takes some time tho.
  8. Dude. This is getting embarassing. You are clearly projecting too much frustration. By all means. Is that what your new teachers teach you? That's not the right direction imo. Stay true to yourself and be aware of the constant narrative. You are currently so soaked up into the Story of Nahm and him "being a healer??", that you completely forgot Truth.
  9. exactly this, Nahm was actually adressing the "issue" at its core.