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  1. It's weird to hear people talk about Leo as a new age teacher. Most of his latest stuff is yellow, turqouise, some green. But he has none of those new age vibes like talking about reincarnation, chakras, reiki, crystals.
  2. "To me when I hear the word 'mosque' I think of terrorism"
  3. I wonder what the chances are thay Biden and his wife could catch Covid since they were in contact with Trump during the debate.
  4. What's your favorite book? Favorite movie?
  5. @Husseinisdoingfine yep, that's the one!
  6. At the private christian school I went to as a kid, we had to do the pledge of allegiance to the christian flag and the bible.
  7. This twitter bio is a short, sweet summation of Green.
  8. Erotica is really good if you don't want to go tech-free, assuming you find something you like. Although people who gravitate toward erotica are probably more into the psychologically aspects of the experience. Basically a prompt for helping you flex your imagination muscles.
  9. This health coach I follow just posted an interesting kambo experience.
  10. Kudos to you for taking the time to research and not jumping into Gwyneth Paltrow style stage-green marketing. You might want to look into colon cleansing, About the heavy metals, there's a channel on youtube called Detox Dudes, the guy has a really interesting story. He had horrible panic disorder, schizophrenia, was suicidal for a couple of years. He tried all kinds of medicine and new age healing modalities (meditation, ayahuasca, ibogaine, float tanks, etc) until he found out he had severe mercury poisoning from some dental fillings and diet. It's a really dramatic, heart-wrenching read. https://www.thedetoxdudes.com/drowning-in-quicksilver
  11. Rick Perry political ad. Can you get more blue than this?
  12. Serj Tankian is a powerful example of a stage Green musician. Former lead vocalist of System of a Down. My favorite stage green quotes from the interview below: Rainn: "Why do we hate?" Serj: "Because we don't feel the interconnectivity of all things, otherwise it would just be us we are hating." Rainn: "Do we need religion?" Serj: "Organized, no. Disorganized, yes."