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  1. It has helped a ton of people and it will probably help you. So get the book asap.
  2. Contemplate about death and become very conscious of how short life is. You have little time to achieve what you want in this life. Memento mori.
  3. No it's not lmao. Some people have actual lives.
  4. Go meditate for hours and hours and stop pursuing this girl. You clearly have a lot of shit you need to work on if you care this much about a stupid text from a girl you barely know.
  5. Your signature answers your question: Don't wait for things to get better. Take proactive action. Stop relying on some kind of burning desire feeling, motivation or endorphine rush. All of these are always temporary. No one is feeling that way all the time. That's exactly why reaching anything profound in life is hard. You just have to do what you know that you need to do, in order to reach what you want. You need to leave yourself no alternative. Sometimes you have to pull yourself through like a stubborn dog. If you can't do that, it's over.
  6. developing skills, doing consciousness work, etc. is something you can start doing today, right now. Your mind is fooling you into thinking masturbating is something that is witholding you from doing that. You need to work your ass of in spite of your so called masturbation addiction. What you need is discipline. This stuff doesn't come easy. Hard work everyday. No excuses. Will you care about masturbating etc if you are kicking ass everyday in spite of it? I don't think so. It will become a non issue.
  7. I just went to the hairdresser, and i'm having a couple of balding spots again. It's not that bad, but it's kinda annoying because now it's semi visible for some time. Been suffering from this autoimmune disease for a couple of years now. Is anyone familiar with it, and knows any remedies? My dermatologist always wants to use corticosteroid injections or creme, but i'm not feeling it because that's obviously unhealthy af. My diet is decent in general. Lots of fruits, veggies etc.
  8. The fact is you can't controll her actions. What you can controll is how you feel about this whole situation. You need to come to a point where you are completely ok with her leaving you. Letting go is key. If this situation doesn't escalate in you doing or saying things that will show her that you are being insecure and needy, another situation will pop up in the future and she will run away nevertheless. If she doesn't run away, than she has a lot of stuff to deal with herself. The most toxic relationships are the ones were both are feeling unworthy and constantly projecting these feelings onto each other.
  9. @Michael569 @JonasVE12 Thanks for both your answers. A lot of stuff to think about. I'm going to be contemplating on this in the next few days.
  10. Today i will start the second week of a new job, and i'm already kinda done with it. It's not the field, because i like working in IT. It's just that i'm always thinking and looking for a way out so i can be selfsufficient. I don't want to work like this for my whole life. How do i practically go about this? My passion is helping and motivating people who are stuck in life, mentally or physically. So i've been thinking about becoming a life coach long term. It's just that i have little time to work on this project apart from the weekend. I need advice from people who did this, while still working, with little time to spend. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I'm feeling very confused and trapped in life. I've been unemployed for almost a year, and yesterday i was finally able to land myself a new job which starts this monday. I should feel happy about this, but i honestly don't. It's going to pay me more than i ever had, it's giving me more opportunities than i could ever dream of, I'm most likely going to get a company car etc, but i just can't be bothered and feel very meh about it. The idea that i'm going to have to work again for a boss, the lack of freedom etc is killing me inside. I really feel like i don't want to work for a boss anymore. I wanna do my own thing, but i don't know what. I lack adventure in my life and I feel a big need for freedom and space to do whatever i want, whenever i want, because life is short as fuck. This goes together with a lot of anxiety about dead. A lot of people that i've known well have already passed away. Even some of the people that i went to school with, or worked with in the past have already passed away. They were the same age as me (29), which makes me rethink my life like crazy. Dead is something that i've been thinking way too much about lately, and i don't know how to stop being so scared about it. At the moment i don't have any friends, and my mom is kinda the only one that i have good conversations with. For some reason i'm also scared that she's going to pass away soon, because she had cancer twice, and doctors are constantly telling her that she has the body of a 80 year old when she's only 55. If she dies, i honestly don't know what i'm going to do. I'm not sure what i want out of this post. I don't really have a question, apart from how to deal with this, or inspect this further. I'm feeling trapped like hell.
  12. Unfortunately i'm making the decision to pause this journal for now. The forum is becoming a a huge, huge distraction for me. The journalling is very good for me, but i find myself drifting off way too much in other topics etc on this forum. Result: too much time gone. My life needs radical change, which is already happening right now, but i have to go way more radical. I can't justify wasting any more time at the moment, i just can't. It's eating at my brain every day. I need to go all in.
  13. It's important for me to focus on the consistent good things i've done, rather than on the things i'm failing at sometimes. Small habits over a long time make a big difference. Patience is something that i need to built in. I want crazy changes today, which is impossible. Doing the habits i'm doing right now, over a long time will have drastic results on my life. I just need patience.