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  1. Definitely not enough assumptions. You need way more assumptions to become enlightened.
  2. U don't know what is an angel? I think u are not enlightened sir.
  3. I was just joking around. It's definitely a calling of the spirit world trying to contact you. I'm almost certain an angel will come visit you soon.
  4. Just a cognitive bias. Don't fool yourself.
  5. Care to elaborate? What exactly do you mean by "hating" people?
  6. Everything will change and nothing will change.
  7. This is exactly what you need. You are standing in front of the gate to freedom. This reminds me of Eckhart Tolle's story. Of course it doesn't work, and it never will! Drop it. Love is waiting. <3 Yep. A lot of spirituality and it's practices can simply become another layer on top of ego Beautiful. Yes of course. This is your true nature. No. It's already happening right now. Your mind is just playing tricks on you, and it wants you to believe it's in controll, and that you can't survive without it. Don't listen to it. It's much easier and natural. Nope. Your body knows perfectly well what to do. It functions much better if it is not constantly manipulated and bombarded by the mind. Trust in the process. All is well. Not insane at all. You don't have to see a doctor. Goodluck friend. Have no fear. All is well. <3
  8. I have no problem with that.
  9. Hehehehe i like this one. You are asking the right kinda questions friend. The very simple fact that no one here has answered this one yet must set you thinking . Because you don't want to be fake, and that's a good thing. Not sure what u mean with this. Approval, recognition,.. Let them babble on. You don't have to build shit. They can only get to you as long as you let them get to you. If you are totally authentic and comfortable with yourself, this will autocorrect itself. They will quickly see that they can't manipulate you. Yes. You can't force them into how you see things tho. Ego likes to feel superior to others. It likes to be the one that knows it better. Especially with awakening and enlightenment one can start to feel like they are better than someone else, or feeling "special" above others. You are already aware that you are doing it though, so that's already a big step in the right direction. Just keep looking. Let it go.
  10. You cannot seperate yourself from the "other". Your love and beingness will influence those around you. There is much more to it than meets the eye. Everything is interconnected, and your vibrational level has an immediate impact on other people, even if they don't notice it.
  11. You need to wake the hell up from the fairytale you are living in. You don't have to listen to any of these comments, but you will get slammed in your face by reality either way. As soon as you are going to get a girlfriend, you will see that this whole thing is not gonna workout. At last she will maybe appreciate it one time, but if she's even a slight bit mature on an emotional level, she wil cringe hard.
  12. Have you ever caught yourself in the act of talking to yourself? Are you now not a normal human being?
  13. A life in line with love and being. It doesn't have requirements or conditions. So, taking a big shit every morning can be a decent life to me.
  14. Can you describe to me what a normal human being is?