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  1. i get so many warning on here smhan (shaking my head and nuts) I got 2 points that NEVER expire, what's behind the criminal record-esque mentality on here doesn't seem highly conscious godly forgiving love to me chief. the fact that theres rules and Mods here who might abuse there power makes me sour. LISTEN I got the warning for posting while high? wtf why cant we post while high and share our experience on here? Leo literally did that in his last videos Hypocrites? fo real think about it yall full of shit (Mods) don't delete this post and give me another 10 warning points that's against freedom of speech.
  2. @Meetjoeblack I'll update you when I see her next time. ye should always be aware that I might not see her again and not wait for the right moment that's pathetic need to reconstruct the mindset. I have came Into realisation that it's not love I just want to fuck her.
  3. @Meetjoeblack nice one. thnx
  4. theres this girl I really like and she likes me back I just hope to see her again at drop in center she usually goes to ask for her number I can't stop thinking about her it's very annoying I had this happen few times where you really in love and can't stop thinking about someone and it's hard to coup with music helps with relief and getting busy or alcohol but man haven't felt this way towards someone in a while this feeling it usually fades away after a while is it love or just neediness?
  5. @Arcangelo oh boy lol thanks for sharing. so far so good it's going great for me I feel like things are opening up after quitting I failed couple of times but mildly and now I feel steady and don't have the appeal any more to play.
  6. @Jed Vassallo thanks for sharing. Infinite torture is if the ego(self) stays with you after you die is that accurate idk lol
  7. @Nak Khid ok Leos Good is different from the (Good we unawaken people understand) I know it doesn't sit right with me either as my ego self bias agenda sees rape as bad evil and disgusting, unregard for the other self, extreme selfishness which is fair!!. if a dog gets raped he would probably sleep at night and not think twice about it.(I could be wrong) I'm pretty sure he has a video where he explains this deeply(the Good with capital G Leo is talking about) Leo would have inserted Humans instead of dogs. if it wasn't that he would be crucified
  8. guys please give me your Best! daily exercises that can slowly make my approach anxiety better. prefer something that is gradual not bighting the bullet and go cold turkey that can be hard for me.
  9. @Chakra Lion very nice. good luck you will succeed. unlimited re spawns would be dope lol
  10. @Mu_ he doesn’t have a specific video about it but he brought it up sometimes in his videos not sure which ones. but for example he mentioned it while talking about what are the fastest ways to become enlightened. One way he said that dark room retreat for a week could be a fast way to experience God. If you dare to do it
  11. @RickyBalboa dude yes can relate strongly!. the thought that I'm just sitting there like literally even if I was gaming or just sitting staring at a wall they are both pointless(in some sense). the later destroys your ego so it seeks comfort like video games or whatever. any who for the path of spiritual awakening one cannot be attached to comfort
  12. Leo talked about this dark room retreat. I have question… BuT Leo won't you go crazy instead of awakening? a lot of people have been locked up in dark rooms through out history, have they reached a braking point mentally or achieved enlightenment you said in one of your episodes that you are thinking of doing it. when?