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  1. @Kubia Thank you. Growing up with all this stuff can't be good your health. I'll try and cut things out one by one
  2. Im 24 years old. My sister is having a baby today. Nothing phasing me. Being totally honest with myself, I don't have an enthusiastic bone in my body. This extends to every single aspect of my life. Booking a fantastic holiday? Nope! I don't care or get excited. New job promotion? So what! Everthing I do? Still nothing. I feel like the only thing that feels half good is pure escapism. A great video game, movie or tv show. This kills my relationships too as I feel nothing but the same old nothingness. I remain productive but I feel my productivity could sky rocket if I could just feel something. Does anyone have any thoughts or theories or advice to give my life some shine to it? Could this stuff be simple biology with little neurotransmitters in my brain? Thank you.
  3. Hi all. I am reading the book of not knowing and I've come across a teaching that we don't actually know anything. I was given a question to ponder: "How do you know the earth is round and not flat?" Post some questions to stimulate this thought process of realizing we know nothing. Thank you.
  4. @Maya_0 I would say cultivating mindfulness would be my aim at this moment.
  5. I am currently studying for a test that I have later in the month and stumbled upon one of those healing video/binural beats music videos. Listening to it seems to take me to a peaceful place. Do you think this could be beneficial to my medidation practises? Or could it act as another distraction?
  6. @Consilience These are some greats questions to ask myself
  7. @Girzo Thinking on it, yes it's around people. It's not a crippling feeling only minimal and I would like to eradicate it. I need to take the time to think where it stems from.
  8. I see contemplation is required here from all your responses. Thank you. This may take a while...
  9. I'm reading the Book of not Knowing. Briefly, It's lead me to the idea that I truly lack confidence. I have been told in the past I am shy or could act more confident (the beliefs) but when I'm a social situation I experience that I do lack confidence (body language, speech etc) therefore it is true. Is this because the beliefs are acting on me and cloud my direct experience??
  10. @Psyche_92 Hey Psche, I'm very interested in this if you care to explain further. Say that I don't appreciate the values of a girl I'm seeing. She is too materialistic for example. My ego get's disgusted by this. How could I remedy this ?
  11. One day when one realises that all the hard work and energy they put in to getting what they want doesn't make them happy, what do they do? What are people left with?
  12. No I am not friend. Baby steps for me!
  13. Yes I can understand this! Another level which just opens up more doors...
  14. My understanding: Thoughts cannot be created or destroyed consciously. "We" are only observers of thoughts. Meditation slows down or stops thoughts from appearing to us (observers) so we can just simply be present in the moment. "We" assign values to thoughts for our survival therefore experience life through our own custom lenses. These thoughts that come to us do not reflect the Truth. If you don't agree with these or want to expand on the points then comment below. I want to learn. I have about a million questions but I'll only drop a handful. Where it becomes unclear for me: Is the process of observing thoughts in itself direct experience? Can I influence thoughts or does free will not exist? Am I just pure consciousness observing this body (vessel) interact with the world?