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  1. I think we've got to the crux of the problem with this work. It's very very hard to consistently commit to a daily practice every day year on year for many many years, to see significant results. Psychedelics are quicker option, and if you have difficulties with motivation or attention and want amazing off the scale results, then it is an option. This isn't a better option it's just a different one. However, it's not a sprint, it's a marathon, so what's the rush. This work isn't a quick fix. The beauty of this work is how you get there. Drugs or no drugs you've still got to commit. Sounds like it may be more of a struggle than you'd thought.
  2. Abundance is within you, you just need to see it. Emotional pain is finite. You (the source, God, awareness) is infinite. See the impermanence in everything and you've nailed it.
  3. @Meditationdude Shinzen Young, Rupert Spira to name a few. Don't just follow one. Keep up the meditation, this could be you, staring at the pit of the void, part of the path. As we go deeper, we question our path, our beliefs, our teachings, ourselves. I went through this too, recently actually. Realise these thoughts for what they are and keep going.
  4. @Justincredible76 Could be a blocked throat Chakra? I suffered with neck, shoulder and back pain, had some Reiki and turned out it was that.
  5. @RobertZ Perhaps is it your perception of the study rather than the reality of the study that is difficult? This is the basis of self motivation. It is easy to talk out way out of something than to do it.
  6. @Vido Snap out of what exactly? What exactly are you feeling, sensing, perceiving when you feel the need to snap out of.
  7. @d0ornokey Yes maybe. It's a struggle to flip from the individual to a more POV worldview, I guess I've been wired that way a bit more.
  8. Just watched a great TED talk on shame. How underlying shame can be the cause of many emotional difficulties, depression, anxiety addictions, mental health problems, suicidal thoughts. Brene also talks about vulnerability being strength, not weakness, and how vulnerability can be the force for creativity, change and adaptability.
  9. @Moreira Perfectionism can be stifling and tricky, especially if you have unrealistic expectations. Keep doing the practices as Nahm suggested. Feels like you're stuck in your mind. @Nahm Challenge accepted! 💪👍
  10. @Omni Great good luck @Nahm It certainly is, and it's only going to get bigger so enjoy! I kept falling off for a while but lately surf is up 🏄
  11. @Omni Self belief. Think bigger. The tone of your post makes me question why you're doing it, you use negative language for example, you talk about what you don't want, but you don't sound convinced of what you do want. Try Law of Attraction work, visualisations, affirmations. Leos got some vids on this. You've got to really feel the success in every sense, not just think about it. To meet your potential you got to live like your living it right now. What is that like? Goals, systems, habits are the thinking bit- that's great but to take it to the next level you've got to feel it. @Nahm has written a great post on the forum on Law of Attraction, read it as well as other resources on it.
  12. @hyruga I don't dislike self help, I would probably be a quivering wreck without it. But my point is there appears to be too much emphasis on the individual in self help circles, rather than social constructs we are part of. This can feed the endless sense there is something missing rather than seeing the wood from the trees. Took me 10 years to get here, but hey, I'm no longer a quivering wreck.
  13. @Nahm You have just made my Saturday, what do you take for breakfast! I like the wifi cellphone analogy, we get stuck sometimes on this. Talking of synchronicity I made a vision board this morning out of the things I really want and well it was inspiring. Taking a step back and seeing a POV of this was key, there was a lot of sassy art on there, Love pics and travel pics. Exciting times..... @Moreira you are attaching yourself to the outcome. Let go. There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. (Shakespeare - what a dude)
  14. Double dare ya dude.
  15. - Duality of femininity / masculinity - Origins of feminism - Debunking myths: how this relates to masculinity - What can we learn from conscious feminism