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  1. @Serotoninluv Thank you for your response, I have enjoyed and learnt a lot from your views and experiences. This is absolutely about me and no one else. You summed it up by using the words pause. This is a pause for everyone particularly at this time, and for me it is also my personal development and where I want to go next. My underlying intuition and resonance is telling me to observe but to change direction. Keep doing what you're doing, you and a handful of others makes this forum a quality one.
  2. @Nahm Thank you, and keep being you (there's a lot of meaning in that) Time to take a leap of faith.... @LaucherJunge Cheers dude, as a chick on this forum (I like to keep up the pretence) I'm outnumbered. Maybe or maybe not..... see you on the other side 🙏
  3. Last journal entry here I've taken the decision to leave the forum and to move on from teachings. I feel ready to do this, there are lots of reasons but for me it is about finding a suitable teacher and the right path at the right time. In learning how to let go of myself, it is also learning about letting go of the things stopping you from moving forward. I will continue my journalling as I think it is one of the most powerful ways to self actualize. I wish you all love, peace, self acceptance and luck on your journey. Namaste 🙏
  4. @Leo Gura Thanks, you too.
  5. @Raptorsin7 Thank you, you too! 🙏
  6. I've been a follower of Leo for five years. But recently I've felt concerned for Leo, his obsession with discovering Truth and his claims of being God. I'm concerned for his unstable mental health and I don't think he is taking responsibility for the influence he has. There is a wider discussion here about the dangers of publishing self development on You Tube particularly when you have absolutely no qualifications whatsoever. I don't think my concerns have been listened to. I'm out of the forum and will be unsubscribing. I want to thank Leo for the work he has done, the moderators and followers for all the amazing discussions I have had with some of you as you have helped me with my own self development journey. Good luck to you all, sending love and peace. Namaste 🙏
  7. @wordsforliving Really really contemplate what you have just said. Why do you have to attain higher levels of consciousness? No it isn't the holy grail, be aware of how easily influenced you are. Forget psychedelics, forget enlightenment, this is advanced work for experienced folk. Start on basic self help on why you feel you are miserable. Stop being a sheep following blindly what you watch on you tube.
  8. @Serotoninluv Fascinating, why not publish? Let go of the outcome, it would do great benefits to this community. There is some research into small amounts of esctasy benefitting certain people with long term neurological conditions. For that hour taking drugs small dosages can help the nervous system in such a way the person is no longer limited by symptoms. Ie a person able to do gymnastics who otherwise is not able to walk in their own. Great stories but this thread has totally derailed.
  9. @Serotoninluv Interesting, if there is such a massive gap in research, perhaps lead the way!
  10. @Meta-Man I disagree. Awakening doesn't need to take radical measures at all. In fact it is quite ordinary. It's just a shift in Understanding and Knowing. Have you read the scriptures, or studied Tao? That's the secret, but big ego's can't handle it. Big ego's want massive massive radical measures. Why do you think that is? You are projecting classic statements and beliefs I have heard many many times before, it's actually quite boring. Perhaps do some self reflection. This work isn't like sky diving, parachuting or rock climbing, it's not an extreme sport. Be a bit more aware before you communicate some of your ideas. Namaste 🙏
  11. @voxun A good psychiatrist should give you advice about side effects and how to stay safe. They often get a bad wrap. They should understand the workings of the brain and nervous system particularly when taking certain types of substances. Maybe it's different in different areas. @Tanz I guess some people are intrigued by the dark side. I don't have experience of going ultra conscious but then I don't feel the need to. Perhaps some personality types are more susceptible to seeking this, obsessive seekers, people with ADHD, self critics etc and people to whom it is their life's work (Leo). I guess no matter how enlightened you are you still got to live life, chop wood, carry water etc, but it can be beautiful.
  12. @Pookie Thank you for your gracious comments. Sending love 🙏
  13. @Elisabeth Its not about being cautious, transparent or couragous. It's about taking responsibility for the power and influence he has particularly on newbies, particularly at this time of COVID when people are more vulnerable. There are newbies on here who are already following his path, just look already. Just don't make the vids about excessive drug taking when there is no evidence to suggest this is a path others should follow. Or do the research, seek medical advice, write a disclaimer and only send videos to experienced enlightened folk. I've already read about followers on here ending up needing psychiatric suppprt following watching Leo's vids and not safely following practices. I'm not saying this is right or wrong I'm just pointing this out as this is very dangerous for those who are inexperienced.
  14. @LaucherJunge @Elisabeth Agreed but Leo is walking a path with 950k+ followers. He has a responsibility. If not, I'm out.
  15. (Unconventional) Psychiatrist "So what brings you in today?" (Leo) "Just wondering what impact 5meo will have on my nervous system if I take X amount for 30 days straight?" Psychiatrist "It will make you believe you're God".