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  1. @BipolarGrowth Yes, indeed. But you still think there's an I am - experiencing? That's how you're making definitions/ meanings. Think of it as consciousness having a human experience not the other way round.
  2. @BipolarGrowth You're getting it conceptually. Why do you think that you're not experiencing Oneness right now? Or to rephrase How are you experiencing Oneness right now? It's a recognition and a non duality of things. What is Oneness to you? Yes there is no separation. The Buddha got enlightened when he gave up seeking it (although he had 16 years of work behind him). I find Adyashanti's books really help to clarify the above. Walking through the door of "I am" he describes it. We're so used to seeking, when we find it, we often resist. Break down the line "I exist but am not Enlightened" to I am. Just I am. Meditate on this / contemplate this and see where it gets you.
  3. Why do we get blown off course? There are a million reasons but a good one is self protection. Just like the thermostat in your house, homeostasis will pull you right back when you start to make progress. When it comes to life purpose see this as part of the path. You can quit anything but what can you actually stick to? What kind of life do you want to reflect on when you're on your death bed? These are key parts of the path. The biggest threshold guardian is yourself. Are you ready to really push yourself and go the extra distance. But what if this was all an illusion created in the mind? The mind creates all sorts of rubbish to stop you from doing what you need to do to protect you from doing it. See the games the mind places and carry on regardless. But if you need time out, take it. Just don't quit cos things are about to get exciting. When you feel like quitting it's generally because you're about to make massive progress. Keep going.
  4. @Raphael Thank you.
  5. @Opo @Opo I have no idea.
  6. @Opo There is a connection between far right political extremism and far right religious extremisim. This has been discussed in sections of the media, particularly after the Capitol riots earlier this year. Evangelicalism in particular has become associated with American nationalism, specifically white nationalism, according to some of Obama's advisors (this is a quote from Time mag). For example some White Nationalists use Christian symbols to spread messages to racists. There's a good article on this in Time magazine, Jan 14, 2021. There's also a political thread to this. I recommend reading Obama's A Promised Land. It's an excellent book that is not only a deeply personal account of the presidency but also attempts to explain the roots of White Nationalism, if you read between the lines, this movement gained traction over years during Obama's presidency. There were certain groups/voters that didn't want a black man in the White House.
  7. @trenton Fear of difference and perpetual 'othering'. Also many white people have continued to deny the impact of racism, colonialism and slavery within history so disillusioned young people aren't able to challenge and uproot white supremacy once and for all. There's also the massive part Religion plays which is inexplicably linked.
  8. @Droo_ If you stick to a daily meditation habit long term your life will change in such profound ways you won't ever want to get off that cushion. You'll have to try it to find out more. Here's a tip - Like lots of things in life, it's a long road, tough at first and you need to try different techniques. But worth it.
  9. @Lauritz Bewer So maybe stop consuming and start getting closer to being. What are your practices? Bringing self actualisation to the real world means ripping up the roots of what you think is the real world. The secret is - what you think - isn't the real world. Reality, the Now, the experience before perception, that's the real (world). Thinking won't get you there. Being will. Good luck.
  10. You are not your thoughts Some thoughts are overwhelming. Some can be obsessive like a strange loop and come back time and time again. Some thoughts make us feel a certain way, a feeling we crave. Thoughts can become stories. Stories that stick and become part of identity. Thoughts are not what we are. They are like sensations but localised, as our perception says, in the mind. Although this is not the case. From where do thoughts arise? To where do thoughts go? Surrender to this place. Become conscious of this place. This place is awareness, it is consciousness. What is only real is this moment. Thoughts can stop is from really enjoying and experiencing this moment. Let go of judgement of your thoughts. Practice having no attitude to your mind, as Deepak Chopra talks about. What you really and truly are is something way more magical and mystical. Don't let thoughts get in the way of experiencing this.
  11. @Emerald Great post. Keep doing what you're doing.
  12. Every moment has potential Sounds like a line from a cheesy Tony Robbins power seminar. But this stuff really works. Been feeling good recently. I've been setting boundaries with myself and important people in my life. The daily meditations and regular yoga have allowed a lightness to be present. If you truly realise the potential of every moment you have a different perspective of those bad habits and stories you make up. You see them for what they are: stories. You begin to really listen and connect with others without judgement. You begin to listen to your deep inner voice, that feeling that is your inner guidance system. The one that has the answers. You begin to receive what you have been asking. You begin to see the beauty everywhere, this beauty we take for granted every day. When you let go of "good" and "bad" experience - as this is the mind filtering experience - you enjoy the what is. You merge with it more and begin to get what all those spiritual gurus have been going on about all this time. Michael Singer talks about waking up and feeling good every day. Surrendering to what is, is his mantra because actually, there's nothing else. I've begun to let go of those stories and scripts of who I thought I was. I am light that shines bright. Favourite quote this week: Laugh at what games the mind plays, the tricks of the mind. See the mind sticking to stories and experiences like barnacles on a boat (Deepak Chopra's Methuman). Getting close to nature has really helped me with this. Star gazing, walking and being in the wild. Doing more stuff that brings joy. We are only here for a brief moment. See the potential of the moment and all will be well. Tips i've taken to wellness: Daily meditation / yoga / consciousness work Jounalling Eating healthy, drinking more water and exercising regularly Regular rest / contemplation (important for nervous system) Daily creative expression and consumption: music, art, books etc Nature connection: wild swimming, walking, retreats etc Commitment to self development: books, seminars etc Having fun: enjoying the journey and connecting with others To sum up: Consciousness, Contact, Chi, Contemplation, Creativity, Connection, Commitment, Calling
  13. @OneHandClap Good post, refreshing, honest and very true. Marriage or significant commitment instead of casual sex/ frantic seeking the perfect other has had a bad rep of late. Actually committing to someone can bring great freedom. Even if that someone is yourself. You don't have to be in relationship to be happy and fulfilled but if you do want one, marriage or commitment can bring you this and more. In terms of Enlightenment work it can move you on leaps and bounds, it can release creativity and heavy stuff. As you say it's about sharing this crazy thing called life with another and having as much fun along the way. Too many people are obsessed with the surface bs like looks. The thing is you never really know if it's gonna work out. But take a risk and I guarantee it will work out if you want it to. For those seeking, seek connection and love and you'll find it.
  14. @ivankiss @ivankiss Because the chair doesn't care if it's objectified or not. Be careful of using Love as an excuse for any kind of action or explanation (especially when it comes to nonconsensual experiences with others ) this is the danger of spiritual work. What you did or didn't do for your woman has nothing to do with you, this is her experience also so be careful not assume, how do you know she doesn't want a relationship with you? Also this is about you getting laid with beautiful women, as your accounts showed rather than Enlightenment. There's nothing wrong with that though as long as you are being transparent which you are. It's great that you are advocating clear and open communication. That's the basis of maturity and real respect.