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  1. @Max_V @d0ornokey @Leo Gura @GabeN @ItsNick @Key Elements @TrynaBeTurquoise @iridule @fridjonk @SunnyNewDay @Keyhole @Aeris Thank you, everyone, for the best wishes and the advice I really appreciate it. May you be blessed! With immense love and gratitude -Luke
  2. Hello everyone, I just wanted to share this with everyone. I'm a 22-year old I'm about to turn 23 next month. I just got diagnosed with thyroid cancer. They are not sure how bad it is yet but I will have to surgery and take medication for the rest of my life. I've been following Actualized.Org since I turned 19 and it has really helped me transform my life and heal. I was bullied at school for being gay and overweight. When I turned 18 I tried to commit suicide. When I got to college Leo helped me find the drive to live and keep going. Now, I'm working hard to express my passions of spirituality and music. Although this has been stressful I feel oddly at peace and have more faith in the universe than I ever have had. I feel as though this has been the best gift I have ever been given. I feel more alive and loving than I have ever felt. Everything I thought I knew has been destroyed this year and now all I have is love. So, again I just want to give thanks to Actualized.Org and everyone else who has helped me along this path. I'm still young and have to learn about the world but I am eternally grateful for everything. I started my own youtube channel talking about spirituality which you can find here: You can also check out some of my music here:
  3. @Juan Cruz Giusto Funny enough I have listened to every tool album ever. And that song is what inspired to start looking into spirituality when I was young. It was also how I found about Bill Hicks. Which is the voice you hear in the song. He's also on the CD booklet of the album.
  4. @Juan Cruz Giusto So, only to further the discussion. I have already very much grasped Who I Am and What This All Is. I can understand this being a distraction. Honestly, it was only in the last couple of months have I come back to this stuff. For the past four years, I've been mostly interested in just simple non-duality. But after basically dying and going to heaven I feel more open to exploring these things. Also, keep in my mind I am an artist and a musician. I seek to bring the air of mystery and wonder into my work. Mystery to me is sacred and can start to entrance people into wondering more about their true nature.
  5. @Martin123 Though I am not dismissing you or her. If it works for you than good. I will say the jewelry looks nice. And if it gets you where you want to go then good. I am not saying she is malicious or totally self-serving. She might be legit doing good for people. And I am happy to see a woman spiritual teacher. The trouble with a lot of this online communication is that it feels that we almost must correct each other. We can easily get hung up on words and believe that we know what is right and that we know what is a distraction. Yet so much is lost here in this communication. And all of us I feel is trying to do well and be well-meaning. There is an infinite number of ways to get to the divine and each way is who you are. Each path is personal. If you found what works for and you found liberation Awesome!
  6. I did want to mention briefly my first impression of Kaia Ra. Her website kinda gives me a red flag. She is selling expensive jewelry as"ascension technology". I am weary of people who sell physical things to help raise your "vibration": Now, I'm not saying that there might not be any validity to energy healers who use crystals (I've been to one and I defiantly felt something). I've seen some experts of the book and it seems like another way to put the same material. Do I really know if she is manipulative? Not really. But it makes me have caution. Same thing with Teal Swan. She has seen some truth but her tactics seem manipulative. You can't buy "God in a Can" (in a way you can say the can is part of God but whatever). I'm not saying you can't be a spiritual teacher and sell stuff. But why not just sell it as art rather than "they key to your ascension". Just take a look at this: There might be some power in having a physical object remind you of things. It can focus your mental energy. But it might be a lot like a Chrisitan wearing a cross for Christ's protection. It may make them more confident. But the real power is still inside themselves. The real power to raise your "vibration" is inside yourself. Your real savior is yourself. The real Christ is inside of you.
  7. @Ero Yes, I can concur. It's almost like your beliefs put filters on your reality and might actually prevent you from seeing what is really there. Only after a lot of hard work and true mystical experiences did any of this feel "real" to me. I've been very open since I was young too various things. I was also plagued with an immense fear of death that I can remember as like my first memory (around age six I imagined death to be eternal darkness). I went on a quest to answer these questions and I found the occult and spirituality around age 12. It came to me very naturally and since then I have most of my questions answered. It's not like I discount science. In fact, I have loved most of Leo's video which tries to help explain the possibility of these spiritual ideals through science. But the glorious for me is not the "cool" things that happen. But the shedding of all fear and shame. Dance naked in the rain and know we are one. Smile for you are loved and held through it all. You are the whole thing. You are a freaking miracle. You are glorious and infinitely perfect. Be the light in other people's lives. They might not know (or don't remember) what you do but they know love and you break down their prison one loving act at a time.
  8. @Michael Paul Yes as always. It is important to try to see the motives of the one giving the information, where the information is coming from (fear of love), and whether it has any practical value to it. A lot of spiritual people that fall these things treat spirituality like a fad. I've heard some people call it "materialistic spirituality". Well, with anything that puts the power outside of yourself, and somehow makes you less than or not as of the Divine/Source it can cause problems. A true master tries to make a master of you. Not dependent on them. Me personally I've had plenty of experiences with the paranormal. Stuff that no one would believe. Do I need anyone to believe me? No. Does it make me special? We are all very special and unique. Does it make me seem crazy to others? Yes. It's like trying to convince a blind person of the existence of color. Yet we are dealing with this infinite dream. It can be anything that it would be like to be. It exists in infinite dimensions, in infinite ways, for eternity. So, yes be skeptical for your own safety and not to fall in any traps that others may lay for you. But dare to be open and fascinated and you might just find the impossible. Everyone is just where they are at. They have all of eternity to realize their magnificence.
  9. @Martin123 Thank you! I will have to check that out. It looks fascinating.
  10. @pluto That is a beautiful photo. I can kinda see that this conversation has gone off a bit. I will add that I like the Ra Material for its dense language and esoteric understandings. I am not a philosopher nor an academic. I am a musician and I look to esoteric teachings and writing to fuel my creativity. The language in them gives me an extended vocabulary which is great for writing songs and forming images in my head which in turn help me write music. If I have an image in my head I can start to form an atmosphere and work from there. Some songs I write I feel that I have channeled. Meaning I do not feel like I can take full credit for them. They seem to just come to me. And in this way, I know the divine is working through me to do this. After many mystical experiences, I can read most things from a high enough level to take whatever golden nugget there is inside of the writings/teachings. As I've said before "expand your capacity for weirdness to take in all of your glory".
  11. The first book I real on spirituality that got me more interested in pursuing enlightenment was the book "Becoming Enlightened" by the Dahi Lahma. I found the book at my local library. They were throwing it away and I picked it up. After that, I picked up "A New Earth" by Eckart Tolle which they were also going to throw out and I found that also very inspiring. This was about five years ago. I will list some of the best books I've read so far: Everything Is Here To Help You - Matt Kahn Mastery - George Lenard Conversations With God - Neale Donald Walsch The Book Of Not Knowing - Peter Ralston
  12. @pluto Yes, I am well aware of this. My intuition has become very keen. It's almost like the mystery of life has been withdrawn. But you know....I still like to be surprised and bewildered. I can say that it's like I have a little angel on my shoulder all the time helping me through everything. So, I know this is possible. I think what I am getting at more here, is just I wanted to know what people think of this material. I find it to be aligned with love mostly which was surprising. Since I've seen new age people justify some rather dogmatic and hateful things using material like this. Maybe in a sense, I've been truly sucked into this "Black Hole" where no one can understand what I am talking about unless they have experienced what I have.
  13. Hello everyone, So, I've been reading some rather interesting material lately. I picked up the series "Conversations with God". I bought the first book the last time I was in NYC. I didn't think much of it until I saw it on Leo's book list. After reading it I bought the rest of them. I then read "The Law Of One" which was apparently another work channeled. I also checked into some books the "Law Of One" mentioned. It seems to me that there is a lot of similarity in these channeled works. Now, please understand I am just a curious person and the paranormal and occult have always been interesting to me. And I know there can be a lot of BS out there. But these books seem to be coming from a very loving place. And from some spiritual teachers such as Matt Kahn who have direct communications with the universe, the messages seem to be the same. I have had experiences with channeling. Once while on a high dose of mushrooms I was taken over by something and ripped out of my body. It spoke through me like an instrument. I have also meditated and felt taken over by something else. So, in my direct experience, I feel that this is possible. I am just curious to hear people's thoughts on this material. I am not trying to advocate thoughts of fear, aliens, a "space war", or any other superstitious stuff like that. But maybe truly we can be in direct communication with our Source. Also, understand that I just find this stuff interesting. It is not the whole of my spiritual work. Which, ultimately has been to bring forth in me the greatest love that I AM here Now through meditation and deep self-love practice.
  14. @Aeris In many ways, this made me more loving. So, I knew they were testing me around April. It's just taken this long for them to take an actual biopsy. I've had a lot of test done. What has been shown to me just what is most important. It was as if what I wanted didn't matter. I realized life is not about me at all. It's about us all. I felt such deep suffering I burned alive and came out anew. This is why I am giving thanks to Actualized.Org. Because the work that Leo inspired me to do has helped me move out of the flames purified and reborn. Rather than stuck in bitterness and confusion. From this ultimate space of being cracked open, I can't help but feel immense love for everything and everyone. I'm not in charge of it, it's almost like God has taken me over. @Apparation of Jack Thank you for the ideas. May you be blessed! I will have to wait until they know for sure what is going on. I have been to spiritual healers in the past and it has not done much for me. I have found that the most profound healing I have gone through has actually been through this "crisis". It basically conjured up strength in me that I did not know existed and I decided to love no matter what. And in that way, I feel great no matter what comes. And If I do have cancer I will be excited for the opportunity to love myself through it. This is why I am excited to see where Actualized.Org is going. I understand the power of love and it's importance. I can't wait till I'm done with college and I can focus more on bringing to the world what I feel that I must. And I feel Leo's teachings are going to become more transformative than ever before. He's a great inspiration to me, simply because of what he has committed his life to. Another great inspiration is Matt Kahn who has committed his life to love and the raising of conciouness. They provide endless streams of gifts to the world in a selfless way and that to me feels the best.
  15. @Etherial Cat @NoSelfSelf Thank you so much. May you be blessed!