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  1. Well women can be more connected to their emotions than men that’s for sure. And yet women can be more manipulative… which one is a greater barrier to spirit. I say both are aspects of ego In need of healing. I don’t like making gendered distinctions where one gender is seen as spiritually superior than the other one, it doesn’t feel right. It creates almost a perception of entitlement (from a woman’s POV) to a perception of unfairness (mans pov). And both unfairness and entitlement are aspects of ego… so go figure.
  2. I Agree 100%,I tried to tag you in the thread that was made an hour ago in the dating section about preety, but I can’t tag for some reason so just making you aware this way
  3. Good! I’m glad you’re being honest. Enjoy your time on the internet! Spend it well ! May it be abundant and fruitful.
  4. @Lucas-fgm so your logic is, you can attack anyone you want, and If anyone else does something that in your eyes is an attack (even though I was just being direct clear and truthful), you attack them as well, and of course - they deserve it in your head so you should keep doing it. Am I getting this right ?
  5. I’m not that into SD, but to my limited knowledge being authoritative is a stage blue value, therefore authoritative stage green person is a healthy green that has integrated blue, and doesn’t bounce around spreading ‘love and light’ to all individuals, toxic, abusive and otherwise. So… isn’t that a compliment to someone’s growth ? I’m honestly wondering because I don’t know that much about SD If you call out someone’s behaviour as a red flag it’s hardly an attack it’s a pointer of awareness. Statement ‘shame on you’ is an attack though. I do have to say that besides, didn’t you attack @Hulia calling her (in your words) ‘a German hoe’, and then dragged all German girls through the mud ? Maybe it was someone else… oh wait, it wasn’t.
  6. Just saying, If you’re sleeping with your boss for treats and are in a situation that’s getting you worked up and angry about it you don’t have strong boundaries at all, your boundaries suck. Boundaries are what keeps you from getting into the situations like the one that she is in.
  7. That doesn’t make it okay. I mean that’s literally the reason behind any hate speech or verbal attack ever. Of course, a misogynistic belief won’t confess itself as misogynistic because then it would have to change. If you have misogynistic agenda you’re going to deny it all the way.
  8. Yes! I just had a glance at the forum guidelines and sexism is not allowed. Which is problematic because the whole red pill/pua/Alfa-beta ideas are all rooted in sexist ideologies. Frankly the whole dating section is flooded with posts where most of them are rooted in some form of covert or overt sexism. I’m not here to tell you guys how to run a forum, totally not my job. But there seems to be a huge dissonance. Why doesn’t anyone bat an eye ! I mean people seem to be speaking up finally but so much shit gets a pass, stuff that if you said in a room full of people in real life you’d be outed for discrimination and misogyny or misandry.
  9. If you want to find red flags of manipulation, codependency and unhealthy relationship patterns you don’t need to assign meaning to being a single mom. Codependency manipulation and attempts at trauma bonding are red flags you should be on the look out for regardless whether someone is a parent or not. It doesn’t make them more likely to be dysfunctional. Most relationships are toxic, with varying degrees of intensity.
  10. I’m not trying to paint my mother as the victim in the scenario. She carried the same responsibility as my father, and both of them should have chosen divorce, and neither Of them had the strength to do it. She was married to him because she was raised by abusive parents and she married an abuser as something that is familiar. In terms of my upbringing, both my parents did equal damage. Doesn’t change the fact that had my mother become a single mom (which requires only one of my parents to terminate the relationship) it would make things better. Way better. Because what was modelled to me and my brother was that ‘abuse is okay and you should stay around abusers and have no boundaries.’
  11. So according to you, women should stay married to a wife-beater for the sake of the child ? Is that what you’re saying ? I will be happy if you tell me it isn’t so feel free to correct.
  12. I’m not saying you’re wrong. You’re probably right but I don’t think this issue is relevant to the discussion. The discussion here is bashing step parenting and accusing single-mom-hood of baggage and other inaccurate and unhealthy stereotypes. Maybe there need to be more single moms because more single moms means less abusive relationships that are kept alive with the excuse of ‘were staying together because of the children’. I for one would have loved for my mother to be a single mother, because my father was a terrible influence as a father and a husband. It would’ve made everything better.
  13. There needs to be a balanced outlook on dating a woman with a child. Because it’s a responsibility. If you get into that relationship you are automatically agreeing to be at least partially a father figure. That’s why guys who are in their early to mid twenties or even bellow 30 would optimally say no to that, unless they’re super hyped about playing that role (and we can have a discussion around how healthy it is for a young man to be attracted to parenting). I would say no to it and I’m 26. Because it’s not a role I feel like is healthy for me psychologically and emotionally. Its not because single moms are bad, have baggage or any of that Bs that was said in this thread.
  14. @bejapuskas you’re a great mod and I appreciate the empathy and sensitivity you bring to the community, it’s making a huge difference !
  15. All your points remind me of this video, I’ve been thinking about it all this time it’s so funny Instead of all this talk, go tell your dad that you love him ! Granted he’s alive and well, and your relationship isn’t too broken beyond repair… hopefully