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  1. I don't know if it is a cure or not but it works. I did it this morning while I was engaging in a neurotic behavior. Within 5 minutes I stopped the behavior and started preparing to get to work.
  2. I try to see them as they are. At times I fail to do that. They aren't less than me just because they aren't doing self-actualization work. I learn a lot about human nature and myself when I interact with others.
  3. @Cepzeu Wow. Fantastic work. I am grateful for all the hard work and love you put into it.
  4. Okay maybe it wasn't stellar but that doesn't matter. Elon Musk isn't some social wizard and he did good on Joe Rogan's podcast. Just because you don't like the nonduality tip Leo is on doesn't mean Leo doesn't have friends. Personally I am not into nonduality because I feel I am not ready for it and regular self-actualization is very challenging for me. He doesn't have to live to your expectations. You don't know his plans and shit he discussed about his tour.
  5. How can you have an accurate perception of Leo when you haven't talked to him face to face. I haven't met him personally. I have only seen him on youtube videos. I saw an old video of him Toastmasters and he really did well there socially and he has grown highly from that. I wouldn't be surprised if Leo appears on Joe Rogan's podcast and makes your analysis bunk.
  6. Happy Birthday Leo. Wishing you more years of the kind of life you want to live.
  7. They don't like Leo's approach to enlightenment. They prefer Sadhguru's approach. They are arguing about approach instead of doing the work.
  8. You guys are arguing about non-duality instead of pursuing it. Leo and Sadhguru have different approaches. Pick the one you like. It is not by force you have to follow Leo's approach
  9. I am more into self actualization than spirituality. That said it is waste of time to debunk spirituality. It is better to think for your self and test it out in your direct experience.
  10. Jordan Peterson in my opinion should focus more on his psychology practice. His politics isn't great. I prefer watching his psychology and religious lectures.
  11. The biggest trap for me, which have been weaning myself off bit by bit is the lazy attitude. I watched the videos and read the books. I wasn't setting goals, making plans, doing the practice and in general a very lazy stupid attitude, looking for shortcuts and magic pill solutions. The right attitude is essential in self actualization work.
  12. And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone. Mark 10:18 (ESV)
  13. Great topic. This is what I have been studying and contemplating a lot about the past few weeks. You need both inner game and outer game. Improving your inner game has an exponential effect on your outer game.
  14. Taking life as a hero's journey is theme for this year
  15. He is probably not talking about Leo. Leo doesn't promise magic solutions to all of life problems.