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  1. Thank you so much for your responses. @Nahm Thank you for the advice in that situation! @David L Your story helped me gain perspective, thank you for such a broad description. exactly. Huge. I am really worried about the effect her behavior will have on my parents, as they are both very sensitive and yielding. I have to give them some technique to deal with grandma. I have started looking for a solution in the Behaviorism. I found one useful thing: Set boundaries by responding to positive behavior and ignore, to the extent possible, bad behaviors (link to the page). Recently, I've realized that old people have trouble thinking, but they still react, like any other human, on that animal level
  2. @Nahm Physically no. She came close to grabbing the object and throwing it at me, but backed away. This is an older person who is almost impossible to logically explain not to do/say something. I'm wondering if there are proven ways to talk to/cope with such people, in order to make life with them bearable.
  3. My 90 year old grandmother has very severe neurosis and slowly stops thinking logically, she is hurting other family members. My grandparents are over 90 and will soon be living with my parents. I'm looking for a solution to described situation because I assume that such cases are common and surely there Must be some way to deal with such a negative person who is no longer able to process thoughts in a logical way and is hurting her loved ones. All her life she could say anything, all the negative things and insult everyone and they would just nod their heads. My family taught her that she can do and say anything she wants, because she is an old woman. She talks constantly, like the radio, even when she is alone. Most of the time she complains and says offensive things about the world and other people. My grandparents slowly started moving to my parents' place in the village and on one visit I talked to my grandmother. She threatened, as it turned out jokingly, to carry my parents' cat into a ditch (she hates idea of living with a cat). I said she couldn't do it, and then I wanted to explain that I didn't know it was a joke (a few days earlier she was able to chase the cat out with a rag on the upper floor). She flew into a full blown RAGE, called me a b**ch (?!), and came close to throwing items off the table at me. She isn't talking to me for a month now. I was the first family member besides my grandfather to speak when she no longer wanted me to speak. And she went crazy. The level of aggression I saw in my grandmother at our conversation was so shockingly high that I realized the seriousness of the situation. I wonder if there are professionals who deal with just such cases, where you have to help an elderly person and at the same time defend yourself from verbal attacks. If any of you have any sources of knowledge on this I would be very grateful if you share.
  4. Do you, by any chance, know where I can find more detailed information about this ?
  5. " But first hour waking Up IS dreadful, emotionally, physically, mentally...etc its like i woke Up poisoned and sick. " I can relate I used to feel horrible in the morning with no good reason. For me it's about the time when I fall asleep. If I fall asleep for a couple of days (a week - two weeks) in a row at 10pm - I wake up at 6am with no alarm clock and no huge body ache. (8h sleep) Then I need to remember to go to sleep at 10pm everyday to feel good and wake up early and happy If I fall asleep at 11pm - I wake up at 8am with no alarm clock and no huge body ache. (9h sleep) If I fall asleep at 00:00 - I wake up at 10am with no alarm clock and no huge body ache. (10h sleep.) It's like we have best quality resting hours between 10pm and 00:00. How to fall asleep at 10pm? My best way to do this is to force myself to get up at 6 am for a week and see the daylight outside the window as I wake up (it's important). After couple of days you're so tired you fall asleep at 10pm and then you keep your routine up
  6. Magnesium chloride flakes for foot soaks in warm water. :)) Super helpful when you already have menstrual cramps. Body absorbs it really really fast that way.
  7. From my experience I suggest to floss with Oral-B Essential Floss <3. Other types used to hurt my gums:(
  8. I'm really sorry to hear that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that a good gynecologist will help you. I don't have an advice, but Thank you for sharing that Alysssa. If anyone else have similar symptoms after vaccination, please share! Maybe we could learn about different ways to deal with this problem.
  9. reminds me of the higher self call to action (this one on headphones+ visualisation is big for me) reminds me of beauty in the world reminds me of states of calm mind, peace ofc that one
  10. Hi, I'm wondering how to start being honest. I've read RadicalHonesty and I strongly feel I need to give it a try. I also think, that this is worth much more that just "trying". I think that before having deep, honest conversations with family etc. it would be great to first break the LieWall with people who also want to bring that change into their lives. I wonder if ability of telling the truth would then grow so that really hard talk with parents or close friend would be more manageable
  11. Hi, cheers from Poland!