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  1. @SLuxy I guess that trusting your intuition on what you should do during your retreat is good. Personally, for my first solo retreat I wouldn't put myself into a precise schedual. Since you're gonna be doing this at home, it might be harder not to get distracted, that's why I would personally prefer going somewhere like in nature for exemple where I cannot distract myself with screens, entertainment, etc. If you haven't done it yet, I hope it pays well for you
  2. What if I have many skills and that are also things I really enjoy doing, should I put all of my attention only on one specific thing or synergies multiple skills that could be compatible? It's particularly hard for me to commit to one thing and sacrifice the rest because I'm naturally talented in more than one thing.
  3. Delaying gratification. for me it's very hard - espacially with sugar and other pleasure which slow down my growth and work towards my goals.
  4. Hmmmm... I don't like the results haha.
  5. Montreal, Canada
  6. @Gesundheit I just realized : I think I suck/blow the air a bit... so maybe that's also why my mouth is getting dry quickly. Yes I'm gonna think about that next time I do it, thank you.
  7. @Forestluv Thank you very much for this explanation, really eye-opening. Do you know the difference between breathing from the nose vs mouth in general? Some says that in-nose / out-mouth is optimal but shamanic breathing is mouth-mouth so... I'm a little confuse with that. Thanks again :).
  8. @Gesundheit It's surprising how with only a couple minutes you could feel big shift and state :o, even 30 minutes for me I think it's not enough to get the garbage out...
  9. @BlackMaze Well the first time it was more intense than the second. My second time was this morning and I felt a subtle weight release, nothing big and my body also cooled down. Yes with music it's more pleasant, I like tribal drumming or meditative music :).
  10. The first time I did it, I went for 15 minutes to see how by body and mind would react, then I continued for the whole 30 minutes (there was a little intermission to reset the timer). After the whole 30 minutes, I felt dizzy and tingling in some part of my body. I think I breathed a little bit deeper than Leo's demo, but not too deep either. The second time I went for 30 minutes straight, but I had a few yawns and I swallowed my saliva a couple times too, which didn't make the session 100% non-stop. I'm wondering if it has to be 100% no break (without moving, swallowing, etc.) for this technique to be fully effective? Thank you P.-S. - I do the Shamanic Breating technique once a week.
  11. Montréal, Canada