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  1. How to achieve financial independence?
    How to achieve financial independence?
    Read Unscripted by MJ DeMarco.

  2. strageize youtube
    How to have views and subscribers on youtube??
    Okay here is my 0.50$
    Don't use the "post and pray" approach to video production on YouTube. Seek to fulfill the viewers demand instead.
    Look for a niche that is still open and searched for or find a niche that you think has a video that lacks quality and you can do it better. Do extensive research on what videos exist in the niche by searching it on YouTube in incognito mode then look if you think you can make a better quality video or a more informative one. (a good example is my video on Jed McKenna on my channel (link under my posts) in that niche nobody had a animation like mine and discussed the topic that I discussed about him. It is my only video that brings some subs now and then)
    Keywords: (This is the main word or sentence you build your video around, this will be typed into the search bar by a user to find your video)
    Create a big list of potential keywords. Choose a keyword that has low competition. (You can see this at the "About 505,00 results") under the search bar. Also search in Google too see if the keyword has potential there, on some topics they put videos on the first page. This has the potential to be a very big traffic source. Check that the keyword gets at least 100-1K searches per month. For search engine optimization (SEO) use this checklist:
    Use your exact target keyword first Then a few variations Use longtail tags, also do them first Maybe one or two broad term tags in the end. 500 characters max. Title:
    Should contain your target keyword Put your keyword as close to the beginning of the title 70 characters is best Description:
    Include your keyword in the first 25 words. Make a description of at least 250 words about the content. Include your keyword 2-4 times. First 150 characters are visible, 5000 characters max. Make a killer Thumbnail put a lot of time into this!
    I tried advertising, Here is my take on that. Most people think it's just that they don't get discovered. But it is most likely that your content is just not that engaging. So when I advertised my video (the one on mastery) I got some more views but not much engagement. Advertising does not bring a high quality audience that will subscribe more just views. AND these advertisement views will not help you in the search engine because paid views are dismissed over there.
    The first 100 are the hardest, keep at it. I just reached 50 lol. Join forums like this and post your videos if they can help someone. Use social media to spread the video and so on. This is essential to get the first 100 subs. From there you have a low but steady audience and your video's have more change of getting noticed.

  3. not knowing and curiosity
    Contemplation and thinking mind
    The first thing that will supercharge your contemplation skills is not knowing, that is the first principle.
    Not knowing has a bad connotation and this is likely to be culturally influenced. For example when I was in school when I was a kid, I remember actually getting anxious about the teacher asking me a question at random, and would feel relieved when they would single some else out. I feared that all the eyes in the room would stare at me as I say those dreaded words...    "I don't know" 
    Maybe you could relate to that in your own experience when you was young. 
    I can see in myself at that time that the idea of not knowing was something I probably drove hard to get away from. Even if my "inherent" not knowing was only covered over with adopted and programmed beliefs, that didn't matter because my job as a self was not to get what's true, but rather find out how to relate to others socially and manage that.
    Imagine this possibility... 
    You wake up tomorrow and you are charged with a fierce curiosity! Suddenly life has become one big open question mark (?) 
    From this place of standing on nothing you are free to start asking questions that you have never asked in your life. You come out your room and as you do you stub your toe on the bed. The normal reaction to that is noticed, but instead of stopping there you ask... 
    What is pain? You seek to get past your minds automatic interpretation of what pain is and start to look at the actual experience directly, it becomes a open question.
    You then get ready to go out of your house as you step out the door you perceive a dangerous looking person, you then have a negatively charged feeling arise in your body, what we normally call an emotion. You then start to ask what is that? Why does that arise, am I creating it? Or is it inflicted? For what purpose would I be creating that for?
    The feeling then "moves" or motivates you to walk the other way, as you start walking down the road, you start to engage in a inner dialogue with yourself. Then that becomes the question - what is the inner dialogue? Who is it aimed at? Why does it exsit? How did it come about that human beings have a inner dialogue?
    Imagine the consciousness one would have, the subtle distinctions and details of life that you would create. You would experience life like no other human being does. if you approached life as a constant question you would eventually become conscious of shit so inconceivable to you at this moment it would blow your mind.
    Interesting possibility isn't is?

  4. The Letting Go Technique Explained
    The Letting Go Technique Explained
    Happy Xmas to everyone!
    I wish happiness, love and wisdom to all the beings in this forum. May grace be with you  Today, I want to give you guys a christmas present! It's a gift from my heart that arose after months of applying one of the most profound techniques I have ever learned - Letting Go - applied to the body!
    1. Introduction
    It's a perfect tool for healing and spiritual growth. It's so simple but so easily overlooked. You can do it everywhere, anywhere, all the time. Big news, it will happen by itself spontaneously when you invest some time in it. It's so effective that you'll have no chance but to do it. Everything's going to get better from the moment you start applying. I know, I know, one of more of those... Skepticism is healthy. But don't let the mind prevent you from just trying it.
    If this guidance is aligned with your destiny, you're in for some good surprise! Read it slowly and let it be understood experientially. Stick to it and watch what happens. I will try to keep it as short as possible.
    2. Theory
    Your Ego is made out of resistance. Resistance to what is. Resistance to Reality. Since you were a toddler, you have been resisting Reality. Because of this, you have developed some deep layered contractions and tensions that are still with you today. These tensions are right there in your body and keep you from enjoying your full potential in life. The Ego is made up of these contractions which create a mediocre sense of self. The more contractions there are, the more the Ego feels real and solid. It's hard for an ordinary person to sit still because there's so much contraction that it's painful. These tensions corrupt your energy system and give rise to all the negative thoughts. These contractions are basically suppressed energies in motion - emotions.
    Energy in Motion => Resistance (Contraction) => Thoughts
    As this energy is released, the thoughts that originate from the corresponding emotion disappear altogether, the Ego is dissolved, slowly and gradually. The goal is to dissolve every bit of contraction till full liberation.
    While applying the technique for months and years, you'll experience higher and higher emotions, higher consciousness and all the benefits from dissolution of the Ego. The benefits are fast and easy.
    3. Technique
    Stop moving for a second. Be aware of the entirety of your body sensations all at once, specially the torso. Do that for 15 seconds. Now, think something from your life that makes you uncomfortable (the most uncomfortable thoughts make best for this example). Notice that there's an immediate response in the physical body. There's some contraction in the chest, abdomen, solar plexus or other place. The uncomfortable feel is that contraction. Now focus on it like a laser without trying to remove it or change it. Just be still and focus on it. Watch it dissolve magically. What's left is a lighter emotion, less thoughts and higher awareness. DON'T LISTEN TO THE THOUGHTS. They are just mind rationalisations for the discomfort, no matter how true and reasonable they might seem.
    Discomfort => Body awareness => Contraction detected => Focus and release
    You have been denying and contracting for all your life so it might (just might ) take a bit of time till you 1) are aware of your body contractions 2) can free up the tensions fast. Usually it takes days to dissolve these contractions once you are aware of them. As time goes on, you'll find yourself releasing them in a matter of minutes. There are literally dozens of thousands of these contractions which are stored in a layer of feelings. The more you apply the technique the more you dive deep in this layer.
    4. Applications
    You always have contractions on your body. There's always some tension underlying your current experience, even if you're not aware of it. Spend some time being aware of your body (body awareness is key here) and let go of the contractions that you can perceive. Remember, let go is just to focus and release the energy. Do this all the time, ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Specially when you feel triggered and uncomfortable. You'll see, in a matter of days, that this is (the?) most powerful technique and you'll be doing it all the time. Then there comes a point where there's always great awareness of the body and the technique just works by itself without "you" doing anything.
    Even if you don't feel triggered, you can always be aware of the contractions present right now. Just turn your attention to the body. Be still. Tip: usually it's on the torso area that these blocks manifest, but not always.
    Dissolving problems
    So, this is the most important technique for all of your problems... I see people debating on the forum on many topics: dating problems, self-help problems, insecurity problems, anxiety problems, etc. Know that all of those are just internal blocks which are creating all the thoughts and "problems" on your life. Apply this technique and watch those disappear. Then, you won't need to fix your problems, because they will magically dissolve when the energy is not blocked. See what contraction is causing your current suffering/problem.
    5. Key messages
    Be aware of your body.
    Be aware of the contractions right now.
    Don't listen to the thoughts.
    Be still.
    And let gooooooooooo.
    6. Final bells
    This technique is amazing, you'll benefit a lot! I'll bet it will become your favourite practice. As time goes on, it will not be seen as a practice but just as surrender. This teaching is heavily discussed in David Hawkins' book Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender. But here, I strongly point that the blocks are in the body, not in an imaginary land.
    Lots of love and I would love to read your ideas and experiences! I wish you well