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  1. @DocWatts Yeah, money has to be taken out of US politics. “The Club for Growth has supported the campaigns of 42 of the rightwing Republicans senators and members of Congress who voted last week to challenge US election results, doling out an estimated $20m to directly and indirectly support their campaigns in 2018 and 2020, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.” ”The Club for Growth’s biggest beneficiaries include Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, the two Republican senators who led the effort to invalidate Joe Biden’s electoral victory, and the newly elected far-right gun-rights activist Lauren Boebert, a QAnon conspiracy theorist.”
  2. @Leo Gura Yes I can imagine. Doesn't look good at all for what's to come. Maybe US will finally start moving towards stricter gun laws once this all settles down. But haay you'd think that all the school shootings and massacres to date should have been enought to realize that...
  3. Indeed. When he is no longer president, Trump (and his family) could face jail over tax fraud. No idea how likely it is but according to clip below Trump is much worse than Nixon and it's possible he could be convicted.
  4. A unique and worthwhile perspective of Trump á la James Comey. It changed the way I view Trump. It's worse than I thought. Now I more fully appreciate how much he embodies the ruthlessness of Red, like a mafia boss. His constant flipping sides made him seem more insane to me before, but actually it is pure egoic survival - deliberate, callous and unappologetic. Trump will use whatever means he can to defend himself, and throw any- and everybody under the bus. Which in a sense is more obvious than ever now after the storming of capitol. Still, seeing him interact with Comey in private clearly reveals him more deeply. From day 1 in office he has had one agenda only, for Trump to win whatever harm it does to others. I have a feeling he sees the Russians as a much greater threat to himself than the Americans. It is remarkable how much devilry he has gotten away with, including before his presidency. May that all change now and democracy in the US be strengthened to not allow this to ever happen again.
  5. Social media has a huge part to play in all this. Conspiracies spread six times faster than truth. That's not a bug but a design feature to maximize profits. It's greedy orange empowering radicalism across the first tier spectrum in a very sneaky way to manipulate its users' behaviour and perception for the benefit of advertisers. Using an ever more advanced army of AI, technology and psychology against mostly clueless people. Leading to many uprisings and polarization across the world - most recently in Washington DC. How are we to deal with radicalization, climate change, Covid-19 etc if these internet giants are not held responsible and regulated?
  6. This is Blue's moment to shine and save our asses. In emergencies this is what's needed and in particular dealing with radical Red. Long term we must help every stage develop healthily and also not demonize any stage but do our best to understand them and encourage growth and healthy expression. Every stage has its strenghts and weaknesses. Let's support Blue doing what they do best. Clearly social media needs more policing. The outright lies, extremism, fear mongering, exploitation and greed that goes on, not just in the US but all over the world, is building to more uprisings ahead. Some are reacting to Trump getting blocked on social media, saying the social media companies have too much power over free expression. How should social media be policed in the US? What role could government play? What's realistic considering the current development of society?
  7. Lol, dogs and monkeys would never storm the Capitol or fall for Trump... humans are the bullshitting animals who gets into these crazy rabbit holes of lies and keep digging deeper.
  8. What a breath of fresh air! Impressed that he seemed to give all that information from memory. Great to see healthy Blue taking care of business. I know I could not do this kind of work, grateful to have Blue out there. Healthy Blue is a foundation for a stable democracy, law and order, well functioning bureaucracy. Would have been nice to have a press conference sooner, but hey, better late than never, and they sure seem to have been very busy.
  9. Could be as many as 17 officers under investigation related to the insurrection at the Capitol.
  10. @Thought Art Lot of interesting inputs from Moore. Thanks for sharing! So pretty clear that there will likely be more riots/ violent attacks in the days leading up to inauguration. I'm still confused by how there was only about 1/5th of the capitol police on duty and that they were so ill prepared. Lot of questions to answer in the weeks to come. I hope that the coup will be a wake up call to unite and improve, like Arnold was saying very well.
  11. Yes, I will asap. I'm working as a nurse in home care and we are struggling to cope with this crashing tusnami of suffering and death which the virus is causing. We hardly had enough resources before the pandemic, now it's obvious how much more resources need to be allocated to health care in Sweden. I don't see any other way out of this other than mass-vaccinations. It's amazing how the antivaxxer cult have infiltrated our minds. I saw a really amazing Swedish documentary about it where they managed to infiltrate the Wakefeild doomsday cult and expose it for all to see. Wakefield's ego couldn't cope with being wrong, that autism have no correlation to vaccinations, so he started a cult instead. If you have any doubt about the overwhelming benefits of vaccines, most likely you have been brainwashed be these predatory conspiracy loonies. It doesn't take much to see through the BS. It's very similar to the MAGA-cult. If you're in Sweden (or have a Swedish VPN) the documentary "Vaccinkrigarna" is here:
  12. How was security caught so off guard? Seems like there was a lot of signs that the storming of Capitol would happen. Looks like there will be more violence coming in the next weeks and months. Like treating cancer with chemotherapy at a societal level.