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  1. What can you say about a guy being attached to a girl in a relationship and in attraction phase?, or in a time when she loves you or obsessed with you, is it right not to get really attached to a girl at all? Or there is a point where it is okay to be attached, and express the emotions you have on her. The problem i have is i get attached, and pick up said don’t get attached to a girl. What if the girl reciprocate? The emotions i have on her that i want her to feel reciprocates?
  2. What is op? And how you do it
  3. Can you give me any content, or resources that could teach me how to Lucid dreaming? And what are your experiences? if you know and you could teach it here easily the how to then give me the teaching of how to Lucid dreaming
  4. I think of lucid dreams but what’s in the regular dreams? It is new to me that we can also explore the regular dreams
  5. Is there anyone here who can give me some real master who have wisdom using dreams for personal development? , i want to explore dreams for personal development use.. share some practical how to guide, and other varities i could explore. Show me the path of dream edit: share your interesting experiences
  6. I encountered that in the book mastery and i want to learn that thoroughly can you teach it to me? Or if happens Leo read this post can you make a video for that specific topic? I want to be informed of every details of it . I read some of your comments in the past that you practice using it with your concise speaking ability. So you know the every specifics of doing it .
  7. Sadhguru said that our Physical evolution is already finish that what humanity is leading towrds is Spiritual evolution, i believe that somehow we could still change our physical appearance . We could evolve our appearance that will blur what we call human.. so what do you think? In the far far future you think humans will evolve to something new? Like how Lizard evolve in to human being? And human being will evolve into something extraordinary new?
  8. Ohhh cool this really i want to know.. so for now how can i lay a girl while i am at my parents house? Maybe in the hotel?
  9. WHen i think of logistic, a date place super near from your place, i am fixed with that .. atleast somehow you opened to other stuffs, the problem is, so the goal is i should pick a date place where every girl i meet i should date her in a place that is near to my place? Is that it? Or what? What if the date place is nit near, is there any logistics i could possibly do? Or it is the only one logistics?
  10. what is right logistics?
  11. I want to pursue pick up every day, how can i solve this problem there is no one for now who can help me financially, and my ego is now at his limit, what should i do with this, is it being positive in the future can help me? I want a girl now, my problem is money and a place to have sex, My original plan was I will wait to read my book about my life purpose but my ego is now really needy to the extreme and my limitation is maxed out what should i do here? I dont know what to do.. it feels like i have nothing i can do at this point. And even work I don’t know what work i am going to try, for me it is so hard, and in my mind i cannot really want to experience the dispassion and the hardness of everyday doing the work of working in 9/5 . This is what i thinkg working.. That i should do this and i cannot procastinate it, everyday I have deadlines i should really complete it. I am going to be busy even i am at home.. I don’t like that there is no room for laziness or procastination or to break, i think i cannot do it i am going to cry, i am going to experience super hardness, and this job is not really i want is not yet discussed here.. even that makes it harder.. what should i do? Or think at this point, maybe i am wrong or maybe i am just assuming how hard it is... please help me...
  12. how many time should i go out in a weekly basis? how many times a week and how many approaches each? then how many hours should i spent
  13. in pain of? what is your nights that cause you pain? and nights that is not okay? what would i expect?
  14. i have a question if i have a vaccine in my body, do i still need to wear face mask and face shield in public doing pick up and at the club? because doing pick up sucks with face mask and face shield what should i do? idk