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  1. How much meth do you take? Haha, and it is very addictive right, so you can easily abuse it very much, given the bad effects of meth i would not try it.. here in the Philippines there are many users of meth and i can say how much their brain fried up tsk! Unless your meth is prescribed by doctor then i don't have any prOblem with it, tho meth is not healthy, i would rather use modafinil than taking meth.. after a journey taking weed i will use modafinil haha idk what will be the changes and effect will happen if that transition will happen haha.. and i will do concentration meditation technique and i am waiting for me to work in Neurofeedback here in the Philippines and if i were given a chance to work there after my ojt there i will try neurofeedback haha, so before they will scan my brain i have my vision that i evolve into something before they scan it hihihihihi... i hope the result is i am more than ordinary
  2. Actually that is my first plan, once a week... so maybe after some time i will do it once a week..
  3. If humans doesn't deserve earth, him either don't deserve it Hahahaha... cuz he is human too... is he delusional? Thinking he is not part of the earth?.. o man ideology is fuckin awsome!! 😅 HAHAHAH
  4. Oh man!! So much thankyou for this one.. noted! I learned something in here bro thankssss!
  5. There! You said it right tho! Hahaha hm yes i am aware of the addicitive potential of weed, my 2nd time puffing it with my hippie friends in a rice field at night man! I experience that thing and now i said, ah! Okay so this is the potential addictive of weed... my plan is to use it every 3rd day, 2 days in between is for my body mind and brain to heal, and to give them time to subside , to make them do what they can do, i am going to rest my mind, body and brain for 2 days and for the 3rd day i will use it, also because of the addictive potential of it i won't do it daily....
  6. I have my plan doing it, instead of taking it like every common people doing it daily, because of the addictive potential of weed i will make take it every 2 rest days... for example i will use it monday then tuesday and wednesday is rest day for the mind, body and brain to heal and for body to marinate , and for me not to have tolerance... how about that? Hmmm??
  7. Thank you for the reminder friend 😉
  8. I will love to hear your insights and stories about weed, does it help you? If yes say something about it.. i will gather interesting stories here and possibilites for me to try it with inspiration rather negative motivation
  9. Please elaborate, it smells like you are skeptical rather you you know things because you have a massive research about weed 😅.. so please elaborate..
  10. You'll see my transformation in the future man!! 😉... noted man!!
  11. I'm more interested given what you said ❤️❤️❤️ I have a question, what do you think, should i smoke it everyday? Or once a day??
  12. So weed cannot produce benefits really??