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  1. Leo now starts to control every threads posted here Leo starts to be strict.. so yea it will be stop
  2. What i am saying here is connected to life purpose πŸ˜‚, it is something to help me see what i didn't see in my own box.. yes that video helps me for other things in my journey.. about bulshit video
  3. In your own, Hero's Journey.. what are your lessons about that person.. and what makes him/her great i also want to know if how you and that person connect to each other? What are their qualities ?
  4. And what are the subject under that? I want to use intuition to master 3 subjects if i go to a bookstore....
  5. Edited Version: 1. Honor 2. Optimism 3. Gratitude 4. Freedom 5. Passion 6. Strenght 7. Self Expression 8. Self Improvement 9. Significance 10. Nature This is in order now,.. hehe what field is available to that values of mine? I want to compile it and i will research deeper to that to myself..
  6. 21 haha going 22 on January 19 haha
  7. It is a part of every people who's in the hero's journey, you create something that is valuable to many people suddenly someone will destroy or say something about your work or say something about you, that is unspirituality all about.. it is a waste of time, watching that, focus on your practices, theories and what Leo is talking about is basically 20% do the practices and experiences it for yourself , don't depend on someone, just discover it for yourself what is true,, just go do the practices , after a year you will grow and you will see some experiences that Leo is talking about.. 80% is practical, 20% theories or what Leo is saying on his videos.. if you don't believe what Leo is talking about fine just do your practices consistently after 1-2 years you will see something do the practices yoga meditation psychedelics breathing techniques body awareness ... speaking of paranormal activity.. you don't believe in paranormal? Well, if yes, you are limiting the capacity of Human Potential,... Consciousness is a deep topic and have a sub field about consciousness.. paranormal is a sub field you can unlock it through yoga,.. but don't aim it, aim to be enlightened , paranormal activity is just an icing in a cupcake,.. it is a bonus.. but the most important is to be enlightened
  8. Haha eat some mushroom and see what you are saying here.. this is my 4th microdosing mushroom,.. and i see what is your problem.. that 's my problem also... a higher level of consciousness you can start to see where are you and you can also see from that what do you want to do
  9. When we, have a choice no man choose to act a criminal actions, if we have a choice no man choose to be depressed, if we have our free will man can choose what he or she percieve things but you can choose what our thoughts come and go... , haha as i said, with impulses and karma.. as of now we do not have any free will yet πŸ˜‚ Through yoga or meditation we can control everything we want... ignorance cannot be seen if you are pure ego.. you are unconscious to what ego gave you like arrogance of knowing can you see that? Hahahahaha what you believe is your ego attach in to some ideas or concepts that you hold as truth to decieve yourself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. This thread is not just about trump but for this I will edit my post now that debate are not allowed, and videos only about trump connection to that blog
  11. Hey people, i come up for an idea of collecting updates for Trump, because while watching video of Leo on his Blog about Trump what's on his mind i want to see every sources of what Leo is coming from what's on the news or any videos of Trump? What is the news or videos that we can see his fall.. if you are in US it is easy for you to be aware of it, but for me i really find it hard to watch some videos, so this thread is for Trump's fall, Trump's hiding, Trump's shadows, Trump's agenda, Trump's reality Trump's shadows, Trump's past,Trump's ego, Trump's evilness, Trump's how he manipulate things etc... everything about trump relating to video of Leo on his blog .. debate,and arguments, are not allowed just sent me the video connection to that video of Leo.. that's it, other infos that could help is fine.. otherwise anything that could stop this thread by the moderators or admins are not allowed.. please! Don't
  12. Nope πŸ˜‚ Not the LSD that lead him to success ..well infact many successful people doesn't took LSD but still they are influential and successfulπŸ˜‚ And there are people on Silicon Valley microdosing LSD but you haven't hear any one of them become Steve Jobs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i will not say the answer, πŸ˜… Here is the clue.. it took many years just to connect the dots everything , as he was saying in his speech,,,.... LSD is one of the dots but the answer is his ___ nooooooo i will not answer it for you, you lazy 😭😝