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  1. What makes them dangerous country and make alot of decision as a country, they can like i said colonize a country, they can have a human in space, they can win a war, they are powerful country, is it the Intelligence they have ? Their history is very rich... our country the Philippines the effects of being colinized by japanese, America, and spanish is still here.. we don't have yet identity, we don't have yet Einstein, we are not advanced country,,... i dont know how to get there
  2. Give me some stacks!! My friend!
  3. Yes, that's what i feel, but I don't want to push her, like i am a needy person,. Ajasatya said i must be healthy, I don't know how to react in a healthy way,. I understand mind because our job here is self awareness, i know minds are not working like that, being numb? And you don't feel any emotions anymore? Is imposible right??? Unless you are awakened i guess? Maybe i'm wrong, i promise to myself I don't want a girl in my life because i'm just fixing my life situation to have money, because i am not ready , but I can't keep that promise hahah!! I don't want to repress my sexuality for the sake of my problem.. yes sexuality is an illusion but right now i have that right now
  4. What do you mean?? What you want to say? I don't understand
  5. Yes, i want to pursue this girl, i want to know her, it is hard for me to talk to her because talking to her is through facebook, i think i failed to talk to her twice, but i want to pursue her and get to know her,.. yesterday she ended up the convo.. I don't know how to say this in english but the thought is.. okay bye now, thanks for the talk... and i say okay, then i sent her a gif that pat her head.... i want a response that is healthy, i don't want to be needy.. but i want to talk to her again Initiate again even he said bye.. and she said she doesn't want a person who do the effort of concerning to her,. the second time i initiated a conversation she said i'm annoying huhu
  6. Have you watch my recent videos? Haha
  7. I let the conversation to flow, but she said, she doesn't want to accept any concern to other people , what should i say or do nowww?? , she ended up the conversation
  8. This is my channel,
  9. My point here is this is also sneaky move of the mind.. Even Leo take Sadhguru's Initiation... why do you think Leo will come to Sadhguru just to take his Initiation? In San Diego,... Leo is not just smart, he is intelligent and, meticulous to what things he will intake, after the initiation he doesn't say anything negative that oh that is bulshit, but he said in the other post in this forum that that Initiation help him somehow to grow I don't remember if in yoga or in meditation, I don't remember, the thing is the mind can hinders you to go on the journey with the help of other... you know what talking about someone like this is a waste of time,.. talking about someone that you reject is nonsense.. talking about someone that you praise doesn't make you grow.. we can be more motivated and inspired that should we talk about! We need motivation and inspiration to keep doing what we do...
  10. No matter how someone did a greatest things in the humanity, some people will throw you a rocks, no matter how sadhguru for example do the impossible things for us to be saved, still some will judge him as a hypocrite and say something negative towards Sadhguru... even Jesus Christ suffered to that, he make himself nailed in the cross for you to see that he loves you but even his apostle Betrayed him! In his time many people are saved by Jesus Christ, by making a miracle, a blind man become a seer, but when he needs to be save no one do the act of saving him in the cross... can you see how mind games work here? You cannot see the essense of Sadhguru if your mind is still there, if you don't feel someone it is better to be silence, and find a guru that suits you, I really feel the vibes whenever i read and whenever i understand what he is pointing, i see the moon not his finger,.. what he is trying to communicate here comes from a authentic experience of him..
  11. It is up to your intuition also, if you feel Sadhguru's presense then it is something.. to have that kind of feeling in his presense needs to be worked out very hard.. the people who believe in him is many, to have that you must be something... it is also not accidental that he has so many people around him and love him! You can say whatever your mind identify to other person whether it is a positive or negative but you cannot hide the something in him that could for example oxford university and harvard university invites him for a talk ,...