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  1. To reveal to people the spiritual manifestation, unearthly and supernatural w/in us and in different dimensions of reality and become that ordinary Or To reveal to people the spiritual manifestation, unearthly and supernatural w/in us and in different dimensions of reality is actually real and make people know what that is... Or to discover different dimensions of reality and reveal the truths of its existence hmm? Tell me is it now okay?? Huuuu
  2. Hmm? This is so funny.. when i recall what happen before and what is happening right now i cannot help myself , i'm laughing and laughing! And if you wish to share your thoughts about what i am going to share please let me know.. so here is the story: my Mom is a religious, my family is very religious , i am a roman catholic , my mom always buy a statue of Christ and other statues like Sto. Niños, and other than that. My mom believe in bringing a good luck in the house, a fortune , so she bought a Buddha so we're having a goodluck in the house.. in that time they don't know buddha, even now she don't know anything even buddha in a religioun paradigm.. she just bought it because of the lucky charm in the buddha statue.. so one day as a child i am very pesky to the point that our relatives they are telling to my family i am special child.. special child means having a disorder ahahaha because i am very active.. and that buddha i accidenally push it and broke his arm, they have a saying that if you break a religious statue it will give you badluck so the night after that insident i dreamed about buddha and i am very very scared!!! Very scared! I don't know why, i don't remember anything just a laughing budda and i'm scared to him... after that dream i forgot that dream and live very ordinary, very normal life.. and i have my issues to myself always want to sleep and and i have a dark perception .. the people around me is very common and living in normal life one sided and one dimensional.. i don't know mystical stuffs for me it is something interesting but it is kinda okay? Uhm?? Okay?? If you are going to travel time to that dimension of mine and you talk about mystical stuffs i am going to tell you this.. okaaay??? Uhmm?? Hmmmm? 😅 Hehe okay!! Woww that's amazing wait i will do my assignment in math , there haha.. that's what i am talking about.. so fast forward here the first time i learn meditation and going through a process here in man!! I penetrate other dimension like this! It's like woaaaaaaahhhh!! Damn!! And last time i did finish vipassana meditation there i laugh! I remember the dream i have about buddha and now i am doing buddha thingy! What the fuck!!!! Given the state of my life before, it is so overwhelming cus it is so imposible to go here! And open other dimension like this.. oh man!! Idk... i don't what the future will bring 😭😭 i cannot imagine that this day will happen.. and i cannot imagine i will do stuffs that before i don't know that , this is possible..
  3. I have a question , so if you have a girlfriend, how is the way you socialize to her?,communicating , talking and relating to her? What if your girl is different from you? Your work or activities is not the same as her, do you still talk about consciousness to her? Or talking about a topic in your own world? Or are you letting her to speak and based on that reference you speak what you can say about that reality of her? I am really curious about this one... i don't know if you should speak your reality to her or should you speak base on her reality, or do things in her reality.. i will give you example.. so for example she is in the level orange in spiral dynamics and she wants to go to a concert , KPOP CONCERT.. if that happens to me i don't like spend time going to concert like that it feels like it is a waste of time. I want to do activities that inclined to my own self.. but as a high value guy okay lets talk about kpop and i will go to concert like that for me to relate or to learn other stuffs outside my reality... so yea specially now that you are in the level of no one yet is able go that far..
  4. Here in the Philippines they gossiping about ghost, , mysterious phenomena, specialy tv networks they will gossip About some topics that is very unknown for example an invicible city so their team will go there to investigate i thought they want to know what is the truth, but in the end the professionals like psychologist if we talk about exorcism they will say maybe they are having some kind of disorder..for example the professional photographers about a ghost caught in the picture they will say oh! This is something edited or the lighting in that area 😒, if i say something to my teacher non physical stuffs they will say oh! "That's not scientific so this is not true" that is a myth.. i hate when they say things they don't know they are saying is actually true! Specially when they are saying the objection " that is not scientific" or the language of professional starts to communicate about what is the truth of their profession, like psychology, etc etc... that is the objection that i want to have an answer from you... It's kinda bulshit when people say something like that..
  5. It's like i wanna make people see the truth that everything here in existence is not ordinary is it spiritual.. it is supernatural... and make people believe to the UFO and have some grasp and make them realize and understand such phenomenon in existence, because that some events is happening that they don't understand And see it as truth, because some people they think such phenomenon cannot explain by science or logic therefore it is not true and it is superstitious and it is a myth and it is imposoble..
  6. I am going to replace that for my life purpose statement... this is my life purpose as of now.. my life purpose is to make that super and mystery of the universe become lived experience and become their reality to people ... explaination: i want to make people see everything here is not ordinary, and mysteries is not just happening somewhere it is right here and super comes from super human, everything here is super.. what word should i replace to super? To pinpoint that everything here is super even human being, every creation.. cause i want to make people see for example that siddhis is part of the truth, i want to make that to become lived experience by many people and they will not say anymore that, that is superstition or it is some kind of mystery or cannot explain by science... please help me.. ps: even the word myster, what word is better to replace mystery? Mystery for me is this unknown events that is happening for example aliens, ufo here on earth, siddhis of other people.. etc.. i want to make people see that there is no limitation , being human is super the surroundings we live in is super.. events like that eveal the truth that we are not just ordinary we are something beyond
  7. Okay, i'll get back to you,. Tho in my record i have 17 trips in mushroom that's the latest, 1 LSD experience, tho, if you think based on what i said earlier to you is coming from 0 experience, i will wait 10 more trips then i'll get back to you .. i will trip mushroom.. and plus 1 peyote.. i found out where to buy here haha so after that, i'll get back to you i will trip peyote ☺️So i will make it 11 😉
  8. SO can we level up of how we can create when it comes to life purpose? Cuz lately i want to use mushroom ........ cuz it is the only one available here in the philippines i mean LSD is also available here and i need to test it first but there is no Available kit here i am afraid that if i buy kit online , costums will question it.. uhm? So lets get back to what i am saying i am so motivated to use psychedelics to change and evolve how i visualize things, how magic will happen to me just to keep taking it, i don't know what is really possible so i just keep on doing it to evolve .. because i think before i create big things and super advance things first i must also experience and see and change into something Godlike and express it through creation... i want to create something super advance.. that will stay for many many centuries if i become Something and if i create something and it stays forever in humanity, i want that to happen .. so given your consciousness what can you say about that??
  9. Here comes a new discovery 😉
  10. Wowww!! Just wowwwwww!!
  11. Are you the one that leo Blocked?
  12. ☺️☺️☺️ i give you my smile