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  1. Downside of sulbutiamine is you cannot take it daily right? Because of the tolerance, i believe that after 1 day it will be gone and secreted all by the body it is already use... with that reason, it has an effect in that day then thats it, nothing more is it? Or it has a long term effect that after 200 capsules there is a change in me even if i take it not daily i believe that if you are not consistent of doing things or taking things comsistently like antibiotics, it if is short term effect and you cannot have profound improvement... 5htp i could use it every day so given the known effects, it could improve my life from that... i want to buy sulbutiamine than 5 htp, what do you think??
  2. I research about this stuff and several people said that yea it is true you will have a tolerance to this supplement,i need to know isn't it a waste of time and it will not work out if it is not consistent taking it? Like if you take antibiotic if you are not consistent taking it will not work out... even in meditation if you are not consistent doing it you waste your time, ??
  3. The problem to my answer is it is not known at all , I don't wanna do things that is known, i want to start a new dinension that people will look forward in the future, and my answer is not yet known how to practice intelligence.. and connection to Leo's video intelligence is not from the body or mind.. ao how can i ? Right! I know my answer is not clear writting, reading etc is not my thing... is it okay to write that or it is wrong?
  4. 50. What are 3 small passions that i have that could be developed in large passions through training and practice... i have a passion to advance my intelligence and to have a new level of brain function .., i want to answer, to develop brain and intelligence, i want to answer that because i see so many potential in here that human cannot yet access it right now , even me I don't have any idea how and what i can produce with advancement of my intelligence and new level of brain functions, but i understand the question the answer of it is not based on abstraction, i need to be specific, like writting, like for example i have a passion in writting, boxing, reading, speaking,.. it can be trained and practiced , but how can i practice intelligence and produce from is very abstract and maybe it is not a good answer ... can i put it? And maybe look forward how i can manifest it in the future?? Because i love doing things that is unknown not yet mainstreamed and not yet accessed by humans, like intelligence no one knows and how deep and what can we produce using advance intelligence.. hmm? I hope you understand, i watched Leo's video about intelligence before and now, i see that intelligence is not something i can practice it is not in the body or brain it is everywhere, i don't know ...and also i think this question is connected to career capital yea i understand.. this makes me think that my answer could be wrong in number 50.. but i want to answer it.. what can you say about this??
  5. karma is subtle, yea you cannot see karma easily expressing in a way you will notice it.. it is subtle in day to day life of your client... you send peace and yea they have it but you didn't see other stuffs you give to them.. see this point that a very subtle you give to them at that level of consciousness you have ,you cannot see it expressing ... i know how subtle our karma is because i really experience it to my vipassana meditation retreat... have you tried it? You will see how subtle it is, you are only aware to the surface level and gross not the subtle part... You study them.. okay, but have you experience what they teach? Nooo definitely!! So what is truth now is your experience, what is your experience right now thay your awareness cannot grasp the karma the only you are aware from now is the gross part.. not the subtle
  6. This would be our initiation for becoming the discipline of Leo Gura ahahaha from ahhahahah
  7. Sugar sugar sugar!! Hahahaha
  8. Haha! It is hard right! Because it is inner self discovery.. even me i cannot answer it like we expected it right beth
  9. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it is easy for you to dismiss it , just exercise openmindedness, why? I will ask you a question, how deeeeeeeeeeep did you know ? How deep did you know about karma? Energy? Are conscious enough to say that thing? If you don't understand a thing deeply as in deeeeeep and see as it is, then don't talk,, and obviously you are not conscious in anything.. i'm your friend here! Don't get me wrong.. but brooo really..
  10. Let's goooo! Lets invite Leooooo to Joe Rogan's shoowwwww
  11. Don't speak as if you understand where he is coming from,,.. before you reply first research how true what he is saying, and ask yourself how serious my work is? Did i miss something that it could be dangerous to other people? Maybe i am ignorant of something that it could be dangerous to others.. keep an open mind.. sadhguru is a very conscious guy not even close to what your current state of consciousness, have you ever read his book about karma? Just to know other "pieces of the puzzle about your work" you react as if there is nothing dangerous in what you do... i read everything what you said to Salvius, this is my reply last night to you but I didn't bother to click submit reply but today i read your replies to him now i want to click submit reply πŸ˜‚ Just be open minded okay! Try to look forward what he is saying.. we don't know how deep it is.. make this your inspiration to go deep to what you do.. don't be blind about your ignorant..
  12. Give me details, read above your first reply to this postπŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»
  13. These set of lists is free? Or paid?? How could i know in the coursera if the course is free?
  14. Wait , people here and people will read this post... if you will put people here that inspires you ...answer it by this, come to think of it that if someone doesn't know who is he/sha should look up to, he doesn't know a person , didn't know about that specific person, so answer it as if that if someone read your answer it has so much information to that person that makes him absorb by it and he / she will say wowwww! This is interesting to embody and i want this field to advance by me or create new in here... did you get it? Or wowww! Let me go dig deeper in this person and in this specific thing...
  15. Aww thanks! After all this kind of post is for you