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  1. Is there a way that we can get it or I can have it without staking your position?
  2. What does it mean to be detached, can you please give example
  3. Haha yes because they are being conventional and traditional 😔
  4. So I am going to hospital then ask to the local doctor i will check up my levels of heavy metals in my body? Is that what am i going to do?
  5. I am from the Philippines i cannot find a lab here maybe you know lab that i can use.
  6. For work, for Creativity, for reading books, for solitude.
  7. What brand and what kind of chair or what ergonomic chair exist out there that I can look forward to buy.
  8. Can you make a video just for wisdom and understanding of moderation, free speech? anything that you are pointing out here. please
  9. I have experience in Mushroom and LSD where i feel like i am being alive for so long it is not million, it is not billion of years it is more than that. It is not Infinite it is still finite but it is very long long timeeeeeeeee. I feel like I am older than Earth i don't know where my respawn count begun 😅
  10. I am taking considiration of your responses here Thank you guys Ilove you all. Keep on sharing guys 😊 i will be happy to know what information you can give me
  11. Thanks you are helping me alot here
  12. Thankkk youuu. It is not yet clear what i want to create but you know all that matters for me right now is what is really out there. I know what i want when the things like software is known to me. That is why i am creating this post for me to get know what is outhere then i will decide oh this what i need in my life.
  13. What information you can give me here about finance because i will get my first salary in a month so i want to be wise to my financial. What am i going to do or what information i should know now before i open a bank account. Or should i open a bank account? Is it wise?. Is it more wise if credit card or debit card? Or other thing i can do? Just for the sake of being wise. Tell me alot of information as you can
  14. Thank you for the appriciate i love it! What chair do you use? How do you sit? Can i see what it looks like the chair you're sitting