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  1. Goodluck, tell me if what will happen
  2. He will comeback!! Comeback is real!! HAHAHAAHHAA! I know you two will comeback.. lets make a bet! 😉 Am going to give you some empathy hm... this guy is very toxic tsk it is been a while since i hear a story like this, cause i am busy working out my self I don't want to meet people except if it is a neighbor hehe i cannot say no.. back to the topic hmm, I don't think you are really firm to your decision.. cuz i know if someone is really firm, if you are firm you will not talk to him anymore.. there i still a communication.. try to restrain yourself communicating with him, totally block him totally in your life forever... but you still care.. and that care will open a way to make you fall in love again.. i am not an expert about girls but in this kind of situation hahahaha i know what will most likely to happen.. hahaha! If you can handle it until you heal yourself then okay fine you win... but for now i am encouraging you to really don't give him a chance to talk don't let him make an action to win you back.. i know it is very hard but you can do it... After my insane Psychedelic trip it is good that i read a story like this, to read this kind of story i know i am back! HAHAHAHAHAH it is very long haha thank you for sharing it hahha!
  3. Exactly , though i am curious, why did you broke up with him? I mean why are you not happy anymore??
  4. You are ALREADY single in forever right? After all this time you are single as fuck! HAHAHAHAH , you two are so .......... 🤣, why do you care?? You and him broke up because you are not happy anymore.. so move on...anything he will say is irrelevant, you still think of him right? Hahahaha whyyyyy? You still do care about him... though that kind of love can be brought back to life again!! I hope that he will do the right thing to bring that love again.. YIEEEE
  5. Leo, i wanna give you deep appreciation to everything that you are doing right now.. it is really hard.. i know that after what i experience lately in my trip, people here underestimate the hardships you are experiencing, for every awakening you have, plus the survival that you must consistently do.. it is really really hard... after that trip i realize that this kind of work is hard.. what i am doing to myself is hard, I don't know if challenging, but it is very very hard.. if you are in the middle of insanity or in the middle of hardship you are the one who will stand up And really go on with life and face it and do the necessary action whatever things that will show up to you, either you do the laundry while pursuing your life purpose.. eating, cooking... cleaning the toilet.. doing videos at the sametime.. or you're in the trip and your trip is insanity... you are the one who will accept it and win it... oh man! So given what i said, props!! to you Leo!! And given you are awakened as fuck! Like you go beyond anyone else in the history of human being right now.. my awakening is very huge i know is hard.. what more to you.. !! so i want to give you my deepest appreciation, not as someone who idolizes you but someone that i also knew how hard this kind of stuff is... it is really really hard.. you cannot rely on someone.. given your current situation how can you do it.. nooo.. in our own journey ourselves is the only one we can rely on.. we can ask for help but nothing can really help us but ourselves.. we need help sometimes.. do this for me kind of things I IMAGINE YOU'RE MAMA IS CRYING , what happen to my son.. he is completly gone... maybe, to you , you cannot help yourself to give love and give compassion to the ignorance of all humans,. I know that Leo.. i Know that.. maybe i am not enlightened as you, but.. i know that, this kind of love i wanna give to myself that is until now ignorant, and for all humans i know i am still ignorant given your current awakening.. So i wanna give you deepp appreciation Leo Deep Appreciation
  6. I had a first really realization, awakening direct experience , it is very profound that I don't know what will happen in the next days , years , months,that will come, i experience something that my reaction while tripping was oh shit!! Right here in this very moment , there is no turning back! I experience things that it shattered my whole life, my whole view of reality,.. it is insanity.... INSANITTTTTTTTTTYYYY! I thought what i am reading to your booklist and what i am watching is really it but, when you are at the top of what you currently know and it revealed to you something that is really far faaaaar faaaaar biiig than you currently know all you can do is fuck!!!! Accept this! You don't have a choice!! In that trip i want to call mommy for help oh man!! What i am doing to myself ... this is crazy stuff! Everyone can do this.. but not anyone will do it... wooooooh! What i experience is so Biggggggggggg that until now i am still grasping that direct experience and i am trying to shed anything that will shed after that experience and i am letting myself go out to my cocoon.. i think after that experience i will focus to my life purpose... i have so many direct experience.. like Love, (the feeling) and the experience of it.. how i am love, i am love .. i know not deep enough like yours, but from my realization in my level of consciousness before that trip opened me up in the depth of love... i am thinking if i will watch your videos about love but, until now i am detached to other experiences because i wanna comprehend my own experience and i am until now letting myself to uncover anything within myself whatever was being unlocked after that hugeeee awakening i had.. and i am trying whatever I experience i will put it right here in sober state, I don't wanna lose it ... i want to send it in my subconscious mind haha.. it is huge i need time to let my self in solitude confinement not because of corona virus haha i feel like i need to open myself each day to whatever will be coming out with the use of solitude.. each day i am in solitude to let things out whatever things that will come out to me... it is huge that i really want to do that... if you have any advice or say please let me know. I need something to add up to my lessons you are advance as fuck! But so i am humbling myself to someone like you... but at the same time i know i have a solo journey that i must honor.. but yea! I am ignorant so i must humble myself.... i am open minded to YOU 😉
  7. So after sometime reading my big toe and having an aha moments by myself i made a question based on this: given all there is, is consciousness.. truth is equal to consciousness, science, philosophy is discovering truths and the end game is deriving at that point where they realize that is God.. and they are God.. we are God. what is now the point? The rest is about that... if i discovered something new somehow it is not amazing for me nothing new for real because this is me.. a part of me.. a new part of me... okay??? Meeeeeeeh I have that kind of feeling,... cuz okay now this a new part of me.. what is the point so what is new? There is nothing new cuz everything is me.. that makes it nothing new.... i create a computer and that computer become new but really i am also that so there is nothing new really... .. i am creating based on my love cuz i am consciousness.. but at the same time there is nothing a point so what now? There is nothing new to discover.. because the ultimate discovery is i am that , we are can i create having the consciousness i have now? WHAT TO CREATE? Something newwwww... It is not new because i am also thatttttttttttttttt even if not i am not conscious enough... lets say.. yea i am not conscious enough.. but the Ultimate truth is the same.. so what's new... 😂 Newness doesn't exist... so what now.. arggg!! I want to create something to maximize love but, having that kind of truth i'm like, all of this pursuing find something new is something don't give me inspiration anymore.. because it is like oh this is unknown i will make people see this part of me or create this.. but what i am creating is me 😭.. i'm trap.. all i can do is the rest of my life and every life time is like this.. what the fuck... even before when i am not in this body i am trap here for infinity doing the same thing over and over again, to create.. and deluding my self.. create a new reality.. so on and so fort.. so pfff nothing special about it... it is special by people who don't know the truth.. but when you somehow have the glimpse and you create something it is something like MEEEEH .. i am inspired because i have my life purpose but by adding that truth that all of this is illusion and all of this is part of me.. what is the point... idk.. can i create something more cooler about it? Because now i have the foundation that is necessary to advancement?? Or it is something i must deal with?? But howwwww!! How to create having this that is NEWWWWWWWW.. tho Leo if you read this.. i have new books from your booklist to read.. specially the manifesto for creating you shared! Hahaha maybe there i can have the answer.. i want to create something big that will change the whole track of 21st century.. and having what i am going to create is the start of new things to happen.. based on truth... specially in science... so people who will read this... i will give you now the ball it is now you doing the dribble then pass to me what you can say about THIS. Idk know anymore
  8. Do you have or do you know a source? Or resources
  9. The second video the Lady is acting like being possessed but a knowledgeable person you cannot make him stupid 😂 I confirmed even before i come to him to see if he is real from that video.. but still i am not just accepting the whole video so i come to him hehe..
  10. Of course book that is not on the booklist.. i have the book list .. just share book that you think it is great! About science.. give me info about that book and, preview and also the review.... i will be checking if that will fit to my values.... i need more books...
  11. If you know paranormal book please let me know... i need to know more books because in Leos booklist there are only 7 books.. please add ... if you think what you know is great book then share it to me.. i will also research that book and if that will resonate with my values .. please give me also the info about that book.. and preview.. and review... oh shit sorry this not for journal....
  12. So my as of now , my journey starts of discovering extraordinary that is really happening and with the use of my zone of genius being able to see purity, here is what i can confirm... yes real psychics are happening.. they are fake if for example there is a healer here on the Philippines a different kind of healer , he is a speller healer.. so he cast a spell and higher self/ entites give you elements like for him lightning he used that to fight bad witches.. so i come to him and said can you please give me the experience of your power? So given my zone of genius and meditation while he was doing it yes you feel it the truth of his power i let him do it in my palm i cannot express it properly in english shit 😂 Sorry, ..and here is the thing so i that time when me and him were talking he have a patient that came so that time i watched him, he checked the patient's case by doing certain physical checking in his hands idk what is he looking maybe what i observe he is checking if the other hands is equal to other hands i don't know so he said mrs. your case is really physical ailment you must really look for a doctor and make a surgery all i can give you is help while the doctor is doing the job ... so he give him the water casted a spell... i was like, oh! So if the fake one , the fake one will say even it is physical ailments he will say yes yes!!!! Come here i am going to heal you , there is a witch that is doing you bad things! Something like that,,, he will lie if it is fake... imean it is not based on truth if he is lying then you can say that that is fake... you can really can confirm it that way.. if all he can do for example is always saying not really saying the truth .. if it is real he can say the truth like that is really physical ailment go to the doctor you need a surgery and meds.. see the difference? About his power you can also confirm that by trying to go to him and let him feel the sensation of truth, the experience.. the actuality..... this is based on my life purpose.. to see the purity and engage in actuality to overwhelm people from all extraordinary things that is really happening..... just go to him and make you feel the truth... but you can read him if you can read a person.. you can read hin by just looking at him you can intuit if he is doing things based on truths.. but if your mind judge just go and experience it you will be overwhelmed.. If you have questions just let me know i will give you videos for you to see the visuals.. haha sorry the language is Filipino but it will somehow help you, cuz you can see... you know what i mean.. here is the video of him doing his healing.. the client cannot walk, idk if fully or he needs assistance.. but watch this And this video, this video is about this girl who is acting.. acting like he is being possessed but he is knowledgable about what he is doing.. you cannot do shit about people who knows the truth.. You can feel or see if he is genuine or not by watching this... that is the person i talked about earlier.. i meet him there and made me experience his power and i confirm yea he is legit... if you want watch other videos of him on youtube... but hehe idk how you will understand really because it is not english... use your intuition.. 😂
  13. I have met a spiritual healer here in the Philippines hmm a little backround to myself.. well i am finding people who are extraordinary.. and i am engaging myself to do what ever extraordinary that i will come across.. so this guy is a healer.. healer in a way he is saying the words it is like a speller? It is super complicated and all the knowledge he has came from his master and the master lend the 400 pages of missing bible pages damn!! I never knew it is possible what the fuck can someone confirm thhis and tell me something moreeeeee