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  1. Do you know anything about advertising? Teach me
  2. So I am now producing videos on YouTube, my content is about my journey how I change in my views, my behaviors and self at this very moment forward.. I am asking for your suggestions and advice
  3. If I'm in your shoes? I would not leave him yet, because I understand how difficult to change... give him a support system, like go to a rehab center.. or go to a psychiatric facility or psychologist give him the support because change cannot come easily in 1 day and even if he wants to change he cannot do it easily.. don't expect that changes is easy. in your part I suggest you read The RoadLess Traveled... read it.. and i assure you things that can help you to take an action in the moment.. i know that you love him.. you and your daughter deserve a complete family.. i am not a supporter of a divorce, before you take a step to leave make sure do anything that can help him... first.. like give him a support system... focus your plans into positve plans and actions.. don't leave yet.. i know he wants to change.. but his "THOUGHTS" and EMOTIONS is the devil and the one who does all these shit i feel sorry ... give him the light to survive his inner demon rather than go and leave.. but okay it is up to you...
  4. Forever exist!! AHAHAHAHAHA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  5. @Nahm yieee! 😍You and Shanmugam became friends again!! HAHAHAHHAAHAAH
  6. We are here for you Zoey
  7. Really? Thankyou Ether 😭☺️
  8. What happen?
  9. Start doing inner engineering of Sadhguru
  10. Embracing destiny vs controling desiny is different.. you can't control the outer.. but the inner can
  11. You are lucky enough to be here, but there is an infinite pathto take.. May be the Robert you are told that, would not be here, maybe he will become an ordinary guy comfortable with his life, but not happy as this one doing the actual work.. but it is okay to be like that if he chose to
  12. HAhahahah! I already watched that.. haha