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  1. I have this i don't know if this is neurotic tendency, that because I don't know many various places to date girls, the first date might go well, but don't I need to switch venues? And i i need to have a new venues for the second through seventh date or more how about in the future? I believe I require a large number of locations and keep on researching in order for a girl to not become bored and to remain interested in me. The problem is me being really serious about thinking this way and now i am suffering. I suffer from thinking that places is really important to keep a girl that i must have hard work to really know the every places be perfect about it every switch is smooth and i think i should not repeat the place once i use that place as in no repeation forever, keep building and building in and i should researching all the places in the whole country or on earth, the seriousness of it is like me being in the keep doing the hard work of doing it And as a result, I am afraid that my current girl will leave me or that I am scared to be unfaithful and made her decide to leave me because she is the girl who makes me feel relaxed about places, even if I don't know any yet. If I do know a place, I can just say, "Hey, let's go here, I want to try this." It's fine if the next discovery of a place takes ten years. I hope you get my point. Also, if I pursue dating a lot of girls, I'm worried about repeating places because what if you've already dated 40,000 girls or enough girls, and they all go there because maybe that place I made their favorite spot because of me or it just happens to be the one they chose to go. And I'm going to have issues with all of the girls I've dated since this is the only place I have because I don't have many options. The issue is that I'm worried about places because I don't know any, and it's made me worried about girls and potential relationships because I don't know where to eat or go or to lead them, and they get bored because there's nothing interesting to them going on, or they want the sense of leading them to places and the places we go make them feel like there's something interesting going on, or because i have interesting place i lead them they won't leave me.
  2. Former President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos Senior
  3. For future purposes, if some dude acted like that to my girl what necessary thing i should do in this situation. What inner game and action would i take? I felt that alarming to me and what if the guy would escalate further to my girl, they will kiss, hug, or worse get the number of my girl or game her infront of me Is it normal to act like what the guy acted in the video? To get Jelous and really feel that the guy is a threat so like dude can you please back off! dffc596c6263e824d457756fb693cd6d.mp4
  4. Yesss!! C'mon guysss keep on putting and updating this Thread!
  5. Let's compile a list of videos or clips of people you know displaying their charisma on television, in interviews, on stage, in socializing, in speeches, and so on. Let's make this official post for Charismatic people you know and you can find This post is intended to have a role model observing their body language, mental state, voice fluctuations, vocal power, confidence, eye contact, presence, vision, kindness, communication skills, and other elements of charisma.
  6. Wow great i aappriciate your effort to really mae this one for me. I love you! Thanks it means alot i owe you my success someday
  7. I'm curious if it can truly enhance you more than physically practicing it or actually doing it. What is your experience about doing it for years of using it as a way of practice?
  8. Please provide me with content or an exercise that I can use. I want to exercise to tone my body and get lean. Exercise for my whole body to look balanced not in the certain area of my body is big the other is smaller. Exercise that I can do from the comfort of my own home or on the street. Exercise to improve my heart and lung endurance. Strengthening exercises for my thighs. What workout should I do to get my physique to seem lean and toned?
  9. What do you think about the US making us The Philippines an ally? What is US take on this
  10. If we are talking about West Philippines Sea, and the War in Russia? What do you think the right move, is it to have an alliance to other big country like US, China or Australia? Or we position ourself into non agression, what is the wise move here?
  11. Yeyy this is the start of my research, i dont even know where to start. Thanks for this one. If you want to discuss things just comment it out
  12. Can someone educate me on what began this war in the first place? What actually happened, what is the backstory, and more
  13. I'm really curious in this topic because I've been watching Philippine presidential interviews and they were asked if our presidential candidates agree to mining. Then there's another content I watched from a lawyer where he said there's no such thing as sustainable mining, so is there any such thing as sustainable or responsible mining? What can you say about the mining industry? Are you pro-mining if you're running for President of the United States? The issue here is the environment and the surrounding localities living there, but it is also a resource we can generate into something useful for the country.