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  1. Me to i am dealing it , i thought i have adhd, now i realize it is the resistance, i have a strong resistanceeeee
  2. Need for improvement and i want a chance to flirt her again...
  3. I just fuck it up i do it wrong, i will think ways to improve my Push and pull technique..
  4. You are talking not in the place of personal development of "how to flirt with a girl" what you said is that is exactly the goal of flirting, to control them.. it is egoic... i know my level that i need to work just for me to go up, i know how what you are saying... about the self esteem stuff well i am talking to people strangers to boost my self esteem.. and i will buy a book of nathaniel braden.. but i am more focus to mg Life Purpose Course and Girls, it is hard don't have a girl i don't wanna be here in the place of always fapping insert a backround music here..doing it "ALL BY MYSEEEEEEEELF!!" AHahhahaahhaahahaha, nofap don't work i need a girl , don't project to me your paradigm of what is right , because in the first place your projecting to me your mind , you don't have a compassion mate!! I need a solution.. what should i say to her to get my momentum back... that's all i need.. from this posts
  5. Go to the serious yoga, and start there don't waste your time....
  6. I am not saying that to the point of bullying her.. it's a flirting game.. just keep that ib mind.. you said about low esteem, so basically that's the point, beautiful girls always get the most positive words from a guy when you talk to a girl like that it makes her crave you 😂, i'm just learning this game of flirting., haha
  7. Maybe it acting like an asshole? But you cannot just get a girl if you are playing nice guy.. i need something that works that is why there is personal development.. Leo Talk about this how to get a girl and i somehow watched the video of Leo's guidance, i basically do have a little knowlede about how to do it..huhu, i am not an asshole, i do it because it is the rule.... but what i should do now to pursue her and i will get back to momentum huhu
  8. Really? 😔 Yes maybe i over did it, it worked at first.. i want to pursue her because damn! She's beautiful! I think she is a celebrity here in the philippines! Damn! What a ego i have if i were able to be successful flirting with her! Hahahah i know it an ego, and i am aware of what stage i am so please accept me 😭 Hahahah i need to work myself up,..
  9. Do you know push and pull? Haha it is a technique where you flirt to a girl.. it means i am flirting her.. basically you said something flirty like hey i like you at the same time you kinda fat it makes you cute! Tho! 😭 It worked at first but there is something i said that it triggered her and now i don't know what to say haha!
  10. Can you give me literature, i will use this to my research, about psychedelics
  11. She didn't reply to my messages i'm just starting! She just seen my messages on telegram.. i am waiting for three days to message her again.. what should i say?
  12. Really? It is uncontrollable sometimes it is so strong but i am still meditating
  13. Me too i am shaking whenever i am meditating.. i don't know why..
  14. It is the darkside of meditation or whatever technique you are practicing