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  1. If I do cardio before breakfast but after I'm done I eat then will I lose my gains? Thanks
  2. I would like to start a business around coding. I like software development more than web. How much more difficult would it be to start a software vs web development business? Thanks.
  3. @Shiva Have very good reasons for quitting your old habits (write your reasons down on paper!!!) and when you feel like you want to take part in them read the paper (even if you don't feel like reading it).
  4. Same question as above. Here are mine: Quit watching TV Quit video game addiction Quit p*** addiction Started meditating Made self-actualization my top value
  5. @Leo Gura Hello leo, thanks once again for the reply. Correct me if I am wrong, but SI units seem pretty well defined and non-circular to me, check out the formal definitions.
  6. @Shiva In the case of scientific models we have very clearly defined variables.
  7. @Leo Gura Could you give me some examples (from "real life") that I can see for myself? And what about mathematics? Also, where should I begin if I want to understand why science works and what it is?
  8. @Vingger Can you explain?
  9. @Leo Gura How come we are able to predict the future using scientific models (which are based on formal logic)?
  10. Hello actualizers: Logic is extremely useful in daily life, science, and mathematics. I was wondering, however, whether logic is imaginary or is the truth? If it is imaginary then: How do you know? Why are we able to predict the future using it? (Scientifc models)
  11. He already made a similar video. I think it was titled "One rule for acing life".
  12. @Gabriel Antonio Hello gabriel. Thank you. I am certainly not depressed. And yes I am aware of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs and that's exactly what I am trying to take care of right now, the career/LP part. My definition of self actualization is: to achieve my highest possiblities and live the greatest life that I can live. (this definition includes Absolute Truth) For me, the point of self-actualization is that I am a finite creature with a finite lifetime and that I can achieve my greatest possiblities, what coud be better than this? (Excluding "Reaching a divine-like state and feeling eternal bliss" )
  13. Hello everyone: I have been looking for my "passion" for the last couple months and found that I have several interests, only problem is they feel very insignificant in comparison with self-actualization. I like drawing, writing, software development, invention/creation, etc... but they feel so insignificant that I just don't want to do them anymore because I feel like "What's the point?". Edit 1#: I probably feel this way because in the past I was pursuing Absolute Truth but then I stopped because I encountered very great resistance (internal) and many obastacles (external) and so I just pussied out and quit.. Am I having the wrong attitude towards this situation? What should I do? Thanks very much. Edit 2#: Hello everybody. I have solved this issue by realizing that I do not want just Truth or just Self-Actualizion but that I want both of them together in my life. No need for further responses. Again, thank you all who responded, I appreciate that.
  14. How does Zone of Genius and Life Purpose relate to each other? What role does Zone of Genius play in Life Purpose, if any? How are they similar, or different? Thanks.