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  1. @Snick Silence? Man, sorry, I meant SnickGuru how ENLIGHTENING© of you! Have you been invited to THE GALACTIC COUNSEL OF SAINTS AND SAGES©™ yet?
  2. You don't have 3D vision. You have 2D vision. The self is unborn. Everything is the self. Therefore nothing actually happened.
  3. First you ended your message with: "/Snick" Now you end it with: "/Snickguru" How will you end it next time? "/BhagavanSriSnickGuruMaharshi"
  4. You're assuming that the Self (in its pure form) created the world. Is the Self (in its pure form) a doer?
  5. Why do you want experiences? Do you think they will make you happy? There's nothing wrong with going after experiences but all experiences are temporary in nature and any happiness you'll apparently get from objects (including but not limited to experiences) will be temporary. As long as you're identified with the limited body/mind you'll never have lasting happiness. If you're not convinced yet then keep doing what you are doing, Samsara is the best teacher.
  6. I want Self-Knowledge
  7. Hi. Leo in his video on "How To Become Enlightened" said that opening your mind before doing self-inquiry is very important. Thing is, I've done the exercise he recommends to open your mind many times and as a result my mind got used to them and it doesn't open up anymore when I do them. I feel stuck. Does anybody know any other good exercises to open my mind to the possibility that I may not know who I am? Thanks.
  8. This is a classic trap. There is no "one best way" to attain enlightenment, different people resonant with different paths and teachings. I suggest doing whatever resonates with you most.
  9. Could you add a "I don't know" option?
  10. I would get a little disheartened but I would keep going.
  11. @Shin Try to contemplate what a friendship is and here's a guide on How to Make friends. Edit: don't underestimate the power of these guides, they can be of great help
  12. @Shin I see what you did there
  13. @WelcometoReality Vedanta is a teaching, a very logical teaching. Edit: just in case your'e interested in learning more about Vedanta