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  1. By recent video, I mean from 2017 to now. I think it would also be nice to explain why you liked the video. I know it's hard to pick just one, but try to ask your intuition which one was the most important video for you.
  2. Hey guys, I had created this topic yesterday, but due to a technical problem, it was in Portuguese. So here it is: I was having a little discussion in the following thread: I do not want to spam @Iiris great personal journal. I also thought it would be interesting to open the discussion with the rest of you all. So here's what a user wrote: "Changes come after accepting we are the creator of our anxiety and therefore, have the power to change how we perceive and react to given circumstances. Acceptance does not mean we take the blame, only means we no longer feel it's useful to point the finger outwardly and instead reflect inwardly. The outer world will always mirror the inner...this is what is meant by "we create our own reality"' So, here are my thoughts for each of his points: First, according to science, generalized anxiety and clinical depression are not caused by "us", but by our brain chemistry. But let's talk about "regular" anxiety. Let's say that the most spiritually enlightened person who ever walked the earth was given the task of raising ten children by themselves. Wouldn't he feel stressed or anxious? If not, let's make him sleep for only 1 hour a day. Still not anxious? Let's make him weightlift 3 hours a day. Of course, our reaction to anxiety can indeed amplify its power. But to say that "we create anxiety" is a big leap. I would love if @DrewNows would present some evidence that this is the case. After all, as Carl Sagan said, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." I agree that we ourselves must act to change what we do not like in our lives. So will the outside world always reflect the inner one? Give me a break... So children who are molested "co-created" that reality? Can you give some evidence that your first statement? Or is it an axiom? Or better yet, only developed spiritual people can understand it? In logic, what you did there has a name: non sequitur. Great reading on this topic:
  3. No, but I have heard about it. Will check it out. Thanks for sharing.
  4. balls Hallelujah, brother!
  5. Thanks! I liked it too, and I'm pretty sure I never heard that analogy before. I would appreciate if you didn't make assumptions about me. As the African saying, "When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you." Are you sure that I am the one who is cocky? Oh, so I am the one who acts like a know-it-all? LOL! Do I believe I am God? To me, this is just a ready-made answer when people question the things you say. So do you
  6. I don't care, man. I am pretty sure I am just a chimp. But even if I were God, I don't care. Will that make me get laid with hotter girls? Lol Dude, seriously, stop assuming to know more about me than you actually do. What if I was enlightened? Your assumptions are pretty pathetic and unhelpful. Your reply does one thing marvelously. You are acting like religious people, but in a sneakier way. No evidence whatsoever. But, hey, scientists are on stage orange. They cannot comprehend the significance of what you're saying. It's hard being a turquoise, isn't it, Leo? But Truth, man, is something unspeakable, beyond words and forms, beyond time and space. Boundless. As Lavoisier said, "In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes.” So what scientists fail to understand is that it is possible to become directly conscious of that which is unchangeable. And which trascends birth and death. That which was there before you were born, and that will remain intact after you die. Wow... I liked the last two paragraphs. It is sure easy to fake enlightenement. I didn't read that study, but I heard about it. I don't have time to read that right now. And tbh, I find physics boring. But I will give it a try. So here's something I found on reddit: "No it doesn't. Winger and his friend aren't disagreeing on the state of reality, just their knowledge and interpretation of it." Not at all! The discoveries of science were all predicted in religious book. Right... I love how spiritual people belittle science, but they use it to justify their beliefs. Cherry-picking... EXACTLY! The way people talk about enlightenment is freaking annoying. Goddamn it: "The tao that can be spoken is not the eternal tao." Is that so hard to understand? Failing to do so that will make someone VERY repetitive and annoying -- just as annoying as Jehovah's Witnesses people. A wave talking all the time about the ocean will not help it realize the wave itself is the ocean. It would only be a wasted wave, because it spent most of its time trying to realize that it is the ocean (aka Enlightenment). But little did the wave knew, she would be integrated into the ocean sooner or later. Here's a song from Plum Village (Thich Nhat Hanh): And here's another one for people who are always bothering everyone around them telling that life is a game: Nondual version: The goal is not to become a nondualist. The goal is to become nonduality. A lot of people who are asleep are trying to wake others up... But they don't realize they are dreaming. It's as they're trying to wake up a character that in their dream, while they themselves are the ones who are asleep. I hope that made sense.
  7. OMG! You have totally convinced me! Your spiritual wisdom has penetrated me through your words and now I'm in a state of bliss. Wow, thank you! I agree. What a word salad... No, thank you. No wonder you watch her. You seem to have all the New Age beliefs that are in the book... Well, direct experience is overrated. Leo himself talk a lot about self-delusion. The brain is very susceptible to hallucionation. So don't trust your direct experience too blindly. ? You sure have read a lot of New Age books and videos, haven't you? It amazes me how New Age is just a new version of religion. You guys repeat the same beliefs, just like religious people do. I am just waiting for you to recommend me Ralph Smart. I used to believe in that guy, but he's full of shit. I hate how he always says, "I am multidimensional being having a human experience." This is nothing but beautiful words. You can call that poetry, I guess. Well, anyway, if he is so sure about this claim, why does he have to repeat that in almost every video? I guess he think that a lie that's told many times becomes a truth. Lol. I like this quote. It's a real mind-bloggler, imo. Btw, it reminds me of the great meditation teacher, Jack Kornfield Direct experience is not 100% trustful! Just because you directly experience something, that doesn't mean it is true. And it blows me away how many people take what they see in psychedelics trips as true. Dude, it's a hallucionegitc. Oh... but wait! On an ultimate level, everything is a hallucionation. So... maybe... if I take psychedelics combined with deep comtemplation........ I will see that I am the Creator. Wow...! Spiritual people are very prone to believing stupid shit "gurus" say. Can you prove that? Been tripping balls, pal? Is the "Your" intentionally capitalized?
  8. Here are what other users had written in the previous version of this topic: Thanks!
  9. Omg, I am so sorry! I was using my friend's computer, and he has a google translator feature that translates automatically, so it translated what I posted, and I didn't notice it! I I will do my best to translate this topic by the end of the day! Goddamn it!!
  10. Eu estava tendo uma pequena discussão no seguinte diário: Porque eu não quero spam grande fio pessoal do @ Iiris, decidi abrir a discussão com o resto de vocês todos. Então, aqui está o que um usuário escreveu: “as mudanças vêm depois de aceitarmos que somos criadores de nossa ansiedade e, portanto, temos o poder de mudar a forma como percebemos e reagimos a determinadas circunstâncias. Aceitação não significa que assumimos a culpa, apenas significa que não mais sentimos que é útil apontar o dedo para fora e, em vez disso, refletir internamente. O mundo exterior sempre refletirá o interior ... isso é o que significa "nós criamos nossa própria realidade" ' Então, aqui estão meus pensamentos para cada um dos seus pontos: Em primeiro lugar, de acordo com a ciência, a ansiedade generalizada e a depressão clínica não são causadas pelas nossas mentes, mas pela nossa química cerebral. Mas vamos falar sobre ansiedade "regular". Digamos que a pessoa mais espiritualmente iluminada que já andou na Terra recebeu a tarefa de criar sozinha dez crianças. Não se sentiria estressado ou ansioso? Claro, nossa reação à ansiedade pode realmente ampliar seu poder. Mas dizer que "nós criamos a ansiedade" é um grande salto. Eu adoraria que @ DrewNows apresentaria algumas evidências de que este é o caso. Afinal, como disse Carl Sagan, "reivindicações extraordinárias exigem evidências extraordinárias". Eu concordo com este ponto. Nós mesmos devemos agir para mudar o que não gostamos em nossas vidas. Então o mundo exterior sempre refletirá o interior? Me dá um tempo! O fato de os bebês estarem famintos na África é apenas um reflexo do mundo interior deles? Você não apoiou sua primeira afirmação, ou é um axioma que somente pessoas desenvolvidas espirituais podem entender? (também conhecido como non sequitur) Ótima leitura sobre este tópico:
  11. This is one of my favorites, also. Alongside with Going Full-Circle, which is an amazing concept!
  12. I totally understand what you mean. Yea, and that's a trap. This is anxiety convincing you that your life is not good enough. Just careful to not get overexcited. Be a wise turtle, not an anxious hare. One meeting at a time. It's a process. So don't overshare, or force yourself too much. Just the fact that you're going there, it is enough. Don't beat yourself up, please, even though you love to do so. There's no problem feeling guilt. Resisting guilt is way worse. And resisting your resistance to guilt is even worse lol I really dislike some advice that's given to sensitive people: "Stop being a victim! You're 100% responsible for your reality." Well, on the other hand, there are infinite circumstance that made me who I am. My upbringing, my genetics, my country etc. So in a way, we are victims of our circumstances. That's not to say we can't change. I think medication doesn't sound tempting to anyone. But it's like having a headache. Do you need medicine to get rid of it? No, but it'll take a longer time to pass and it will suck. There's nothing inherently wrong with taking medication. Sure, there are possible side effects. But many times, the side effects are much more manageable that the mental illness itself (also known as chemical imbalance). Good luck!! God bless you (even though I don't believe in that) Doing things like this is what real growth is about. You're stepping out of your comfort zone. "Thoughts alone can't change your reality, only radical action can." Be aware of this: you'll likely feel very nervous during the concert, and you'll probably mess it up. And later on, you'll ruminate about that and you will self-hate. Omg, are you serious? Lol Playing at the concert is a good type of suffering. Confidence is built through exposure. It's a "what doesn't kill you, make you stronger" type of thing. Antifragility is a property of systems that increase in capability to thrive as a result of stressors, noise, mistakes, faults, attacks, or failures. I'm so excited for you!! =)
  13. Cool! It is indeed an interesting concept. That's nice to hear, man! I am not a huge fan of SD, but after reading what you said, I will do more research on it. I totally agree with that. Thanks! I would suggest watching his older videos. They were much more popular than the recent ones, because Leo used to talk only about practical stuff. Some recommendations I have for you: > How To Stop Being Lazy > How To Manage Your Time > Self-confidence Good luck!
  14. That's a nice insight. Can you write a clear and concise sentence that defines "the root cause of your helplessness"?
  15. Thanks for sharing, man!
  16. Let me start: “Love says 'I am everything.' Wisdom says 'I am nothing.' Between the two, my life flows.” ― Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, I Am That "You have your truth, and I have my truth. Real truth is somewhere in between." ― Unknown Oftentimes, I used to follow advice to the letter. But after seeing this video, I realized that some advice is not meant for my case. I really liked the blog post following-up that video, especially the part where he explains what real balance looks like. Here is the blog post: Looking forward to seeing which videos you guys have enjoyed. Have a good day!
  17. This was the best part of Leo's video, haha. I missed that!
  18. Self-critical? Who? You??? No way! Cool! I hope that helps! The educational system is disgusting. Ew! It traumatizes people. He seems to be a very difficult person to relate. Wow... in this one, you turned on self-critical mode to level hard, didn't you? You said, "I can't live my life," but you freaking played at a concert! This is a big deal! Seriously, congrats! Many social butterflies wouldn't have the courage to do so, especially if he or she doubted his/er own abilities like you do. What is the problem of basking in self-pity? I speak from personal experience: denying guilt is way worse than feeling guilt. Have you ever gone to a psychiatrist? Most of them suck, but if you find a good one, that can be really helpful to alleviate your pain! I just want to give you a hug right now. I think you're suffering a lot emotionally. Have a great rest of week!
  19. I don't feel you're exposing me. Not at all. Actually, I think the only thing you're exposing is your own projection onto me that I "don't accept those persons as they are." Because I am pretty sure you're projecting, contemplate the following question: "Do you accept me as I am?" (Either way, I don't really care.) I got no problem with delusional people. I already got plenty of delusions of my own to focus on. Thing is, many people come here to get some feedback. And feedbacks are not always positive. That being said, I am 100% against being disrespectful and attacking someone on a personal level. There are softer and harsher approaches to helping others. I can assure you that hugging isn't always helpful. Check Leo's video on feminine and masculine compassion.
  20. Stop asking for validation. Seriously, it's cringey. Acceptance is not a passive thing. It's not a permissive kind of thing of like, "Oh.. the world is perfect, so I won't do shit. Everything is taken care of by God". I accept reality as it is, and I accept my reaction to it. Does that make sense? To me, a huge red flag in spirituality is actually being a my-little-pony type of person. For example, someone is being rude and disrespectful to you, and you think to yourself, "Oh... I am not going to react to that. I am a positive, light and love spiritual being having this human experience." And then, you say to the person: "I love you" with an enlightened laugh and then, the resistance of the person drops and both of you fall into tears of Infinite Compassion & Unconditional Love. Another example would be there's a snake that's on your neck. As an Ascended Master who is embodying Truth (with a capital "T"), what do you do? Would you do whatever you can to take the snake off of you? No, no, no!!! Wrong answer! You just got an F in spirituality. Why? Because that would be your ego trying to survive. What an Enlightened Master -- like "me" (I don't exist btw) -- would do is: caress the snake. I'm 100% unconditionally loving to all beings. If I die, I don't care. I am ego-less. That would sure get me an A+
  21. I am in a permanent state of nonduality, man. I don't understand what "positive" means. It's all one!! Positive = Negative = Form = No Form = Ox Tale = Hitler Therefore, I am not positive, because I don't like Hitler. But seriously, check some topics I created two years ago. I was extremely positive and butterfly and rainbows type of spiritual person, yet I also so deluded. I cringe when I read those. I see a lot of delusion in this forum, and I refuse myself to have a positive reaction to them. People are on a dead-end, yet they think they're evolving. I've been there.