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  1. I've been meditating for the last two years between 30mins-1 hour nearly every day, meditation is either difficult or peaceful relaxing, but it has never been "fun" haha For me "fun" is "excitement" whatever gets the heart pounding, sex, action, adventure fun sports such as go karting, rafting, or even playing an action packed video game etc.
  2. Like every single self-help guru, productivity book, motivational speakers, and even Leo himself used video games as a bad example in his lastest video and previous videos.
  3. I dont find video games necessarily bad or fear it, but it is a distraction, a tempting distraction! The reason why i actively try to avoid it is because of the addictive nature it can have on the brain.
  4. It was the obersevation and feeling shitty of playing games is what made me quit in the first place. But now I notice that I don't consider anything i do as "high levels of fun" just small efforts to improve myself (and a lot of mental masturbation). And i miss having a hobby that I consider as "high level of fun". So my question to everyone is: do you think you need a balance of high quality fun with work which helps you become more productive? (Work hard, Play hard) or do you think it makes you less productive overall?
  5. This is what im ultimately trying to figure out if I having some high intensity fun will help me be more productive rather than avoiding all fun. I will definately not play addictive games like League or multiplayer grindy games that never end, but maybe single player games with storylines that have an ending. But yes i am worried about my lower self wanting to play another hour. The way I use to handle it for example I said i would work all week then once I finish my work I would play a game for a few days until i finish it, once I finish it i lose interest and the craving goes away for a while.... But still its a huge time sink ultimately.
  6. Nearly every self help guru or motivational speakers bad mouth all time wasting hobbies. Also self talk, I keep telling myself "I shouldn't its a waste of my time, it's bad for me etc." I've been meditating and doing spiritual work for 2 years now, I should be conscious enough not to crave video games or seek it as an escape I totally agree with you, I think it has bad effects on the brain and dopamine levels and I already know it's a huge time sink, and yet I miss what it gave me. It's very unfortunate that giving it up didnt correlate with directly increasing my productivity. I thought if I gave up gaming I'd be super productive! It's something that I read, and it made sense. I think we will always have preferences and lean towards things, even some enlightened people say "it's perfectly fine to be a negative and angry person, but I won't have anything to do with you if you are". Your worse kind of food is never going to taste as good as your best kind of food, even if you can appreciate both. So yes you should enjoy every moment but sometimes the moment gives you choices, such as in your free time you can either study more or meditate, or play fun video game, etc.
  7. So I was reading about how we need some high quality level of fun in our day where we can just truly and authentically enjoy something, and that when people forbid themselves of this they fell into this trap of neither doing their work nor having fun. Instead they surfed mindlessly, went onto social media, forums, etc. where they had low quality level of fun, but also seemed more justified that they were not wasting their time. I think I fell into this trap. 2 years ago I decided to give up video gaming, I haven’t touched a video game in 6 months and I feel proud about that but whoever said the cravings will stop or a habit will dissolve after 3 months if a fucking liar, the cravings will never stop. I’ve also given up movies and TV series, I only watch things occasionally only if I REALLY want to watch something. So I wanted to ask you guys what your opinions on this? Should I keep ignoring video games, or should I start to reward myself with a few hours of gaming a day? I fear I might get hooked onto it again, but having no high levels of fun also sucks. I used to binge on video games and then get utterly bored of them and then I could really work for 2-3 weeks on my life purpose but then I’d binge on a game again These days I have replaced video games and movies with a bit of yoga, meditation, healthy cooking, visualization and affirmations and whole lot of researching spirituality and productivity mental masturbation (which is a waste of time imo) and doing my life purpose anywhere between 1-5 hours a day (usually lower end). But I don’t feel like I'm having fun ever… like I used to with games this all feels like low level quality of fun or work, it’s like I have nothing to look forward to. I have done the LP, and all the exercises fully, the problem with my life purpose is that whilst it would be great it’s so far into the future, all the rewards so out there far away and vague , and right now I'm crawling in the mud and shit of the amazon jungle and it’s really hard to get motivated at these early stages of sucking and failing at everything.
  8. I don’t see anything wrong with science, it basically works out how things work in this illusion as accurately as the mind can work it out, I don't really get the spiritual argument vs the science argument, they're are as bad as each other, why not just use both tools as needed in this human experience? It's completely idiotic to thrash science and then use a computer, that's fucking very hypocritical, fuck off and don't use science and technology then, fuck off into your cave and be alone and die alone, no one will give a shit. Don't complain about materialism and then still have 6 figure income, a big house, a car, nice stuff, that just proves you're a hypocrite. You don't like materialism??? but yet you use money to live comfortable, so it does work, this all spiritual fucking traps of pretending you're better than everyone else. The story Leo talked about recently with the warlord and the Zen master, well in today's reality it wouldn't matter if the Zen master is selfless enough to die, that's great, the thug would still kill him in the blink of an eye, piss all over his body and laugh, and that will be that, he's ego isn't going to care about what the zen master has to offer. And so the story only works as a story, and its BS. Look at how well it worked out for Jesus Christ, they crucified him, and then we had Christianity religion left over from that. If logic, science, and pure reality don't work or exist for you then pick up a fucking gun and shoot yourself in the head, oh wait, it seems you’re not selfless and enlightened enough, it seems when it comes down to it, you really do believe in bullets and objects. Honestly you really shouldn't be here if these things are a problem for you, you should be in Asia somewhere, in a temple where you relinquished technology, internet, and money, NOT being a hypocrite is a good start. When the illusion is all you have then that makes the illusion as real as it can be, you still play the fucking game, you still follow the rules of reality, you're still in a human perspective playing the game of illusion as best as a human can play it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'll add this from an excellent documentary: You are not in prison, you are the prison. The prison is an illusion. If you are identified with an illusory self, then you are asleep. Once you are aware of the prison, if you fight to get out of the illusion, then you are treating the illusion as if its real and you still remain asleep, except now the dream becomes a nightmare. You will be chasing and running away from shadows forever. Samadhi is awakening from the dream of the separate self or the egoic construct. Samadhi is awakening from the identification with the prison that i call me. You can never actually be free, because wherever you go your prison is there. Awakening is not about getting rid of the mind or the matrix, on the contrary, when you are not identified with it, then you can experience the play of life more fully, enjoying the show as it is without craving or fear.
  9. Don't try to force yourself to be in any way, don't try to be spiritual, just be how you are in this moment, how ever you feel. You have every right to be emotional now and react in your way. If you need to shout, go and shout at the top of your lungs somewhere you freely can, if you need to cry go cry somewhere, if you need to greive go greive somewhere, you're entitled to all those things, just don't hurt other beings whilst doing them, this is alone time for you. If you need to go speak to someone or hug them go do that instead. Right now you're in a shit storm in the middle of the sea, everything is going to be rough, hard, and painful, you need to ride out the storm. You need to be willing to get hurt, and to go through the pain and try to survive the storm, you will find peace one day. You can't suffer forever even if you wanted to or tried to, so just ride out the pain for now. Be aware of your emotions and feelings, be faithful to yourself, if you're angry reconize it and admit it to yourself, if you're sad reconize it and admit it to yourself. Watch your emotions, feel them and contemplate on them. Like Leo said in his lastest video life isn't easy. We do our best to get by on. You're not here forever, we all have probably less than 100 years on this planet so we do what we can then we all die and go back to the same place we came from. I know words cannot help you right now, but just ride out the storm, as long as it takes, until you are ok with life again.
  10. Guy talks about magic and you're falling head over heels already......
  11. @Young Padawan It's two different approaches, we are spoilt rotten with the amount of content we have these days. Leo's motivation is different it's more like a logical one sided discussion. But yeah I have a lot of fast pick me up motivaton videos playlist like these that give a kick up the ass: There's even spiritual motivational videos now which are cool too!
  12. So I was happy to see a new video was released especially about motivation/productivty it's been a while... "Motivational Speech For Building A Passionate Life" I accidentally clicked around this timeframe as I moved my cursor around the screen. Good talk Leo! already pumped with motivation, hope you all find it as useful as I did
  13. Asking this question on Actualized forums is ridiculous, obviously you're going to get biased opinions. It's like going onto any businesses forums and asking their fans/customers if its worth it lol. I saw similar threads on reddit but people where inclined to say otherwise than the usual "yes!" Someone said it's absurd to even sell a book recommendation considering many people recommend books for free, I know Leo includes audio reviews etc, so no need to go all defensive justifying his product. It really depends on you, if you need the information, and you're going to take action and it changes your life, then YES its worth it, it could be priceless depending on how it changes your future. However if you're going to buy it and you already know most of that stuff or you're not going to finish it or take action then it's easily a lot of wasted $$$. A lot of people buy products thinking its going to fix allllllll their problems, nope like I think Leo says in his videos the majority of people are not going to do it, how many people are living their life purpose? Not many.... you know why? its not because they don't want it, it's because they dont want / can't put the work in, they want it served up on a plate. So my biggest recommendation is make sure you're up for the grind, the hard work, and time and commitment before you buy such a product. The life purpose course is very long and it's not even the start of your life purpose, it's just the theory/planning before you set off to build the foundation.
  14. He has mentioned shutting it down a few times, it's still valuable for people who are stuck in the most earliest stages of theory / mind though. Its just important to not get stuck in mental masturbation, that is probably one of the BIGGEST traps with spirituality and self-development. After some decent understanding of what you should be doing/practicing, the forums become a distraction.
  15. You don't need any of that, those are ALL distractions. Again I'll compare it to art, because it's an easy example to demonstrate the process of mastering something... You only need 1 good book or 1 good video tutorial to tell you have to draw hands... then you go into a cabin in the woods and you draw 1 million hands you will get good, no doubt, you'll probably be a mastery of drawing hands, from imgination, from copying, etc. Now if you just watch tutorial after tutorial, book after book, forum post after forum talking, just talking about shit but never practicing, even if you do 10 drawings a week, you're going to suck at drawing hands. It's simple. That's why Leo says don't just watch my videos, go do the practice, you should practice more than theory. He says dont just watch my videos or life purpose, then go start watching another course, TAKE ACTION. Most of us know exactly what we need to be doing on our journey to self discovery, but we just hang on here and talk shit for the rest of our lives, just like the artist who likes to talk shit but hardly draw, you're not going to get the results. So if you're not doing a 1/50 ratio of practice, then really we shouldn't be on the forums.