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  1. Becareful with watching all the time, if its entertainment or mental masturbation then there's no difference between watching Leo's videos or watching Funny cat videos, besides the fact that your ego thinks it's progressing somewhere. Leo has said it himself, multiple times, for every theory / video you should be practicing and taking action 1/50 or 1/100 ratio (can't remember the exact number right now). If all you're doing is watching videos with little excercise or practice I'm sorry to say but you're wasting your time, just as much as someone playing video games or watching a tv series, all that's changed is your concept of what's a waste or time or not, you chose to validate Leo's videos as more worth while due to some BS reasoning and concept in your mind. Leo pumps out videos every week to build his business, the videos are free, but ads + subs, + growing his fanbase for targetted marketing are all are good ways to conduct business. Leo's videos are never ending, they will stop when he chooses to stop creating, otherwise he will talk forever, also Leo points out he's not perfect and has to follow his own lessons sometimes, we all know what the ideal robotic person should be doing, the right thing all the time, that's not how life is though. What I'm trying to say is if you're watching all his videos you're probably being anal and trying to be perfect, and your life will be miserable, find what issues you're having right now in life and look for solutions to those problems, along with some time outs for mediation, self enquiry, and no distraction peroids and you'll be fine. Now you might not be a spiritual person, but sitting down in a quiet room and just letting your mind unwind and go through all the thinking and motions of the day can help tremendously rather than rushing through everything and soley thinking about results.
  2. @NicAndStuff I'll tell you a story my father once told me . There was a guy at the local pub that didn't like my father much for one reason or another, after getting a bit drunk this guy started to yell to my father "Son of a whore" in front of others, and my father would get upset but try to play it down. Once outside my father got tired of this guy calling him a "son of a whore" so he warned him, if he does it again he will get a beating. So the guy yells it at his face, and pow my father punches him straight in the face, he goes down and whacks his head on the pavement very hard. At this point my father is shitting a brick, thinking he might have just manslaughtered someone because he hit his head so hard on the pavement. A few seconds later the guy gets up nose bleeding, head bleeding, and screams more loud than ever "YOU F**KING SON OF A WHORE". At that point my father didn't know what to do, he would literally have to kill the guy to stop the disrespect, but he was just happy enough he wasn't go to jail any time soon. You can't stop disrespect from ever occuring again in the future, you could try to fight every single time someone does it to you, or you could let it slide and forget it about it as soon as you can. We all get butthurt when someone does something nasty towards us, its more about how fast you can let it go, especially if that random stranger is no longer in your life. And yes, in some situations fighting back might be the best solution... but if you going to fight make sure it's worth a fight, save your energy and resources for the worth while ones.
  3. Like I said pick your battles carefully... I let most of it slide because it's just stupid shit people do and not worth fighting for. In your case I probably would have just confronted the guy about how he spoke to your brother, but again try to read the situation, how aggressive does he look? Do you think he would attack you? Does he look like a thug? Could you take him on, or defend yourself from him? Would the people on the bus help you worse case? It's also normal to feel angry, it's how most people would feel/react. The other thing you can do is hit the gym and get into fighting sports, and smash people's faces whenever they disrespect you, but you'll probably end up with criminal records and maybe some prison time after all that dedication and effort, you might even get stabbed or shot in retaliation. There's nothing you can do to stop new people from disrespecting you again in the future.
  4. There are infinite amount of assholes in society. I'm a 6.2 feet athletic build guy and if I had to fight everytime someone I don't know disrespected me I'd be fighting everyday, it's a losing battle. So I'd say pick your battles carefully, whether it's really needed (protecting your own life) or if it's really important to you (something that is priceless and can't be replaced). And yeah the cause of assholes is just overpopulation, the more people there are in the world the more the % odds increase that something negative will happen to you, neutral and good people stick to themselves and go unnoticed but bad people come looking for you or looking for trouble. I'm really not sure why overpopulation and increase in population isn't the number #1 problem that everyone should be tackling right now. Just imagine what your city would be like if it doubled up in the next 50-100 years.
  5. Video games are great, they are intensely fun, a quick escape, cheap, and low effort. But they are also usually designed to be very addictive, and time consuming and ultimately pointless. A lot of the time it's not about you as much as it's about making money for the developers, online games with competition for example are usually very addictive but not as pleasurable as you may think, you need to be brutally honest with yourself and measure your joy levels whilst playing these online games to realise a lot of it is just frustration and anger mixed with addiction to be better than the other guy (like as if it really matters). Sometimes they are just outright boring because you realise the cheap mechanics of repetition and grind which are designed to waste your time, making you spend hours and hours on the same content. If you're one of those people who can't play video games 1-2 hours every now and then, and indulge too much then its best to put it away for good, yes forever, because every time you pick it up again you're destroying all the work and effort you did to stop playing it in the first place. If it's your career and you make lots of money from it and you actually enjoy spending 90% of your reality playing in very limited worlds of video games, then of course all is well. Also it depends on the type of games you play, if you play slow paced, relaxing games that you can pick up and play for a few minutes and put away then it probably won't effect your mind or meditation practice, but everything else, especially fast pace games that will make you excited, agitated, frustrated, etc, will definately effect your meditation habits.
  6. This thread is BS. Why do anything in life? Why ever watch another movie ever again? Or read threads in a forum? Or do any fun activity ever again, why do anything at all to be honest, just eat, sleep, shit and die. Watching Leo's videos is part of the dance you speak of, just like everything else, and so your question becomes redundant.
  7. Yeah it's not that simple either. You're not your senses, nor the experience itself. To improve one's life one must increase consciousness and be in the present, but that's not you either. Being present doesn't matter either, being enlightened doesn't matter, because once dead anything you did in the human form you didn't actually do, because you no longer existed, if you don't exist then it's like it never happened, it's all gone, including this planet, reality and whatever story is unfolding now. So yeah you don't exist, even in this moment at all, and yet it is contradicted continuously only by your ability to judge this moment and say you're witnessing something. Bizarre huh. These things like your name, and Social number etc. are functioning for the purposes they were designed for, when someone wants your attention they call out your name. Yes language is a made up thing and yet you used it to convey your message, that's all language is intended for anyway. One thing rings true more than anything in my practices, and that is I'm infinitely growing ignorant, ultimately/fundamentally nothing makes sense. If you watch Leo's videos he basically says the same thing, everything is infinitely complex, and we don't understand anything on fundamental levels, its paradoxes and never ending, it's beyond us. What does this translate to? Nothing it's pointless and cannot be used by the ego for any purpose really, but it is being brutally honest with yourself, which is something most people don't do. The closes you will get to your true self is if you sit and meditate quietly and naturally silence all thoughts for a period of time that you actually stop existing, hours might go by without you realising, and when you come back to your senses you will know the place where you went is your true self, and beyond the understanding of the ego. These days when I wake up in the morning I feel like I'm actually leaving my peaceful true self and entering a dream, a playground, I feel like I'm being reborn everyday only with memories to recall and a role to play, one day i'll probably wake up as a brand new thing.
  8. Please watch this video like 5 times to fully grasp the idea. At 8:06 he even goes into coin flipping. Just because you can move your arm the way you want, or make choices, or flip a coin to force choices and then give up half way because of "freewill" does not prove freewill. Every single thing you're doing is an accumulation. Do you want me to link videos of sadhguru, and eckhart tolle, and osho also indirectly denying freewil Besides if you think you have freewill then go out and be free why keep making post after post trying to convince people???
  9. Nahm this is not how free will works, lmao.
  10. I'm not one to verify if someone is enlightened or not, but calling him out on his status of enlightenment just because he had an opinion on psychedelics is kind of being butthurt about his opinion, to be fair I didn't see anything wrong with the video.
  11. @pluto Stop being butthurt just because he's not overly enthusiastic to approve the use of psychedelics to stroke your ego. I haven't seen a single person on this world who doesn't have an opinion about something or another, including these guru's. Someone would have to not speak at all to not butthurt anyone in this world, you can be overly nice and someone out there will call you out as fake, twisted, mentally ill, stupid, etc.
  12. You're over complicating things. If you want to follow a thought put awareness into it, if you dont remove awareness away from it. There is no right or wrong. Spirituality is the most simple thing, but so hard for most, because they have to "keep doing things" and "keep thinking". Here's how you practice spirituality: go sit in a room and meditate for most of the day. You can do whatever you want, as long as you sit alone, in a quiet room without any distractions or entertainment. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE YOU NEED TO DO. Imagine if a footballer came onto a forum and talk shit about being a professional footballer all day long, and when you ask him how much practice he did, he said "oh like 20mins or so" you'd laugh so hard at him and see how futile he's being right, on top of wasting his day talking shit about football right?
  13. Because non-existence is as ridiculous as existence itself. Polar opposites, you can't have one without the other. You are co-existing with something and nothing right now.
  14. @Nahm I have seen the random number generator, and a documentary attached to it, and I think it also went onto how pointless and meaningless it was as it didn’t actually prove anything I cba to find the video now. I've also practiced positive consciousness on water test, it was pointless and the positive water went rotten before the negative one did, it was effected by external bacteria not consciousness as I proved it in a self-experiment. At the time I was very optimistic and had full belief it would work, reality however is much more complex. At the end of a Dr. Masaru Emoto documentary they actually concluded that water at cold temperatures is easily able to be manipulated hence how he could crystalize great patterns and destroy patterns to get ugly messes, they couldn't replicate it accurately and it became pseudo-science, although everyone agrees that positive thinking is better than negative thinking. And I am not being bad but self-actualizing or growing is part of the "thinking mind" and "ego", the desire for freewill is wanting to feel "in control". Other animals and livings things are "simply being" if you lost your ability to think constructive thoughts you wouldn't care about "freewill". I think when you're enlightened all that is shattered too, life becomes an absolute joke that you're free from. In one of his videos Sadhguru says he spends most of his time in quiet place "not thinking" that's his best go to activity, other times he enjoy playing golf, and other times he gets called out to these conferences and talk shows. You say you're detached but you seem pretty attached to the idea of free will. Yes you're consciousness and you're here to observe only, everything else is Maya, an illusion. Life’s a joke, get it already! But feel free to do whatever you want, even if that’s to believe you are free and you want to actualize! The body and mind will do whatever it's destined to do, and you will observe, but the illusion will feel as real as real can get.