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  1. Only saw 1 episode of Westworld but looks promising, a world where they use robots to create a fantasy role play kind of environment like VR. Recently watched this creative anime, it's about a guy who keeps randomly going back in time, and using his oppurtunity to stop a child murderer. It's a short series, 12 episodes or something I ended up watching all 12 episodes in two sittings, and I haven't really been watching anime in the recent years.
  2. You're just being childish and pointing out unnecessary and obvious distinctions between "talking" and "typing" looking for any little arguement where you can win. I don't know Jim Carrey personally or his personal life so can't say much about him. But I do know that not much comes lower than negative, judgy people, who bad mouth others in their free time with nothing better to do. That's already as low as low can get. But whatever right? You're right because you said so, and you only care about what you say, because that's absolute truth and everyone else is wrong.
  3. @smd There is so much wrong with your thought process that you have expressed here, it's not even worth trying to point it all out to you. Take a chill pill, go meditate, and talk less, and stop expecting the world to be like how you want it, because something unimportant rubbed you the wrong way.
  4. Calling it! I think he committed suicide because no matter how much he talks about distractions, addictions, mental masturbation, procrastination, neediness, taking action, practice, or any of his spiritual videos, it just goes through one ear and out the other it seems, it's all in vain. He knows it too! he keeps saying shit like 99% of you won't do this, or 99% of you will fail this. You have all let Leo down..... for shame.....
  5. This a video from 2009 - 8 years ago when Jim had a spiritual insight. Yea he's "new" to all this, you point it out like a fact. You seem to really have something agaisn't Jim Carrey without actually knowing any real facts. Try to keep an open mind about what the truth might be. God forbid you ever date a deranged person who screws you over after a row or argument, and bad mouths you to their family, friends, and everyone publicly, about things that might be true or might not be true. "Errr... he said he didn't have STDS" is not a good enough reason not to use a condom or at least have an STD check, my g/f wasn't having none of it until I had my tests. Some people take stupid actions and then don't accept the consquences.
  6. Jim has been into spirituality for a while so I really doubt this is all a way to market something. Why has Jim lost his shit? Why does he need to catch himself? All these spiritual people that have had enlightenment experiences, you do realise every time they run their mouths there is potential to butt hurt others right? For example sadhguru's opinion on overpopulation, etc. in another thread someone was complaining that mooji was condemning drugs for spiritual use (I didn't intrepret his speech in that way). The fact that spirituality doesn't sit hand in hand with religions could also offend people, you'll be suprised how offended and mad people get when you tell them you're god, or they're are god, that everything is one, they might even want to beat the crap out of you for comparing yourself to God.
  7. Ironic because: 1) Most of the people here on this forum is basically saying the same stuff as Jim... everyone just paraphrasing with their own style. 2) Maybe Jim is doing what he wants and handling things the best way he can, that makes him happy right now. Maybe he just had a breakthrough or insight so he can't stop yapping about it. Spiritual or non-spiritual they all act in their ways. The things Leo has said in his videos are much more absurd but he's had the time to put it into context and make it understandable provided with the long videos and explanations. Jim and Leo are both yapping spiritual shit to cameras with different audiences I'm just not sure how grounded jim is, if he's doing this as a way of coping with life then you can see how volatile that could be, but only he knows himself.
  8. So called spiritual people calling out other "new age" spiritual people. Wow, everyone just thinks they're better than everyone else... Does it ever end?
  9. I think most of us can relate, after all distractions are designed to distract us, I mean have you ever watched a video on youtube and the next one recommended seems even better and the next one after that even better! I recommend controlling your environment as best as you can turn off the internet, put away the TV, and console or whatever just get it out of the way and a hassle to get it back out. If you need to access some websites then get an application to block all unrelated websites. Secondly if you can't concentrate even 5 minutes i suggest you start practicing on a metronome meditation session. You can use the sound, a real one or a virtual one for both sound and visual, and just do your best to contentrate on it for 5-30mins work your way up, practice is daily, it will help train your focusing mind. edit: fixed monotreme to metronome lol.
  10. I wouldn't really take Leo's criticism too seriously, I think he tries to make a point using a popular TV show for the sake of the point. If we had a 24/7 live video feed to Leo's life we probably find him breaking or being hypocritical of his own teachings on a regular basis, he is human after all. Now whilst movies, TV series, and video games are ultimately a waste of time, when you do a give yourself a little bit of rewarded fun then I'd suggest to make the best of your free time and watch only the best TV shows out there instead of the mediocre ones. And without a doubt Game of Thrones is one of the best, if not the best in this genre. If you don't like fantasy, medieval war, kingdom politics, witches, beasts, and dragons then you won't like it. I laugh when people say GoT is porn because the show uses a scene now and then again to show some of the softest nudity scenes, people are so judgemental and stupid sometimes. For example a lady on amazon gave a 1/5 stars review for a kundalini yoga DVD and called it a soft porn because the lady in the video was using a crop top showing her belly and wearing short shorts, personally i found it very useful for anatomical reasons and how the pose should look (especially the belly breathing excercises).
  11. It seems like you want a miracle answer. You haven't really given much information and you want advice on how to make money. 1) Get a job that pays money. 2) Study / start a career path and follow the guidelines of that. 3) Anything that gives you quick and easy money is probably illegal. If you had a more specific question then you can just research that, but generally "I want money, how can i make money" is a pretty useless statement. It's even frowned upon when you're in an interview for a crappy 9-5 job and they ask you "why do you want this job?". The only reason why jobs even pay you is because they're investing in you, usually an employee makes more money for the company than the cost of their salary.
  12. ...and I think I might have posted this in the wrong section.
  13. I always question or have doubts in my mind whether what I chose to do is something that I want to do... forever. For example I like digital painting and 3D work, and I've always been into digital creative medium, albeit I’ve been rather lazy and diverted in life to really excel at it by now like I would have liked to. But sometimes when I go through the practice, studies or work I don't always feel the bliss or flow, but rather I feel frustrated. Sometimes the reward seems so far and not worth it. Sometimes it's hard to even find motivation and start on it, there seems to resistance and I keep telling I should be practicing (a form of guilt I suppose). Leo's videos sometimes makes me feel like I'm on the right track and sometimes the information makes me think I'm not on the right track. My biggest hobby of all time was playing video games (like most people these days) but I've quit gaming for a couple of years now because I didn't really think there was much career opportunities in it, it's also very competitive and overly saturated. So I went with my 2nd hobby which was creating stuff in digital media. I'm hoping the doubt is because I'm not a master of this career yet and I will become more passionate when my skill level can achieve greater levels of artwork, and then I can make a good living off of it. But sometimes I also feel like maybe I need to jump ship and explore other things in life. What really helps you to understand your path, do you have absolute trust in what you do or is it also a slippery road of uncertainty for you? I feel like I should really have this nailed down by now.
  14. Becareful with watching all the time, if its entertainment or mental masturbation then there's no difference between watching Leo's videos or watching Funny cat videos, besides the fact that your ego thinks it's progressing somewhere. Leo has said it himself, multiple times, for every theory / video you should be practicing and taking action 1/50 or 1/100 ratio (can't remember the exact number right now). If all you're doing is watching videos with little excercise or practice I'm sorry to say but you're wasting your time, just as much as someone playing video games or watching a tv series, all that's changed is your concept of what's a waste or time or not, you chose to validate Leo's videos as more worth while due to some BS reasoning and concept in your mind. Leo pumps out videos every week to build his business, the videos are free, but ads + subs, + growing his fanbase for targetted marketing are all are good ways to conduct business. Leo's videos are never ending, they will stop when he chooses to stop creating, otherwise he will talk forever, also Leo points out he's not perfect and has to follow his own lessons sometimes, we all know what the ideal robotic person should be doing, the right thing all the time, that's not how life is though. What I'm trying to say is if you're watching all his videos you're probably being anal and trying to be perfect, and your life will be miserable, find what issues you're having right now in life and look for solutions to those problems, along with some time outs for mediation, self enquiry, and no distraction peroids and you'll be fine. Now you might not be a spiritual person, but sitting down in a quiet room and just letting your mind unwind and go through all the thinking and motions of the day can help tremendously rather than rushing through everything and soley thinking about results.
  15. @NicAndStuff I'll tell you a story my father once told me . There was a guy at the local pub that didn't like my father much for one reason or another, after getting a bit drunk this guy started to yell to my father "Son of a whore" in front of others, and my father would get upset but try to play it down. Once outside my father got tired of this guy calling him a "son of a whore" so he warned him, if he does it again he will get a beating. So the guy yells it at his face, and pow my father punches him straight in the face, he goes down and whacks his head on the pavement very hard. At this point my father is shitting a brick, thinking he might have just manslaughtered someone because he hit his head so hard on the pavement. A few seconds later the guy gets up nose bleeding, head bleeding, and screams more loud than ever "YOU F**KING SON OF A WHORE". At that point my father didn't know what to do, he would literally have to kill the guy to stop the disrespect, but he was just happy enough he wasn't go to jail any time soon. You can't stop disrespect from ever occuring again in the future, you could try to fight every single time someone does it to you, or you could let it slide and forget it about it as soon as you can. We all get butthurt when someone does something nasty towards us, its more about how fast you can let it go, especially if that random stranger is no longer in your life. And yes, in some situations fighting back might be the best solution... but if you going to fight make sure it's worth a fight, save your energy and resources for the worth while ones.