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  1. Holy crap that thumbnail quote is has so much wisdom. He basically means, Be disciplined (behave) and Be silent, (like a shoe in the mouth), and you will know God (Allah). Just some ****ing Rumi level right there.
  2. Ah ok, that makes sense, I started to assume you were not interested in any of it. Fair enough.
  3. I find this statement bizarre. This is like joining a book club and saying, I'm not going to read the book you guys are reading, in fact I don't read at all, but I'm just here to chit chat about other things. Do you read / watch from other resources? which?
  4. Nice he delivered! Thought he was gonna skip again this week after that 1 month off! I'll eat my words now
  5. I've been inactive for a week, good old forums, quality thread as usual I see. Leo has been quiet did he overdose on psychedelics or just not feeling it this Sunday?
  6. @Nahm I was measuring my cell phone, the disapointment was in the screen space, what you guys on about ego n sutff
  7. Dunno but I just measured something using a ruler and it was just shy of 6 inches. Feels bad man
  8. I think the teaching was that if you can stay utterly calm and peaceful in that game you have attained enlightenment
  9. Sorry that video was long. The spiral pattern has very big importance because its the most common pattern of nature. They call it the spiral of life. Also like a tornado things move around it but at the center it is completely still, kind of resembling maya and emptiness. Why is the galaxy a spiral? why is the Dna structure a spiral? why is the golden ratio so pleasant in art? etc shorter video:
  10. Didn't feel triggered at all, it made sense to me. When you watch leo's video you need to understand that you are going to get theory stuff, he's not going to meditate on cam, his videos are entertainment and inspiration. I don't know what people expect, leo to come on and meditate for 1 hour in front of the camera lol? If that's what you guys want heres a video of Leo blending for 1 hour:
  11. thanks! I watch them while I paint/draw on my computer I must have seen each video like 4-5 times already and I still feel like it reminds me of very important points every time i watch listen to them, good brain washing lol
  12. I know most of you know about these movies but seriously, everyone needs to watch them! EVERYONE! They are very concise, packed with very good information and provide the best inspiration for spiritual journey (as far as my opinion goes). They are also very easy to understand, beautiful and entertaining, and all for FREE! I recommend watching them in the order I put them. 1 - Samahdi Movie: 2 - Inner Worlds Outer Worlds. 3 - Guided Meditation sessions.