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  1. The way OP worded his post his wife wants to be with another women, he's excluded. It's not a threesome he can agree to. If it's a threesome, then I misunderstood, Sorry my bad... He could have clarified that better.
  2. loyalty ˈlɔɪəlti/ noun noun: loyalty the quality of being loyal. "his extreme loyalty to the Crown" a strong feeling of support or allegiance. plural noun: loyalties "rows with in-laws are distressing because they cause divided loyalties" synonyms:allegiance, faithfulness, fidelity, obedience, fealty, adherence, homage, devotion, bond; trueness, true-heartedness; steadfastness, fastness, staunchness, dependability, reliability, trustiness, trustworthiness, duty, constancy, dedication, commitment; firmness, stability, steadiness; patriotism; archaictroth. ------ You can be completely and utterly loyal to someone or something without any manipulation from the other. I'm sorry you only have witness loyalty as a manipulation, and see it as such.
  3. I understand what you're saying but I'm not talking about loyalty used as manipulation. That's just bad people doing what they do best. Without loyalty all you have is liars, cheaters, and backstabbers. The opposite of loyalty is far worse. Loyalty is about playing fair, just think of a boardgame, when everyone plays they should be loyal to the rules for the sake of the game. Discipline is the most important tool in the world, the westerner life style people have the highest amount of divorce, and bouncing around, getting bored easily, etc. Completely ADHD No one can accomplish thier life purpose without immense loyalty to it, for example. Also if you made a choice to marry someone, said all those wedding vows, and had kids and then suddenly you want to leave because your "bored" or "need new experiences" that's a way more selfish act than being loyal.
  4. @Popeye I want to add no one here can give you a better answer than your own contemplation to this problem, your going to get personal or generic responses, only you know yourself and your wife well, and your asking a matter of the heart question here not a math or logical problem. At the end of the day if everyone said it's fine don't worry about it but your heart didn't feel the same way you will suffer a broken heart on your wife having a sexual relationship with another. Some ppl are are better suited for open relationships and other's more to classical (personally I find greedy people are able to make up any excuse to be greedy, first world problems, ppl would be content with one sexual partner if bullets were flying over their heads, instead of having enormous amount of boredom to contemplate who their next sex is going to be with). You're going to have to decide for yourself and speak to her about it. There are consequences to no matter what you choose.
  5. @Leo Gura Why don't your videos reflect your online forums personality more? You're very new age on here but your videos try very hard not to alienate anyone. And you seem to be very harsh and condescending to people as of yet especially towards science and logic, and towards orange. If your in a dream then donate all your money and jump off a cliff, it's all a dream anyway right who cares. Oh wait if the dream is the default mode then there's no difference between labelling something as reality or hallucination. You should just go all out new age now, so most of us can unsub, because you've outgrown us into new age and hippery. You'll keep the right audience for yourself. No need to convince the non believers who don't want to listen to all the junk. Every thing isn't true, everything is equally false.
  6. Ah, yes and when I say the same thing and tell people not to listen to forums members for their go to advice, I get flamed. Mental cases is putting it mildly, just piss in thier soups a bit, disagree with thier advices and teachings to see their true colours.
  7. Of course you found yourself a keeper, God forbid loyalty or classic marriage, whilst your at it why not go do some gay sex of your own, otherwise your not open minded enough. /faceplam
  8. Nahm's on going antics, I've tried to mute him but i cant mute this trash mod because he's a mod. @Leo Gura please let us mute moderators. We don't dont need to listen to their insanity for them to carry out their mod duties. And it's typical that nahm would side with a troll person with a troll thread when he should have locked the thread, leo has locked these kinds of threads many times in the past.
  9. lmao what sour words from you, where did that come from for no reason, I wasn't arguing with you at all in this thread. "Piss and vinegar" (your words), miserable creature regurgitating Matt Khan shit with a god Complex finger pointing and telling people how they are "miserable" (your words) , Nahm you are mentally ill mate seek professional help. Your Love is some weak ass fragile shit. You are by far the most unprofessional mod I've seen ever, you have a fascination with me, you @ me in threads with hearts symbols where I'm not even having a discussion in and then you completely utterly deny your snide remarky game you're playing.
  10. This thread is still going strong. It's an honey pot for arguing. FeelsGood has achieved his goal, everyone just judging everyone. @Leo Gura What do you think of this thread Leo? Do you think it's contributing anything of worth to the self-actualizing forums?
  11. Affirmations are really complex things I did a research into them. Best to make your own ones following an indepth guide. The things about affirmations, they can backfire, make sure you use your intuition and feel if it feels right for you. For example if you listen to an affirmation which doesn't ring true to you or "sound" true in your subconscious you will be harming yourself more than helping yourself, you need to make sure the mind is not creating any resistance or mental note over the actual affirmation.
  12. This. I'll add the more the silence and boredom burns (like you just want to give up) the more you sit through that the better, and more progress you''ll make. So if 1 hour becomes easy try 2 hours and so forth. (if your lifestyle allows)
  13. What sanatorium would this be, tell me it's not an imaginary one...
  14. Self-esteem boost. Most people dont care about internet arguments, internet is kind known to be the place where you can chat all the shit you want, and log out and never think twice about it. The louder we are the more we feel like we exist and the more attention we get, if you stay silent you might disappear!!!! Some girls for example when they feel down or unattractive will join a free dating site and upload pictures just for all the compliments and interest but with no intention to date anyone. A bit like how a women wears very revealing clothes only to moan about the cat calls and harassment. lol