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  1. Damn... My g/f is an artist too, and she just started uni where she does 6 hours of live model drawings a day, ever since she started she's been very productive, and my productivity has gone down because I'm unable to keep up with her work load... If you have a spare room in the house, turn it into an office, hang some inspirtational posters, make sure you have no internet, no distracting apps/games, put a note on the door that you promise to commit to the work and not leave the room for certain hour of the day, bring water. I think people like us (well at least me) need some hard disciplines, not pep talks, Abraham Esther Hicks does nothing for me, except put me into a spiritual mind, my spiritual mind is not one who wants to get shit done, because my spiritual mind does not "seek" getting things done, it's just content with being, the polar opposite of that is what wants to get things done. If you feel too lonely put some inspiritional speeches audio on, or if you're not easily distracted put reruns of your favourite TV show, on in the background, because you've seen it already you won't feel the need to watch it but it will ease the isolated factor.
  2. Also i've read a few things about how meditation and awareness cures all these problems. Actually meditation just makes me way too content with life that it backfires, it reminds me of this image:
  3. As an artist myself, who has major procastination problems on and off, I find most of my motivation problems stem from being at home, working on my computer isolated from everyone else, getting too comfortable with my situation, and becoming lazy through maintaining lifestyle. If you can force yourself to stay at the school library/classes, like a rule (can't leave until certain time, etc) I think it will be easier to get work done, some environments are just much better, and seeing people around you working can also motivate you. Excercising, meditating, self love, dropping bad habits, reading productivity books have all failed to provide me the same kick up the ass that walking into an office environment has done.
  4. @see_on_see I know what you're talking about I actually did check the website you originally linked and the brown noise before I commented. I think most people will find it too ambiguous, what are you concentrating on? it's just bland bg noise, theres no focal point unless you're using your entire hearing sense as a focal point. The perception version would be like focusing on your entire FOV as a focal point. The tick 'pause' tock 'pause' is very strong in your face pay attention to me sound, it can't really get easier than that.
  5. I don't think random noise or music is good/easy thing to try to concentrate on but if it works for you then sure. The good thing about the tick tock and I think the reason why Leo likes it more so than other methods is because of the tick 'pause' tock is a constant call for attention, making it quite easy to focus on it, I can almost call it a cheat Turn the speed of the metronome down (BPM) and lower the noise and it should be less annoying. For times without any mobile/computer, focus on breathing meditation is basically the same thing, breath in (tick) breath out (tock).
  6. So when I saw the documentary on this experiment I was like "nah that can't be true, BS". I YouTube some experiment videos where a lot of people had successful results that made them believe it worked. I cut an apple into half, looked at both halves the one that was ever so tiny rough looking I put it into the positive container and the better looking one into negative container. Did the experiment, long story short my good intents ended up rotting the good apple and my bad intents on the bad apple is going strong lol. So yeah it's random BS. Reality check. Anyone did this experiment fairly and more than once got consistent results?
  7. Honestly my penis gets sore, if I go on for 3-4 hours I'll have no skin left on it, I mean each to their own but honestly its like saying I'm going to take 3-4 hours to eat this cupcake, 30 mins is plenty enough to enjoy it slowly.
  8. 3-4 hours? seriously? Mine are 10-30 mins. As soon as my partner is satisfied I finish up in the next 2 mins and call it a day, sometimes round 2 if we're both in the mood later on.
  9. Like I said not every women is the same, there are exceptions to the rule. I'll just go and tell my ugly rich friend who i've seen through direct experience get so much women after his business blew up, that he didn't really get laid a lot yeah, we'll just outright deny that truth...
  10. If I show you a piece of paper with a dot on it... and ask you what you see... You will say... a dot, and If i replied that is the meaning of life. You'd laugh and say nah, there's more to it. Then you'll take drugs and shit to see more weird stuff on the paper, because the simple truth wasn't good enough for you. As soon as you seek you lose. As soon as you take a psychedelics you're looking for more, seeking the truth, and you lose. Because you're not content with the truth. If you want to take psychedelics for fun and recreational reasons, do it, but stop seeking shit with it. PS. I think Leo is only doing it for the sake of making more videos and stuff, the more Leo gives me insights, the more his teachings fall apart as useless teachings, weird isn't it. I mean think about it for second, if Leo has 5 videos you can keep rewatching them for the value they provide, if he has 1000 videos you'll have a hard time rewatching any of it other than keeping up, if he has an infinite amount of videos, well you'd just give up, information is only needed when relevant to your here and now life.
  11. Watch from Min 25:00 onwards. Money, End of Story. Not saying you can get all women in the world like this, as everyone is different, but if you're a billionaire, you never have to worry about getting laid ever again. Full stop.
  12. .... You guys have some messed up meditations sessions. I like how @pluto book talks about meditation, my meditation sessions are like sleep sessions without actually sleeping as I sit upright. If I'm having a bad day occasionally, it just becomes observing thoughts that won't shut up. I only start going insane if im doing enquiry work.
  13. @0ne There's no place to run, no place to go. If you die it won't mean eternal rest, if that was the case you wouldn't have come into existence in the first place. And so if you are like me it will feel so exhausting to imagine that, but don't worry, all burdens are dropped with new cycles. Life goes on as it never ends, so chill out, enjoy the journey, that's all we've got. I used to think death meant eternal void forever, but I realised everything exists in polar opposites, you cannot have "nothing" if there isn't a "something".
  14. You can spend the entire day at the beach building a wonderful sandcastle, leave it behind for others to admire and let the waves take it away. Or you can give up half way and smash it. Sometimes someone else will come along and smash it for you, that sucks the most. All pathes lead to the same thing, but we try to make the journey as good as possible.
  15. It's real and not real at the same time. It doesn't need to make sense.