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  1. cool I started Kundalini yoga for fun, I hope it makes me healthier and im not just twisting myself like a moron lol, this stuff is hard on a hot day....
  2. Not directly related to enlightenment but a .gif that sums up mankind. "errr.... I fucked up.... here have some of my CHAOS!" lol
  3. Gaming is fun, and a way to pass time when you're bored. It does not offer anything beyond this, and its ultimately a waste of time, it's escapism. Because gaming is designed by other human minds, and ultimately for profit and about getting more and more people to play their game they are designed to be as "fun" or in other words as "addictive" as possible, and that's why you should avoid it at all costs, especially if you're not already a gamer (as its easy to avoid a habit you don't already have). But If you're in the less than 1% of gamers making a good income from "pro gaming" or streaming, then good job, you probably have a very fun career, for the rest of us it's a waste of time and a distraction away from our other, more important life goals.
  4. I was being a bit judgemental with the goth thing but that video turned out much better than I thought it would be, nothing new but just another good perspective. He's talking about the same infinite, infinity, and nothingness that Leo and other spiritual guru's talk about, same shit. Different use of words and context.
  5. Yeah ok, how about you listen, there is a reason why I didn't use "TV shows" as an example, because a never ending story with cliff hangers could actually be addictive "just one more episode". Yeah story games are not the problem, the effects it has on the brain and the fact that most users will look for more, and more to fulfil the void once they complete a nice story game is the problem. You say you game for 15 hours a week, I dare you to not game for 90 days at all, if you have no addiction problem this is would be easy for you, but you see you will get all defensive, like "pfft i could if i wanted to but i won't", or "I don't need to prove it", whilst all the while ignoring the fact that gaming probably does have you by the balls. Yes virtual worlds can be an artform, but it's not, that's why we don't see virtual environments in art galleries, studios, exhibitons much, it's mainly used to create a virtual game environment so pussies can escape the real world and their problems. It's cool though, your entitled to your own opinion, and I'm to mine, it's turning into a shit throwing contest, I'm just pointing out the obvious here, if you're gaming 15+ hours a week thats over ONE ENTIRE MONTH of your life in a year you totally wasted staring at a screen and gained 0 from it. Stop using games as an excuse for your programming career, programmers and artist don't need to spend 15 hours a week to gather the resources they need for their game developement, most of the successful artist I see interviewed hardly play games anyway, they don't have time being at that top level.
  6. @vikisss1 All those people who become addicted to video games that spend 20, 50, or 100 hours a week didn't choose to become addicted, it wasn't a decision, therefore you do not choose if you become addicted or not. Video games are DESIGNED to be FUN or in other words ADDICTIVE. The only reason people don't take it seriously like smoking is because nothing is entering your system via chemical means, but the brain is creating chemicals inside you. Tell someone to watch movies for 12 hours, 7 days a week they will probably find it really hard, boring, and difficult, especially if some movies are boring for them, there isn't much of an addictive mechanic to it, other than a means for procastination. Tell a CS, League, dota, MMORPG, gamer to play 12 hours of their favourite game an entire week they will probably think of it as a great week of gaming, and they'd feel like they are doing something productive or achieving something! You can see people gaming like this on twitch streams all the time.... (the popular minority making money actually have a reason to do so, but I'm talking about most of them, who are not making money). As for the positive effects on the brain you can throw all that data in the bin, meditation alone (which is basically doing nothing) has great and profound effects on the brain because you're actually not doing anything and relaxing the mind which many people don't do. So who cares if gaming has effects too, probably everything you do in some shape or form effects the brain in positive and negative ways.
  7. @LowPlanetary Yes that is the problem people who make video games at the end of the day do it for $$$ so the more fun and addictive the game is the better for them. There are a few good story telling games, spiritual ones too, and some good puzzle games, however once a person completes these games they will say "That was fun, what's next?" eventually leading to more "fun" and "addictive" games, and you'll find yourself in a vicious cycle. There are very addictive game mechanics that are out there to abuse your biological brain, such as instant gratification and random reward drops, fake achievement etc. I think you're "close minded" in your logical thinking to be fair, You don't spend hours and hours looking at Picasso's work or Da Vinci's work, you dont feel intense boredom and lack in your life, or have cravings to go see their work, anything that triggers that sort of chemistry in your head is not "art" it's an addiction. If you can game play games moderately then that's fine, hey even watching a movie now and then again or 2 hours is fine, but you really need to be genuinely honest with how much time one spends with gaming and if the habit can easily turn into an addiction. Some people even think they are fine and "in control" because they go to work do their 9-5 job and then they come home and spend the next 4-5 hours playing a video game and call it "relax" or "destress" time. They're not in control and if you look closely they cannot choose to let go unless something drastic forces them to stop. Game addicts will rage at the mere thought they have a problem, every video on youtube that talks about the games negatively gets downvoted, forum are trolled with gamers sarcastic remarks, Everything that talks positively about games get upvoted and shared around like it's the holy truth. Let me ask you a very important question, if you could command yourself to do anything you want, like a robot, and you could do it effortlessly, with no internal conflict, would you command yourself to play games, or would you command yourself to do something more productive? If you were playing "The Sims" would you command your sim character to play games for hours on end on the computer or would you level him up in other aspects of his life?
  8. Sorry I didnt see you editted that in. The reasons why gaming sucks: 1) No real social interaction 2) Living in limited fake virtual worlds 3) No gains, no valuable or employable skills 4) No excercise, no real movements. 5) It can make you a more frustrated and negative person (especially online gaming). 6) Health problems, back, wrist, and eyes problems. 7) Highly addictive and can make other things seem boring (research it's effects on dopaime levels). 8) Can make you even more of an introvert, socially awkward, and shy person. 9) ... and probably more negative points. You really asking me for better hobbies? There countless: Any sports, including gym workouts and martial arts. Any creative crafts, art, music, photography, etc. Learn a foreign language. Go out to social events. Learn to Dance. Dating and Relationship stuff. Family & friends Stuff. Learn to cook. Learn any new profession or skill you want/need, including DIY stuff. Read educational and self help material. Any spiritual practice, including yoga. Charity and community work, social meetup, etc. Nature stuff, go out hiking, walking the dogs in the park etc, Sunbathe a little. The list goes on.... Do these things sound boring to you? Yeah... it's because gaming f**ked up your dopaime levels. Everything in comparison sucks, thats why most high level gamers are depressed and think life is boring and shit. If gaming suddenly disappeared and you couldnt play video games for 90 days you would probably detox and find interest in the small things again. Anyway if you play for about 10 hours a week or less then this obviously doesn't apply to you, but if you play more than 15 hours a week, and you cannot even try going without a game for 90 days then you're addict, if you wasn't a addict 90 days would be no problem... it's like if I told you don't eat bananas for 90 days it would be easy right? Anyway the sooner you admit the problem the sooner you can fix it. @Sharpadox If you are really worried, you could always choose to work for companies who do eductional games and simulations, you know where they practice their skills in virtual environments. Probably better than doing games that encourage people to sit hours on end excercising their fingers and have dopamine orgasm to practially useless shit on a screen for a game that no one will probably care about 10 years from now.
  9. @vikisss1 This might be worth read for you. "Seriously, think about it. Why do we care if you spend 20 hours a week gaming or not? If anything, my life becomes easier for every guy there is out there sinking time into video games. Less competition for the things that matter to me. This might be a little confusing because I'm sure if you ask a gamer or gaming subreddit about quitting games, they'll go through much effort to convince you otherwise. I'll let you think about why they would try so hard to convince you to keep gaming... The motivation and reason to stop gaming needs to come from within yourself. If you're relying on others to tell you why grinding levels in an MMORPG or trying to climb the ladder in a MOBA is a waste of time, you aren't ready to quit. That's OK. Just remember that it doesn't affect us, so don't expect much effort into changing your mind. Someday, you may find that your life isn't what you want it to be and you want to take those hours you're spending gaming and put them elsewhere to improve your life. That's when we can help you; once you don't need convincing."
  10. I'm going to try some muscle repair supplements, maybe could get a blood test for deficiencies too if you're worried about that. As for what's coming next? Well we already know that... power walks, support walkers, and lastly wheel chairs
  11. No I just feel my legs are sore and take twice as long to recover than when I used to eat meat/dairy products. Other than that I feel great, just get exhausted physically easily. Does junk food help? I'm also 30 so maybe it's just old age haha sorry!
  12. Strange I have the muscle recovery pain too since I started a vegan diet but I do eat a lot of beans, chickpeas, and legumes with carbs so I should be getting more than enough complete proteins, I do 30 mins of cardio work out every other day. My legs are sore for days and I feel tired after working out for the rest of the day, sucks it's suppose to give me more energy!
  13. I cba to debate, I don't want to tickle your opinion. Through my own research and my own experience I know gaming is a hobby not worth while, end of story for me. When pokemon go first came out, i said to all my close family and friends, it'll die out fast when the majority of gamers realise they dislike walking. When VR reaches full potential it's going to end up with people laying in a bed with a headset, and everything controlled by the mind. Our reality might already be like this.
  14. Video games are designed to be addictive and alter dopamine levels to high levels, the virtual rewards give us instant gratifaction and make us feel good allowing us to distract ourselves from the real world, add the fact that it's a cheap, easily accessible, and you can do it whilst sitting on your butt all day you have a very tempting hobby. Games also take time to learn especially if its a online skill based game, investing your mind learning anything else as a hobby would probably be more beneficial for you, anything that might get your body moving, being productive, investing in arts, etc. Society is to be blamed too, they want to be lazy and dumbed down, and then they'll protect their gaming hobby with ridiculous comments like "I game reasonable" or "It's better than doing drugs", missing the point they still investing in one of the least useful hobbies in the world. I had a job in a company that did educational simulation games I was on 16K a year but I thought I'll work my way up until many of my colleague were telling me to they havent had a payrise in their 5 years of being there, and the artwork I was doing was crap so I left. The salary for us artist in the gaming industry in the UK is around 15-30K a year, as comparison my father drives a bus for 35K a year, no education, no student loan, just a driving license. If i was you I wouldn't work for the gaming industry, too many people go into thinking it's a luxury fun job, many get stuck doing shitty work they don't really have a passion for. I think the very small companies who invested into the company and have a lot of say about the creation of the game probably have the most fun and thrilling job, but the salary is all or nothing for them once the game makes release.