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  1. The day a guru's farts and shit don't stink is the day I will say they are cut from a different cloth. Sweet ideas/theories and ability to speak well isn't a super power. I think people need to contemplate death more, imagine you're about to get shot in the head and what that means to you right in this moment, in my case it means i'm taking all this bullshit and nonsense too seriously and nothing is concrete or "real" in any definition. This whole human experience is way too bizarre. I don't even know what all this is anymore. The other day I was so exhausted my consciousness was so weak, reality felt exactly like a dream as I fell into non existent oblivion yet again.
  2. I like alan watt's speeches, I remember listening to these before, but I just realised he kinda bashes "no mind" and meditation from minute 31 and onwards. Spiritual gurus really just confuse the crap out of everyone, If you can gather them all in one place and ask them to point in a direction they'd all point into random directions, the irony. It's all within you, you know everything there is to know about your being more so than anyone else, looking for validation on the outside from some external thing shows inner confusion and lack of understanding of the self. So the more questions you have on "your being" the more work you have left to do. I like Sadhguru's funny responses to these questions. Usually along the lines of "I do not know the purpose of your being" and "Why are you asking ME?" whenever someone asks the question "who am I?".
  3. I was watching the below video and it kind of reflected my opinion on most spiritual people. Just because you believe something, have faith in something, practice something, or think it is improving you doesn't necessarily mean it's true. It can all just be self belief and self delusion. Notice how how the Ki master who got an ass beating from the MMA fighter and was completely in shock that his techniques didn't work. In fact most of the Ki and energy instructors were in shock in this video. How do you define real spiritual growth? how do you know it's not only advancing a belief? a delusion that you can't see anymore? For me for example: there is a state of nothingess, no mind no sensory field, death, and sleeping, and then there is the state of something, the sensory perceptions, the experience, reality as it is, life and waking up. Everything else seems like fancy BS talk that is trying to clever but ironically adds to more confusion and more thinking.
  4. I used to think like that before spiritual work, however I find it limiting. It can also heavily backfire, enjoy your life you say? That could easily translate into an excuse for many indulging, this is how most understand the "enjoy your life" statement. Not to mention businesses also use that idea to sell you a bunch of crap "your life is short, buy the shoes!" So what happens when reality hits you with tough times and negative experiences? I think to live life consciously is a better ideal, to bask in the miracle of life. Think of it this way, there is a big difference between gobbling up an entire pizza unconsciously or savouring every bite and taste of it. There was an experiment they where they deprived people of all sensory information in a bunker for a long period. When one of the test subjects came out he said something along the lines of "When I first came here, this place looked nasty, and manky, I wasn't feel great about it, but now after no sensory information everything is amazing! The colours are so vibrant! the air is fresh, the breeze is nice, the birds are singing, the sun shine is warm, the trees and plants look beautiful!" I think this one of our main problems, it is how blind we truly are. Unconsciousness is like looking at life through very dirty lenses, and not even realising it.