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  1. Also i like to mention even if someone is rather promiscuous there is still a difference between spending time with a person having fun, flirting, building rapport and then going back to their place for a 1 night stand. Comapred to something like a porn set where you're introduced to the person just minutes before they going to plow through you and cum all over your body and/or even make you swallow. This goes for men too in gay scenes. Honestly I don't even know how guys can go to a brothel for a prostitude, I'd imagine it would stink bad, and be a dirty place, and you'd be having sex with a women who you just met, who probably just ended up cleaning the last guy's mess, it's so disgusting I wouldn't do it if the prostitude paid me lol. Sex is a magical thing, it's how you express your love for someone else using your body, you find confidence and trust in another person and you share that together, no need for protection, you belong to each other. If it doesn't feel dirty, and it feels pure, and there is no guilt or depression after, then you know you did the right thing, at a higher consciousness.
  2. Average Life Expectancy Of A Porn Star = 37.43 years Average Life Expectancy Of An American = 78.1 years Haven't really researched the accuracy of this however it commonly known that pornstars are prone to suicides.
  3. Porn actually just taps into the brain chemistry from our evolutionary pasts. Back a long time a go, if you saw a women naked or in a sexual positions you will get a hard on and cease the opportunity of the day to past on your seeds and genes, like what most animals do. Today that brain chemistry translate to sitting on your computer and jacking off. If anything, it shows you lack of control of your biological body, and yeah it might relieve some stress but again this comes from a lack of control over your body and emotions. Do you really need to jack off to control your frustrations? Why not mind over body? A lot of men act like dogs, they will hump anything, and have no control over their sexual desires, if women wanted to end their relationships instantly they should just pay a hot actress to hit on their b/f's / husband and see if she can lure him back to her place for some sex. If he refuses then you definately have a keeper. On the other hand you have women, women were the ones who were responsible for both sexes to be fair. They aren't as visual as guys and because the universe gave them the responsibility of carrying a baby for 9 months and going through labour they were much more picky and conservative, and knew to keep their legs crossed until they were really sure. Well in modern day today, women want to be more like men, always protesting for that, they want to fuck around too and not be judged, and with modern science and birth controls they can do that, hey they can even make buttload of money getting a buttload (not something men can earn as much or as easily). So what do you get? Dog's f**king Dogs, and then people bitch and cry about how dysfunctional people are today, how you can't find the right guy, or how everyone is an asshole, or how you got played or used. Of course what do you get? People swiping left-right on tinder looking for their next casual f**k, that's the universe we created. "You reap what you sow" don't complain. ffs. The people who are not touched by this matrix will find true love and will have happy lives together, the rest of you playing in this matrix will suffer the consequences, and then complain about it. And yes I see the irony, I'm kind of complaining here, butitwasfunwritingit.
  4. Sorry I was replying to someone else originally about the rights and wrongs of the porn industry, just wanted to share that sadhguru video. As for your thread, yeah someone can stoop really low and still come out OK on the other end. I get it. A guy can murder an entire family serve time in prison and still come out OK, well off, and in stable mind on the other side. Doesn't change the fact he was a murderer, no one will really want to employ him or deal with him besides his few close friends/family. As for her, doesn't change the fact that she was a paid prostitude, and a lot of people are just not going to look up to her, or see her in good light, see... consequences.
  5. Earlier in the thread I was talking about Doing whatever you want but remember it has consequences?? Well I came across a sadhguru video randomly and basically he says the same thing: Basically do whatever the hell you want, but don't cry about the consequences.
  6. I am 6.2" 187cm too... which means I am Leo? I AM GOD! Bow down before me, puny humans!
  7. People thinking they have free are just clinging onto control instead of surrendering to what is. There is absolutely no free will, if you look into the past you will see you can't change anything, if you could also see into the future you will see you can't change anything either. If you saw your future and you tried to change it, all that will happen is through you trying to change your future you will just end up being exactly in the same place as your original precognition. Take a look into spacetime theory and videos. Refusing determinism is just like being the guy in the matrix movie, you know the one who wants to get put back into the matrix and forget everything because the truth is too hard, because hey it just sounds so much better being free. However realising there is no free will doesn't change anything in the objective/subjective world, you are on a rollercoaster (the body/mind) and you are experiencing the ride (journey of life) but you can't really do anything on the rollercoaster ride can you? besides observing right? And yes there is no good or bad, define good or bad, come down to earth and honestly define what is right and what is wrong. Just take this for example, if someone hit Adolf Hitler back when he was a kid with a car and accidentally killed him, they might have been in miserable pain, suffering, depression, the family and society would have shun him, the guy who killed a kid, he might have ended up suiciding. All the while not realising he prevented all those millions of people not dying due to Adolf Hitler. Another example, Albert Einstein is regarded as a good man, but if he didnt exist, maybe Japan wouldn't have got nuked, twice, but maybe Japan getting nuked twice has ultimately left us with a better future as a learning lesson, who knows. All we humans can do is judge on the good and bad in a very small time framework, what we can instantly see in front of us, but a good deed today might end destorying the whole world a year later, etc. And so dwelving on good and bad is pointless, and brings suffering to the individual, just surrender to what is, no matter what happens, it was always destiny. And don't take the universe too seriously, the universe is an abstract information that melts away and rearranges itself to create an entirely different universe, like pixels on a monitor screen, every alternative reality already exists, the question is which one are you currently experiencing in the "now moment".
  8. Also think about the business, they are saying "hey we going to give you a bunch of money if you just sell your body and go on camera, are you up for it?" Sure we can blame the people who manufacture guns for example, or we can blame the one who carried out the crime (how the law works right now), for if there is no guns a murderer would just use a kitchen knife, or a homemade bomb or a vehicle to do the bad deed anyway if he was hellbent. Personally I don't care what anyone does for a living, they just shouldn't complain about what the consequences are.
  9. It goes for both sexes, there is a lot of man on man porn which is actually favourite genre for women.
  10. A bit like "I want my cake and eat it too". If someone wants to be a porn star, sure whatever go for it. Oh but wait... They dont want the consquences of being a porn star... oh snap! Thank fuck reality don't work like that, I love how reality ultimately works with consequences and bitch slaps people silly. You want to be a dirty slut to make money but dont want the consquences of people's reaction or treatment. You want to show legs and cleavage but complain about perverts staring. You want to sell some drugs for money but dont want to go to jail. You want to indulge in cake, chocolate and biscuits, but dont want to be fat. The list goes on. Forever. People need to take some f-king responsibility. You can't change how people will view you, but u can change your inner game. So really less complaining.
  11. @Dingus Can't take life too seriously, I don't see how porn is fundamentally different than any other career a person feels personal growth. I do know however porn is a very cheap way to make money by selling your body mind and soul, no wonder why so many porn stars commit suicide to start fresh from a new body .
  12. My tips are meditate everyday get all the feelings and thoughts out.... watch them dont judge much and let them go... after a while you get bored, and/or you become content. Also do self enquiry everyday in your day to day life until you become bored/content of those questions too. Make sure you have a peaceful day, for example if you have arguments or new concerns or you're pumped and excited about soemthing your mind will have a lot of new thoughts flowing, but if you're having peaceful days the mind is more still. Find a quiet place, no distractions, if its dark its probably better, and meditate once i feel like my brain has nothing to think about it goes into full clarity mode. I wouldn't call it a state mate (at least one i can recognize) , it's pretty much non existential hence why 1-hour felt like 1 min. Anyway feeling a euphoria or joy from 5-meo-dmt seems like a state to me, one of pleasure it seems, unless you get a bad reaction to the experience, but it does seem like state, one induced by a drug. I will have to try it out but the fact that dmt actually makes you feel like you experienced the intangible is already pretty dumb in and of itself contradictory. My main concern is how can you prove to me for a fact the experience is not a drug induced state? I mean all designer/recreational drugs distort your perspectives in some way or another, how do we know 5-meo isnt just a distortion of what feels like the infinite?
  13. Yesss this is the part of self development I was missing.... Off to suck off some guys and get cum sprayed all over my body.... Will report back insights.... first one would probably be... "my anus hurts".
  14. Guys I've had meditation sessions where an hour went by like 1 min, my mind had gone blank and no thoughts or anything, I would say it's similar to falling asleep but I wasnt asleep I was sitting, and if anyone interrupted me I would have been aware of it, also there was no dreams. Anyway all I felt was peace in that hour and when I came to my senses on my alarm beep I realised i was smiling, but I don't remember any emotions. What I did not feel is ecstasy, euphoria or overwhelming sensations or any feelings like a drug induced 5-meo-dmt suggests. Edit: to avoid confusion I do not do drugs. Why is the experience with you guys so different with 5-meo-dmt? It seems like a drug induced effect for me, this ecstasy, euphoria or overwhelming sensations you guys get on 5-meo-dmt. Why is the emptiness such a big feeling sensation on 5-meo, instead of being the intangible infinite experience that cannot be comprehended? It seems like there is a "Jizz my pants" infinite non-existence, beyond infinite non-existence. Which makes the intangible, ungraspable, incomprensible infinity actually pretty comprehensible, at least in the sense "been there done that, seen it." Which you can apparently get with 5-meo-dmt.
  15. Lucifier is a belief and only exists in your mind if you believe so. No supernatural thing is going to grab you by the neck if you spend a night in the cemetery, this just just more stupid beliefs constructed by horror movies, and stories, why do you think other animals can go into the graveyard and piss on people's graves without a single care. Also science can't find anything interesting or worth investigating. Yes bad intentions exists, but bad isn't really bad, again more ego constructs. The more you believe everything should be good and everyone should be loving and caring, and the more you wage war agains't bad the more suffering you will have in your life because you're so hellbent on how good should prevail. Surrender already, you are everything that is the bad too. And if earth blew up today, the universe will barely miss it, stop using idea's and thoughts to construct importance. YOU GOT TO LOVE THE BAD TOO, HUG IT, EMBRACE IT, EVEN IF YOU SUFFER FOR IT.