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  1. Why would I be butthurt, I have access to midjourney too, I'm not afraid of someone's keyword prompts, or envious about it. Digital artwork is crap now, I can't appreciate it no longer knowing it could have been ai generated in seconds.
  2. its like when people get annoyed when leo doesnt release a video but then they havent seen his 400 or so old and outdated videos. haha
  3. Theres 8 billion people on the planet, there is no shortage of content anywhere, in games, movies, tv or youtube. We have so much content now its paralysis by analysis. People usually complain about there is no good game or movie, actually there are many great, hidden little gems that go unnoticed because people actually play popular games then they moan and b**** about how every game sucks and no one is creating anything new. The hardest part about youtube is not creating an amazing video, it's getting thosuand, millions and billions of organic views on it. just look at the steam library of games, it's a headace.
  4. Fixed that for you Leo, it's a little more respectful towards real artist who actually have some technical and draughtsmanship ability. It's also more specific and accurate. You wouldn't take credit for a human artist's painting even if you comissioned him, why do it with AI art? Obviously the art of KEYWORDS and SELECTING best generated images. lol
  5. I have a computer, but i am not claiming i am an expert, programmer, or an artist or anything for that matter for having a computer. The delusion is the fact you think you're a digital artist or painter now because you have AI doing everything. (This doesn't only apply to you but thousands of people now who will use AI, which does undermine and devalue artist, which was a non issue before). You've literally gone to the f**king gym put a Hydraulic Floor Jack and lifted a bunch of weights now you're walking around thinking you're a weight lifter and a gym goer, and the "Hydraulic Floor Jack" is "JUST A TOOL DUDE". You've completely missed the point in the reason for lifting weights or being an artist for that matter. Because in fact you're not an artist in any field that requires draughtsmanship. I agree you should stop talking about art, it's not your field and none of your videos or past content has indicated you have done any sort of art. Level desiging using ready made assets is also why you're probably into AI art, you dont like creating art, you like directing art. But would Leonardo Da vinci, Van goth, or Picasso be who they are today if they had no draughtsmanship but just told other artist what to paint? Which of these terms do you think in all honesty describes the situation of someone using AI to create art more accurately?: "Artist" or, "AI Art user".
  6. Except when you use a computer and art software the canvas is blank, its just a digital version of a blank canvas. You don't offload EVERYTHING to an AI to create artwork for you. You simply not getting this. Don't bring up strawman ego debates. I don't care if you consider your video's art, it's no different than someone taking a dump in a toilet and calling it art, im not going to debate your loose term of "art". I don't mean contemporary art either where someone sticks a banana to a wall (that goes back to a turd in a bowl being art). When i say ART i mean traditonal art, as in drawings, paintings, sculpture, which can all be done in a digital medium. AI art is mimicking drawings and paintings and doing all the work. It is not some other field of art, like contemporary art. You are not an artist in that sense, If you think you're an artist in that sense for making an AI do all the work for you, whilst you can't sketch to any acceptable professional level, you should really, really stop being disrespectful to real artists. You're also being a hypocrite, I remember you've bashed on people in your previous videos for trying to mimic your videos in the past.
  7. @Leo Gura PS. I do agree that AI can be used as a tool by established/skilled artist, for generating ideas, colour themes, inspiration. None of that is my concern, or my argument. People like you who have not taken years and training in this sector of digital painting or art, who think they are artist now because they have AI auto completeing artwork with mere words is the problem. I think AI should take 95% of the credit and 5% credit for the word prompts the user has put in, that would be plenty generous enough. If someone makes money from AI art, i personally feel that 95% of the profits should go to the AI and its creators, as they pretty much did most of the work. I think the AI creators are being too generous they should milk those usage policy to show who the real boss is.
  8. Go play with your clip art generator. I'm going to steal your content and rehash it and call myself a self improvement guru. Imagine someone having this amazing portfolio of artwork on their website but then they can't sketch anything with pencil on paper to any decent ability. Imposter syndrome actualized. Tracing is a tool, yet it is frowned upon, did you know most traditional art schools don't allow you to trace? Even the best artist say you should only trace once your have mastered the ability to draw without tracing. Contemplate why the masters say that maybe?
  9. I think legally it will be fine, as the AI is generating something new by mixing and mashing, worse case scenario i think fair use will prevail here. I think it will be very hard to opt out of AI searches, in the same way it will be difficult to avoid all search engines. Personally I think AI is here to stay and digital artist got the biggest shaft in their life time than ever before. The "Push Button to make art" meme has turned into a reality. The Experienced aritst still has a advantage dont get me wrong, but the skill gap has been narrowed a lot more, you could have some like Leo who has no real experience in art and draughtsmanship go head to head with an experience artist and even win some competitions or gain more followers on social media etc. Pretty sure the norm is going to be NOT admitting to using AI art. If AI was more obvious, or people didnt lie about using AI art, then digital art would in a better safer position but that's not going to happen.
  10. We're not talking about what quantifies as "Art" You can take a photo of a turd and label it as art, and it would be debatable. We're talking about AI generated art directly replaces and competes with digital art, to the point that it's becoming indifferentiable. I could literally make an instagram account with AI generated art and do some paint overs get rid of some of the obvious AI evidence and then lie and claim that I masterfully painted all these myself and grow and milk my follower base. Seriously the DOUBLE STANDARDS IS SO F-ING UNREAL, if someone uses an AI bot to own in a mutli-player COD WARZONE instead of being hailed as gaming god or artist he'd be out casted and crucified. But when it comes to art its fine because 99% of the population doesn’t have artistic skill or draughtsmanship.
  11. Art was always accessible and enjoyable for people Leo. You just couldn't create amazing work by offloading 99% of the work to an AI. Your skill level reflected in the work of art. Yes you're heavily bias, i been saying it all along, thanks for admitting it. I hope you're also aware acutely that there is delusion of thinking you are creating artwork but if you were sincerely honest you would admit you're offloading nearly everything to the AI. The hours you're wasting on AI prompts is you're inability to communicate to the AI what you want, or experimenting with different results until you get lucky. A very sad f-ing day for digital artist, they will need to adapt by changing over to traditional means or becoming retouch/editting artist as it will not pay off to spend long hours hand painting things skillfully and masterfully anymore especially when people cannot tell if someone is lying about whether using AI art at all, they could easily claim all credit for it. I hope AI starts to replace everyone. So we no longer watch human's competing in anything but AI robots competing instead, to show how Farce all this **** is.
  12. Tools help you make art. AI actually makes art. lol Then you can use said tools to manipulate the already finished AI artwork further. nuff said. Future of digital artist = AI retouch artist.
  13. Mid journey can make very good art, unique and creative stuff too, and it will only get better. Its not the end for Orthodox artwork, its the end for most digital artist. They will all need to jump onto AI art and become Retouch / editting artist. Sad day for digital artist, this industry was always kind of abusive towards artist, but good luck! future art comissions be like: "Yo man I made this image using AI, i just want you to change X, Y , Z. can you do it? I give you $5"
  14. My point exactly, Leo who spent his entire life doing other things now a full fledged digital artist You win man, you do you!