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  1. Why do you have hard feelings for women. I cannot understand that.
  2. You should somehow clarify this because it sounds very misleading to some people. If I let my friends read this information, they might never consider pickup again because they would think it doesn't work well enough and they are stuck for life with their looks
  3. @Leo Gura So you have been doing pickup for more than 10 years and only recently you got realization that looks are major factor in dating. Interesting a year ago you claimed it is only about 10 percent. Such a drastic change. What has change ?
  4. Penis size is about 40-45 % of the pyramid I guess
  5. This is just fucked what leo is saying It will be an excuse for everyone now to stay comfortable. Leo in his series how to get laid said in a year if you start from scratch you should expect 3-10 lays I got 17lays in 6 months and now I have very attractive girlfriend. Its doable I put blood sweat and tears into it almost got kicked out of a school my grades were so low. On a scale 1 - 10 iam 5 but I feel like I am the shit and that's what made the difference
  6. Do not listen to Leo he doesn't know shit about looks Iam a fckin troll and I have been with many beautiful girls you would believe. Confidence and being playful is the most important trait I have great looking friends but they don't get laid as much as I do.
  7. I stopped focusing on texting and I got great results. I focused on the interaction first and then girls even start texting first and if not texting was easy even when I text If we texted and I have to carry everything I knew nothing was going to happen anyway
  8. This is such a bad fck idea it shows how sporadically you have been going out. I can exactly predict what would happend if you try to do it. Holy shit
  9. @vindicated wtf is this advice bro stop it
  10. I knew It and I thought I was lazy.. Iam just not wired to work hard
  11. @Sincerity I would definitely respect my voice more. Reality trying to steer me on a different path. Again !? I iam just so fed up Iam sorry
  12. Hey there, it has been a year since I injured my voice. I've been straining it a bit ever since two years ago when my friends and I had rap gigs. After every show, my voice would be broken, but it usually came back to normal after a week. However, exactly a year ago, I sang at a karaoke, and it hasn't fully recovered since. I am also an opera singer student, and I need my voice to fully come back. I've been depressed for almost all of 2023, and I'm in the saddest place of my life. I've been to three doctors, and they all tell me there's nothing wrong with my vocal cords. I even went to the best doctor in my country, and he said it's perfect. I can't believe him because when I sing, my voice always hurts a little, and it has lost all the top end it once had. I get tired very easily. I don't know what to do, guys. Is there any hope? I've tried all the exercises on YouTube, like Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract (SOVT), but it doesn't seem to help. Any advice, please?