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  1. I am in engeneering school but my passion is to become a writter. I am almost always too drain to do some creative writting after school but I just force myself to do it for atleast 30 minites a day I also try to premeditate usually 20 minites so Iam kind of outcome independent. I struggle but a got some good results I think you dont need to be spend lots of time on it just need to make a habit and do it every day for even a short while. Or even during weekdays and weekends of.
  2. @Mu_ I mean i try to feel the suffering and ask question but in the past a tried to find another person but it fixed problem just for a while @Gesundheit true I think each time it gets a bit easier so I think I gonna keep doing that(but still a long process)
  3. @Mu_ I just feel like I need to spend more time with that person otherwise iam kind of emotionally distress
  4. @Applegarden I just feel like that
  5. My question is simple how to I become complete in need of no one. Should I just isolate myself ? I noticed when i get a girl I slowly start getting emotially attached. I cannot figure it out
  6. I dont want to disappoint you but you probably already lose. You think about it too much a thats what gonna kill the vibe. I just always try to feel my body especially my legs (idk why) and i go to approach.... best is to be present a then it doesnt matter what you say requires practise. Good luck tho
  7. Get some notroopics when Iam on them iam obssesed with subject even if its boring
  8. @Jed Vassallo Yeah but they pay my school and I cannot leave rn I am busy with my school. I feel kinda obligated to give them little bit back.essss But i Will do what i want but its gonna such an unnecessary war. Well. Thanks for encouragement. @Average Investor thanks I know thats the thing but I dont get why my dad wants me to get a regular job when he himself is CEO of big company.
  9. Hello Iam really fed up with arguing with my parents. The problem is Iam college student and I study electrical engineering . It takes so much time to do all the assigments for my school causing having so little time for my life purpose. The time i want to focus the most on my LP is during summer but my parents press me really hard to get a job in Norway which is far away from where I live. I need to stay in my hometown to connect and to develop my skills but every and each day my parents are pressing my and giving me ultimatums. Iam really tired of that I tried explaining them my vision and that I need to develop skills but they seems like they dont care. All they want me to do is to make money I guess Please do you have suggestion
  10. Go to collage I was in the same situation, I went to college to become electrical engineer, I dont really enjoyed it but right now iam exposed to many more opportunities and meanwhile i have found my life purpose. Go to college
  11. Felt the same. girls alcohol drugs best friends this was my high school life, Its time to find Life purpose and even better days will come. Iam 21 and and I found it and I dont really miss high school that much. College is fun as well
  12. Ask someone for a gum a tell them u really need it cause your breath smells terrible Interrupt someone on his phone call and ask him for direction. Ask someone to take picture of you in public, take vid of yourself in public(selfie type) Tell a girls she is cute
  13. I suffered and still suffering from social anxiety but the main thing that helped me was confronting this issue every day just star by asking strangers for directions and slowly build up. You can try HOW TO BEAST confidence course even though it is your men there are plenty challenges you can do. Awareness alone is curative and it helps. Iam starting musician as well and it helps me fight the fears so just stick to playing guitar
  14. What books should I read to get better cause I was mostly taking action and doing cold aproaches or in club but any of that seems to be working Any suggestions ?