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  1. One trick is to point at something and when she is looking at that thing you lean close to her and when she asks you whats there you say you missed it. The point is to lean to her closer and see weather she is comfortable with you being close to her face. If she is, you may go for a kiss that time or later.
  2. Why ? Are you experienced ?
  3. I was told I might be impotent afterwards.
  4. I am very healthy athletic person in early twenties. Do you think is worthy to get vaccinated ?
  5. Hi people. I just had this big argument with my dad about vaccine. I just so confuses, he is conservative a tries to push his believes on me and sometimes i partially agree. He claims it is pure business for the rich and has really strong arguments. He says is the biggest and best marketing strategy he has ever seen. He says corporations literally have teams who are tought how to mislead people and make the get the vaccine. Idk what to think I really respect him, he is CEO of a company with over 200 people and seen whole world. What are your thoughts guys ?
  6. dont make a guy priority .. find something you truly truly love a this thing will autocorrect since you wont be desperate.
  7. You can get drunk once I drink like 2 beers I can go with frequency 5Hz for an hour
  8. It was a great experience.. I got my mentor and he helped me the most .. we used to meat outside of toastmaster in pubs and than we practice speaking in parks. Choose wisely who your mentor gonna be. Just participate in everything, improvisations, speeches try to talk to everyone and push yourself. I was so uncomfortable but it helped me a lot after like 5 months.
  9. I approached in my small home city many girls and once I approached same girl twice in 2 day spam, It was the weirdest and funniest shit ever Its better to approach in different city
  10. I think you should get someone who kind of disagrees with you otherwise its gets boring and nothing is challenged.
  11. Thanks I am 23 We make fun of each other a lot she makes fun of my dick and I make fun of her boobs for example. But i know she was insecure about the teeth because she told me she used to take lots of medicine and now she has problems with it. Thanks for the tips
  12. Hi guys i told my GF she has a bad breath and when we had sex afterwards I saw she was self conscious and her confidence dropped: I tried to told her in most respectful and kind way but you know is awkward. I Told he i had it too and dentist helped me fixed it but I am afraid she will stay self conscious and the chemistry between us will disappear. Do you have any tips how to settle it ? PS I just could hold it in myself, had to tell her
  13. But I Take 1 pill in like 4 days - taking 1/2 or 1/4 per day
  14. Hi guys I sometimes take artvigil but when i take it couple days in a row I get a massive headache, Do you have any tips how to prevent it ? Thanks
  15. Make everyone take a shot at a doorstep and leave condoms in bathroom + good music