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  1. Whenever it feels right, you sort of just know when it's a good idea to trip or not.
  2. We all come from the same source of being. There is only one being, and it contains everything.
  3. Just be aware of ego backlash. You're pretty young, just be careful.
  4. That existential fear is really something, you don't realize how bad it is until it's happening. Spiritual dangers are very real real and should not be taken lightly, I was so damn navie of this in the beginning of my path. The turtle wins the race.
  5. @VeganAwake What your're saying is reckless and dangerous advice. I do agree on your point to just see the ego as it is, but all of this demonizing the mind is a bunch of nonsense and not healthy.
  6. Why does it matter? Lol
  7. I wouldn't recommend for anyone to go out of their way to awaken Kundalini. If it happens spontaneously then it was meant to be. It's going to turn you upside down and shake the devil out of you until there's nothing left.
  8. Yes I have been struggling with this too. It's like I understand our true nature in a way that I can't explain to the self. I am just waiting for my mind to burn itself out and give up, this is taking years though. I am it, and that is it.
  9. This could be your ego mind lying to you, it wants to justify why it should keep being allowed to smoke weed so watch out for that. If you really want to quit then just do it and deal with the cravings, there's no other way. But I do agree that if its not impacting your life negatively then what's the problem? Contemplate why you want to quit. Whats the real fundamental reason you want to quit? You have to be able to answer that to yourself.
  10. It's alot for the ego to take in when you first awaken. I remember walking around in absolute shock of what I was seeing, I essentially went from duality to non duality over night after a mushroom trip. There is bliss but then comes the laundry so watch out for that. Once you open up the rabbit hole this is when you truly start walking the path.
  11. @khalifa Take some 5-htp, it could help the body and mind to relax.
  12. @Identity I think that would be full enlightenment, you couldn't be here anymore if that was the case.
  13. The ego will pull all sorts of tricks in an attempt to delude you back into illusion. You saw god, you are god, it's a matter now on how deep you want to take it. The one who says this is to much and I can't live with this is not even real!! Lol
  14. You can't go back once you reach this point. The mind can try to cover it up but once the illusion is exposed you can't return to a lie.