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  1. @remember That's exactly why I didn't write he, because I think you are right about that. That the arch angels have male names is just because the judeo-christian faith was male dominated so the deities got male names. Obviously the arch angels are prior to christianity.

    That's an interesting perspective. Maybe I will try putting water on the sacral chakra and see how it resonates :) That's the beauty of trying out stuff for yourself and see how it works for you.

  2. @remember The arch angel Gabriel I associate with love and purity, something I relate to anahata. This angel is associated with the element of water also. Maybe in the future I will use a completely different system, I am totally open to that possibility. But now it feels completely right for me and my growth has been very fast this last year. I am very grateful to have come across a lot of good and potent energy systems.

  3. 8 minutes ago, remember said:

    this is such a nice concept drawing, regarding symbolism - although i still don`t get it from an alchemic point of view, i always think the symbols are not in the right order. it`s not a critique in that sense because i really like drawings like that but the symbol of the star, shouldn`t it be a connector? it is not really a harmonic picture for me - do you have any experiences with it? would you say it works that way? like: one, three, two, four and up?

    @remember Not really sure what you mean by one, two etc? I think the pentagram is a powerful symbol. When I do energy work, from the perspective of the body, the base of the spine down to the ground is earth, then fire at the navel, water at the heart, air at the throat and finally spirit at the head and crown being the fifth element from which all elements are sprung and pervades everything.

  4. 3 hours ago, llumi said:

    I've been starting to experience panic-like feelings when doing pranayama (SantataGamana's, focus on 3rd eye). It intensifies on out-breath: pressure on chest and lightness on head. I'm not pushing the breath but doing pranayama as gently as possible. 

    What to do now? Will I damage myself if I continue, because people say kriya shouldn't feel bad. Also, I have a history of having anxiety and panic attacks. 

    @llumi Do you do any grounding and centering work? I found this to be really important. If you are going to focus on the third eye for long periods you will need grounding, this is VERY important. Stimulate your root chakra. Look into grounding exercises and take them seriously. Infact if I were you I would stop chanting on the third eye for awhile and get a good base. You need a strong foundation and if you are prone to anxiety and attacks things might get worse for you if you continue.

  5. 12 hours ago, Koyaanisqatsi said:

    I can say that I am not distracted by thoughts involving time (past and future)--that is the realm of the separate 'me'. So I'm very present, but other than that no special powers or abilities are granted. It's surprising how little changes (but everything is totally different at the same time). The same basic thoughts and feelings and actions are there, but without anyone invested in them. 

    I'm not sure how helpful concentration is on its own, really. It felt like the single-minded determination was helpful here, but it's hard to say. The illusion is so convincing and so enticing that concentrating on self inquiry and direct experience should be helpful in seeing through the illusion. Still, someone could stumble upon an awakening (for example, I met a woman who at 6 years old tried to think about what 'nothing' was and had an awakening experience). 

    I highly advise seekers to follow their gut. It's good to 'get' nonduality intellectually (if that's part of your path), but your flow, your path, is sort of given to you through your 'heart'. It's intuitive. In a way, liberation is about authenticity--following the natural impulses and thoughts that arise, and not the ones that we 'think'--those are shoulds and shouldn'ts and are part of the illusion. Mind itself is not the problem, but some ways of thinking are the problem and it can be hard to separate them. Try to be sensitive to your intuition--your path could be completely different and it's all good. 

    Thanks for your answer :)

  6. Why versus? Tantra has a deep Yoga system. I'd say Kriya Yoga and Kundalini Yoga are tantric practices. Check out Tantra Yoga for more info. Tantra is very broad. And check out Christopher Wallis and his book Tantra Illuminated for a good overlook. He is also working on a system on his website that will share a lot of wisdom and practices that are related to Shaiva Tantra. We live in a world where you can get a lot of wisdom and guidance from your home thanks to the internet.

  7. People definitely underestimate how powerful cannabis can be. Especially if you do it with zero tolerance beforehand and you take alot. I know exactly what you mean the insights come flooding like that. It's beautiful. Sadly I can't smoke it due to how hooked I get on it. Some day I hope to be able to use it once a weekend or month. But there's alot of purification work to be done before being able to do that.

  8. 9 hours ago, Matt8800 said:

    @Esoteric I would go with what Jason said. Hes the man imo. Also, Aiden Wachter has some good things to say about something he calls sigil "shoaling" on his blog that I like. I think he got that from the guy that does Rune Soup. If you google "sigil shoaling", you'll find some great info.

    I dont do much divination. Also, the more Ive gotten into it, the less I am concerned about "black magick". I think Kraig's perspective is a little too restrictive. I believe it is a false dicotomy to demarcate between "white" and "black". If one acts from a place of high vibrational values, they will keep on the path of light. Personally, I have done "black magick" as a way of getting an adversarial person to stop what they were doing but I put a lot of thought into it first. For example, many people here would say they would never punch someone in the face but they might reconsider if it meant saving someone else from serious harm from an attacker. 

    Thank you

  9. @kieranperez To give my perspective on this. Doing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and Middle Pillar Ritual has helped me very much. Check out the book Modern Magick to get those rituals. It has been the best purification practices I have ever done, and also the best energy practices. I have seen great effects in a very short time, so you might want to check out those rituals and see if they do anything for you.