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  1. Hard to say, you can learn that stress is not something to be managed, same with anxiety, anger or any other feeling that's of your making that ypu don't want. It's a choice and you can get in touch with yourself in a way to always feel what you want to feel. Though this is advanced for your stage. If you reduce activity you can save lots of energy. Utter 50% of the words that you usually say will save some. Resting your body when you can without conciously thinking about things. Try to think only what you need to think then let your mind be at peace without controlling what will pop up in there. Reduce the amount of mental decisions in a day, this is why some entrepreneurs wear tge same clothes everyday. Give in to your emotions don't try to be anything, don't try to sound happy/full of energy in front of people when you're not. Dont spend the energy as fast as you get some. Don't judge yourself or others so much, let others be how they want to be like so don't waste your energy on them. Don't have expectations of yourself, just do your job, sometimes it goes well sometimes less well. Don't push yourself to uphold a certaint quality/expectation of yourself.... I hope something helped. 😊
  2. I think sadhguru is an odd case, he were a special child in the sense that he was a mystic and didn't attend school. I think you need some time for contemplation etc at least 2h a day worked well for me. But when you're close to trancending it will take over your whole life and become the most important thing. That's my case anyways. Just do whatever you want to and you will learn, when one way of life becomes dull a new path opens upp etc. Just get used to crazy changes of mindset in short amounts of time.
  3. After my post I tried what I wrote 30min unity and then not letting my ego say anything during studying. Here's the result: I "surrendered" to the school work and attained flow immediately. Yet there were no emotions to this flow, only complete focus/dedication. When I was done I was drained and I would have needed rest to get the energy to feel blissful. I quess there is no created suffering? but not much joy and the result is drained life energy for me. What do you think? How can this not be suffering and is it still created?
  4. I've just watched Leo guras videos on ego development stages. As of lately I've been spending a considerable amount of time being unitive and I think I awakened some time ago. I have hundreds maybe a thousand of hours into spirituality/phycology/myself so I am pretty grounded. My text is serious and I'm not fearful so don't see this as the avarage student that want to drop out. I go to school and it's very difficult right now. I spent let's say 30 minutes living in non duality and bliss, then I tried to study. I felt so much suffering and it was very difficult. I feel like I have two main options, to let my ego play through these two school years and unfulfilling work thereafter. Or quit school and own nothing but a van to sleep and food to eat, with some part time job caring for peoples animals, children, being a paperboy, get a certain car truck license so that I can work in a facility or something else. Just work that will make me survive. That work would also be pretty satisfying because I could be at a blissful state during manual labor when they can't control my mind. Then I could remain blissful 80% of my days compared to a very low percentage in school. What do you guys think about this? Is it a good idea? Any advice? I know about ego and survival etc and have contemplated this for almost a hundred hours years earlier in my spiritual work so I know of the risks etc. It's only now at the unitive stage that I can consider this option for my life. Get Leo gura to read this if you can help. Thank you sincerely for reading my text😘 Btw im 17 year old and Swedish. I've not written all peices of the puzzle so try to imagine being me and I only want advice especially from unitive people - that's the whole point with this text because otherwise you can't really grasp what I'm writing about.
  5. I do too and have had many experiences with unitive as of lately. I want to quit school so that I can remain unitive. Im 17, Swedish, want to own nothing but enough for food/shelter. I am not scared. I am very grounded in myself/phycology/spirituality. Is it an idea to be considered? To quit school. I can't stay in this system and remain unitive and being unitive to studying the moment after is heartbraking because it's so unfulfilling and living in the flow is out of the world. Any advice for me? I could back down and try to fill myself with some suffering and ego so that I can finish school without going crazy cause I can't bring myself to suffering when im unitive. The job after 2 years of school would be highly unfulfilling as well in comparison to being blissful. Manual labor is much easier to remain in bliss because you are with yourself and don't have to follow social survival rules. Thanks for reading my messy enliglish text😘
  6. I've been spacing into the unitive stage often as of lately but school backfires with lessons and schoolwork. I'm very grounded in physiology and I feel ready to be bold. I'm thinking of quitting school to become a nomad or something similar getting some part time jobs to survive. I'm 17 right now and would have to be in school for 2 years and work for some time with some unconscious uncomfortable work if I chose to stay. Is it crazy or should I stay in school?I've not been able to be unitive a lot but if I am for half an hour then go to study I want to quit so badly. My soul, my body and everything won't accept doing something so unfulfilling and just wants to be in a unitive state again. I am not scared of dying or hurdles or anything I just wonder if quitting or not will bring more suffering to me? My ego sais stay in school, ego is good for survival but my true self has a really hard time accepting the suffering. Should I back down from being unitive? I've developed myself a lot so staying in school wouldn't do a lot for me but idk. I'm Swedish btw, sorry for the messy text.