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  1. Self Acceptance leads to Self-Love What parts of yourself do you not accept? Why? Ask yourself these sorts of questions daily and get to the root causes of Self-Judgement & insecurity. Journalling is a good method for doing this.
  2. honestly mate changing your life is possible, tho I get why you might not be able to see that from where you're at right now. overcoming depression is kind of like trying to get over someone you're in love with. when you're in love with someone, the thought that you can get over the person you're in love with seems impossible because you're literally in love with the person, so when you think about them you're just reminded of how much you're in love with them. it's only once you get over them that you realise that it was always possible to get over them. this is the same with depression or suicidal thoughts. it might not seem like you can change your life right now, but you can, but you'll only realise this after you take action and actually change your life. the possibilities are endless, and people on here will support you throughout it all, but you have to believe in yourself, make a plan and take action, so that these changes can happen. the very journey of believing in these changes will make a difference in and of itself, and will be what will actually make the changes for you in your life. it really is possible, you just need to realise that man <3
  3. @Sempiternity feeding into the spiritual ego isn't going to help the spiritual ego. Clearly the dude is no spiritual novice, but when there are other issues to address, then going further and further into deeper and darker realms of spirituality is not only going to impact those original issues, but it'll create new ones too through the lens of the spiritual ego. At that point, it's time to stop going further and continuing to feed the spiritual ego, and instead time to recognise that this is a problem that needs to be fully addressed, integrated and accepted from a meta-perspective until it isn't a problem anymore, before continuing to go any further with spirituality.
  4. @Sempiternity if a morbidly obese person was eating doughnuts thinking they were getting healthier, do you think telling them to stop would be harmful?
  5. I sense you're coming from a good place but I think it's unwise to use the label 'Enlightened Being', and actually detrimental to his own self-image.
  6. @SQAAD it's a shame because I think privately he knows the many systemic issues of the UFC, but he's got too much attachment to being 'in' with the internal bosses to say anything, which is the same reason why Ariel has never been on his podcast. I think it's similar to the way he holds onto the attachment he has of his self-image as a comedian, which blurs his judgement on various matters and holds him back from inner growth, at least somewhat from my perspective. Ah well.
  7. 1g is a responsible dose for your first time. check out which strain if you can, as some strains, like psilocybe azurescens, has around 2.5x the psilocybin of psilocybe cubensis (which is what most people usually take)
  8. @Huz you mean the greatest of all time?
  9. was referring to this btw
  10. @Moksha I actually came to this post by liking and agreeing so much with your post on another thread about the 'game' not being over after awakening, though I do think you're off on this one I think it's okay to identify as a spiritual teacher as long as one knows it's an identification just for the sake of survival in the relative realm - I know in The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle, after his awakening and having no mental identity, states: "Before I knew it, I had an external identity again. I had become a spiritual teacher" I think external is probably the keyword there, and imo explains why some of those who are awakened both choose to teach and find fulfilment in their teachings despite already being fulfilled just by Being
  11. I think humans are way too complex for that to be the only possibility, though I think it's healthy to ask the question. Check out Corey Wayne - he gave up a secure and financially lucrative career in construction to pursue teaching attraction because he knew it was his LP, and waited tables whilst failing over and over until he started turning a profit. He eventually became succesful because of his passion for his work, evident by his books being available for free. Ultimately I think there are those out there who do it for passion, and those who do it for ego. Those who do it for passion can also self-deceive themselves on doing certain things for questionable motivations for an infinite number of reasons depending on their life circumstance (even down to how their feeling one day to the next), whilst those who generally do it for ego can also have the motivation to be selfless. Intuition is usually a good guide for figuring out whose genuine, though that can also be difficult depending on the life circumstance you're in when receiving the info.
  12. As others have mentioned, developing self-love is the way to go for a healthy ego. One tip that can be hugely helpful for SL is radical honesty, as you'll begin to see that the reason you lie is because of the fear of being perceived by others in a way your ego doesn't like, and all fear of this nature comes from a lack of self-love.
  13. @Moksha that's a really helpful reply, thanks! so in this understanding, does this 'Ultimate reality', aka Infinite Consciousness, precede and create the 'primeval atom'. Not sure if precede is the right word if time didn't exist yet, but I'm coming from the position of the 'primeval atom' being the result of an Infinite Intelligence. And from this understanding, if Infinite Consciousness is eternal, did it exist formlessly and eternally (for lack of a better word) prior to this primeval atom?
  14. Okay, so this is my conceptual understanding, you can tell me where you agree/disagree if you like: Infinite, Formless Consciousness is all that exists as one singularity. It happens prior to space because it has no form, and it happens prior to time because it has no beginning and end/is eternal. I'm good with this, tho maybe it's not a perfect analogy/I'm missing something. But when I say 'the Big Bang', I'm pointing to the beginning of the formless taking form, or the infinite limiting itself by becoming finite. This to me is the beginning of the relative realm, which includes space and time. So whilst from the Absolute perspective space and time is one singularity, I'm talking in dualistic notions because I'm pointing towards the period that began when Infinite Consciousness became finite, aka the big bang, which includes space and time and therefore, relatively speaking, happened 13.7 billion years ago, albeit not from the Absolute perspective. so it's from this perspective that I'm asking the above question.