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  1. Yup ^^ It is like a different substance almost. Once you get over a certain amount (this varies for people, I start to go non-dual at 75mg. I've seen some people that can't seem to break through at all) it drastically changes in intensity and character.
  2. "I started drinking alcohol and noticed my happiness increased" 😂
  3. Pretty obvious and very common. You're being tricked by the devil. Keep doing it and let's see how stable your happiness will be.
  4. @ardacigin Thank you very much for a great answer. Also, if it wasn't clear, I am EXTREMELY grateful for my boring job. I was not ironic when I said it was a privilege. I have applied techniques and can read books on that job, and my progress has been very good. Whenever I see someone complain about a boring cubicle job I get sad at the wasted potential. I am 3 years in on my path so I will definitely make stable attention a top priority. I WILL master this in the coming years. Gonna start reading his book tonight probably. Thanks again
  5. I'd say mahasamadhi is the final goal. To conciously leave the vessel. Game over. Total liberation.
  6. @ardacigin Focusing my attention on an object for longer periods of time has always been my problem. I have had the privilige to have the most boring job on earth basically. I work as a receptionist, the only reason they made the position is because they had a problem with someone unauthorized came in to the building and stole some computers. So I just basically watch a door 8 hours a day. I get interrupted by chit-chat or guests every once in awhile. I have had a job like that for over 2 years now. I have built a great habit of always returning to the present. Like throughout the day. The problem is I cannot keep my attention stable there for longer periods of time. I can get distracted for some seconds only, and then return to the present. But keeping it stable is damn hard for me. So I really relate to what you write about what a struggle it can be. It gets frustrating and tiresome. I bought Culadasa's book. Have yet to read it. I am a Kriya Yoga practitioner mainly, and my intention is not to integrate Culadasa's whole system. But is it worth a read just to pick up knowledge about concentration in particular? It really is time to build that for me now. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks
  7. @Hermetics First of all, he has no trouble with English whatsoever. Show me where he struggles with it? Just because you have an accent doesn't mean you struggle with the language. Your example is very poor. Second of all, Mooji speaks with authenticity and authority. No matter what you believe he has done. No matter what you think about the dangers of devotion. If you look at that video and see someone who is faking it then get to fucking work.
  8. Lol. I made a post about DPT almost 3 years ago. I think the trip I was referring to was one of the last I did on it before it was banned. Now that I look at it, it is very possible that the thing I wrote about humans was my own projections. I had a very bleak look on humanity then I guess.. But who the hell knows? I will try and get my hands on it again. I took it before diving into the path fully. Would be interesting to take it now 3 years later and see how different it'd be.
  9. @SunnyNewDay As others have pointed at. Start slow and work yourself up. I have been tripping since 2013-2014 so I have learnt a lot on the way. I relate to a lot of what you are saying. I sometimes have a lot of fear prior to a trip. Usually some healthy nervousness, but other times fear. Impending doom kinda fear. I have had bad anxiety and attacks throughout my 20's and been very destructive towards myself. It was either get better or die(or live in fear and delusion). I chose to get better. You can't really trust what anyone says when it comes to tripping. I've heard a lot like "if you go in with fear it's gonna color the trip that way guaranteed". Not true at all for me. Some of the most beautiful and insightful trips have been when that impending doom fear is prior. So don't listen too much what people have to say, I have learnt. People are very dramatic. You want to get better obviously, and you want to grow. You seem open and like someone who really is willing to do the work. Forces will have your back when you authentically go towards truth, don't trust me on that, find out for yourself.
  10. @SunnyNewDay I agree. I take Aya in the EU aswell. The reason I do them is because it is not much of an investment to go there. The shamans mean well, but leaves a lot to be desired. Personally I don't like to take it with other people. That's why I am investigating the possibilities of brewing it myself and taking it in the comfort of my own place. The people there are usually nice, what bothers me more is the shit you gotta do besides just taking the medicine, like having a pipe ceremony and stuff like that. The last one was a san pedro ceremony and I was going deep, and I was just laying there having an introspective moment and all of a sudden we are supposed to go out and have a fire ceremony holding hands.. So that's when I really got motivated to wanting to work with those plant medicines solo. Because they are amazing.
  11. @Truth Addict Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have a nice day.
  12. @pluto Of course you can't. If I wrote a book and you bought it doesn't mean you could distribute it freely on the internet (in a legal sense)