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  1. What do you think? Isn't the answer obvious? Hey, I go to a massage therapist that makes me feel just alright afterwards. Doesn't feel really natural. I also also go to this other massage therapist where I feel amazing afterwards. It just feels so right. Which one should I keep seeing?
  2. @Hermetics Esoteric was actually a metal band I used to like in my teens lol. I like the name. Anyway, I see that you are suffering much right now. I know how it feels to have that whirlwind of anger in you that you can't accept. Sending love to you.
  3. Parvastha is not a practice, it's what you enter when the Kriya practice has made you calm and relaxed enough to abide in non-dual awareness, when that stillness becomes accessible you enter it and drop everything else. So basically for a beginner it means to just rest as I AM (to the best of your abilities) after your pranayama.
  4. This forum is an amazing resource if you use it properly. There are quality content and posters here that have really made an impact on my spiritual progress. Of course there is a ton of mental masturbation and a lot of spiritual egos, devilry and all that jazz. And I see posters complaining about the harshness and bad stuff here sometimes.. But if someone really irks you, you simply ignore those users content or take it with a grain of salt and filter in the good useful and practical stuff. It's really not that hard.
  5. @electroBeam Looks like you have a very shallow and naive view on what Tantra is. To say it is a "about magic" just reeks of ignorance. You demonize other people and traditions while elevating your spiritual system that is so direct, pure, open-minded and perfect. See the irony?
  6. @Bridge to Infinity What techniques are you doing? How long have you been meditating? Surely you are not lost in thoughts your entire sit? There must be at least a couple of recognitions that your mind has wandered? When it has you simpy go back to the meditation object, until your mind wanders, and then bring it back again. That's it. This is not a process that will be smooth in the beginning. You just have to be patient and dedicated to your practice. You WILL get lost in thoughts, there is no miracle remedy for that. You simply notice it and return. If you keep doing that you will get better and better, even if the progress can seem painfully slow in periods, you will get progressively better at it.
  7. @ardacigin Ok interesting stuff, thanks for sharing. I started reading Brasington's book today actually. Looks like you're doing good progress
  8. @ardacigin Thanks, very informative post. When you enter the jhanas are you still working consciously with the attention and awareness dynamic? Edit: Saw you more or less answered that question as I wrote that post
  9. Hey@ardacigin , very helpful and interesting stuff as always. To simplify things and to ge the terms clear, basically a good samatha practice would be to have stable attention while maintaining peripheral awareness? And playing with the dynamics between the two. And an insight practice would mean to completely remove the stable attention part and just keep peripheral awareness on max. Is that fair to write? In your opinion, for a beginner to build continous stable attention would the best tactic be to just get back to the meditation object over and over again when the mind wanders, or work with stable attention/peripheral awareness from the get go?
  10. @actualizing25 Yes, what I am saying is do the practices with commitment and dedication. There are people who meditate for decades with very slow progress, don't be one of them. Just because you sit on the cushion for years doesn't automatically give you amazing results, you also have to do the actual work.
  11. @actualizing25 Of course, but in the end it depends on you, how you organize your practice, how you learn from mistakes, how honest you are with yourself and most importantly your desire for truth. Just doing Yoga for x amount of years doesn't really mean anything if you think it will magically make you enlightened one day. You have to be consciously brave and keep withdrawing from external desires over and over again. A practice like yoga can help create a space in you, where you can rest and withdraw from the seduction of the external world, but will you? Do you really want to?
  12. Thread locked for absurdly low quality. Calling it now.