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  1. @Leo Gura Ok, I have to post and share my thoughts on this. I rarely make posts here anymore and this will be my last. Your videos helped me a lot years ago when I was in a bad place, for that I will always be grateful. I am saying this as someone who wishes you the best truly. Take the advice or not, it's your life. You seriously need to take a break from substances and this forum, and being a public figure in general, imo. You complained some days ago that the criticism posted was too much on your psyche and now you are a bliss bunny and likely you will crash again. You are too ungrounded and have worked way too little on embodiment practices. The balance between major ungrounded psychedelic experiences and embodied practices and integration are drifting further and further apart, and from someone who is looking at this from a distance it is becoming blatantly obvious. Please relax, take a break, and work on embodiment, because that is your biggest blind spot. People that are cheering you on about this are not your friends, and likewise, you people that are cheering Leo on are not in a good trajectory spiritually speaking. This is turning into a potentially very harmful thing. My 2 cents, call me close-minded if you want. Be well, Leo. Thanks for everything.
  2. If it is such a big deal for you then look up Yogananda's Self Realization Fellowship, and learn his Kriya Yoga, also Kriyananda, a disciple, started an off shot called Ananda. Both incorporate Jesus in their teachings. Though if you really connected with the spirit of Christ you would know that doing Yoga would be totally fine. Maybe some church groups would mind, but what do you value more? I met a devout Christian at a Vipassana retreat. His church encouraged him to do Zen and Vipassana retreats. Find a church like that.
  3. @SQAAD @Regan Spira believes there are other people with their unique vantage points and sense perceptions. Still one consciousness according to his view. If you don't think your family has their unique and active vantage point right now he would call that a form of madness. There is no doubt Ramana Maharshi thought other people were imaginary and did NOT have a vantage point. Yet Spira raises him as a gold standard, and that he was like a white dot on a white piece of paper. At the same time, if he knew his philosophy, he would have to say he had succumbed to a form of madness.
  4. Good share. Adyashanti is a true gem of a teacher. Interestingly he was a teacher to Christopher "Hareesh" Wallis, who is the author of Tantra Illuminated. In Non-Dual Tantrik Shaivism these 3 are referred to as power centers and have more significance than the chakras when it comes to awakening, these 3 points are called Bindus and are on a more deep and fundamental level than the chakras. Adyashanti didn't know anything about this teaching when he had his awakenings. He first woke up on the level of the mind and intuitively knew he needed to awaken in the heart and gut. So for practices and more info regarding these 3 centers check out Tantrik Shaivism. The book Recognition Sutras by Hareesh gives techniques for this aswell.
  5. @Schahin If you check out Tantrika Institute you can definitely learn through the video lectures presented there and make serious advancements if you are serious. No, it is not Kriya Yoga, it's Tantrik Yoga which Kriya Yoga has its foundations in. So if you are interested in working with the nadis, sushumna, chakras and kundalini (and other types of meditation and material as well), that learning portal has the potential to take you as far as you want.
  6. So the Tantrika Online portal has launched and looks absolutely beautiful and is high quality stuff. So far you can do the Awareness Cultivation, Mantra Science and The View tracks with the other facets being worked on as we speak. Other than the main facets there are recordings from workshops, lectures, guided meditations, mantras, historical lectures from a well-read scholar practioner(The Real Story of Yoga as an example) and much more. Everything from Hareesh's Patreon page is being slowly migrated to the portal, which means webinars on various ancient Tantrik scriptures like Tantrasara, Spanda-karikas (teaching on the pulsation of consciousness) etc. Subscription based so pick and choose what you like and end it whenever you like, or do it sequentially which means that you can eventually get a teacher certificate if you want to.
  7. HAHAHAHA. You are basically completely driven by ideology. You think you can contact Elon Musk with your ideas about how life should be. Do you understand the hybris and the egomania in that? Your view of how the planet should run is correct and as a shining white knight you will rise up and save humanity. If you sit and put more energy in to these grand ideas I smell a Breivik in the making. You are just a less extreme version of that idealogue.
  8. @Leo Nordin Alright, I just know that I always wanted to get away from every town, job or country I was in. It was a comforting thought to leave everything behind when in truth I wanted to leave my relentless mind. And some environments are indeed very toxic and you should definitely get away. But some harsh environments can be very useful to be in. You can learn to deal with people, projections, attacks etc. With the intention of growing and building a stronger energy body that can deal with most environments while being perfectly centered. I am glad I didn't abandon my life and fled because my progress wouldn't be NEARLY as beneficial as it is today. You can always do consciousness work. Everything can empower you. To want the perfect environment for your enlightenment to take place can be a trap. Maybe that isn't the case for you, but be aware how cunning the ego can be and what it will convince you of to stay in command. In the end only you can know of course. Good luck.
  9. @Leo Nordin You are just deluding yourself. Your posts are full of fear and what you're really interested in is holding on to pleasure and ecstacy and try to escape from pain and suffering instead of embracing and accepting those states as an expression of consciousness. Add to that a developing spiritual ego who feels special that it had an awakening and now wants to elevate itself and feel special. Also going homeless in a privileged society and expecting it to come in and feed you and shelter when needed is called being a parasite. That attitude will backfire on you. Question what it is you want to escape from? But hey, I was probably more naive and retarded than you when I was 17
  10. A part of me is. But if you look at the case from a strictly technical POV it seems they were falsely judged, imo. But who the hell knows.
  11. I read his first book during my period of shopping in the spiritual supermarket and was invested in western mysticism/occultism, which was helpful at the time. I did have a somewhat sinister and very vivid dream about him though which left an impression. Whether it was to put me in another direction and finding my main tradition or if there is something off I can't really say. His story is interesting nevertheless.
  12. There's a fine line between love and hatred. I'd say some people that actually commit to violent acts of that magnitude have the potential to go the other direction and become a beam of light to your surrounding. A fine line. You either get fed up with the years of pain and abuse by others and decide to kill and lash out or let yourself be obliterated (in the good sense). Of course many people are just full blood psychopaths. Maybe if we change a few minor details in Matt Kahn's history he would've been on a killing spree shooting up a workplace.
  13. The human population has EXPLODED in the last centuries. So there's gonna be a lot more of everything. Doesn't mean there is a special shift happening. It means a lot more people are awakening because there's a lot more people on earth.
  14. Yes he moved to Portugal to the newly built retreat center there. Christopher is a great teacher indeed and is making a wonderful job of making these sophisticated teachings accessible to our time and culture. He also has a great Patreon page where he has webinars on (part of) his translation of Abhinavagupta's Tantrasara and works by Utpaladeva and other great sages of the tradition. It's really mindblowing how deep and profound these teachings are when you start to go deeper. Yes, we definitely have our own unique path, I agree. These teachings which have been a huge blessing in my life might be complete dogshit for someone else and vice versa. People have a tendency to want to impose what has worked for them and take for granted it has the same effect on others. But if someone finds this stuff valuable then great!