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  1. A lot of content before 2013 was way better than the stuff being posted today. Although today, I still find very useful content when it comes to learning new skills.
  2. Did we speak a few years ago? Well I have been moved out for over a year ago now and am managing life better now without my mom bothering me all the time. Also recently lost my dad who lived in a different state.
  3. A lot of people on YouTube haven't posted in a long time. It does not mean they are dead. Try doing YouTube. You won't want to post all the time. It can be stressful.
  4. I have noticed it's almost a completely different set of mods than a few years ago. If you are able to be a mod on a forum and work a full-time job, that is something.
  5. I (along with many former co-workers) quit working for a job last year because my direct report was what my co-workers and I considered a narcissist. I learned from him better than anyone else I've had to spend so much time with what was a narcissist was.
  6. I have not heard the best things about working in Amazon warehouses.
  7. I have Windows 10 on my main computer (10th Gen Core i9 with 128GB RAM and RTX 3070) and on my laptop that's hooked up. I have 10 because 11 wasn't out yet when I set up these computers. I have MacOS X on a 27 inch iMac that I never use now. I have Linux on three computers and only use of them which mainly serves a print server for all the other computers in the house.
  8. I watched parts of the new video. Never seen Leo cry in his videos until now. Interesting.
  9. Don't worry about being ugly. If you're autistic, what do you do that gives it away? As for enjoying everything way less than you used to, I can definitely relate to this and I am sure so many others can as well.
  10. If I were making a website, I wouldn't write the code from the scratch. I would only make changes using code. Dreamweaver would create the base code that I'm editing.
  11. His newer stuff isn't as good but it's hard for any artist to stay fresh. Do you think a women who's a model at 30 years old is still going to be modeling at 80 years old?
  12. Having a job is great.
  13. This forum isn't going to help you.
  14. My family is toxic too.
  15. I've had homeless people ask me for money before. I've watched them ask other people for money too. They even asked a McDonald's employee behind the counter for money too.