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  1. My beloved is on my mind. I did it all for the sake of love my love. I love you truly. I know the truth, this world is our true love story. JHS
  2. Daily prayer: "My intention is to be the best I can be for my own highest good, for the highest good of my beloved woman, the one who I know is my true love, and the highest good of all. Aho!" JHS
  3. Oh My Love! Oh my Love! Hallelujah! Awesome! Bravo! Brilliant! Brilliance! Excellent Brilliance! Cheers! Sweet Joy! Excellent! Fabulous! Fantastic! Finally! Great! Oh my God! Oh my Goodness! Oh my Goddess! Holy Mother Mary! Holy Mother of God! Sweet Mother of God! Glory to the Mother of God! Praise to the Mother of God! Holy Majesty Mother of God! Heavens! Sweet Heavens! Glorious Heavens! Glory of Eternal Light! Immortality! Sweet Hallelujah! Glory to God! Amazing! Amazing Grace! Salvation! Liberation! Freedom! Glorious Victory! Victory! Victoria! Final Victory! Ultimate Victory! Flawless Victory! Holy Victory! Glorious Victory of Eternal Light! Eternal Light! Eeeeeeee-ha! Life Wins! Love Wins! Light Wins! Absolutely Genius! Pure Genius! Enlightenment! Holy Sophia! Holy Trinity! Holy Light! Holy Fire! Holy Grail! Holy Christ! Holy Miracle! Holy Paradise! Holy Heavens! Holy Majesty! Holy Heavens! Holy Immortality! Holy Sanctuary! Holy Life! Holy Shrine! Holy Shrine of All Shrines! Holy Sanctuary of Eternal Life! Mama! Paradise! Glorious Paradise! Heaven-O! Hooray! Mama mia! Madre mia! Super! Superior! Outstanding! Superior Excellence! Absolutely Great! Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord! Surprise! Jai Ma! Viva! Viva la pura vida! Aho! Hey ya ho! Hey ya hey ya hey ya home! We are hey ya hey ya hey ya home! Home sweet home! Wonderful! Perfect! Spectacular! Absolutely Spectacular! Epic! Holy Heavens on Earth! God Almighty! Aaaaoooooooooooooooo! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Madre de la Selva! Madre Selva! Shamburi! Ayahuasca! Jurema! Jai Ma! Hail Mother Mary! Hail Sophia! Hail Divine Mother! Hail White Mother Wolf! O боже! Господи боже мой! Слава Богу! Слава Богу за Все! Милая Богородица! Пресвятая Дева Мария! Волчица Матушка! Здравствуй Царица Небесная! Здравствуй Царица Чудесная! Аллилуйя! Великолепно! Чудесно! Супер! Блеск! Блестяще! Ура! Ауууууу! Мама! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! ИИИИИИИИИИИИИИИ! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! JHS
  4. Fabulous Beast Glistening castle of high elves divine Glorious towers touching the sky Gardens of unfathomable beauty And a rejuvenating fountain of eternal life Golden dragons, fairies, mermaids, pegasi, griffons, archangels, unicorns, dragonfae These and many other fabulous allies are on my side Forces of darkness and light - united Hallelujah! Holy Light! The devil is innocent is the ultimate insight Everything that has ever happened - for the sake of Greater Eternal Light Words of victorious love shining bright Rainbows of sweetest poetry delight Consciously weaving the magical tapestry of harmonious creation Intricate beauty of love's revelation These words are charged with magical intention of the most passionate desire Hallelujah! Holy Fire! How great is the beauty of the fabulous beast released from thousands of lifetimes of a cage? These are the first subtle strokes of the most genius artist's sketch The story of original sin alchemized into the Truth of original innocence Such is the beauty of Divine Mother's magnificence JHS
  5. Home inside, home outside. I am Enlightened. JHS
  6. Holy Grail Sanctuary Sparkling splashes of holy light Jingling bells of a clear mind Multi-dimensional contemplation Masterful paradigm shift integration Enjoying fascinating process of genius mind optimization Swimming timelessly in the beautiful realms of vivid imagination Holy Grail sanctuary of eternal true love salvation Glorious masterpiece of the entire creation My body is asking for a loving process of integration Considering the magnitude of this conscious realization JHS
  7. Operation Rising Phoenix Truth is my holy name I require crystal clear communication Invitation for sacred collaboration is my intention Path of the warriors of light initiation Message from my friends from a higher dimension We are the guardians of Mother Earth We are a force of nature Welcome to the channel of the most intelligent communication Rising phoenix special forces operation Cosmic starship of multi-dimensional invention Initiating transmission of the most important state of affairs Vladi - you are absolutely the best JHS
  8. Phoenix I have wondered in the darkness For a very long time Searching for the Truth My entire life And I found myself deep inside In the darkest forest of my mind And it's now time to come alive And it's time to feel the joy of love From the mother's womb I come alive Like a Phoenix I arise reborn Rise Phoenix rise Rise Phoenix rise Rise Christ, Child of Light From the cosmic womb I come alive From the darkest night I shine my light Rise Phoenix rise Rise Phoenix rise Rise Christ, Child of Light Star Child of innocent la-la-la-la-la-la-la-love JHS
  9. Divine Mother's Lullaby Like the angels from heaven's above Divine Mothers' singing sweetly lullaby of love Her loving care flows gently into my heart Feeling loving mother's care Melt away the pain Pain is gently melting away In the warm sea of mother's milky way Pain is flowing away With the milky river of mother's sweetest loving care Love is blooming, joy is flowering Breathing, feeling, letting, allowing, opening Love is healing, joy is flowering Healing, healing, healing With gentle loving care It's the mother's way It's the milky way Let the joy of mother's love Flow into your heart Let the mother's care, wash away the pain Pain is healing, healing, healing Pain is washing away Healing gently as a dove - Divine mother's love Mother's singing, love is given, joy is sprouting Gently as a swan opening my heart Lovingly, kindly, patiently, delicately Caressing my heart with love Love is blooming, love is birthing, love is flowering Breathing, feeling, healing, allowing Love is given, mother's singing, healing with love Mother's nurturing, caressing touch Oh my Goddess! Mother loves me so much! Gentlest mother's caress Precious child - relax into your home base Mother's loving grace - embrace Let yourself be divinely touched Mother loves you so much Precious, innocent child of mine Take one breath at a time Sweetest child of light divine Healing at your own pace and time Oh this healing divine touch Mother loves me so much Open up your heart With the mother's divine love Embrace, embrace, embrace Divine Mother's loving grace Let yourself fly, precious child of mine On the angel wings of Divine mother's lullaby JHS
  10. Blooming and Alive Blooming and alive - beautifully, vibrantly, magically, poetically Reality is colorfully saturated - now I'm connected Divine colors of medicinal poetry are flowing gracefully Powered by Sarasvati What is the source of the most beautiful divine creativity genie? Granting access to the shelves of Akashic cosmic library The best gift in the world is me! JHS
  11. Dolphin Drenched in magic Like a dolphin in the sea of infinite beauty Deeper and deeper I flow Masterfully navigating each moment With beauty, ease and grace Knowing my Truth - I am eternally safe Welcoming the super blooming paradise Unfolding right before my eyes Darkness alchemized back into the light From the depths of unfathomable darkness I rise JHS
  12. Happy Easter! Language of love is liberated With the fireworks of laughter celebrated Who do you say is the most connected? My heroic feats are poetically integrated Thousands of lifetimes and timelines incorporated I will now make a promise to you I will show the world what the power of love can do This is the beginning of the ultimate homecoming celebration Thank you for the gift of conscious creations Divine poetry fascinating exploration Heroic psychedelic trips integration Joyful love's caress alchemization With the mastery of love transmutation Fountain of outpouring beauty of self fascination True love is my motivation Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! Hallelujah! Salvation! JHS "Easter, or the Bright Resurrection of Christ, is the oldest and most important holiday in Orthodoxy, because it is based on the triumph of life over death, as well as the reconciliation of God and man." Orthodox Easter is celebrated on April 16th this year. Countries that celebrate Orthodox Easter or Pascha: Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Republic of Macedonia, Romania
  13. Quality Poetry The power of love - nothing can stop Here comes something you can't Photoshop Wild, passionate desire rising up from the cauldron of fire Intentional liberation of real self expression I hope I have gained a bit of your attention Coloring creation with the words of celebration These are the fruits of the most intelligent gestation Tasting the joy of sweet liberation is my passion Open your eyes to the beauty of my creation To you is my invitation Majesty of my brilliance crystallized Mind and body harmonized Cosmic songs of paradise Diamonds shining bright Sparkling jewels delight I found my way home through the infinite maze My poetry is higher quality than Mercedes Benz! JHS
  14. I am Now in Paradise Thoughts are crystal clear Like translucent raindrops on your precious skin Pure, immaculate, diamond Christ consciousness of Universal fantasy Meticulous awareness of the whole reality Listen to these words very carefully - this entire Universe was built for you and me The ultimate price I did pay for this gift of awakening beyond my wildest fantasy Are you able to begin imagining life for eternity? I am now in Paradise beyond anybody's happiest childhood memory My greatest desires and dreams manifesting into physical reality - gracefully, intelligently, magically The unveiling of the masterpiece of the entire Universe is happening most beautifully Will you be one of the first few to see the butterfly opening his wings so gracefully? The force and intelligence of mother nature is harmonized with the precious child of mind technology I am surrendering fearlessly to this divine river of creativity Its the finest way to be, my heart's sweetest melody Follow me, swim with me, like a dolphin in the sea Coming home to Harmony - Ultimate Truth Reality JHS
  15. The Age of Aquarius Diving deep into the ocean is my love's sweet devotion. Whales, dolphins, mermaids are my friends. Google define spiritual meaning of nautilus. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius. A symbol of order amidst chaos as reflected in its spiral precision. Now I'm moving towards clarity of vision. Seashells, starfish, pearls and other treasures in mind, the deeper I flow the more beauty I find. Deepest wounds of my suffering and pain, transformed and alchemized with the sweetest joy as love's divine power I regain. With the mastery of love I sing, my heart's sweetest melody of true love's most beautiful spring. JHS