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  1. That's something I really appreciate about how you run things here. I've felt it to be quite off putting with other content creators when they get too pushy and manipulative with their marketing.
  2. Who cares? It's just one girl whose choosing to be closed off for what ever reason, that's her problem, just move on and focus your attention on having fun interactions with the other girls. What does this mean to be a 'sexual threat'? I think you've got some limiting beliefs you need to sort out here. Being attractive is not a threat to women, women want to be around attractive guys. No, do not physically escalate on a girl who is so closed off to you. You seem to be obsessing over this one girl and I strongly recommend leting go of those feelings of neediness. Using your awareness find the emotion of neediness/desire for a certain outcome and simply watch it with your consciousness without trying to resist the experience or change it in anyway. Don't think about the emotion or try to verbalise it (feeding your thoughts with energy will only make things worse), simply place your consciousness on the emotion itself and allow yourself to fully feel and let the emotion run it's natural course. After a few minutes you will suddenly find that you feeling lighter and more free. Continue this process every time negative emotions are triggered.
  3. There's something very unhealthy about the way you view friendships. Relationships are one of the most important aspects of life and major domain of self-actualisation (along with career and spirituality, ignoring any of these areas will lead to an unfulfilled life). Think about it, you are conscious and there are other conscious human beings who you have the opportunity to experience and enjoy life with, there's something quite miraculous about that. From what you've written it appears that you are on the path to leaving school only to be left with no friends, is this something you'd truly be okay with? Not having social relations can lead to a great deal of loneliness, neurosis, and depression which will impact all areas of your life. I strongly recommend against going down this road. In terms of your career, developing your personality, confidence, and social skills is incredibly important for that too, you'd ideally want to be able to establish rapport with your clients and develop strong connections with you colleagues, it's just as important as having the technical skills in your field. I'd recommend making it a high priority to develop social skills especially while your still young and in school where you're in an environment where you have plenty of opportunities to interact with your peers. Do you, or have you ever enjoyed spending time with your friends? If it is something you like doing then It'd probably be a good idea to play some games with them every so often and just enjoy some time with them. High school isn't particularly hard, you have more than enough time to focus on your studies and have some free time to hangout with friends, and you'd probably do better at your studies this way since you need some time to relax (finding the right balance for you is important). If you truly don't enjoy spending time with them and simply don't click with them, then I'd strongly recommend being proactive in finding the people that you do resonant with, at least on some level, and forming strong connections with them.
  4. @JonasVE12 Wow, thanks for sharing this. I have found this to be true in my experience, the way people respond to me seems to be nearly entirely determined by my own level of energy, the difference is so stark it almost as if experiencing a different reality. When I'm in low vibration energy (ie. anxious, angery, needy, insecure, competitive, ect.) people seem to be repulsed by me and will, for instance, avoid eye contact and not respond with all that much positivity in social interactions. While when I'm a higher state of consciousness (ie. love, joy, peace, collaborative, connected, creative, free/uninhibited, authentic, ect.) people seem to be inherently drawn towards me. I often won't even need to be the one to initiate a conversation, people will say hi to me as I walk past and it becomes very natural and effortless to socialise with all those around me, as if I can feel our underlying connectedness like there's no barriers between us. Attracting women becomes the default, it seems that most women will suddenly light up and have a huge smile just from making eye contact. The problem I'm currently grappling with is that when I do drop down into low vibration energy it can be quite difficult to raise out of it, since the illusion feels so real when you're in it even (if you consciously know that it is false since it becomes difficult to truly remember what it was like to be in a state of love and joy). It appears that low vibration energy blinds you and prevents you from being conscious of how you control your own mind. For instance, when in low vibration energy it may literally feel like the world is against you and impeding you from getting what you want, you don't see that it is you who is creating these beliefs and making the world appear like a hostile place or that you are choosing to feel the negative emotion; all these cognitive process are unconscious. While in a higher state of consciousness you are aware of all these processes and you can simply choose to let go of a negative belief or emotion in an instant and it becomes so easy to consciously use your mind as you've demonstrated here and do things like 'consciously bring up joy and love in the heart'. Do you have any advice on how to raise your level of energy, particularly when you seem to be stuck in the mist of a pain-body attack?
  5. Yes, mushrooms will quickly do this for you.
  6. Without a doubt if you have any sizable amount of money you don't want to keep it in a bank account. The interest rates are so low now that you'll be rapidly losing your money to inflation (which is about 7 to 15% per year). Crypto can certainly be very lucrative but you have to do your research first and understand what your getting in to. You'll also want to learn when the right time to get in is so as to avoid being a fomo buyer who gets in at the peak of the cycle. And of course, just like any investment/trade you have to accept the risk and assess whether the risk/reward is right for you and your current life situation.
  7. Do you believe it's likely that you'll get a well balance, unbiased opinion about reasons to vote for Trump on a clearly left-leaning forum? If you're seeking a genuine answer you'll have to step out of you bubble, find a right-leaning forum and ask them.
  8. It was a few years ago that I took the course, at that time I had been doing a lot of contemplation in order to discover what it is that I authentically want to purse as my vocation and what contribution I want to make to humanity. The life purpose course helped me to crystallize my vision and develop a deep commitment to that vision. It comprehensively covers the deep internal actualisation work needed to purse your life purpose as well as the core principles of success. I also find that much of this information is just as applicable to areas outside of your career. If you're thinking about purchasing the course definitely do it. The value you'll be getting from the course far exceeds the price.
  9. The right woman will not just appear in your life without working on this area, and if they did you wouldn't be capable of attracting them unless you've developed yourself as a man. @Bridge to Infinity Great idea to take some time to get this part of your life handled. The longer you put this off the more neuroses will fester inside of you. There's a lot great experiences to be had in meeting women and it really requires you to grow. There seems to be some resistance to 'pick up' by people who seem to believe meeting women is frivolous. This is far from the case; the game is ultimately there to teach you how to let go of your egoic self agenda and to embody love. When your far enough along the path you'll see that is in fact a spiritual journey. Check out RSD for some great content.
  10. Relationships are one of the major areas of your life which you need to get sorted and begin actualising on if you are to be happy and fulfilled. Drop this 'X is (insert colour)' nonsense. You are closing yourself off from potential growth. Social relationships are a whole area of mastery, just like life purpose or spirituality. There are skills to be developed and lessons to be learnt. Once your further down the path you will be in an infinitely better position to use these skills to share your gifts. What resource have you found that goes in to more depth and breadth in to social relationships and is as high consciousness than RSD? I recommend taking full advantage of the information being offered to you. Now. The longer you put off getting this area of life in order, the greater your suffering will get.
  11. Sounds like an emotional train wreck, to put it bluntly. Sorry but nothing about what you said sounds like a healthy relationship. Very needy and codependent. You deserve better than this, but you have a lot of work to do to develop yourself as a man. A poly relationship can work if both partners mutually agree and are both at the very least capable of sleeping with other people. Continue to dig up and release your trauma energy. This is very important. In addition, learn how to meet and attract women so that you can interact and come together with women in a positive way. At the moment you are not capable spreading real love in your intimate relationships, your neediness and insecurities cut you off from that potential and you aren't well developed in your masculine essence so you don't have anything to offer women sexually or romantically. You cannot love from a place of scarcity, you must cultivate an abundance in order to enable you to share your gifts. The good news is that this is all very much fixable, we've all had low points of our lives, but you have to be willing to heed the call and put in the necessary work. Most people choose to regress in to comfort and turn their backs on growth, I can guarantee you this is a mistake.
  12. Begin learning and experiencing this part of life now. There's no need to put it off until you reach some future milestone in business, this is likely a rationalisation stemming from fear. Wherever there is fear, that's your call to action. The fact that you made this post suggests that some part of you is dissatisfied with your current trajectory. Relationships are a major part of life, along with career and spirituality. Failure to align yourself with your highest conceivable good and actualise in any of these areas results in neurosis. Having success in one of these areas will certainly flow over to the others, but you'll without a doubt have to dedicate the time and energy to each individually if you want to engage with life fully. Your exact balance is something you'll have to figure out through experience and contemplation, and will change throughout the course of your life.
  13. Not interested, move on. Learn how to meet and attract women and develop yourself in this area so you can cultivate an abundance. Here's some starting references for you: