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  1. No my bad, I worded it wrong. I meant how does this play into infinity? Are you saying genetics are the limits that god imposes on itself in creation of the organism until it dies and merges back into infinity, and that during that creation process god surrenders different aspects of its power specific to each individual organism which is what we call genetics? And part of what god surrenders is its ability to alter its own state in one way or another. which directly IS the genetics. And why does that mean that you cant reacquire such ability given enough consciousness/will power, obviously it would require insane levels but theoretically speaking.
  2. Ok, thanks for clarifying. Theoretically speaking though aren't all genetics imagined, and therefore can be unimagined with a high enough degree of consciousness, rendering them not truly genetic by your own definition? Or are you saying that, if they were to reach such states of consciousness then they would cease to exist as the organism that was defined by the genetics, therefore not contradicting itself?
  3. You know that "debunking science" book that your writing? dunno if your still following through with that or not, but if you are, will there be a part/chapter on genetics? Because it seems like its becoming a staple of your explanations, just wondering if you might go into detail in your book or maybe a YouTube episode you have planned.
  4. @Dodo all of your distinctions are groundless and empty, but you wont question them because it will be the death of you as a human.
  5. I tried salvia when I was like 15, me and a friend smoked like 4 joints of it in a day, an important thing to not overlook when trying salvia is that there's massively varying levels of extract potency, I mean we were definitely tripping a substantial amount when we tried it but looking back I'm certain it was very low extract, considering everything I've seen and read about it now.
  6. your gonna get bit in the ass one day man also letting that stranger do 5meo is a dick move, didn't sound like he knew what he was getting himself into
  7. The moment you have your first substantial breakthrough into the present moment you will understand the nature of time.
  8. Its an imaginary tool humans have constructed in their minds to benefit their survival, there's nothing really that advanced about it. The scientific community just makes it seem like a deep mystery because it suits their bias. Its a projection for the sake of survival, nothing more.
  9. reality is just an infinite reincarnation of god, because what else is there to do?
  10. I'd try and become comfortable with 5meo just by itself before trying to mix it. If anything I would try taking the MDMA separately to work through the trauma that comes up on 5meo, then if you have some success with that, go back to 5 MEO again just by itself and hopefully you wont face as much resistance. MDMA just by itself is already a powerful trauma release substance.
  11. @Leo Gura does getting old have to be so bad? What are your thoughts on your own age?
  12. yeah, I understand. I'm saying your grossly wrong. Femininity does not equate to how PHYSICALLY attractive a women is. Femininity is emotionally attractive.
  13. How does this relate to my comment about your original comment? I'm referring to your masculinity/femininity comment.
  14. said that this is delusion, first in that max masculinity matches with max femininity and second that max femininity are "usually the hot ones".